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Time for action: State Board of Education aims for more after they 'barely moved the needle'
Nov 8, 7:10 AM: The State Board of Education gaveled in a new era Tuesday at its fall planning session, closing the chapter on the state’s 2014 five-year strategic plan and moving forward under a new action-centered plan guided by >
Dan Forest wants every NC family to be eligible for a private school voucher
Nov 8, 6:35 AM: Lt. Gov. Dan Forest is making expanding school choice for North Carolina families a major part of his campaign to become governor in 2020. He wants all families to be eligible to get a private school voucher. >
Column: Charter schools offer choices to North Carolina families regardless of income
Nov 4, 6:01 AM: There’s a lot of confusion these days about what charter schools are and what they aren’t. Some of the confusion is sewn deliberately by people who don’t like the idea of parents having a choice of where to send their >
2020 School Choice Season Begins In CMS, Charter And Private Schools
Oct 31, 4:51 AM: Friday kicks off the 2020 school choice season in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, as well as some charter schools in the region. As options expand and competition intensifies, parents can find the scene a bit overwhelming. >
Senate, House approve changes to Innovative School District
Oct 30, 5:55 AM: The Senate and the House approved changes to North Carolina's Innovative School District on Tuesday that create a new process for how low-performing schools are chosen for the district.
Charter school supporters concerned about Leandro Commission
Oct 18, 5:52 AM: Proponents of charter schools worry the Governor’s Commission on Access to a Sound Basic Education will use the Leandro ruling as a roundabout way to restrict charter schools. The most recent commission meeting, Monday, >
This company set up charter schools in Greensboro and across North Carolina. Its leaders have left.
Oct 17, 5:18 AM: An organization that helped set up charter schools in North Carolina and Arizona has lost several of its leaders and cut back on its work, leading two N.C. schools to drop the organization’s services.
CMS Officials Discusses Charter Competition And Other Trends In Enrollment Slump
Oct 10, 6:50 AM: Competition with charter schools may have played a role in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ enrollment slump this year, a district official says. But while some schools came in under projections, some are growing fast. >
Feds give NC more than $36 million for charter schools. Can the state spend it all?
Oct 9, 5:28 AM: North Carolina will now have more than $36 million in federal funding to help increase enrollment in charter schools, particularly for children from low-income groups.
Column: School choice better than Wegmans
Oct 7, 5:21 AM: or genuine excitement and happiness over discovering more options than the single thou-shalt-attend public school dictated to parents, you’d have to ask the parents. Watch parent’s stories about Opportunity Scholarships. >
Charter school gets 600 books from Newcomers Club
Oct 3, 5:50 AM: In June, a club member challenged fellow members of the Newcomers Club to donate 100 children’s books, and that member would donate 100 additional books. The books were to be provided so students could have books in their >
NC took over a school and gave it to a charter school operator. Test scores dropped.
Oct 3, 4:51 AM: More schools may be taken over by the state’s Innovative School District, even as a new report showed flat test scores and a variety of problems at the only school now in the controversial program.
Tarboro charter school scores dip
Oct 1, 6:58 AM: After a year of significant growth and increase in proficiency in the 2017-18 school year, North East Carolina Preparatory School had less to celebrate when this year’s scores came out, though the school seems to still be >
Editorial: N.C. private school vouchers must be national model, not object of ridicule
Sep 24, 6:04 AM: North Carolinians deserve a voucher program that is a national model – not the one it has now that is ridiculed for its lack standards for academics, student achievement, financial accountability and public transparency. >
New charter school aims to open in city
Sep 23, 5:14 AM: The proposed charter school, which proposes to open under the management of Torchlight Academy Schools according to the state, is one of five applications on an accelerated track for consideration of approval for the >
Prep school scores improve
Sep 20, 6:49 AM: While Rocky Mount Preparatory School suffered some setbacks at the high school level this past academic year, its overall school performance score improved as did its growth score.
Letter: Online learning has been big boost for our child
Sep 20, 6:18 AM: I’m proud to say that my son is an online school student. I’ve always felt that Connor is the type of child that you can’t put in a box by any definition. Now that he’s at NCVA, he’s broken free from the box that held him >
Public schools back on low-performing list
Sep 13, 5:50 AM: The Public Schools of Robeson County has returned to low-performing status, according to data for 2018-19 released in early September by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.
Opinion: We’re getting what we pay for with NC schools, and that’s not good
Sep 11, 4:53 AM: North Carolina’s school children are back in school. Their teachers will teach. The administrators and counselors will manage and advise. The teacher assistants, bus drivers and custodians will do their part. And >
NC's online charter schools continue to struggle academically, new data show
Sep 5, 6:00 AM: North Carolina's two online charter schools continue to struggle academically, with both receiving performance grades of D for the 2018-19 school year and neither meeting overall academic growth expectations, according to >



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