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New K-2 charter school in Greensboro welcomes students
Aug 23, 5:35 AM: While charter schools don’t have attendance zones like regular public schools, Next Generation Academy is concentrating its recruitment in the 27406 ZIP code, which includes much of eastern and southern Greensboro. Next >
Cost of Growth: Interest in charter schools climbs
Aug 17, 5:41 AM: As schools throughout Western North Carolina begin another year, more than 2,000 students in Asheville and Buncombe County will choose to attend a charter school.
2,000-student charter school won’t open in Cary, where neighbors pushed back
Aug 15, 6:28 AM: But in a brief note to the N.C. Department of Public Instruction on Aug. 2, Allen Taylor, president of the Triangle Charter Education Association, said his board had voted Aug. 1 to voluntarily relinquish its charter for >
Column: Durham City Council’s vote shows a misunderstanding of charter schools
Aug 15, 6:24 AM: Petty, ridiculous, abuse of power, over-reaching … words to describe the Durham City Council’s decision (5-2) on August 6 to reject Excelsior Classical Academy’s request for approval of education revenue bonds. The bonds >
Charter school fires back after critical Durham City Council vote
Aug 14, 6:32 AM: A charter school is defending itself after the Durham City Council rejected its request to authorize an education bond to fund its expansion.
Opinion: The myth of ‘school choice’ in North Carolina
Aug 13, 6:55 AM: While some charter schools in some states have helped low-income students improve academically, in North Carolina they’ve been used predominantly as a vehicle for affluent white folks to opt out of traditional public >
Charter school debate hits one Durham school's finances
Aug 13, 6:47 AM: The debate over whether charter schools are hurting traditional public schools in North Carolina will cost one Durham charter school – literally.
Granville County Schools pulls out of chamber event
Aug 10, 6:31 AM: At Monday's meeting of the Granville County Board of Education, the board unanimously voted not to participate in the Granville County Chamber of Commerce's 2018 Annual New Teachers' Breakfast because of the inclusion of a >
First NC Republicans hurt education. Now they are misleading the public about it
Aug 9, 5:05 AM: Desiree Zapata Miller’s recent op-ed in the Charlotte Observer entitled “Republicans are working to help NC schools“ (Aug. 4) is a gross misinterpretation of what has actually happened these past six years to the N.C. >
The charter school debate gets personal in Durham as council rejects expansion
Aug 8, 6:57 AM: Council members were divided over giving the go ahead for Excelsior Classical Academy, a charter school, to get education revenue bonds. The bonds require no money from the city, just its approval. Excelsior needed the >
Online school gives child with cystic fibrosis safe option
Aug 7, 4:49 AM: NCVA proved to be the perfect place for Anthony. He’s able to interact with other students and his instructor, just like he would in a physical school, without ever leaving his house. He’s able to get a quality education >
Columbus Charter offering transportation option
Aug 7, 4:32 AM: Charter schools in North Carolina are not required to provide buses and meals to their students; Columbus Charter now provides both.
Edgecombe charter school set to begin classes
Aug 6, 5:15 AM: Though the state’s official school performance scores for the 2017-18 year have not yet been released, based on preliminary data released to the schools, North East Carolina Prep has seen marked improvement over the past >
Column: Funding for public schools raises question
Aug 3, 7:12 AM: One question some folks have is: Why doesn’t state funding follow students back to their public school districts if they first choose to attend charter schools, then later return to the public schools in their districts? >
State Board of Education chairman resigns, saying it’s time for new leaders
Aug 3, 7:05 AM: He cited efforts to regulate charter schools, which are taxpayer funded schools that are exempt from some of the regulations that traditional public schools must follow, as among his highlights while serving on the state >
State gives Rowan-Salisbury Schools’ ‘renewal’ application unanimous approval
Aug 3, 5:05 AM: The renewal option was offered to the school system in a June 14 vote by the North Carolina General Assembly. It will allow Rowan-Salisbury Schools to exercise charter-like flexibilities in curriculum, staffing and other >
Lawsuit by NCSBA, school districts seeks $730 million from state
Aug 3, 4:54 AM: The order requires the state to hand over nearly $730 million in civil fines and penalties to N.C. public schools for their technology needs. About 20 school districts joined NCSBA in filing the complaint.
State school board hears renewal application from Rowan-Salisbury Schools
Aug 2, 5:41 AM: The board on Wednesday received information about Rowan-Salisbury’s plan to implement charter-like flexibilities over the next few years. A vote to grant final approval will be held today.
After agency shakeup, superintendent lays out his vision for NC’s public schools
Aug 2, 4:32 AM: One of Johnson’s newly created positions is deputy superintendent for innovation. That will be filled by Eric Hall, who will oversee different divisions such as charter schools and the Innovative School District. >
Letter: Charters are ‘models, not adversaries’ for public schools
Aug 1, 7:19 AM: "Shrinking public schools reflect the state’s neglect” (July 15) omits the fact that families are choosing public charter schools in North Carolina because charter schools put the needs of kids first and foster strong >



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