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State education lottery celebrates fifth anniversary
Mar 30, 9:20 AM:

NC Education Lottery raised $1.75 billion in last 5 years, about 40% earmarked for construction. Many stats but needs a look at what percentage of statewide and local education funding this contributes.


How does >

Charter school amendments hurt GOP bill
Mar 28, 11:00 AM:

Editorial doesn't mean don't do your homework. No mention of why first proposal had to be tweaked in first place. Also, why are you feeding myth that charters siphon money from traditional schools? Newsflash: they're >

Change on tap at educator summit
Mar 25, 4:48 PM:

NC holds summit on public ed. Talks changes and challenges in getting kids college/career ready. No specifics on plan, only quotes touting traditional system. Anyone realize there are still students in your state >

Charter schools and public school divided on Harrington proposal
Mar 24, 6:16 AM:

NC county superintendent thinks bill has bad timing, since charters would siphon money from system. Reality is U.S. per-pupil spending keeps rising, but achievement isn't. Taking quotes as truth only propels money myth. >

MCA students advocate for charter schools
Mar 23, 8:21 AM:

NC students lobby legislature to lift cap on number of charters allowed in state. Details students prepping their arguments in favor of school choice, accountability and funding. Assumes reader knows falsehoods and >

Board of Education passes resolution on charter school bill
Mar 23, 6:14 AM:

Another NC county board wailing about Senate Bill 8 siphoning money from traditional public schools. Another piece that has yet to challenge this and figure out why those schools deserve to keep funds. Are we ever going >

Editorial: State can't afford to damage public education
Mar 21, 12:14 PM:

Editorial thinks public education is the greatest thing since sliced bread and praises NC Gov for defending it in light of money-siphoning charter legislation. Absolutely zero data to back opinions. Makes point that >

NC House to review charter schools cap revise; Asheville-area leaders not satisfied
Mar 21, 5:50 AM:

Asheville, NC board still has concerns over proposed charter legislation. Apprehension hogs attention and quote is left hanging from president of state charter organization saying bill is becoming a "political football." >

Preschool programs may be merged
Mar 18, 3:23 PM:

NC lawmakers are considering a merger between two early childhood programs -- More At Four and Smart Start, which was started by former Gov Hunt. Good historical background of both programs, but in the end, wonder if >

GOP Adds Free Lunch and Transportation to Charter School Bill
Mar 18, 1:10 PM:

Thorough explanation of most recent version of NC's charter school bill. Composition of hearing proceedings thoughtfully pits Dems' discontent with support for current provisions. Multiple examples provide comprehensive >

Bill would open participation
Mar 18, 6:12 AM:

Proposal to permit charter, home-school or private school students to participate in public school athletics. Gives students chance to be active and athletically social if their own school of choice doesn't have a >

Charter call-out
Mar 17, 6:19 AM:

Editorial speaks against charters and the bill to lift cap and create new authorizing commission in NC. Opposes the very definition of a charter school and believes they receive too many freedoms that go against original >

Charter school cap shift advances
Mar 16, 6:48 AM:

Original bill seeking to lift cap on NC charters has watered down twice, but Dems still aren't happy. They've still got a beef over legislation creating a separate governing board for charters, claiming this second >

Editorial: Not Wisconsin
Mar 16, 6:33 AM:

Editorial doesn't want NC to become the next WI. Lists potential conflicts, such as Dem gov's reluctance to reduce teacher pay versus GOP's refusal to increase taxes. Coverage isn't solely about education, but we can't >

Feds Differ on Release of School Lunch Data
Mar 15, 3:54 PM:

Revisits old news spurred a few weeks ago from USDA email to NC county reinforcing that it's illegal to use lunch data for student assignment. Entire focus is on details of unresolved issue. Don't you think your readers >

In Asheville, Gov. Perdue vows no retreat on schools
Mar 15, 6:29 AM:

NC gov mentions education at tourism conference -- says education has transformed state's economy. She balks at per-pupil spending and teacher salary figures that have fallen in national ranks. Says budget cuts will >

Charter school bill gets NC House panel debate
Mar 15, 5:47 AM:

NC Legislature grappling over who's in charge of issuing charter licenses -- School Board or new state charter school commission. Dems back board. Senate bill has no cap on vouchers, Dems in house want limit to 50. What >

County school systems devise plans to spend Race to the Top funds
Mar 14, 4:53 PM:

Three NC school districts receiving millions in "Race to the Top" funding are now deciding where to spend the money. They must focus on meeting four specific state goals: "great teachers and principals, quality standards >

Parents in Corolla pin hopes on charter school bill
Mar 14, 5:42 AM:

Most students in Corolla ride a bus two hours each way to get to school. But, that could change if state lawmakers approve a measure allowing more than 100 charter schools. The town just missed getting the final slot >

Charter schools showdown
Mar 11, 6:34 AM:

Gov. may veto bill to lift 100-school cap on charters -- but if she does, will the legislature vote to override? None of the House Democrats needed to do so have endorsed a provision to remove oversight from the state Ed >



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