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Unlike NCAE, SEANC escapes GOP's scorn
Jun 7, 7:06 AM:

NC House said to seek retribution against teachers union with legislation. Political posturing taking the place of collaborative conversations about how to improve system for students. News-Observer allows hyperbole on >

Program goal: Get children to learn earlier
Jun 6, 2:23 PM:

NC children's advocacy group unveils plan to improve early learning for pre-k kids. Shocking stats show link beween income and achievement. More details of research showing benefits of early education would strengthen >

Bill lets students map their futures
Jun 6, 10:54 AM:

NC bill will require 6th graders to start setting goals for future, developing learning plans with help from parents and teachers. Supporters talk about "empowerment" while opponents claim it's impractical and will add >

Manual-Schools brace for cuts as state Senate prepares to pass budget
Jun 2, 1:29 PM:

NC Senator, on ed budget cuts, says budget makes "improvements to public schools." Listed as improvements are fully funded teachers and assistants, more days in school and having all children read at grade level by grade >

Numbers for students in NC non-public schools drop slightly
Jun 2, 9:42 AM:

NC news channel's brief overview of non-public school enrollment data. Numbers dropped a little less than 200 students in the past year, and have actually grown in some counties, yet headline makes drop seem drastic. >

Haywood Schools’ leaders claim call for education reform misdirected
Jun 1, 3:19 PM:

Haywood county Super rejects school choice advocates' suggestions, saying they're already getting great results with less money. Good news -- but are they scared of a little competition? Even the best schools aren't a >

Budget rewrite saves teacher assistant jobs
Jun 1, 10:06 AM:

Confusing report on budget game between GOP legislature and Democratic governor. Seems that cuts will be equal regardless of plan, but story doesn't make that clear. More importantly, doesn't make effort to tell readers >

Hearing ordered on cuts to schools
Jun 1, 9:30 AM:

Wake County Superior Court Judge orders hearing to see if NC cuts deny students' constitutional right to "a sound basic education." Provides definition that arose from 1994 school funding case same judge presided over. >

'Blue plan' has change, stability
Jun 1, 9:26 AM:

Details most popular plan out of two reassignment proposals NC county Super unleashed last week. Choice is a key factor, but readers wondering how unmentioned charters come into play. Also want to know how board member >

Senate will discuss extra school days
May 31, 8:23 AM:

NC lawmakers will consider lengthening school year by taking away teacher workdays. Five additional days alone won't improve achievement. Lots of ideas thrown out about what will boost learning, but no research from >

Merit pay proposal raises concerns among some Asheville area educators
May 30, 7:21 AM:

Merit pay plan debated in NC Legislature. While lawmaker makes it clear student testing only part of teacher evaluation, others quoted don't get it. Time to push back on them to see if they understand what is in the bill >

Asking The $8,700 Question on Schools
May 27, 10:41 AM:

Editorial claims raising spending on NC public schools has not raised achievement. Argues that small drop in funding won't impact education. Probably true. But why not consider what does work? Look at how state can spend >

Standing up for school funding
May 27, 9:03 AM:

Guilford County parents, teachers and students rally against state cuts. Clue public in on how union rules dictate pension and salary requirements, which likely hog most of the budget. Make the connection between money >

Middle, high schools left out of Wake plan
May 26, 2:37 PM:

Wake Co., NC distributed two proposed student-assignment plans for parent feedback. Plan lets parents see sample elementary school assignments, but not middle or high school. Article's focus is parent reaction and angst >

CMS budget request sparks questions
May 26, 10:06 AM:

Convoluted coverage of Charlotte district's budget, but everyone involved seems confused. So, what is this money going to pay for? Reader leaves with no firmer grasp of situation than before. Considering the amount of >

Time, care needed on teacher pay changes
May 26, 7:07 AM:

Observer still skeptical of plan to introduce performance pay in Charlotte schools. Makes a strange comment, though, as crux of argument: evaluations tied to testing are unfair to teachers and students. True, "teach to >

School board hears of expected job cuts
May 25, 11:28 AM:

Rowan-Salisbury Ed Board concerned about state senate's budget proposal. No numbers included though article notes worries about what cutbacks could mean for district. Figures needed to provide context. Interesting that >

NC Senate budget plan aims at education; gets mixed reviews
May 25, 11:20 AM:

Budget adds more than 1,000 teaching jobs with a focus on reducing class sizes for grades 1-3. Research has shown that smaller class sizes don't always mean much without good teachers. That makes the possibility of a >

Wake schools inundated with feedback on assignment plans
May 25, 11:20 AM:

In Wake County, lots of feedback and reaction to two proposed school assignment plans aimed at giving parents more choice in where students attend classes. Nothing here on what parents and residents actually saying. >

Tata offers school options to Wake parents
May 24, 3:12 PM:

Wake County Super reveals two assignment plans. One buses NC students by achievement, the other provides list of nearby schools including one high performing school that isn't necessarily close to the student's home. >



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