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Feds Differ on Release of School Lunch Data
Mar 15, 3:54 PM:

Revisits old news spurred a few weeks ago from USDA email to NC county reinforcing that it's illegal to use lunch data for student assignment. Entire focus is on details of unresolved issue. Don't you think your readers >

In Asheville, Gov. Perdue vows no retreat on schools
Mar 15, 6:29 AM:

NC gov mentions education at tourism conference -- says education has transformed state's economy. She balks at per-pupil spending and teacher salary figures that have fallen in national ranks. Says budget cuts will >

Charter school bill gets NC House panel debate
Mar 15, 5:47 AM:

NC Legislature grappling over who's in charge of issuing charter licenses -- School Board or new state charter school commission. Dems back board. Senate bill has no cap on vouchers, Dems in house want limit to 50. What >

County school systems devise plans to spend Race to the Top funds
Mar 14, 4:53 PM:

Three NC school districts receiving millions in "Race to the Top" funding are now deciding where to spend the money. They must focus on meeting four specific state goals: "great teachers and principals, quality standards >

Parents in Corolla pin hopes on charter school bill
Mar 14, 5:42 AM:

Most students in Corolla ride a bus two hours each way to get to school. But, that could change if state lawmakers approve a measure allowing more than 100 charter schools. The town just missed getting the final slot >

Charter schools showdown
Mar 11, 6:34 AM:

Gov. may veto bill to lift 100-school cap on charters -- but if she does, will the legislature vote to override? None of the House Democrats needed to do so have endorsed a provision to remove oversight from the state Ed >

Senate bill on charters would harm public education
Mar 11, 6:24 AM:

Editorial slams provisions in Senate Bill 8 (except for lifting 100 school cap) -- the NC charter bill. Opines provisions will increase segregation in schools, and create more bureaucracy. Um, HELLO, a separate oversight >

Grade deflation
Mar 11, 6:15 AM:

Points with alarm to declining NC expenditures for education as a slippery slope on achievement. Some areas needing attention will get it, editorial says, because state officials won a $400 million federal Race to the >

N.C. falls to 46th in per-pupil spending
Mar 10, 7:38 AM:

Report from teachers group says NC dropped to 46th in per-pupil spending. More talk of losing money without anything about tying funds to quality -- losing money doesn't have to be bad if you're cutting ineffective >

School Board Fears Charter School Bill
Mar 10, 6:03 AM:

NC county board meeting turned heated debate on state charter bill. Given explanation of how charters work as well as background on both sides of argument. Also highlights weaknesses in current law that legislation would >

Parents speak out about Carolina International School
Mar 9, 4:58 PM:

Parents at NC school upset about lack of transparency with board actions. Reporting pits guardians against officials, citing snarky comments from principal that parents can leave if they're unhappy. True, but also true >

Bill on charter schools revised
Mar 9, 3:40 PM:

Another piece on NC's legislative battle over raising the charter school cap. Issue the same -- attachments to Senate version are problematic to some. We just don't hear much from the other side, yet again. And, >

Cumberland school board shows dislike for charter school bill
Mar 9, 3:25 PM:

Reports only on county school board's unanimous opposition to charter-cap bill based on attachements to the bill. Reads like an opinion piece, but isn't. One-eyed look at NC's raising-the-cap-on-charters debate. Someone >

Bill to enhance charter schools needs revision
Mar 9, 2:51 PM:

States that everyone backs raising charter cap, but paper opines that additional measures attached to Senate bill are out of control. Prefers Dem alternative that calls, for example, for teachers who work in >

Worst-case CMS plan: Cut 559 educators
Mar 9, 2:42 PM:

No one is happy about pending teacher and school personnel layoffs. Non-tenured teachers first to go, especially if they have performance rating issues. Complaint registered about the "woefully short" teacher evaluation >

Mar 9, 10:11 AM:

NC Legislature considers charter issues: funding, oversight, yearly license limit, forming charter commission -- with partisans grouping in predictable camps. Too superficial for more than a basic understanding of who >

Charter school bill is better, still needs work
Mar 9, 6:58 AM:

Legislation to raise caps of charters in NC tinkered with by Dems, GOP, and paper, which  lauds charter flexibility/innovation but weighs in on how to make charters more accountable and inclusive of children from >

Wake Co. Schools Superintendent Announces Student Assignment Taskforce
Mar 8, 3:41 PM:

Short piece announcing superintendent-assembled taskforce to work on student assignment plan for NC County. Information collected from community meetings will play a role -- although no hint as to how significant that >

Senator defends charter schools bill
Mar 7, 6:51 AM:

Unusual coverage of a state senator's honest appraisal of the opposition, working against the charter bill he wrote to expand NC's law. Lifting the cap and creating new path to approve charters is being challenged by >

Give me a chance, Tata pleads
Mar 4, 3:14 PM:

NC Superintendent invited to speak at youth group meeting on diversity policy. Reporting states he has to "plead" for public to give him chance to prove he is working in best interest of students. No idea why paper is >



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