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Dream of private school for girls ends all too soon
May 24, 2:51 PM:

Sad tale of a tuition-free, all-girls private school in Charlotte that’s shutting down due to finances. Observer lets founder off easy, as being "too busy” seems like a shaky reason for not raising funds. Was there >

As Cleveland County Schools cuts teaching jobs, $3 million fund remains untouched
May 24, 9:35 AM:

87% of $300M federal aid for school job creation in NC is still unspent, as districts saved it in anticipation of future cuts. Sounds sensible, but why didn't Cleveland use funds to replace 41 lost teaching posts? Push >

They fought to help students keep learning
May 24, 9:23 AM:

Heartrending stories of kids scarred by poverty and violence, now affected by closure of Charlotte-Mecklenberg schools. An insight into effect of constant flux and community breakup, with dedicated teachers shining out. >

Senate budget proposes merit pay
May 24, 6:52 AM:

NC Senate budget includes more money for ed than House version. Aim is to get focus off cuts and onto improving achievement. Only problem is class size reductions aren't best investment. Readers wouldn't know that from >

Inside Politics: Cumberland school board squabbles continue
May 23, 12:11 PM:

NC board members rankled after private dispute over personnel issues becomes public. Some effective sourcing by the Fayetteville Observer to bring information to surface in the name of transparency. But article leaves >

Many CMS librarians losing jobs
May 19, 9:41 AM:

They used to be librarians; now they're media specialists. But 80 Charlotte-Mecklenberg schools are cutting them in latest round of layoffs. More analysis of their role and use of school libraries would be helpful here. >

N.C. Senate leader lays out schools plan
May 19, 7:05 AM:

In midst of budget cuts, NC legislature working to implement plan to improve quality of education. That’s the right approach. Striving to lower class sizes for early grades and pay teachers based on performance instead >

Don't sacrifice the state's next generation with education cuts
May 18, 11:34 AM:

Editorial strikes at cuts to K-12 and higher education. Reduced grants fund / enrollment caps would make college less affordable for many families. Accusations of "destroying" public education seem overblown -- back this >

Governor's education tour draws heated reaction
May 16, 1:20 PM:

NC Gov's education tour undermined by budget cuts and teacher layoffs. Claims she's furious, but won't veto it. Can't have it both ways. Ask tough questions and hold lawmakers accountable. State reps are rightly angry -- >

Rock bottom
May 13, 11:19 AM:

Editorial thinks NC Gov is dead on about opposing significant K-12 cuts. Horrible because state would fall in U.S. per pupil spending rankings. Newsflash: money isn't everything. DC is a prime example. Nation's capital >

Bill would shift power over state's schools
May 13, 11:16 AM:

Bill in NC General Assembly aims to put state Super in charge, making board's role advisory only. Compares to power structure of other states. Take it a step further and compare structure to student achievement. >

N.C. Senate wants bigger education cuts
May 13, 11:05 AM:

NC Senate thinks House's spending plan is exorbitant. Dems disagree, saying cutting spending will destroy the public school system. Doesn't dig deeper to make this more than a political issue. Stats show U.S. school >

Regional schools could be formed by 2 or more districts in bill approved by NC Senate
May 13, 10:33 AM:

State Senators vote to allow districts to collaborate on "regional schools," focusing on career-related skills. How would these differ from magnet schools? Innovative ideas to improve education should be welcomed. But >

Democrats showcase teacher who will lose job to highlight impact of education cuts
May 13, 10:16 AM:

Democrats invite NC kindergarten teacher to speak at news conference to humanize funding cuts. It's worked on the media it seems as NBC17 failed to recognize the political tactic. One sad story doesn't really advance the >

CMS sends out layoff notices to 739 educators
May 13, 10:02 AM:

Performance seems major factor in who’s staying after all is said and done: that’s the right idea. Loose allusions to how cuts have hurt classrooms, but no particulars mentioned in the Observer. Give us more info. >

How will the House budget affect public education in Cleveland County?
May 10, 2:37 PM:

Relates NC House budget plan to Cleveland County schools. All about saving teaching jobs and money. No push to see how any of this affects students. Should've raised question of why layoff policies didn't include an >

Constitutional rights denied
May 10, 1:56 PM:

Report finds 3 Halifax County school systems are most segregated in NC. Could deny kids constitutional rights, and harm education. Shocking figures show big achievement gap. Strong argument for uniting districts, but >

N.C. lottery scholarships may be ended
May 10, 1:38 PM:

Catch-22 for NC Legislature: counties need lottery money to pay off school construction costs; community college students rely on money for financial help. Scales seem to be tipping in favor of former. No easy solutions. >

Education threatened by budget knife
May 9, 10:41 AM:

Editorial bemoans House budget's deep ed spending cuts. Argues counties should raise local taxes to fill gap. Look closely at disputed 18K job loss figure. Big difference between cutting "bloated" state government and >

Manual-Education rally supports teacher, education funding
May 6, 11:43 AM:

Morehead City educators want local money if state funding is cut. Specifics here on how they could provide more dollars, including tax hike. No reaction from commissioners. Tell us what they think since they hold cards. >



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