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More central control is coming to CMS schools: What it means for kids, teachers.
Jul 23, 6:52 AM: Over the years CMS leaders have struggled to strike a balance between the freedom to let educators be creative and the control that ensures basic standards are being met.
Editorial: Education is the key to creating rural prosperity
Jul 16, 5:11 AM: There are a host of initiatives aimed at bolstering the state’s rural economy, and some of them have real promise. But until the kids in Hoke County have the same educational opportunities as the kids in Wake, the >
Nearly 1 in 5 NC students are opting out of traditional public schools. Does it matter?
Jul 16, 4:58 AM: Nearly 1 in 5 North Carolina students is not attending a traditional public school, and that percentage is likely to continue rising as more families choose alternative education options.
New charter school set to launch
Jul 16, 4:19 AM: Project-based learning offers a hands-on approach to education. According to plans submitted to the state, Global Achievers School plans to focus use this method to increase student achievement in four areas: Critical >
Fresh new start
Jul 13, 6:30 AM: Three members of the charter school management group that has assumed the charter of the former Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy (HCLA) held their first public meeting here on July 6 at the Roanoke-Cashie River >
Editorial: Legislators' plotting to sow disfunction in government must end
Jul 13, 5:26 AM: At the same time the legislature has been sending hundreds of millions of dollars, in “opportunity scholarship” vouchers, to private schools with NO accountability or transparency to determine even if students are >
Some teachers have declared their right to resist NC legislators. How far will they go?
Jul 10, 5:25 AM: A group of teachers is organizing educators from across North Carolina to take steps, potentially including protests and strikes, if state legislators don't agree to make a series of education changes.
Community college, work popular with local high school grads
Jul 10, 4:41 AM: Thousands of local teenagers turned their tassels last month, and this fall the vast majority of them will enter college. But a significant chunk are taking the route of community colleges and trade schools, and many are >
Schools to begin online program
Jul 9, 6:10 AM: Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools is launching a new Virtual Academy to entice non-traditional students back into the traditional public school fold. The new academy, billed as “School My Way!” will allow students now >
"Renewal School System" Gives One County Same Flexibility As Charter Schools
Jul 6, 5:03 AM: Almost half of the schools in the Rowan-Salisbury district - between Greensboro and Charlotte - have what's called restart status. Low-performing schools can apply to be a restart school to get the same kind of flexibility >
Who's really in charge of NC's public schools? State board and superintendent spar.
Jul 5, 7:05 AM: The fight over who is running North Carolina's public schools remains unsettled, with both the State Board of Education and Superintendent Mark Johnson insisting they're in charge.
NC Connections Academy helps students succeed from home
Jul 3, 6:29 AM: The family has been enrolled in the school since August 2015, after relocating from California to North Carolina. The children love being able to work at their own pace, have the freedom to connect with their teachers >
Officials: State cuts won't stop new high school
Jul 3, 5:34 AM: When the new Innovation Early College at East Carolina University opens its doors for classes in August, it will be doing so without additional state funding afforded to the programs when state leaders first encouraged the >
NC Influencers say state needs to give schools enough money and close achievement gap
Jul 2, 6:29 AM: A group of 60 North Carolina Influencers — comprised of leaders in the state’s political, business, academic and faith communities — were asked about the importance of 14 different education topics. Nearly all the >
Opinion: Durham charter schools committed to all students
Jul 2, 4:49 AM: To be sure, Durham Charter Collaborative (DCC) is a diverse group – as diverse as the county in which each of our schools resides. In 2015, Durham charters came together to discuss ways in which we could work together and >
What does ‘renewal district’ really mean? Rowan-Salisbury Schools teachers hold the answers
Jul 2, 4:29 AM: In some ways, the Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education’s decision last week to become a “renewal” school district raises more questions than it provides answers.
Historic change: School board approves renewal
Jun 29, 6:35 AM: Rowan-Salisbury Schools is the only district in the state given the opportunity to become a renewal district, which will give all of its 35 schools charter-like flexibilities. Thursday’s vote approved a resolution and a >
Alamance officials weigh in on N.C. letting cities fund schools
Jun 29, 5:13 AM: Until now, North Carolina public schools have received funding primarily from the state and county. Municipalities could become an additional funding source, but N.C. Sen. Rick Gunn, R-Burlington, emphasized that it’s >
Rising star left for freedom of charters. Now he's returned to Durham Public Schools
Jun 29, 5:05 AM: In his two years away from DPS, the former Durham Public Schools Teacher of the Year and the 2015 N.C. Assistant Principal of the Year, said he learned a lot, particularly about the perceived freedoms granted charter >
Hope Mills’ Tyler Milton thrives as virtual academy’s valedictorian
Jun 28, 6:28 AM: NCVA is one of two online charter schools in the state, along with N.C. Connections Academy. Both are based in Durham, and both enroll about 2,000 students across the state each year.



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