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Letter: Schools should have closed completely. Teaching online only widens the achievement gap.
Apr 8, 8:31 AM: As a school psychologist with 40-plus years experience, I am distressed by decisions made regarding futile attempts to continue schooling through an unfair, improvised system that leaves the most vulnerable further behind >
Raleigh charter school uses Zoom video to keep students talking
Apr 2, 8:08 AM: Longleaf School of the Arts, a charter high school in Raleigh, is using Zoom to keep students engaged with live, online classes during the coronavirus threat.
Greenville teacher helping others nationwide learn to teach online
Apr 2, 7:04 AM: A Local teacher is helping hundreds of educators here in the east and around the country make the adjustment to online learning while schools are closed due to the coronavirus.Koryn Dilday is a first grade teacher at >
Not just ‘flipping a switch.’ Wake defends how long it takes to move to remote learning.
Mar 26, 7:37 AM: Wake County school leaders are defending the pace at which they’re introducing remote learning, amid complaints from some parents that it’s taking too long to keep students educated during the closure. >
Public school closures may open door to homeschooling
Mar 19, 5:46 AM: The closure of public schools statewide through at least the end of March has left many parents scrambling to help their child stay current with school work. The closures also have many parents exploring the world of >
BEAM Academy, a potential new charter school in Bladen County, not approved
Mar 17, 7:10 AM:

Five new charters have been approved to open in 2021-22 by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, but a potential new school in Bladen County is not among them.

5 NC charter schools approved for 2021 opening, but new school in Charlotte rejected
Mar 6, 8:09 AM: Five new charter schools were approved Thursday to open in 2021, but state education leaders also rejected an advisory board’s recommendation to open a new school in Charlotte.
NC wants 2 million to have post-high school degree by 2030. The workforce depends on it.
Feb 26, 7:13 AM: North Carolina has plenty of good jobs. What it doesn’t have is enough people with the education to fill all of those jobs. Less than half of the state’s residents ages 25 to 44 have a college degree or professional >
More NC Charter Schools Are Carving Off Diversity Seats In Admission Lotteries
Feb 19, 8:13 AM: A growing number of North Carolina’s charter schools are setting aside seats for disadvantaged students in their fiercely competitive admission lotteries. It’s part of a $37 million push to make those schools more >
NC charter schools serve few poor kids. Now they’ll get $36 million to take more.
Feb 13, 6:45 AM: The lure of federal grant money is helping to convince North Carolina charter schools to increase their efforts to add low-income students to their rosters.
Matthews passes resolution to not create charter school system
Feb 11, 8:02 AM: Matthews commissioners unanimously passed a resolution at their meeting Monday night that says the town “has no intention of pursuing the development of a municipal charter school system any time in the foreseeable future, >
CMS And Matthews Near Truce On Charter School Battle
Feb 10, 8:53 AM: Matthews town commissioners are scheduled to vote Monday on a resolution saying the town has no intention of opening municipal charter schools. The state legislature granted four Mecklenburg towns that option in 2018, >
State board approves NC charter schools report despite editing concerns
Feb 7, 8:36 AM: The State Board of Education voted 7-3 Thursday to approve the Annual Charter Schools Report despite concerns that some information, including demographic comparisons between charter and traditional schools, was edited out >
Three years after diploma debacle, Durham charter school being reviewed again by state board
Feb 6, 8:27 AM: Nearly three years after Kestrel Heights high school was forced to close for giving unearned diplomas to 40% of its graduates, the State Board of Education will be reviewing the Durham charter school again Thursday – this >
Opinion: Governor extreme on school choice
Feb 5, 7:47 AM: Parental choice in education has gone mainstream in North Carolina. Among those notables who seem not to have gotten the memo yet is the governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper.
Blended learning program to benefit students with lifestyle shifts
Feb 5, 7:42 AM: The Craven County School District is preparing to introduce a new, alternative way for students to attend school. Craven Live is a virtual school program that the district officials say has been in the works for more than >
NC charter schools lag behind traditional public schools in access to nurses
Feb 4, 8:27 AM: North Carolina charter schools, which are publicly funded and privately run, have an average of one nurse for every 3,129 students, while traditional public schools have one nurse for every 1,021 students. Ann Nichols, >
Letter: NC teachers, don’t strike. Work through legislative channels to get better pay
Jan 31, 8:50 AM: Regarding “Should NC teachers strike over pay?” (Jan. 26 Editorial): We have to keep in mind that government employees don’t generate profits, but they do lobby for more tax dollars, as evidenced by the North Carolina >
Letter: NC teachers’ strike would harm students’ education
Jan 30, 6:40 AM: As a retired public school teacher, I can relate to the teachers’ frustrations. However, denying students the opportunity for continuous and consistent learning is not the solution to the problem.
National School Choice Week: About 20% of N.C. students choose private, charter or homeschools
Jan 28, 6:04 AM: The John Locke Foundation is kicking off National School Choice Week with a talk from Robert Luddy, the creator of several charter and private schools in North Carolina.



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