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New Homeschooling Families Weigh How Long They Will Continue Amid Pandemic
Feb 26, 9:19 AM: More parents have chosen to homeschool their children during the pandemic, and it's contributed to a decline in enrollment at public schools. Now, schools and families are trying to figure out how long this trend will >
Dozens of NC charter schools raked in PPP loans in addition to state funding
Feb 26, 7:36 AM:  Forty-five public charter schools in North Carolina obtained a total of $28 million in forgivable federal loans last year in the early weeks of the pandemic that traditional public schools couldn't access. >
Editorial: Reopening schools — safely
Feb 24, 7:06 AM: One of the oddest aspects of the debate over school reopening in North Carolina is that everybody — parent, student and teacher — wants the same thing: A return to in-person instruction.
How some private schools have been keeping kids safe in class for months
Feb 22, 7:53 AM: One private school in Huntersville has been back inside the classroom for almost six months working to keep students safe in the middle of a pandemic.
How some NC private schools have been keeping students safe in class for months
Feb 17, 7:24 AM: One private school in Huntersville has been back inside the classroom for almost six months working to keep students safe in the middle of a pandemic. Teachers at Christ The King Catholic High School spray down desks with >
When failure means closing, NC’s charter schools face pressure to provide quality education and choice
Feb 17, 7:15 AM: Traditional public schools and charter schools in North Carolina are both judged on their performance by the state. Both receive funding from tax dollars, although low-performing charters face closure while struggling >
Lawmakers propose 6 weeks of summer school to help NC students make up for learning lost during pandemic
Feb 17, 7:15 AM: State lawmakers have proposed a six-week summer school session to help students make up some of the ground lost in remote learning over the past year during the coronavirus pandemic.
Failing numbers prove significant loss of learning in Union County Public Schools as a result of the pandemic
Feb 12, 9:31 AM: A presentation during Thursday night’s special meeting for the Union County Board of Education showed startling statistics proving students are failing at a higher rate this school year as a result of learning changes from >
North Carolina Senate passes bill that would require school districts to provide in-person learning option for students K-12
Feb 10, 6:06 AM: The bill passed Tuesday in a 29-15 vote and now heads to the House, but some representatives are hoping changes will be made.
Local Catholic school sees increase in enrollment as pandemic stretches on
Feb 4, 7:27 AM: Barbara Hawthorne, who oversees admissions for St. Matthew's, said enrollment and the number of new applications has increased since public schools announced virtual learning curriculum.
Poll: Overwhelming Support For School Choice In N.C.
Feb 1, 6:42 AM: A growing number of parents in North Carolina believe they should have a choice regarding school enrollment. As a result, they voiced their frustration with school districts.
House bill would expand access to Opportunity Scholarships
Jan 29, 7:39 AM: The Opportunity Scholarship program offers up to $4,200 to help low-income families attend the private school of their choice. Republicans say the learning loss caused by the coronavirus pandemic and school shutdowns has >
Editorial: School choice gives all hope for the best outcome
Jan 29, 7:02 AM: Studies and analysis, including by our Health Department, show that Bladen County kids regardless of race or gender are born into an underserved environment due to the rural nature of the county. With that knowledge in >
Public school enrollment is down in NC as alternatives grow during COVID-19 pandemic
Jan 27, 7:30 AM: North Carolina's traditional public schools are fighting to hold on to their students as they lose ground to their competitors during the coronavirus pandemic.
Editorial: School choice is a desperate need
Jan 27, 6:13 AM: Public education is experiencing a profound change as a result of the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Highlighting this change are two disparate events that are resulting in a review of how education is being >
CMS parents continue fight for in-person learning amid mental health concerns for students
Jan 26, 8:50 AM: This week, North Carolina released a mental health support toolkit to help parents and their children.
The NC ACCESS program is freeing charter schools to live their mission
Jan 25, 6:16 AM: From the start, the spirit and mission of North Carolina charter schools has been to complement the traditional district system and serve all children a free, innovative, high-quality education, regardless of race or >
National School Choice Week offers resources for families interested in exploring their options
Jan 22, 6:30 AM: For the past 10 years, National School Choice Week has hosted local school fairs and open house events in most every state and school district. The pandemic forced the organization to reach families with online resources. >
NHCS parents and students rally for kids to go back to school
Jan 18, 9:13 AM: New Hanover county students along with their parents held a rally to show support in favor of moving to Plan A on Sunday.
Some students struggle with remote learning as COVID-19 metrics worsen statewide
Jan 15, 7:12 AM: School districts are taking a cautious approach over a return to in-person instruction, as COVID-19 metrics worsen statewide. While many students now have a better handle on remote instruction, that doesn't mean it's been >



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