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Prep school scores improve
Sep 20, 6:49 AM: While Rocky Mount Preparatory School suffered some setbacks at the high school level this past academic year, its overall school performance score improved as did its growth score.
Letter: Online learning has been big boost for our child
Sep 20, 6:18 AM: I’m proud to say that my son is an online school student. I’ve always felt that Connor is the type of child that you can’t put in a box by any definition. Now that he’s at NCVA, he’s broken free from the box that held him >
Public schools back on low-performing list
Sep 13, 5:50 AM: The Public Schools of Robeson County has returned to low-performing status, according to data for 2018-19 released in early September by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.
Opinion: We’re getting what we pay for with NC schools, and that’s not good
Sep 11, 4:53 AM: North Carolina’s school children are back in school. Their teachers will teach. The administrators and counselors will manage and advise. The teacher assistants, bus drivers and custodians will do their part. And >
NC's online charter schools continue to struggle academically, new data show
Sep 5, 6:00 AM: North Carolina's two online charter schools continue to struggle academically, with both receiving performance grades of D for the 2018-19 school year and neither meeting overall academic growth expectations, according to >
Accessibility seen as a barrier to racial, economic diversity in area charter schools.
Sep 3, 7:01 AM: Set at the end of a long, tree-lined road and enveloped by forest, Evergreen Community Charter School embraces its surroundings. Students enjoy two rock climbing walls, a recreational enclosure called the “mud kitchen,” >
NC Charter Schools Fall Short on Academics, Rate High on Finance
Sep 3, 7:00 AM: North Carolina’s charter schools are performing well on financial and management goals but falling short of academic targets.
Virtual schools continue to attract top students
Sep 3, 6:10 AM: Garrett and the other students are among many in the county taking courses through the N.C. Virtual Public School. Others attend virtual charter schools.
‘I just want more for them’: New program aims to boost families’ economic mobility
Sep 3, 5:50 AM: Shaw and her two young children were among the first families to use a new enhanced voucher program through the Charlotte Housing Authority to move to “opportunity” areas with higher performing schools, lower crime rates, >
2 new charter schools open in Gaston
Aug 28, 5:49 AM: Gaston County’s two new charter schools opened their doors to students on Monday.
To reverse declining attendance, WNC districts divert time and money toward self-promotion
Aug 19, 7:42 AM: Jackson County Public Schools is losing students to other options: private schools, charter schools, and increasingly, home schools. Each exodus brings a loss of funding and according to data from the Public Schools of >
Attacking socialism and identity politics, Dan Forest kicks off campaign for governor
Aug 19, 5:42 AM: While his roughly 10-minute speech touted his viewpoints against abortion rights, expanding school choice for North Carolinians and being more competitive on recruiting businesses to the state, the largest cheer Forest >
Charter school secrecy and why it matters
Aug 16, 5:07 AM: The school’s board is not an elected body and their typical response is to stonewall requests for information and interviews. The sterile discussions at their public board meetings indicate the real conversations about >
Jeanne Allen: Charter schools provide equal opportunity for choice
Aug 15, 8:30 AM:

Tom Campbell’s argument that charter schools “re-segregate” students is a complete misrepresentation of the composition and success of charter schools. The stark reality is the majority of the 100,000 North Carolinians >

Commentary: The Smear Campaign Against Charters
Aug 14, 8:01 AM: Far from being ‘resegregated,’ some of our schools are actually majority-minority—and that’s by parents’ free choice.
Letter: Charter school movement under attack
Aug 13, 5:19 AM: Tom Campbell’s opinion piece, “We are re-segregating our schools,” blames charter schools as the reason district schools are “re-segregating.” Using the term segregation, associated with the Jim Crow era ending 65 years >
Mind the (language) gap: ACS shifts away from 'achievement gap' toward 'opportunity gap'
Aug 12, 5:40 AM: To erase the educational achievement gap between white and black students in Asheville City Schools, Lauren Evans says the phrase “achievement gap” itself needs to be more scrutinized.
Charter school expansion plans short-lived
Aug 9, 7:15 AM: Public records show the Shining Rock Classical Academy plans to build a new school facility were short lived, really just four days.
Charter school purchases property
Aug 8, 7:07 AM: North East Carolina Prep School has made a move that allowed the Tarboro charter school to buy the buildings and property it previously leased from Utah-based Highmark School Development.
Layoffs avoided: 220 NC virtual teachers will remain employed after state finds resolution
Aug 8, 6:27 AM: More than 200 North Carolina Virtual Public School teachers who were facing temporary layoffs this fall will remain employed and begin teaching classes as scheduled next week after state leaders announced a resolution >



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