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Two more Wake County charter schools approved despite local school board's objection
Jul 12, 5:50 AM: The State Board of Education on Thursday approved two more charter schools to open in Wake County in 2020. The board approved three others last month, despite objections from Wake County school leaders who say charter >
NC program to take over low-performing schools loses superintendent and principal
Jul 9, 5:30 AM: The state program designed to turn around North Carolina’s lowest performing schools is now without a superintendent or a principal.
New charter school chief outlines vision
Jun 24, 7:43 AM: After three years of serving in the number two position at Rocky Mount Prep, the new leader stands ready to take over the reins.
‘Let’s take the reins off.’ NC lawmakers back changes to help charter schools
Jun 19, 5:55 AM: North Carolina’s charter schools could have an easier time getting renewed and expanding their enrollment under changes backed Tuesday by some state lawmakers.
Jeanne Allen: On Revolutions And Moonshots
Jun 18, 7:44 AM: Far from the busy cities and suburbs most Americans inhabit are communities like Fayetteville, North Carolina a sprawling city among the state’s six-largest, with a rich past that would make any history buff proud. It is >
NC Senate wants students to take a personal-finance class. Why some teachers object.
Jun 18, 7:27 AM: North Carolina lawmakers say they want to teach students about being financially responsible. But critics say the change will disrupt the social studies curriculum and shifts the blame away from financial institutions. >
Early college high schools are among NC’s top options. Why is a funding cut possible?
Jun 17, 6:23 AM: North Carolina’s early college high schools have been among the state’s most successful schools, with high graduation rates and school test scores.
Teachers demand better funding
Jun 13, 7:55 AM: Years of cuts to public education are taking a toll on the state’s schools and requests for more funding are being ignored, a group of educators said on Wednesday afternoon.
Won’t ‘cave in’ to ‘anti-charter folks’: NC board stands by 2 new Wake charter schools
Jun 11, 5:02 AM: A state advisory board is standing behind two proposed charter schools despite concerns raised by Wake County school leaders and some PTA groups that the area is oversaturated with charters.
UNC lab schools are changing the formula for education
Jun 10, 7:55 AM: Laboratory schools are a developing phenomenon across the UNC system. In 2016, the General Assembly passed a law establishing eight such schools. It’s aimed at UNC institutions with strong teacher-training programs, and it >
NC approves 10 new charter schools, but holds off on 2 others after Wake objects
Jun 7, 5:28 AM: Ten new North Carolina charter schools got state approval Thursday, but two applications were put on hold because of concerns raised by the Wake County school system and some PTA groups who say the area has too many >
Grandmother Asks Governor Not to Scrap School Choice Program
Jun 6, 5:01 AM: A North Carolina woman with three grandchildren in the state’s school voucher program says she isn’t too proud to beg the governor not to reduce funding and phase it out, as he proposes.
CMS votes on who can attend new south Charlotte school
Jun 5, 5:05 AM: The move follows months of debate and passionate pleas from affected south Charlotte parents. Many addressed the board about their opposition to being forced to attend a themed school. "Forcing students to attended a >
State School Board asked to approve 12 new charter schools this week
Jun 4, 8:15 AM: Despite recent calls for a moratorium on new charter schools, the State Board of Education (SBE) will be asked to approve 12 new ones when the board meets this week for its monthly business meeting.
Editorial: Charter school standards are too weak
May 29, 5:47 AM: Remember when the state started its charter school experiment in the late 1990s? The idea sounded good. Unfortunately, the state Senate seems bent on ruining what’s left of that good idea.
Opinion: To Understand Appeal of Charter Schools, start by Talking with Parents
May 28, 6:18 AM: Perhaps unchecked teacher radicalism will emerge as a source of discontent. Aside from circumstances unique to Wake County, research tells us that parents choose charter schools for a variety of reasons: safety, proximity, >
Editorial: Where’s the accountability for charter schools?
May 24, 7:07 AM: Taxpayers should demand — and expect — accountability. At all levels of government, we elect representatives who must answer for their votes.
Career readiness program offers a fresh start
May 23, 6:39 AM: Day, evening, and online classes are available through the College and Career Readiness department. Anyone interested in obtaining a High School Equivalency Diploma may choose from two convenient options: the traditional >
Editorial: Codding charter schools
May 23, 5:13 AM: Remember when the state started its charter school experiment in the late 1990s? It sounded like a promising concept. Unfortunately, the state Senate seems bent on ruining what’s left of that good idea. >
Only low-performing schools can get charter-like flexibility. Wake says that ‘stinks.’
May 22, 5:55 AM: Nineteen Wake County schools are blurring the lines between traditional public schools and charter schools with innovative calendars and grading systems, longer school days and specialized offerings that set them apart. >



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