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Column: State won’t retreat on school choice
Sep 13, 4:46 AM: As elementary and secondary schools open their doors across North Carolina for the 2018-19 academic year, the cumulative effects of some 20 years of school choice initiatives are impossible to miss.
Virtual charter schools in N.C. are still low performing. Are they improving, or failing?
Sep 10, 6:47 AM: North Carolina’s two online charter schools have been open since 2015, but both schools have been unable to shed their state status as low performing.
Gentrification in Durham: The challenges community members see in neighborhood change
Sep 6, 5:53 AM: So in gentrification, people hope ‘Well OK, maybe that school’s going to get ‘better,’” but people have so many choices, especially in Durham, that they don’t actually anchor themselves in the community because often they >
Test scores are down in NC public schools. What needs to change?
Sep 6, 5:18 AM: Fewer North Carolina public school students passed state exams this year, with the decline increasing over time for students in third grade despite a state push to get young children reading at grade level.
Grad rates plummet at several CMS high schools. Here’s what it means.
Sep 6, 5:03 AM: As the state released its 2018 school performance data Wednesday, the most jarring numbers come from a change in how the state tallies graduation rates.
Dual-enrollment programs prepare high school students for college life
Sep 5, 6:39 AM: Since its inception in 2011, North Carolina Career and College Promise has allowed high school students to earn credits for college classes while still in high school, and amid a national conversation about dual-enrollment >
NC's Innovative School District Opens Doors At First School
Sep 5, 5:55 AM: The Innovative School District, or ISD, isn't geographic - it's more conceptual. The concept is that the state identifies the lowest-performing schools in North Carolina and then makes a five-year intervention. That starts >
Commentary: CMS, Towns In Classic Game of Chicken
Sep 4, 6:10 AM: Back in June, the state legislature passed a bill that would let Matthews, Mint Hill, Huntersville and Cornelius operate their own charter schools. The bill’s clearly designed to give the suburban towns leverage over CMS – >
John Hood: N.C. won’t retreat on school choice
Sep 4, 4:53 AM: As elementary and secondary schools open their doors across North Carolina for the 2018-19 academic year, the cumulative effects of some 20 years of school-choice initiatives are impossible to miss.
Letter: CMS board trying to take away school choice
Sep 4, 4:39 AM: When the predominately Democratic CMS school board passed the Municipal Concerns Act of 2018 it was a declaration of war against children of the predominately Republican suburbs.
Opinion: What can Wilson Prep do that other public schools can’t?
Aug 31, 6:31 AM: Many believe this school provides a better environment for learning and enhances the students’ education. Isn’t this or shouldn’t it be the goal of all public schools? Are the WPA teachers better trained, better paid and >
What Public School Finance Officers Want You To Know About School Funding
Aug 30, 6:10 AM: Educators across the state often complain of tight public school budgets that leave something to be desired. Two school finance officers explain what they want most: more flexibility and more funding.
E-learning option in Henderson County gets interest from nearly 200 students
Aug 30, 5:18 AM: While E-learning and virtual schools have been criticized for poor performance, with students and teachers scattered across the nation, one mountain school thinks they've got a formula for success.
‘You don’t poke the lion:’ CMS vote renews calls to break up the school system
Aug 30, 4:51 AM: Tuesday’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board vote has escalated tensions with many of the county’s suburbs — and the lawmakers who represent them.
CMS plays hardball with suburbs: Vote could change assignments, construction plans
Aug 29, 5:12 AM: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board passed an act Tuesday that could dramatically change school construction and boundaries in suburban towns, a move members said was a response to the passage of a controversial town >
Commentary: State won’t retreat on school choice
Aug 28, 5:05 AM: New charter schools are opening all across the state. Some school districts are launching or relaunching their own schools of choice, as magnets or as options for open-enrollment programs. And thousands of North Carolina >
Opinion: School choice isn’t going anywhere. That’s a good thing.
Aug 28, 4:51 AM: As elementary and secondary schools open their doors across North Carolina for the 2018-19 academic year, the cumulative effects of some 20 years of school-choice initiatives are impossible to miss.
Competition and choice will bring change when Charlotte’s schools open Monday
Aug 24, 6:22 AM: Two new charter schools will also debut, joining the roster of almost 50 independent public schools serving Mecklenburg and the surrounding counties.
Odyssey Charter School outpaces state
Aug 23, 7:17 AM: For the third consecutive year, Odyssey Charter School has set a school record for state Milestone test scores.
‘A vision come true:’ East Spencer charter school opens
Aug 23, 6:38 AM: The school is the only one of its kind in Rowan County and is something residents of East Spencer have been fighting for for years.



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