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Jen Mangrum on charter schools and school choice: ‘Fund us properly so that we don’t have to fight over funding.’
Sep 23, 5:01 AM: "Charter school families need to know: I don’t think that because you’re a charter school family, there’s something negative about you,” she said. “What I think is we need to have conversations about how do we make all >
Is school choice good for NC? GOP, Democratic superintendent candidates disagree.
Sep 22, 4:50 AM: The two candidates competing to lead North Carolina’s public schools clashed Monday over the value of school choice and how they’d work with state lawmakers if Republicans retain control of the General Assembly. >
Column: What good is power if it's not used for good policy?
Sep 15, 6:21 AM: North Carolina's Republican-dominated legislature and Democratic governor got together recently, played some good old-fashioned politics and ended up passing worthwhile legislation expanding school-choice opportunities for >
Parents sue Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools over remote learning
Sep 9, 6:16 AM: A group of parents in Charlotte have filed a lawsuit against the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, Superintendent of CMS Earnest Winston, and the North Carolina Association of Educators to push school leaders to >
NEA affiliate NCAE protests for more money on same day legislature passes historic relief funding
Sep 9, 5:22 AM: On the same day that the General Assembly was working to pass a $1.1 billion dollar coronavirus relief package that includes $115 million in education spending, the North Carolina affiliate of one of the largest national >
As N.C. lawmakers expand school choice options during pandemic, the reaction is mixed
Sep 9, 5:14 AM: North Carolina's plan to expand school choice options this year is being praised as a victory for parents by some and condemned by others as draining money from public schools.
A Carolina Victory for School Choice (CER in the news)
Sep 8, 8:47 AM: Parents in North Carolina struggling to get their children back to the classroom have received some welcome news. The state Legislature’s $1.1 billion Covid-19 relief package includes a provision expanding the state’s >
Rock Hill parents concerned by large virtual class sizes, school district still hiring virtual teachers
Sep 4, 7:08 AM: Rock Hill Schools are on the hunt for teachers for its virtual program. Each teacher in virtual learning is responsible for 45 students, despite the need. The district is trying to keep the virtual students on the same >
NC Senate approves $1B federal virus relief package
Sep 3, 6:35 AM: The proposal expands the Opportunity Scholarships voucher program to more families, lowering the income threshold to qualify and lifting a cap on the number vouchers for kindergarten and first-grade students. >
Dozens of NC charter schools win grants to enroll and support more underserved students
Sep 3, 5:59 AM:

North Carolina’s State Board of Education has approved grants that total $17.4 million to 34 charter schools to attract and enroll more underserved and disadvantaged students.

NC ranks 30th nationally in average teacher salary, 2nd again in Southeast
Sep 2, 6:07 AM: North Carolina's average teacher salary of about $54,700 ranked the state 30th in the country over the last school year among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
NC religious schools with anti-LGBTQ policies receive top opportunity scholarship dollars
Aug 27, 6:08 AM: A new lawsuit and calls from Gov. Cooper seek to diminish the program that gives taxpayer money to parents to help cover the cost of private schools.
Editorial: School board should reverse MaST decision
Aug 26, 5:39 AM: Regardless of the complaints, the pandemic is forcing major changes in how education is being delivered. These changes have all the indications of being permanent and have opened the eyes of parents about educational >
Parents team-up against lawsuit for state's private school voucher program
Aug 24, 6:27 AM: Three N.C. families are joining the Institute for Justice, intervening in a lawsuit threatening the state’s private school voucher program.
N.C. awards grants to 34 high-quality charter schools to increase access for educationally disadvantaged students
Aug 19, 7:17 AM: Nearly three dozen charter schools across North Carolina have been awarded five-year grants ranging from $300,000 to $900,000 by N.C. Department of Public Instruction to attract and enroll more educationally disadvantaged >
Remote learning even more remote as online education system crashes on NC's first day of school
Aug 18, 7:03 AM: A statewide online education system that students and teachers use for online learning went down Monday on the first day of school in North Carolina, with many districts holding only remote classes because of the >
Despite long wait lists, North Carolina’s two virtual charter schools won’t be adding students
Aug 17, 4:11 AM: The State Board of Education (SBE) on Friday rejected a plan to allow North Carolina’s two low-performing virtual charter schools to increase their enrollments by as many as 3,800 students for one year to accommodate >
Parents look at virtual charter schools as an option for children
Aug 14, 6:58 AM: According to the Charter Schools Advisory Board, more than 2,800 students are on a wait list at the state’s two virtual public charter schools. Earlier this week, the board unanimously voted to allow the schools to expand >
NC Institute for Constitutional Law says lawsuit on Opportunity Scholarships is ‘meritless’
Aug 12, 8:04 AM: A North Carolina constitutional policy group has characterized the lawsuit filed by a teacher’s union affiliate over the state’s Opportunity Scholarship Program as “meritless.
Pandemic pods and private schools: NC parents scramble for solutions as school year nears
Aug 12, 6:48 AM: Days away from the start of school, North Carolina parents still search for options — at private schools and small group learning pods — that allow students to socialize and afford parents the time and space to work. >



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