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NYC Nears Cap on Charter Schools
Oct 5, 6:41 AM: Eleven charter schools won approval Thursday to open in New York City in the next two years, bringing the city almost to the maximum that can operate under state law.
New York City greenlights Success Academy middle school after contentious space fight
Oct 4, 5:15 AM: Less than a year after Success Academy lost a battle to open a new middle school in a building shared by a small Brooklyn elementary school, city officials confirmed Wednesday that they plan to give the charter network the >
Opinion: De Blasio, Carranza are leading NYC schools to a dead end
Oct 3, 5:21 AM: The implications involved in this change of focus are enormous. Most important, the results of imposing a radical race-based social-justice experiment on schools could be tragic for thousands of children and their >
8 New York City schools — including 2 Success charters — win federal ‘Blue Ribbon’ status for 2018
Oct 2, 7:04 AM: A comprehensive high school in Queens, the elementary school once run by former chancellor Carmen Fariña, and two Success Academy charter schools are among the latest New York City schools to be named “Blue Ribbon” schools >
Maritime Charter School takes step back on expansion plans after lawsuit
Oct 2, 5:53 AM: Western New York Maritime Charter School is re-evaluating its expansion plans after a lawsuit and a request from the state to conduct an environmental assessment and an archaeological study of a site near what once was the >
Editorial: Plan for teacher evaluations
Oct 1, 6:57 AM: Come January, it will be time for state lawmakers to revisit the subject of teacher evaluations and how test results influence them. They should start those discussions thinking first about students, then other interests, >
Editorial: Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza dismiss charter school expansion
Oct 1, 6:25 AM: On the same day state test scores showed charter-school students dramatically outscoring traditional public school peers on state English and math tests, including getting a far higher portion of African-American kids to >
Editorial: State scores again show charter schools doing exactly what New York needs
Sep 27, 5:43 AM: All of which suggests that de Blasio and Carranza should junk their “Equity and Excellence” agenda, which has yet to show meaningful results for the students it aims to help. Oh, and abandon their drive to impose >
New York Test Scores Highlight Gaps Among Students from Different Backgrounds
Sep 27, 5:41 AM: With only one out of three black and Hispanic students passing New York’s tests in reading and math last spring, educators and advocates called Wednesday for more urgent efforts to narrow stubborn achievement gaps. >
New York City Makes Big Diversity Push in Brooklyn School District
Sep 21, 6:54 AM: In one of New York City’s most dramatic overhauls of admissions policies, public middle schools in one Brooklyn district will stop selecting applicants by academic records in an effort to better integrate their classrooms >
Electeds Fight To Stop Controversial Charter School From Opening In Overcrowded District
Sep 18, 6:19 AM: In the wake of an approval of a Letter of Intent (LOI) of a Brooklyn-based charter school, a coalition of local electeds are looking to stop the school from opening a second location.
Regents support a new way of evaluating charter schools and soften penalties for schools with high opt-out rates
Sep 18, 5:49 AM: New York’s top education policymakers tentatively approved new rules Monday on two hot-button issues: the penalties for districts and schools where many students opt out of state tests — and how nearly 100 charter schools >
Commentary: Hempstead’s students can’t wait
Sep 13, 6:31 AM: This was a devastating summer for the district, following a distressing school year, following decades of failing the community’s children.
Charter school group gives to political candidates
Sep 12, 6:12 AM: The political arm of an influential education reform group has spent thousands to boost the fortunes of three incumbent Democrats campaigning in Thursday’s upcoming primary, campaign filings show.
Poughkeepsie charter school proposal withdrawn, for now
Sep 10, 6:45 AM: Watson, a former Poughkeepsie superintendent and brother of school board President Felicia Watson, has said the charter school would aim to "serve as a laboratory of educational innovation" to the district, collaborating >
Monticello teacher’s union head opposes charter school
Sep 7, 6:14 AM: The leader of the Monticello teacher’s union expressed his worry about a proposed charter school in the district, citing how they operate privately yet rely on public dollars.
Black parents come out against de Blasio's desegregation plan
Sep 7, 5:45 AM: "Our concern is the framing of the proposal which unnecessarily stokes animosity between communities of color, while at the same time failing to address the heart of the issues underlying our concerns with the City’s >
Editorial: Time for school innovation
Sep 7, 5:42 AM: The answer lies in innovation, including changing the way schools operate, utilizing multi-grade-level teaching and introducing the latest technology, including online classes.
Teacher evaluations could depend on outcome of Senate races
Sep 6, 6:22 AM: One of the big issues as the new school year starts is how Albany will deal with the controversial matter of teacher evaluations.
Class is in session: First day at new Nicotra charter school
Sep 6, 6:19 AM: About 85 students -- donning white shirts with the words "Nicotra Early College" emblazoned on them -- began their first day of classes Wednesday at the new Nicotra Early College Charter School in Bloomfield. >



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