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1 in 5 Students to Get Second Chance at Entry to Elite Schools
Aug 13, 7:23 AM: Now, New York City is expanding this alternative admissions process — known as the Discovery program — as a way to increase the diversity of the specialized high schools, where black and Hispanic students are >
Poughkeepsie trustees' charter school support draws ire of teachers union
Aug 9, 6:59 AM: Two members of the Poughkeepsie City School District board have drawn ire from the teachers union for supporting a charter school proposa.
Community speaks out against proposed charter school plan
Aug 8, 6:47 AM: A public hearing at Cheektowaga Central drew a standing room only crowd Tuesday night as community stakeholders gathered to discuss a proposed charter school which seeks the state’s approval to open inside the boundaries >
State refunding $12 million to 687 short-changed school districts
Aug 8, 6:44 AM: In calculating the implementation of the federal funding formula for the 2017-18 school year, SED over-allocated $12 million to 275 charter schools and three Special Act schools. The miscalculation resulted in >
Letter: Forget charter school, improve existing schools in Poughkeepsie district
Aug 7, 7:14 AM: Here we go again, taxpayers! This has to be a joke from the past! We are already paying through the nose for the school district, and now this former superintendent is back for more (didn't he get enough of our money back >
New York moves to correct overpayments to charter schools
Aug 6, 6:54 AM: The state Education Department on Friday said it had erroneously given an additional $12 million to hundreds of charter schools last year for teacher training and, in the process, underfunded hundreds of public schools. >
Charter School of the Arts looks to open in Cheektowaga
Aug 6, 6:50 AM: The State University of New York’s Charter Schools Institue could soon greenlight the first charter school in the Town of Cheektowaga after reviewing comments from an upcoming public hearing on Tuesday, August 7th. >
New high school program would allow kids to earn associate degree
Aug 3, 5:55 AM: The Department of Education and Borough President James Oddo are working to bring a new program to high school students that will allow them to earn an associate degree for free.
Lost in translation: Unions should focus more on their message than those of others
Aug 1, 7:02 AM: Regardless of who’s trying to accomplish what goals, freedom of expression is universal. The public sector unions seem to believe they hold an exclusive right to provide information to their members.
SUNY approves Truxton charter school application
Aug 1, 6:23 AM: The State University of New York (SUNY) Charter Schools Institute has agreed to review an application from the Truxton Academy Charter School Board of Trustees, but as history has shown, this is the first in a long line of >
Charter school: Public hearing on Poughkeepsie proposal set for Wednesday
Jul 30, 7:08 AM: Watson, a former Poughkeepsie schools superintendent and the brother of school board President Felicia Watson, has told the Journal the ideal expectation is "collaboration in competition — not just competition" with the >
Opinion: How the city is failing my special-education students
Jul 30, 6:27 AM: I want CSE 1 to do its part to help this South Bronx community. Work with us. Follow the law. Carry out the special-education process for Success Academy scholars fairly and equitably, as it does for traditional-school >
New York state unions fire back in Janus-fueled membership fight
Jul 27, 6:19 AM: Public sector unions are pushing back at an effort from an outside group to inform their members how they can stop paying dues in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus decision.
Opinion: How about building more great high schools?
Jul 26, 6:31 AM: Here’s an idea to break New York City out of its rut. Stop warring over access to limited seats. Instead, commit to creating more excellent public schools, particularly more specialized high schools, and make sure they’re >
Success Academy High School Sees Wave of Teacher Departures
Jul 25, 7:06 AM: Of the 67 teachers and administrators at the Manhattan high school last fall, 20 will be back when classes start in August, its officials said. They said 25 quit, nine were dismissed and 13 took jobs elsewhere in the >
Success Academy charter school CEO Eva Moskowitz begs Mayor de Blasio for classroom space
Jul 25, 6:19 AM: Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz begged Mayor de Blasio for public classroom space to be used for one of her charter schools in a letter sent to City Hall on Tuesday. Moskowitz missed a deadline to request the change in >
Editorial: Special-ed kids suffer in de Blasio’s grudge against Success Academy
Jul 24, 7:34 AM: Mayor de Blasio hates the Success Academy charter schools so much that his minions are even taking it out on Success kids who need special education.
Judge's ruling allows for teacher transfers at City Honors
Jul 24, 6:39 AM: The messy labor dispute, which erupted in the middle of the school year with parents and students from City Honors rallying in protest, stems from a long-held understanding that City Honors teachers were excused from >
CUNY’s lax placement standards yields fewer remedial students
Jul 17, 6:34 AM: The key change was lowering the bar in math. Students can show they’re ready for entry-level college math courses in three ways: their scores on the SAT, their high-school performance and via CUNY’s math- placement exam. >
Regents use annual retreat to take stock of changes in testing, charter schools and more
Jul 17, 5:15 AM: The Regents are currently discussing changes to the way they evaluate the charter schools they oversee, including taking a deeper look at suspension rates compared to traditional district schools, and tracking why students >



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