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Proposed law: Blast a school budget, attach your name
Jun 1, 8:53 AM:

NY bill requiring more transparency in school budget campaigns should be welcomed. But report paints slightly misleading picture of enmity between charters and traditional schools. Of course some groups will want to >

Cuomo's poison-pill peril
Jun 1, 6:13 AM:

Editorial weighs in on bitter charter dispute. Unions / NAACP brought lawsuit based on technicalities; parents, other teachers left fuming. Claims of deliberately inserted "poison pills" in laws need a closer look. But >

Bolgen Vargas stands by Rochester school reforms
May 27, 11:13 AM:

Rochester superintendent deemed "caretaker" of major reforms by predecessor. Focuses heavily on politics of situation without delving into what reforms entail or how they'll help students. Seeking input from teachers and >

Kingsbridge Innovative Design Charter School flunks in first year, dashing hopes of many
May 27, 6:01 AM:

Sadness as Kingsbridge Innovative Design charter closes after just 8 months. Financial mismanagement claims need closer look -- report effectively allows director to shift blame. Educational disruption is regrettable, >

Parents, teachers fight for Rice future
May 26, 10:12 AM:

NYC parochial school administration throwing parents for a loop with announcement to close doors. No background provided, though, on why the school is on such thin ice. Outpouring of parent support should signal that the >

PS 9 enters chartered territory
May 26, 6:30 AM:

In Brooklyn, PS 9 building to house charter school. Some parents very upset. Unclear here what bothers them most -- space/crowding issues, phase out of underperforming middle school and its replacement with charter or >

No More Second Chances for Regents
May 26, 4:53 AM:

NYC will change how Regents exams are scored come June. Goal is to curb grade inflation and get more accurate picture of what the student knows. Reader left wondering why these exams are so critical though. Tell us about >

With court's decision on school money, Christie sheds emporer's tag
May 25, 5:30 AM:

Commentary on NJ court ruling on school funding blames Chrisite for the "mess" because he challenged previous rulings by slashing ed dollars. Mainly political piece, but nowhere is core of court case, providing equity to >

Giving Children an Extra Push in Harlem
May 25, 5:04 AM:

With budget cuts, wealthy donors and fundraisers are vital for success of East Harlem tutorial program, now opening  K-8 charter school. Tell us more about school's teaching, curriculum, kids' backgrounds, etc. 95% >

New Kingston Board of Education member has studied school size
May 24, 1:17 PM:

Thought-provoking study shows benefits to small and large high schools. Close relationships in small schools foster social and academic growth; large schools can offer richer curriculum. Tacitly supports choice -- >

Update: NY Senate hearing reveals that school districts seldom use formal disciplinary process to fire tenured teachers
May 24, 10:48 AM:

Is a “broken” disciplinary system keeping bad teachers in NY schools? Testimony during Senate hearing suggests it is. AP should press defenders of status quo about how this could be impacting students. Are they toeing a >

Teachers' test
May 23, 7:04 AM:

Editorial welcomes pilot project on teacher evaluation, saying slowly and carefully is the way to go. Balanced look at benefits, and criticism, of new approach. Concludes rewarding performance and ending routine tenure >

A school budget, the facts and all
May 20, 5:55 AM:

Editorial criticizing Albany charter school leaders for alleged part in unsuccessful campaign to defeat city school budget. Unclear exact role, but need their side of story. What is clear -- students' best interests not >

Bronx Charter School Screens Students for Admission, Critics Say
May 19, 3:32 PM:

Parents, former, and current employees of Academic Leadership School allege potential students are screened for admission according to test performance. Evidence here needs more detail. Would like to know if any >

Gov. Cuomo must stand firm against union efforts to scuttle teacher evaluations over test results
May 19, 10:53 AM:

Editorial praises Gov Cuomo's push for NY teacher evals based on student performance. Union agreement a necessary condition for district implementation though. Could've gone further in highlighting how unions are in it >

Is Kingsbridge Innovative Design Charter School the most short-lived charter school in the city?
May 19, 6:07 AM:

Fledgling NYC charter on probation until end of school year closing because of financial issues after just one year in operation. No specifics on mismanagement. No answer to obvious question. Was it fiscally unstable >

Upset Over Community Roots Charter School’s Expansion
May 19, 5:14 AM:

Dispute over shared space reveals tension between NYC charters and traditional public schools. Is there any truth in discrimination charge -- find stats on minority students at charters. It's easy to raise claims but >

Teachers Union Sues to Block School Closures
May 19, 5:11 AM:

Kids are the losers in battle between NY Ed Dept and teachers unions. Highlights disruption to tens of thousands of students caused by lawsuit over closing failing schools. With dismal results and grad rates, hard to >

New York makes more cuts to Regents exams
May 18, 1:24 PM:

NY officials vote to cut all foreign language Regents exams to help save $6M. Cutting assessments seems short-sighted way to save cash. Compare with alternative tests, and look at how many students will be affected. How >

Most New York school budgets approved by voters
May 18, 1:04 PM:

Most NY voters approved school district budgets, with low average spending rise of 1.3%. That's all we're told though. Would be nice to know where the money's going and how budgets will affect students and schools. Let's >



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