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More kids will learn in cyberia
Jul 15, 10:10 AM:

More online and blended learning opportunities expected to burgeon in NY after Board of Regents adopts new rules that ease seat-time and teacher-student interaction time requirements. Wave of future means many today >

Tom Vander Ark’s New York-Area Charter Schools Falter
Jul 15, 6:23 AM:

Details specific case of obstacles confronted in opening charter school, but has universal application. Good back-and-forth between founder of charters and his management team. But, a mention of struggles opening other >

Briarcliff Manor cuts 1 high school class period, lengthens elementary day
Jul 7, 9:59 AM:

Spotlight on reaction to new school start and end times in Briarcliff Manor (NY) schools. Details here on why longer school day needed, but left unclear is exactly how new times will make bus runs more efficient. Brief >

Officer elections reveal divisions at Auburn school board meeting
Jul 7, 8:37 AM:

Divided NY board has long road ahead of it given upcoming challenges. But Democrat & Chronicle simply stokes the fire, rather than telling us the impact this could have for the district at large and its students. >

Gov. Andrew Cuomo tells local governments, schools to cinch belts
Jul 7, 8:35 AM:

NY governor says increased taxes are not the answer for state's school funding problem. Hardens stance as educators assail him for hurting schools. But, as has been proven over and over again, more funding won't fix >

Charter school pushing special ed students out of gym class, parents argue
Jul 7, 6:07 AM:

Co-location debate erupts again in Brooklyn, as parents object to charter sharing building with school for autistic kids. Claims that students won't have enough gym time are unsubstantiated. Ask if parents' fears are >

In Reversal, Schools Doing Well Can Keep Unspent Funds
Jul 6, 10:31 AM:

Current NYC Chancellor Walcott reverses predecessor's policy of taking principals' rainy day funds, saying schools that perform can keep funds; others must convince officials. Strong background of failed policy under >

A Failing School? Not to These Students
Jul 5, 12:08 PM:

Showcases top students at NY school deemed failing. Admits students are an exception to trend. Uses students' demographics as excuse for low achievement. Too bad there are schools throughout the nation with proven track >

Merit pay not in new city teachers contract
Jul 1, 8:46 AM:

NY district implements new teacher eval method. Union happy it won't factor in student performance. Not told how new eval criteria differs from current. Anger over teachers getting raises without being held accountable. >

Teacher evaluations must be worked out
Jun 30, 6:17 AM:

Editorial urges caution in introducing evaluations, as union lawsuit delays changes. Explains concerns, but little on potential benefits of system. Plenty of evidence shows teacher quality affects achievement. Using >

School Braces for Hard Truth
Jun 30, 5:21 AM:

Failing NYC charter will be taken over by new operator in effort to keep it open. A few obvious holes in Journal's reporting. Never stops to tell us why this school is struggling so much. Crucial to understanding its >

For New Schools Chief, a Policy Statement in Tones of Harmony
Jun 29, 6:32 AM:

Profile piece paints Rorschach-like picture of NYC chancellor Dennis M. Walcott -- people look at him and see different images. Sharon Otterman does good job of showing various perspectives, inviting reader to draw own >

Union Sues State to Stop Teacher Evaluations
Jun 29, 5:11 AM:

NY state law says 40% of teacher evaluation must be based on student achievement. State teacher union objects to percentage and files lawsuit. Effectively portrays issue and impact of legal action; not only a delay, >

Even Without Teacher Layoffs, City Schools Will Still Feel Pain
Jun 28, 2:30 PM:

Final budget will have no teacher layoffs, but schools face 2.4% cuts. Larger class sizes, and cuts to after-school programs and electives expected. Outlines budget and tense negotiations, but little word on how this >

Charters turn to Arizona for financing
Jun 28, 6:30 AM:

Albany charters look to AZ for funding after city panel rejects request. Explains complicated system, and bitter local debate. But fails to mention unequal charter funding -- they get no cash for facilities. Look at >

Possible $40M bill for Department of Education after failing to place special-ed kindergarteners
Jun 24, 7:01 AM:

Spotlight here on special needs students in NYC who weren't assigned to public schools by June 15th and can now choose private school at city's expense. Focus here on placing blame and speculating instead of talking to >

Bill would allow regional high schools
Jun 21, 1:49 PM:

Brief, but intriguing, report that state Senate has approved "regional schools". Two or more districts could start joint school. Would be good to take a more detailed look at this idea. Do other states already allow >

Don’t cut funds for art education
Jun 20, 2:18 PM:

Op-ed argues against cuts to NY arts education, saying it can aid learning in other curriculum areas. Argument could be strengthened with research on benefits of creative arts. More info on arts funding needed: with >

Charters get these kids so totally wired
Jun 20, 11:18 AM:

Newly approved Bronx charter to give attendees computers and e-readers to keep them connected. Lots of good info on this charter and other approved by SUNY Board, but no details on how parents get their children enrolled >

Untraditional learning at Syracuse middle school
Jun 20, 9:11 AM:

"Expeditionary" Syracuse, NY, middle school engages students through fieldwork and individual projects. Fascinating insight into alternative to one-size-fits-all teaching approach. Would be good to have details on test >



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