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Test for Schools Chief
Apr 28, 4:53 AM:

New NY chancellor hopes to keep conversation civil at first meeting. Contentious issues on agenda: school closure, space sharing, teacher layoffs. Reviews history of cooperation and contrasts with poorly received >

State takeover of city schools hinted
Apr 27, 6:08 AM:

Super hasn't brought about change to district and parents are pushing for "parent trigger law." No stats on achievement though, or info on leader's attempted efforts to uplift learning. Mentions CA has law but doesn't >

For Students Raised on iPods, Lessons in Bridge
Apr 25, 11:22 AM:

Bridge is building as a popular game in schools. Promotes a social component beyond the popular chess matches. Evidence of benefits still largely anecdotal. But if it's engaging students to improve skills, not a lot to >

Charters 'nix 23%' of kids
Apr 25, 6:11 AM:

NYC charter expels student for bullying. Doesn't explain what actions school took before expulsion. Instead, pits charters against traditional schools that can't get rid of troublesome students as easily. Bigger problem >

New York forges ahead on new teacher evaluation system
Apr 19, 11:13 AM:

State Dept. outlines teacher eval criteria. Need to develop "viable growth model" to show teacher's impact, but that will take time. No push to see why it's taking so long -- private organizations already have methods >

Charter school audits justified
Apr 19, 5:39 AM:

Reasonable premise: Financial oversight of charters is important. State comptroller beginning audits. But editorial doesn't note that charter leaders argue their contract-renewal reports already include financial and >

Public be damned, again
Apr 18, 1:06 PM:

Public comment period for NY's new teacher eval plan occurs at inconvenient time, and reporter thinks this is no accident. Would've helped to take a peek at details of plan and let readers know, motivating them to take >

Malone school audit questions substitute-teacher pay
Apr 18, 11:27 AM:

State audit found school district withheld 2009 pay for retired substitute until 2010; board president says had no choice when state denied exemption. Case of bureaucracy impeding what’s best for students. 


Why was >

Bid to split 'bad'-teacher tab
Apr 18, 11:03 AM:

NY Ed Dept wants to shift half of costs for disciplinary hearings to school districts and union. Look into evidence that can back up each viewpoint. What is typical length of hearing process? Ineffective teachers are not >

With Cash Tight, School Districts Step Up Their Complaints Over State Mandates
Apr 15, 2:27 PM:

State mandates hamstring local school budgets. Paper uses transportation as example: School buses more than half empty, but mandate says need seat for every kid, even if kid doesn't use it. Elimination of bus mandate not >

Ed boss' blast
Apr 14, 1:24 PM:

Lame duck NY Ed Commissioner Steiner says schools in crisis, in part due to adults not putting kids first. Blasts "narrow" curriculum focused on standardized tests in reading and math. Cites city's funding disparities as >

Enlarged City School District of Troy's Board of Education adopts $92.4 million budget
Apr 14, 10:07 AM:


Troy district Super and business officer both forgo raises as board approves spending plan including teacher cuts as well as higher taxes. Lots of info, but tell us how transfers work to restore programs on chopping >

Charter school shift well-suited to Corridor
Apr 13, 2:56 PM:

A former orphanage in Buffalo will house H.S. charter prepping students for health careers. Health Sciences Charter opens in August. Detailed look at areas of study and explanation of why location near Medical Corridor >

URBAN JOURNAL: Audits, management, and Rochester's schools
Apr 13, 2:12 PM:

In NY, Rochester School District forced to release audits spotlighting internal problems ranging from no consistent standards for grading students to not drug testing summer bus drivers. Exhaustive, inclusive. Puts >

Commissioner Picks Panel to Consider Walcott as Schools Chancellor
Apr 12, 5:14 PM:

NY Ed Commissioner names nine-member group to consider waiver for Dennis Walcott, the Mayor's pick for schools chancellor. Details about why waiver needed, but nothing on qualifications/criteria for receiving waiver. 

Kindergarten Waitlists Stress Out Upper East Side Parents
Apr 12, 12:49 PM:

Upper East Side parents of waitlisted kingergarteners frustrated with Department of Education though all will placed nearby. Will kids have to stay in assigned school after kindergarten? Look at the achievement records >

Tisch's test
Apr 11, 6:43 AM:

Op-ed hammers view that NY unions will have "far too much say" in who's appointed next state ed commissioner, adding that's bad for reform and kids. Explains who's who in political game and predicts hard times for NYC >

NYS Comptroller using new authority to audit charter schools
Apr 8, 2:25 PM:

Slanted reporting. Sounds like press release from NY Comptroller's office. Just reading this, wouldn't know that after protracted court battle, ed law passed last year that gives state comptroller ability to audit >

State set to audit charter schools for the first time
Apr 8, 6:26 AM:

New law allows state comptroller to audit charters. Charters say audit fine, but argued over who should do it and don't like idea that comptroller tried to evaluate charter academic performance. Also, wondering  if >

Education reform is too important to rush
Apr 7, 6:13 AM:

NY moves forward their Race to the Top plan to create new teacher evaluation system. Debate on how to evaluate teachers and principals and when program will be ripe for implementation. Look at how other states have >



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