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New York City Public Schools Should Be Evaluated Based on Diversity, Not Just Tests, Panel Says
Feb 12, 7:19 AM: A high-level panel commissioned by Mayor Bill de Blasio called on the city to adopt a sweeping measure to address entrenched segregation in education: create diversity targets for all 1,800 schools so that their population >
Regents want deeper dive into graduation data
Feb 12, 6:44 AM: New York’s high school graduation rate is slowly increasing, thanks in part to the creation of new “pathways’’ that allow students to earn a degree beyond the traditional regimen of Regents exams. >
Opinion: Carranza is picking more fights than he can possibly hope to win
Feb 4, 8:05 AM: Late last month, it was with the city’s embarrassingly successful, if politically hamstrung, charter-school establishment: “Do what you got to do. Do your enrollment thing. But don’t talk about our schools,” he warned, >
With New York nearing charter cap, it’s a race to fill the final spots
Feb 4, 7:37 AM: Nineteen applicants, split between two bodies that can authorize charter schools, are competing for the remaining spots. But the decision may come down to who authorizes their chosen candidates first.
Letter: Students need curriculum that connects to their lives
Feb 4, 7:28 AM: Buffalo Prep is an academic enrichment and support program that helps underserved youth succeed in school, and it works to close the opportunity gap for Western New York kids. To address these important questions coming >
New York Joins Movement to Abandon Use of Student Tests in Teacher Evaluations
Feb 1, 8:18 AM: Four years ago, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo pushed through a plan to put New York at the forefront of a national movement to reshape American public education: He vowed that half of a teacher’s rating would be determined by >
NYC schools chief Carranza goes after charter schools again
Jan 31, 6:30 AM: A week after warning charters to stop disparaging traditional public school academic performance, Carranza urged Bronx parents to agitate against the sector in Albany at a meeting Tuesday night. Carranza made his remarks >
NYC schools chancellor fires warning shot at charter schools
Jan 25, 6:24 AM: Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza warned charter networks to shut up about traditional public schools at a parental meeting alongside Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday night.
MBAs wanted: Success Academy looks to woo business leaders for a fast-track principal program
Jan 24, 8:21 AM: New York City’s largest charter operator is launching a fast-track program designed to quickly train business leaders to become principals at schools across the network and elsewhere.
New York lawmakers end mandate tying teacher evaluations to student test scores
Jan 24, 8:13 AM: The mandatory linking of teacher evaluations to student performance on certain state tests, once a priority for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and many lawmakers, was formally ended Wednesday by the State Legislature. >
DOE isn’t inviting charter school parents to listening tour: critics
Jan 22, 7:57 AM: Billed as an opportunity for moms and dads to interact with Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, the invite-only gatherings draw from public school parent groups. Parents of charter school kids — >
Even after a court victory, few charter schools are expected to join New York City’s pre-K push
Jan 16, 7:07 AM: Few charter schools have joined New York City’s efforts to make pre-K available to all of the city’s 4-year-olds. A recent legal victory for Success Academy, the city’s largest charter network, seemed poised to change >
Opinion: New York's attack on private schools
Jan 7, 7:16 AM: It’s truly unfortunate that Elia and Cuomo find it necessary to lord over private schools and create a nasty private versus public battle of their own doing. Through an open door policy at Confer Plastics and in all my >
Opinion: To Help More Students Succeed in College, Reform Remedial Education
Jan 4, 6:17 AM: There are multiple reasons why so many New Yorkers aren’t making it through college, but one major driver is clear: far too many students entering community colleges in New York are being pushed into remedial education >
Charter school provides inclusive experience for students with autism
Dec 27, 8:03 AM: A charter school that brings opportunities to children with autism is set to open its doors in the Bronx next year.
Grassroots warfare over union membership in full swing
Dec 26, 9:06 AM: Union members may be getting a few knocks at their door, and the inquirer could be a union friend or foe. Door-knocking and canvassing are at the center of grassroots campaigns being waged by pro-union and anti-union >
Success Academy touts 99 percent pass rate for Algebra Regents exam
Dec 18, 6:26 AM: Charter-school network Success Academy had all of its eighth-graders take the state Algebra 1 Regents exam last year — and notched a 99 percent pass rate, the network said Monday.
Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School Turns Past Trials into Triumphs
Dec 11, 8:28 AM: Interestingly, it seems, Brooklyn Excelsior is not the only charter school that is pulling ahead. A recent Stanford University study shows a sudden uptick in the performance of urban charter schools nationwide. The main >
Evans Bank delivers funding for two new charter schools
Dec 11, 8:03 AM: Two newly opened charter schools in Buffalo received a funding boost Monday. Evans Bank delivered a total of $250,000 as the bank’s ‘signature community education’ investment in supporting the schools “Building Excellent >
State delays plan to tie teacher evaluations to student test results
Dec 11, 6:15 AM: Plans to tie public school teacher evaluations to student performance on state standardized tests will likely be delayed at least another year as the State Education Department continues to mull over whether it's >



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