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Opinion: Lift the cap, to let community charter schools bloom
May 23, 6:33 AM: Gov. Cuomo has urged the state Legislature to lift the cap on the number of charter schools allowed to open in New York City, but has been met with resistance from legislators who oppose charters on the grounds that they >
In Class: Linking young students to importance of college
May 20, 7:30 AM: Over the course of three days in March, PS 78 hosted its fifth annual College Fair in the school gymnasium for its students and families. The Stapleton school works to create an atmosphere of college-bound learners and >
New York rent reforms could wind up in omnibus bill bundled with charter school cap and legal weed
May 16, 7:07 AM: With only five weeks left in the legislative session and exactly one month until current rent laws expire, Albany insiders say it’s increasingly likely that long-sought rent reforms favoring tenants could be bundled with >
What's Next as the City Charter School Cap Nears?
May 9, 7:26 AM: The Math, Engineering, and Science Academy Charter High School, known as MESA, is enormously popular. More than 600 students applied for 130 spots in its next entering class. Now it wants to expand, but it's not clear it >
Column: New York debates the symptom of its education problem rather than the cause
May 9, 5:11 AM: Continuing to believe that the test is the problem covers up the ugly, yet rather obvious truth: New York (and most other American cities) are filled with public schools that are de facto segregated by race and class. >
Charter School Expansion In New York Unlikely In 2019
May 7, 7:09 AM: The cap on charter schools in New York is unlikely to be raised this year, due to changing political dynamics in the Democratic- led New York State legislature, and opposition from the teachers union.
New law gives NY teachers expanded power in their evaluations
May 7, 6:49 AM: Local teacher unions through the collective bargaining process should have greater control over how their members are evaluated going forward. That's because lawmakers added provisions to a new law that permanently halted >
Evaporating enrollment: Can New York’s rural school districts survive?
May 6, 7:23 AM: The Ripley Central School District, tucked away in a quiet corner of Western New York state near the banks of Lake Erie, served more than 500 students in 1994. Today, only 137 students are enrolled in the district, a loss >
Opinion: Charters can help traditional schools: Instead of 'us vs. them,’ both sides of the public education battle should embrace ‘win-win’
May 3, 7:00 AM: Everyone in New York appears to view the upcoming decision over raising the cap on city charter schools as a classic us vs. them battle. It shouldn’t be.
Opinion: Stop adding new charter schools: Keep the cap and ensure that badly needed financial resources flow to traditional public schools
May 3, 6:57 AM: New York City charter schools are now in the middle of their annual sympathy tour of Albany, complaining that the current cap on the number of charters is leaving thousands of students behind.
Charter School Logjam
May 2, 7:39 AM: The 53,000 mostly minority New York City children now on charter school waiting lists got a boost last month when Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he wants to raise the limit on the number of charters permitted in the city; >
Raise charter cap & expand ‘opportunity’
Apr 30, 6:25 AM: There’s a little boy in the Bronx who has struggled in school for years. Most of the kids in his neighborhood aren’t prepared for college by the time they graduate, and things are even harder for him. He has a learning >
New York City charter school rent payments set to climb 54 percent this year
Apr 25, 7:25 AM: New York City’s bill for charter school rent is expected to jump significantly this year, education department officials confirmed.
Viewpoints: Buffalo schools spend a fraction of budget on students
Apr 23, 6:07 AM: When I ran, I made a point of the fact that after charter payments, Buffalo Schools spend about $900 million annually, or $28,000 per pupil. Back then, charter schools operated at about $13,000 per pupil and many top >
UFT-friendly Dems accused of blocking charter school growth
Apr 19, 6:18 AM: There’s an “attitude against charter schools” in the Democratic-controlled state Assembly despite a waiting list of more than 52,000 students, according to a top legislator who’s a member of the party. >
Albany judge halts state’s new private school oversight rules
Apr 19, 5:57 AM: An Albany Supreme Court judge has struck down — at least temporarily — an attempt by the state Education Department to strengthen its authority over private and religious schools.
The charter school cap is making life harder for this NYC parent
Apr 18, 5:40 AM: Big Apple parents are desperate for better educational options for their kids — but a cap on charter schools has left the odds stacked against them.
How parents deal with the overwhelming reality of Charter school limbo
Apr 18, 5:38 AM: "It’s difficult to get a seat. It shouldn’t be so tedious to apply,” Moxey said. “The cap is not fair. We should be opening as many charter schools as the community needs. Parents should have options." >
Charter school supporters push to keep access to student info
Apr 18, 5:04 AM: Before a crowd of about 100 charter school supporters Wednesday Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams ripped a de Blasio administration plan to block the privately run but publicly funded institutions from using a city >
Review & Outlook: Cuomo’s Good Charter Fight
Apr 17, 7:26 AM: Most children at urban public schools aren’t learning what they should. So it’s encouraging to see New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ask fellow Democrats who run Albany to lift the cap on the number of charter schools allowed >



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