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Opinion: A deal to strike on evaluating teachers
May 18, 6:45 AM: But an opportunity for resolution exists through a grand bargain: liberalizing test-based teacher evaluations as Democrats want, while attracting Republican votes through teacher tenure reform, ending the indefensible >
‘It Has to Start Somewhere’: Grass-Roots Drive to Integrate New York Schools
May 18, 6:02 AM: The middle school in northern Manhattan is named after Booker T. Washington, a champion of education for African-Americans. But in a district where half the students are Hispanic and black, less than a quarter of the 852 >
Editorial: Are charter schools good for students?
May 17, 5:43 AM:

An educator with an impressive resume appeared before the Sullivan County legislators on May 10 and asked for their support for her proposal to open a charter school in or near Monticello, which might also serve students >

Teachers find RCSD, charter school partnership rejuvenating
May 11, 7:20 AM: School 8, on St. Paul Street, and GCCS, on the Rochester Museum and Science Center campus, are in the second year of a partnership that's unique in Monroe County. They're using a three-year, $500,000 state grant to jointly >
Sullivan woman looking to open charter school in Monticello
May 11, 6:38 AM: Curriculum will focus on S.T.E.M, which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Murray said her school will give parents a choice when it comes to their children’s’ education and create competition >
‘Double testing’ question debated in teacher evaluation fight
May 8, 7:46 AM: A drive to repeal New York’s legal requirement basing teacher job ratings largely on students’ state tests scores ignited debate Monday over the question of whether repeal could mean “double testing” for students. >
Opinion: Don’t blame parents for NYC’s failing schools
May 7, 5:40 AM: New York City’s public kindergartens are segregated, and “school choice” is to blame, say New School researchers. Only three of the city’s 32 school districts allow students to attend any school in their district, so it’s >
Charter school approvals plummet under de Blasio
May 4, 4:43 AM: Charter school approvals plummet under de BlasioThe number of charter school space requests approved by the city has plummeted by 60 percent under Mayor Bill de Blasio, despite unused classroom space available in nearly >
Opinion: New York's charters are still desperate for space
May 3, 7:06 AM: Last week, the city's Panel for Education Policy approved seven charter school colocations, providing them space in public school buildings. That brings the total number of charter colocations okayed to 21 this year — >
40 percent of city’s kindergarten students enrolled outside zones
May 3, 4:55 AM: Forty percent of the city’s first-time kindergarten students enrolled in schools outside their zone in the 2016-17 academic year, according to a study released Wednesday.
Why Are New York’s Schools Segregated?
May 2, 7:04 AM: While parents of all races choose to send their children out of their zones, the overall pattern of their choices may make schools more segregated. It also concentrates the effects of poverty at zoned schools, the schools >
Success Academy Chairman, Daniel Loeb, Is Stepping Down
May 2, 6:40 AM: Daniel S. Loeb, a billionaire investor and outspoken charter school proponent, is ending his five-year run as chairman of the board at the Success Academy Charter Schools network, leaving behind a legacy of aggressive >
Senate joins push to de-couple New York state exams from teacher evaluations
May 1, 6:13 AM: There’s no guarantee that will happen though. While the Assembly is almost sure to pass the measure, it could be dicier with the Senate, where some Republicans have had what one observer called a “complicated” relationship >
OnTECH charter school founder Ellen Eagen discusses plans, responds to criticism
May 1, 4:53 AM: The mission of the school, which has been approved by New York's education department, is to serve students who do not perform their best in the traditional school setting. It's application process is underway, and the >
The statistics behind Success Academy’s rapid expansion
Apr 30, 6:16 AM: Founded in 2006 by former city Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz, Success Academy has expanded from a single Harlem charter school to a network of 46 sites in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Manhattan.
Assembly looks to un-tether New York teacher evaluations from state tests
Apr 27, 6:46 AM: As members of the New York state’s major teachers’ union are gathering for their annual convention, Assembly Democrats have proposed a bill that would end mandatory test-based teacher evaluations. >
These New York City neighborhoods have relatively few charter schools, according to a new report
Apr 27, 5:18 AM: New York has plenty of charter schools — 225 just serving elementary-school students at the most recent count. But advocates for the schools, which are publicly funded but privately managed, say some parts of the city have >
New legislation aims to diversify New York City’s elite high schools
Apr 20, 6:25 AM: Legislation introduced Thursday aimed at integrating New York City’s specialized high schools skirted one big issue: the admissions test.
Letter: Charter schools aid kids in need
Apr 18, 7:23 AM: A recent report by the Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness highlights the education needs of students who lack a stable place to live. Charter schools are positioned to contribute. At the 186 schools >
Rochester district faces new charter openings
Apr 18, 7:09 AM: At the same time, the district faces growing competition from charter schools, which are siphoning off both students and state funding. And the State Education Department's Charter School Office has given its initial >



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