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Court Nixes Watered-Down Standards for Charter School Teachers
Oct 18, 5:54 AM: New York’s largest teachers union scored a victory in the war over charter schools Thursday with an appeals court ruling that state policymakers overstepped by diluting certification requirements for charter school >
Commentary: A charter school saved my child — why does the mayor want to crush them?
Oct 17, 6:43 AM: No wonder Mayor Bill de Blasio’s presidential campaign didn’t resonate: He took positions on education that were totally out of step with voters like me.
Low-income high schoolers who take early college courses more likely to graduate college: study
Oct 15, 6:59 AM: Low-income city students who take a college course while in high school are more likely to graduate college than their classmates who don’t take the challenging courses early on, a new study shows.
Editorial: Will de Blasio, Carranza put ideology ahead of children’s dreams?
Oct 11, 7:31 AM: Some 200 families in southeast Queens, mostly black and Hispanic, are hoping their children can continue a public school program that’s worked wonders so far when they move to fifth grade next year. But these kids’ dreams >
Board of Regents gives districts, unions greater control over teacher evaluations
Oct 9, 7:13 AM: New York State’s controversial system of evaluating teachers based largely on computer-generated student “growth” scores formally ended Tuesday, with the adoption of a new process giving local school districts and their >
Charter-school CEO takes on Carranza, panel at ‘Sesame Street’ forum
Oct 9, 6:28 AM: But during a question-and-answer session later, audience member Ian Rowe, the black CEO of the city charter network Public Prep, challenged the claims put forth by Carranza and the rest of the panel.
Why we’re opening innovative new schools: New York City’s schools chancellor explains a public-private partnership
Oct 7, 5:54 AM: This fall, 1.1 million children — amounting to one in every 300 residents of the United States — walked into a classroom in one of our 1,800 schools across the five boroughs. It’s no exaggeration to say that the future of >
City to Create or Reinvent 40 New Schools with Private Cash
Oct 4, 6:03 AM: The XQ Institute, an education reform organization co-founded by Laurene Powell Jobs, is kicking in $10 million. The Robin Hood Foundation is providing $6 million. And the city will provide the rest: $16 million. >
Online application now open for New York City charter schools
Oct 3, 5:52 AM: The Common Online Application for New York City charter schools is now open, the city Charter School Center announced this week.
New York students owe over $31,000 in college debt, report finds
Oct 1, 8:15 AM: New York State has one of the highest average student loan debt in the United States, according to a recently released report.
Editorial: De Blasio just admitted that his ‘team’ doesn’t care about school kids
Oct 1, 7:03 AM: New York parents and schoolchildren beware: Mayor Bill de Blasio doesn’t see you as part of his “team.
Editorial: Let Success succeed: The charter network should get the Queens school space it needs
Sep 30, 7:25 AM: Despite being thrilled with the education their children receive, hundreds of public-school parents are being told they may have to send their sons and daughters far away for middle school.
Charter schools on Staten Island: What’s open, what’s coming
Sep 30, 6:51 AM: Staten Island will be home to eight operating charter schools by September 2020. The borough previously had four operating charter schools until two new charter schools opened their doors on Staten Island for the first >
Success Academy parents rally for de Blasio to keep word on classroom space
Sep 27, 6:44 AM: Thousands of Success Academy charter school parents, students and staff packed a Queens rally Thursday to demand Mayor Bill de Blasio keep his promise to find them a middle school space before kids are squeezed out. >
School-Choice Expert Has Unique Take on Brooklyn District’s New Admissions System
Sep 23, 5:24 AM: When Mr. Dorosin toured Sunset Park Prep, he was impressed by administrators and classroom visits. Most children were Hispanic, few were white, and he thought it would be a valuable experience for his daughter to learn >
Editorial: Drops in enrollment mean new realities for school districts
Sep 12, 5:31 AM: When economic conditions force companies to scale back or lay off staff, it’s euphemistically referred to as “right-sizing.
The Secret of a Charter School’s Success? Parents
Sep 9, 7:26 AM: Charter schools are a boutique phenomenon in American education, educating a mere 6% of U.S. school children. But they attract a disproportionate amount of attention—and controversy—because of their unique place in our >
Editorial: Why won’t de Blasio, Carranza let Queens get another good middle school?
Sep 9, 7:05 AM: At least five public-school buildings across Queens have ample room for the new school, with 450 to 725 empty seats each. But the de Blasio DOE regularly invents reasons it “can’t” assign such space to charters. And now it >
Editorial: Don't dumb-down New York's high school diploma
Sep 9, 6:53 AM: If the goal of New York's high school graduation standards were to grant all students a diploma regardless of their level of mastery, the state could simply hand sheepskins  out to anyone who made it to the final day of >
New book tells secrets and surprises of Success Academy’s winning academics
Sep 9, 5:06 AM: Parents of prospective students who win the lottery to get into a Success Academy school are greeted with “more of a warning than a welcome.



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