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CUNY’s lax placement standards yields fewer remedial students
Jul 17, 6:34 AM: The key change was lowering the bar in math. Students can show they’re ready for entry-level college math courses in three ways: their scores on the SAT, their high-school performance and via CUNY’s math- placement exam. >
Regents use annual retreat to take stock of changes in testing, charter schools and more
Jul 17, 5:15 AM: The Regents are currently discussing changes to the way they evaluate the charter schools they oversee, including taking a deeper look at suspension rates compared to traditional district schools, and tracking why students >
Brooklyn borough president sides with charter school
Jul 13, 6:15 AM: Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has backed Success Academy in its increasingly bitter brawl with City Hall over a proposed Bedford-Stuyvesant location.
Brooklyn Parents Have Mixed Feelings on School Admissions Proposal
Jul 12, 6:40 AM: As New York City parents debate how to give all students fair access to good public schools, integration advocates in Brooklyn want to scrap middle schools’ use of academic criteria to select students. >
Letter: Charter schools fail students, taxpayers
Jul 12, 5:39 AM: The July 2 editorial ("Charter a path for teachers," July 2) wrongly compares teacher shortages experienced by traditional schools and charters, concluding that lowering standards for charters is a viable solution. >
City not helping disabled charter school kids: suit
Jul 11, 5:04 AM: Success Academy charter school founder Eva Moskowitz is taking the city to court for failing to provide services for disabled students in the Bronx. Charter schools such as Success Academy are publicly funded and privately >
Education Reform group says school turnaround program has been ''hollowed out''
Jul 10, 4:33 AM: An education reform group says New York’s school turnaround program has been so “hollowed out” that it’s barely improving the state’s lowest performing schools. While the Receivership program offered initial promise by, >
Commentary: Opposing sides must work together on teacher certification
Jul 9, 5:43 AM: New York's education leaders are staring down a landscape of stubbornly mediocre academic results and fewer new teachers entering the profession. The Board of Regents and SUNY could set aside the costly disagreement and >
Democrats for Education Reform blasts New York state’s school turnaround program
Jul 9, 4:34 AM: An education reform organization took a swing at city and state officials Monday, releasing a report critical of their approach to turning around New York’s struggling schools.
Editorial: Albany gets failing grade on teacher evals
Jul 5, 6:02 AM: Evaluating teachers based on test scores was a lame idea from the start. Factors that often figure into those test scores - poverty, English-language learners, learning disabilities - were never taken into account. A >
‘We didn’t have options’: A new Staten Island charter school aims to fill a gap for students with dyslexia
Jul 5, 4:53 AM: The goal is to provide another option for families who have long fought for more choices closer to home. Staten Island is the borough with the highest share of students with disabilities, and while district schools have >
Commentary: New York must take steps to prepare students for future
Jul 3, 6:25 AM:

Too few students are enrolled in the kind of courses that will set students up for success in college and the workforce, and too many of New York's middle and high schools don't even offer some of these courses. The >

9 things to know about recently approved charter schools on Staten Island
Jul 2, 6:43 AM: Three charter schools have been approved for Staten Island in the past eight months -- bringing the total number of charters from two to five by the 2020-2021 school year.
Editorial: Charter a path for teachers
Jul 2, 6:33 AM: For better and worse, charter schools are one of the ways New York has decided to combat the trap of poverty and failing schools. They deserve an opportunity to experiment, and a chance to succeed.
Who Wins, and Who Loses, in the Proposed Plan for Elite Schools?
Jun 29, 7:14 AM: Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to eliminate the exam for the specialized schools, known as the SHSAT, would upend an admissions system that is dominated by this elite group of schools, and could send ripples of change >
Teacher evaluations: Unfinished business in state Legislature
Jun 27, 5:55 AM: A bipartisan majority of the state Legislature — and many other interested parties — want to decouple state testing results from teacher evaluations. But the legislative session ended last week without achieving that goal. >
Early school choice deadlines mean affluent parents often get first shot at coveted schools, new study shows
Jun 26, 4:59 AM: It finds that early registration deadlines for Boston’s school choice program tended to trip up black, Hispanic, and low-income families. That’s in part because they move more frequently; that in turn means they apply >
Conference on alternative education options starts Thursday
Jun 25, 5:20 AM: The basic concept behind the conference is the belief that children are natural learners, said Jerry Mintz, founder of AERO, which serves as a networker helping parents, teachers and students find learner-based educational >
Bronx charter school sending 96 percent of grads to college
Jun 22, 6:25 AM: For nearly a decade, KIPP NYC College Prep HS has been helping some of the city’s most disadvantaged kids face down steep odds. The Bronx charter school will graduate 96 percent of its senior class Friday – and send 94 >
Albany court rules against charter school teacher certification
Jun 21, 7:16 AM: An Albany trial court has ruled in favor of the state Education Department in its lawsuit against the State University of New York over teacher certification requirements for some charter schools.



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