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Editorial: Keep mayoral control of schools, but hold City Hall accountable
Mar 22, 6:59 AM: Anyone who debates whether the mayor should control NYC’s school system probably does not know or remember what it was like before.
Opinion: Demolish the meritocracy myth: No, the specialized high school exam is not a fair admission
Mar 20, 7:09 AM: The status quo says: “The problem isn’t the SHSAT, it’s the lack of great K-8 schools,” and then opposes lifting the cap on new public charter schools, which require no entrance exams and are wildly popular in community of >
When personalized learning also boosts special education students
Mar 20, 6:39 AM: Brooklyn Lab, which opened in 2014 and serves students in sixth through 10th grade on its way to expanding into a full high school, stands out in a charter sector that has been criticized for pushing out students with >
Opinion: More top-tier high schools now: The solution to the diversity problem at Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and elsewhere is to replicate
Mar 20, 6:02 AM: There’s an old saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. New York City’s policy to diversify its eight specialized high schools is insane. Instead >
Only 7 Black Students Got Into N.Y.’s Most Selective High School, Out of 895 Spots
Mar 19, 4:47 AM: Only a tiny number of black students were offered admission to the highly selective public high schools in New York City on Monday, raising the pressure on officials to confront the decades-old challenge of integrating New >
Cuomo, State Lawmakers Back 3-Year Extension of Mayor’s Control of Schools
Mar 13, 7:32 AM: The Democratic leadership of New York state’s Assembly and Senate backed a three-year extension of mayoral control of New York City schools on Tuesday, accepting a proposal Gov. Andrew Cuomo advanced in January. >
Opinion: New York is shutting the door on schools that deliver for kids
Mar 8, 7:23 AM: With the Big Apple having hit the state’s limit on new charter schools in the city, Albany lawmakers seem unlikely to lift the cap. While serious observers are right to note that charter schools aren’t a golden bullet, the >
Private Schools Sue Over New York’s Push to Increase Oversight
Mar 7, 8:12 AM: New York’s private schools have filed a lawsuit to halt the state’s efforts to expand oversight of their academics, saying it overstepped its authority.
Opinion: Let our charter school serve more kids: New York's cap is preventing thousands of families from having their school of choice
Mar 7, 7:22 AM: Last Friday, we got one of those good news/bad news calls. The good news? Our application to replicate MESA Charter High School, which we lead, was approved to serve more students. The bad news? There simply weren’t enough >
Opinion: We got our plan to open a good school ok’d — but the charter cap leaves our kids in limbo
Mar 6, 7:20 AM: For more than a year, a team led by East Side House Settlement, where I serve as executive director, has worked with community partners including local hospitals and labor unions, to plan and launch a one-of-a-kind career >
Panel Issues Last Permits for More Charter Schools in New York City
Mar 5, 7:03 AM: A state panel approved seven more charter schools for New York City on Monday, using up all the permits allowed for the city and marking an end—at least for now—to the proliferation of charters here. >
Editorial: When charter schools shut down, home districts deserve what’s owed
Mar 4, 8:01 AM: There may be valid reasons for the lack of accounting for the funds in the budgets of some of Buffalo’s defunct charter schools. But with hundreds of thousands of dollars – all public money – at issue, there’s some >
Charter heads hoping Cuomo, Dems will abolish school cap
Mar 4, 7:56 AM: New York City is running up against a cap for new charter schools, and advocates want Gov. Cuomo and the state Legislature to enact a law this year to lift or abolish the limit.
Remove the cap: New York City needs more charter schools
Mar 4, 7:30 AM: Monday, State University officials are set to approve a new batch of independently run, open-to-all charter schools. The exact number they'll okay in the five boroughs from the pile of applications is unknown, but most >
Opinion: Charter schools deliver for New York’s neediest kids
Mar 1, 8:40 AM: Mayor Bill de Blasio this week put an unceremonious end to Renewal Schools, his marquee education program that promised “fast and intense improvement” in 94 low-performing schools in the Big Apple. It was a necessary if >
Charter supporters rallied in Harlem for three proposed schools, but their critics may have the edge
Mar 1, 8:39 AM: Over a hundred parents, activists, and educators packed into a Harlem auditorium Thursday to debate three new charter schools that are vying to open in Manhattan.
Op-Ed: De Blasio's Renewal Schools program was a bad romance
Feb 27, 6:28 AM: On Tuesday, the New York City Department of Education announced its plans to “move away” from the Renewal school program that was a signature of Mayor de Blasio’s administration. Over the past five years, the program has >
$773 Million Later, de Blasio Ends Signature Initiative to Improve Failing Schools
Feb 26, 6:29 AM: Mayor Bill de Blasio is canceling one of his signature education initiatives, acknowledging that despite spending $773 million he was unable to turn around many long-struggling public schools in three years after decades >
Officials: Hempstead district to pay over $43M in charter tuition next year
Feb 15, 7:34 AM: The Hempstead school district is expecting to pay nearly $43.4 million in tuition to charter schools next year, as the number of students choosing to attend the institutions continues to rise, administrators said Thursday >
Opinion: Charter schools deserve equity in funding
Feb 13, 6:25 AM: In reality, there are incredible people doing phenomenal work in the Buffalo Public Schools for all the right reasons, despite many obstacles, systemic and otherwise. And charter schools exist to be incubators for >



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