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Let’s call the opposition to Urban Dove what it is: racism | Opinion
Dec 3, 7:51 AM: The behavior reported is jaw-droppingly awful. The headline, “New Midwood charter school sparks racial and religious tensions,” couldn’t quite encapsulate the horrifying things adults were saying about children. >
Letter: Buffalo Schools’ overpayment shows why kids need charters
Dec 3, 7:38 AM: Charter schools provide dissatisfied families with an alternative to the dysfunctional Buffalo public school system that does not provide a quality education. Buffalo schools overpaid charter schools $1 million during the >
New Midwood charter school sparks racial and religious tensions
Nov 27, 7:52 AM: A charter high school that serves as a last resort for struggling students is facing outcry from its potential new neighbors in Midwood, who say they’re so concerned that they’re willing to buy out the school’s lease. >
Hallowed Ground
Nov 26, 6:57 AM:

For decades, education-policy researchers have sought to understand why some schools succeed where others fail. The best research tells us that the things that matter most in effective urban schools are hard to >

Editorial: The new college try: More New York City kids are going on to college; now, they must finish
Nov 25, 9:15 AM: Some good news, on the surface, from a Bill de Blasio-led public school system with its share of failures: 62% of the latest high school class, or 48,782 youngsters, have enrolled in two- or four-year colleges, vocational >
Editorial: De Blasio’s empty schools ‘success’
Nov 25, 8:40 AM: Mayor Bill de Blasio and schools Chancellor Richard Carranza crowed last week that their Equity and Excellence For All agenda is driving big gains in high-school graduation rates, with record numbers of grads headed off to >
AP for all? New York state pushes greater student diversity in high-level courses
Nov 21, 8:31 AM: The state is pushing school districts to make Advanced Placement and other top courses more widely available to all high school students, particularly African-American and Hispanic students, as part of an ongoing emphasis >
Editorial: De Blasio’s phony offer to give charter kids what they need
Nov 18, 8:22 AM: Nearly three years after the Success Academy first requested public school space for a new middle school in Southeast Queens, the Department of Education finally gave an official answer: Go rent some inadequate private >
Education Guru Chris Whittle Tries a Comeback With New School in Brooklyn
Nov 15, 9:32 AM: Whittle School to launch site next fall in New York with plans to expand for 90,000 students in 15 countries<
School leaders, union: State's foundation aid formula is 'broken, convoluted'
Nov 14, 8:26 AM: New York State’s system of distributing billions of dollars to public schools is “broken,” “convoluted” and needs to be fixed, a succession of Long Island education leaders, union representatives and others said Wednesday >
The Artists Who Are Challenging The Education Status Quo
Nov 13, 6:45 AM: Pierce sees hybrid homeschooling models and the larger micro-school movement as a harbinger of education innovation: “I see us moving towards education that is self-directed,” she says. “Education does not have to be seen >
Buffalo schools' turnaround effort hasn't slowed charter movement
Nov 12, 8:27 AM: Despite ongoing efforts to turn around the Buffalo Public Schools – adding new high schools, lowering class sizes, increasing the number of schools in good standing with the state – it hasn’t been enough to slow the >
First New York public school created for dyslexic children
Nov 12, 8:18 AM: Welcome to Bridge Preparatory charter school in Staten Island. This is the only public school in New York that caters to children with dyslexia, a learning disorder that can impact writing, math and language. And the >
Rising teacher absenteeism in Syracuse city schools takes toll on kids, taxpayers
Nov 12, 7:04 AM: An average of 115 teachers in the Syracuse City School District missed class every Friday last year. Absenteeism by teachers and other staff is increasing despite district efforts to crack down on the use of sick and >
Shannon Tahoe named acting state education commissioner
Nov 6, 6:15 AM: The state Board of Regents on Tuesday appointed Shannon Tahoe as acting commissioner of education, and announced several more top leadership changes within the agency.
Parents outraged that DOE might oversee NYC private schools
Nov 4, 8:29 AM: Outraged parents in Gotham’s swankiest prep schools are trying to beat back a proposal that would give city educrats oversight of curriculum at private institutions.
Testing our patience: Mayor de Blasio sticks to his lackluster school reform strategies even as national exam results are flat
Nov 1, 5:46 AM: Meantime, de Blasio, whose massively expensive attempt to turn around struggling schools has failed, continues to refuse to let charter schools — which outperform traditional district-run schools, and predominantly serve >
Girls Prep Bronx Elementary Charter School celebrates 10 years of education
Oct 29, 7:10 AM: A school in the Bronx dedicated to providing young girls skills and resources for the future is celebrating a major milestone.
Editorial — An enriching path: Bill to help students seeking vocational training in lieu of college
Oct 29, 5:59 AM: Several years ago, state lawmakers began discussing a ideas to help students who chose to pursue vocational training after high school rather than college.
How college-ready are low-income Upstate NY students? 50 top districts, ranked
Oct 28, 6:56 AM: College preparedness is a critical factor in evaluating a school district’s performance. While the best school districts in Upstate New York often score high on college entrance exams and other college readiness >



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