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School claims DOE illegally denied them additional seats
Jul 25, 6:46 AM: The Department of Education is illegally denying a Downtown Brooklyn charter-school operator space in nearby district buildings — even though they’re filled with hundreds of unused seats, according to the school.
Here’s how parents aim to reduce class sizes of city public schools
Jul 21, 7:58 AM: Agostini is among a group of parents who filed a complaint with the state education department this month, charging that the city isn't meeting its legal obligation to reduce class sizes in public schools.
Charter school for dyslexic students passes first Albany hurdle
Jul 20, 7:45 AM: Bridge Preparatory Charter School for Creative Thinkers, the long-envisioned borough-wide school for dyslexic children, has cleared the first step in its application process in Albany.
A Rust Belt City’s School Turnaround
Jul 19, 7:28 AM: After decades of distrust and dysfunction, Buffalo makes education a priority with a community-wide commitment.
Charter supporters among Cuomo’s top re-election donors
Jul 19, 6:07 AM: Charter-school supporters were among the major donors who helped Gov. Cuomo collect $5 million since January for his 2018 re-election, records show.
State education officials question another batch of Success Academy charter renewals
Jul 18, 7:36 AM: Reigniting a debate that flared in April, the board is poised to send a set of Success Academy charter school renewals back to SUNY, the network’s authorizer, rather than approving them.
New York Schools for Off-Track Students May Face Stricter Rules
Jul 17, 6:45 AM: Now advocates and city education officials fear the schools may be in danger. On Monday, the State Education Department is expected to present the Board of Regents with regulations to conform with the Every Student Succeeds Act, the >
Charter school set to take over Gan Miriam space
Jul 14, 7:24 AM: The mystery didn’t last long, however, as Gan Miriam has made way for the incoming eighth-grade class at Atmosphere Academy Public Charter Schools. Hezzy Jesin, the Jewish center’s executive director, shed light on the new tenant, >
Public Advocate Letitia James calls for more effective way to help special needs students than city&
Jul 13, 6:35 AM: The city's dismal voucher system shortchanges thousands of public school students with disabilities out of needed services, a new report charges.
Fragile Détente Between De Blasio, Charter Schools Holds For Now
Jul 13, 6:07 AM: However, within the letter was a veiled warning that if the city doesn’t resolve 27 current public space requests for charter schools by August 15 the peace may quickly erode.
Unions blast SUNY Board for ‘watered down’ charter school teacher training plan
Jul 12, 6:55 AM: NYSUT and the United University Professions are blasting a SUNY Board of Trustees proposal to allow high-performing charter schools to set up their own training programs for teachers.
Broader hiring standards for NY charter schools draw praise, criticism
Jul 12, 6:10 AM: New York charter schools could soon have much more leeway to hire teachers under a proposal under consideration by the State University of New York.
SUNY charter schools committee considers their own teacher certification
Jul 10, 7:00 AM: The State University of New York (SUNY) is considering letting its charter schools create their own teacher certification programs, a proposal that teachers unions and education advocacy groups say endangers students and the >
NY teachers with 30 hours of experience? Charter school proposal stirs debate
Jul 7, 7:15 AM: State education officials and advocacy groups came to blows this week over a last-minute proposal that could allow some charter schools to hire uncertified teachers with as little as 30 hours of classroom experience.
De Blasio releases details of side deal on charter schools
Jul 7, 5:42 AM: A week after getting mayoral control of schools extended in Albany, the de Blasio administration on Thursday finally released the terms of its side-deal on charter schools.
Merrick Academy’s fourth-grade science scores soar
Jul 5, 7:22 AM: Two years ago, administrators at Merrick Academy, a K-5 charter school in Laurelton, launched a S.T.E.A.M. program that yielded positive results. For the fourth grade State Science Exam, students at the academy averaged 96.4 percent >
Assembly Approves 2-Year Deal on Mayoral Control of New York City Schools
Jun 30, 6:16 AM: The shape of an agreement came into focus late Wednesday night in a special legislative session in Albany that also included deals on issues as diverse as flood relief and help for harness racing.
A new study reveals which NYC charter school networks are outperforming their peers
Jun 28, 6:46 AM: All charter schools are not created equal. That’s according to a new study published by Stanford University research group CREDO, which shows some New York City charter school networks are better than others at improving their >
Lawmakers push back on Cuomo’s school control plan
Jun 28, 6:19 AM: Gov. Cuomo on Tuesday scheduled a special session of the Legislature for Wednesday to pass what he hopes will be a quick and simple one-year extension of mayoral school control — but some lawmakers had other plans.
City public school budget to go $43 million overbudget says pro-charter group
Jun 27, 7:33 AM: The city's school system is on track to exceed budget targets by more than $43 million in three categories, a pro-charter-school group says in a report released Monday.



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