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22 New Charter Schools Proposed
Aug 2, 7:43 AM:

Slew of charters apply for approval in NM. Schools plan to offer several different curriculums: single-gender classes and Latin-infused instruction, for example. Opponents repeat myths about charters that "lack >

Hearings set for charter school proposals
Aug 1, 10:40 AM:

Commission asks for public input on new charters. Not clear what kind of input that commission is seeking. Would be useful to know. Tell us more about what the charters are proposing.

Legislator: New Mexico scholarship system needs overhaul
Jul 28, 10:47 AM:

Debate over who qualifies for college scholarships funded via NM lottery. State rep says homeschoolers should be considered. They're not, but students not legally in U.S. but who graduate from high school are considered. >

NM issues rules for autism services in schools
Jul 27, 10:28 AM:

Apparently, NM Gov is issuing her own guidelines on school programs for students with autism. Earlier she vetoed legislation on the same topic. Problem is there are no details on either plan so no way to compare or even >

Charter School budget reflects unique challenges
Jun 15, 6:33 AM:

Densely technical overview of challenges facing NM charter school as it prepares budget. Observes unique obstacles charters face: expenses such as portable classrooms and a different revenue stream than public schools. >

Las Montanas High to stay open next year
Jun 8, 11:30 AM:

Las Cruces, NM, board assures parents charter high school will stay open, despite budget problems. Apparently there was an error in budget -- how did this lead to fears school would close? Ask school management what >

Cesar Chavez clears PED audit
Jun 7, 2:27 PM:

NM audit reveals state's charters largely in compliance with state and federal regulations. Thick technical language used throughout report; must be sure it is intelligible for average readers. Tell us more about >

Lawmakers plan review of N.M. school finances
May 19, 1:41 PM:

Tough fiscal times prompt evaluation of NM school finance formula. Explains instances where districts get more cash, but doesn't push to see if stipulations are fair. Dig into rationale behind forking more money over to >

Education Department Faces 20 Percent Cut
May 13, 1:53 PM:

There's a lot of talk here about "doing more with less" as NM  faces a 20% cut in spending. No one ever explained what will, or could, be cut. It may be too early to sound alarms and raise fears. But with one-fifth of a >

Martinez Order Concerns Teachers
May 12, 1:16 PM:

Teachers fretting over discussion of evaluation system in NM. But good teachers should have nothing to fear. Idea will be to reward the best. Glad to hear one union member is preaching the importance of student >

State to audit Las Montañas charter school
May 3, 7:27 AM:

State auditing school districts because of increases in funding requests for special ed programs. Headline spotlights charter audit while article indicates Las Cruces Public Schools getting a second audit over summer. >

Manual-Schools take stock of looming budget decisions
May 2, 1:12 PM:

District supers in Farmington predict no staff layoffs next fiscal year even though schools statewide face reduction in state dollars. Lots of details on what each system plans to do to save money. No mention of impact >

Gov. Forms Teacher Evaluation Task Force
Apr 27, 10:34 AM:

NM Gov forms task force on performance pay for teachers, after bill failed last session. Parents, teachers, business reps will be included. A step in right direction -- now challenge is developing fair evaluation >

Teachers Fight To Get Overspent Money Back
Apr 25, 9:23 AM:

Albuquerque, NM charter accused of taking money from teachers paychecks for Social Security coverage. Violates Public Employee Retirement Assoc. docs stating charters aren't authorized to do so. Incomplete. What are >

Teachers try to make the grade at job fair
Apr 19, 8:43 AM:

Las Cruces Public Schools interview hundreds of aspiring educators at job fair. In-depth look at how harsh economic climate makes it difficult to stand out with lots of qualified applicants for a limited number of >

Big-city students benefit disproportionately from lottery
Apr 18, 8:56 AM:

NM metropolitan students take disproportionate part of lottery scholarship funds. Not much for San Juan, one of biggest purchasing counties.


Scholarships not based on tickets sold in county but on student >

LCPS may face audit by state ed department
Apr 14, 1:22 PM:

Las Cruces School System learns today whether it'll face state ed department audit. Lots of details on discrepancy in 'funding units' and previous tracking problem that kept district from counting properly. Tell us what >

Charter School May Have To Close
Apr 14, 12:05 PM:

Las Cruces middle school must raise money to buy its own campus by 2012 or face shutdown. No meat to this tale of woe. What fund-raising options are they looking into?


They have 3.5 years to create a plan -- is >

Testing begins: Results determine Las Cruces' schools' AYP rankings
Apr 12, 9:17 AM:

Las Cruces students taking New Mexico Standards test determine district's adherence to NCLB yearly progress benchmark. Educators agree Adequate Yearly Progress overlooks growth. Talk about improvements and identify areas >

Garcia: College branches unsustainable
Apr 6, 9:58 AM:

NM colleges and universities have lots of satellite campuses around the state, apparently because the state funding formula rewards expansion. Good analysis of how well-meaning finance notion turned into something even >



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