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‘We need some help’
Feb 19, 7:21 AM: Bayuk said he has been learning with dozens of others at Gordon Bernell Charter School for a month now, building skills that could help him find a job and stay out of jail. But the Gordon Bernell campus at MDC faces >
Unique charter school asks lawmakers for funding, risks shutting down
Feb 14, 8:22 AM: A school with a unique program could be shutting down. Gordon Bernell Charter School offers a different learning opportunity for adults.
Bill stalls to restore funds to smaller school districts
Feb 12, 8:44 AM: Many of New Mexico’s smallest public schools have wrangled this year with a drop in state funding after lawmakers passed legislation in 2019 that is gradually cutting off a revenue stream.
Opinion: School choice promotes equity
Jan 29, 5:24 AM: One-size-fits-all doesn’t work very well when it comes to things like clothing. Just imagine the results if a UNM football player and petite Flamenco dancer tried putting on the same outfit. That same concept, of >
Las Montañas high school wins renewal of charter, with praise from education commission
Jan 6, 8:55 AM: Las Montañas Charter High School won a five-year renewal of its charter from the New Mexico Public Education Commission at its December 10 meeting in Santa Fe.
APS authorizes renewal for 3 charter schools
Jan 6, 6:21 AM: Three charter schools, authorized by Albuquerque Public Schools, were given the green light for another five years. But the schools are expected to create and implement academic turnaround plans.
NM’s kids deserve education accountability
Dec 23, 8:38 AM: I know the power of a great education because I’ve been lifted up my entire life by incredible teachers who challenged and inspired me to find strong core values, fall in love with learning as a lifelong pursuit, and >
No such thing as free money
Dec 23, 7:54 AM: The governor’s proposal to provide free college for all eligible New Mexicans may come with strings attached for higher education institutions, such as a limit to future tuition increases they would be able to approve. >
Column: NM educators want rigorous job evaluations
Dec 2, 8:34 AM: In response to previous editorials posted in local newspaper outlets over the last few months, which have taken a somewhat dim view of our work, the N.M. Public Education Department Teacher Evaluation Task Force would like >
New Mexico small schools seeing funds vanish
Dec 2, 8:14 AM: Small public schools and charter schools in more heavily populated areas of New Mexico have been relying in recent years on extra funding from the state that some lawmakers say was never meant for them.
Education secretary tries to reassure charter schools concerned about losing state funds
Nov 21, 6:25 AM: Public Education Department Secretary Ryan Stewart is trying to reassure charter school operators who are worried support for their schools is waning from both the legislative and executive branches.
Advocates slam school districts for falling short on survey
Nov 18, 6:46 AM: As part of this year’s budget process, school districts around the state were asked to identify what services they’re using to improve academic success for at-risk students. It was one of the questions on a Public >
Opinion: PED head should embrace, ensure choice
Nov 13, 7:17 AM: Despite overwhelming popularity among New Mexican families and students, New Mexico’s public charter schools have been under attack for much of the past decade. This fall, 27,000 students are attending public charter >
Voz Academy will bring innovation to education
Nov 13, 7:07 AM: Ask anyone about their middle school experience and you will hear a variety of experiences – some positive, but many fraught with awkwardness, insecurity, academic struggle and challenging peer dynamics. They have often >
Students are thriving at charter schools
Nov 4, 9:17 AM: Our son and one daughter graduated from D-graded public schools. Our other daughter graduated from a private school. I thank their schools and those hardworking teachers for nurturing our children and making them “college >
New Mexico teachers evaluated under revamped criteria
Oct 25, 6:22 AM: Annual performance evaluations are done and have been delivered to nearly 20,000 public school teachers across New Mexico as the state places a new emphasis on classroom observations by principals and leaves out student >
Charter School Serving Adults Seeks Higher Ed Funds To Stay Open
Oct 25, 6:12 AM: Gordon Bernell Charter School fills a gap in New Mexico’s education system, helping adults in jail or who have previously been incarcerated to build the skills they need to finish high school.
Lt. governor’s next education frontier: out-of-school-time learning
Oct 22, 7:01 AM: And now, Morales is looking at a different piece of the education puzzle. He’s pushing for learning opportunities outside the school day with the Albuquerque summit, which will focus on building an out-of-school-time >
Hawthorne Elementary making gains
Oct 11, 6:54 AM: Among changes, Hawthorne has gone to a longer-than-usual school year and day, implemented “blended learning” that incorporates technology throughout all classes, and put teachers on an eight-hour workday to allow for >
Column: Voz charter denial shorts students
Oct 2, 6:51 AM: When Voz Collegiate Preparatory Charter School was unexpectedly denied a charter outright at the Albuquerque Public Schools’ board meeting (in August), founder Isaac Rivas-Savell wasn’t the only one who felt a sense of >



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