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Column: NM taking a giant leap in reforming education
Mar 15, 6:32 AM: With the Senate’s comprehensive education bill now on the way to the governor and the duplicate House version likely on its way by the time you read this, the Legislature has made great progress toward addressing the >
Editorial: Improved education will happen — just listen to Trujillo
Mar 6, 7:47 AM: With 97 charter schools operating, parents have plenty of choice. Choice is not the problem. Now it’s time to ensure that choice works not just for students attending charter schools but for those in traditional public >
Bill on Santa Fe arts school advancing despite questions
Mar 5, 7:57 AM: Converting from a charter to a traditional public school would allow New Mexico School for the Arts in Santa Fe to access more capital outlay funds, create a sense of permanence and restructure its governing board to >
Bill may dash inmate hopes at Albuquerque charter school
Mar 4, 7:08 AM: This course inside the jail is offered by Gordon Bernell Charter School, which also has several other campuses in greater Albuquerque. In addition to classroom instruction, the school provides adults attempting to >
Sweeping education reform bill heads to House floor
Mar 1, 8:43 AM: A sweeping K-12 education reform bill that would raise salaries for New Mexico teachers but could limit the growth of charter schools in the state’s urban areas is headed to the House floor.
Editorial: Why are NM lawmakers declaring war on charters?
Feb 28, 7:05 AM: As more parents vote with their children’s feet and enroll them in public charter schools, the pressure to remove that choice intensifies. Who knew so many legislators and teachers union reps agreed one size fits all in >
Column: SB 1, HB 5 will kill vital charter schools
Feb 27, 7:31 AM: Major changes are coming to education in New Mexico. With a record high budget available, increased spending is not the only paradigm shift apparent as legislators consider sweeping changes across the board. As bills move >
Editorial: A charter school moratorium makes sense
Feb 22, 7:58 AM: With New Mexico’s system of education already found to be underfunded, opening more and more schools — each with capital and operating costs — is foolish right now, even if it’s only one or two a year. Instead, approve the >
Charter moratorium passes House committee
Feb 21, 5:52 AM: A bill that would prohibit any new charter schools from opening until 2022 moved forward at the Roundhouse on Wednesday, despite opposition from parents and other ardent charter school supporters.
Bill to shift federal education funding pits urban vs. rural schools
Feb 12, 8:31 AM: Two state senators who represent rural districts hope to topple a long-standing system that uses the lion’s share of a federal grant program to help fund urban schools.
Charter school leaders blast education bill
Feb 11, 7:48 AM:

Charter school supporters showed up to the Legislature in force Saturday morning to voice opposition to a provision in a House bill that would effectively eliminate the small school size adjustment charters currently >

Opinion: For education reform to work, more money must reach the classroom
Jan 30, 7:49 AM: As Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and the legislature consider a package of bills to transform New Mexico’s public schools, Think New Mexico urges them to include House Bill 77, which will make sure that a greater >
Bill to cap charter school enrollment dies in legislature
Jan 29, 8:00 AM: A proposal that would have capped the number of students at charter schools has died in the legislature.
Dems back bill prohibiting state funds for private-school books
Jan 24, 7:29 AM: Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee closed ranks Wednesday behind a bill that would prohibit public money from being spent on textbooks for private schools, perhaps putting the lawmakers at odds with a state Supreme >
SB 1 kneecaps NM’s great charter schools
Jan 23, 8:27 AM: Misleadingly named “Public Education Changes,” at 48 pages, over 9,000 words and 28 sections, this bill is a whopper intended to fundamentally distort public education in New Mexico. Unfortunately for families and >
Senate bill draws pushback on charter school cap
Jan 22, 7:53 AM: Many charter school leaders and some senators said they would back the bill – especially increased investment into K-5-plus programs and more money for teachers and principals – sans the charter cap. >
Democrats split on charter school cap in New Mexico
Jan 22, 7:02 AM: Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s plan to cap charter school enrollment met a wave of opposition Monday, and at least one Democratic senator said he would break party ranks to oppose the initiative.
Opinion: NM education expensive, underperforming and in decline
Jan 16, 6:28 AM: Aware of public concern, the last three governors generated reassuring talking points about improving the poor quality of public education in New Mexico. But they didn't do much about it.
Future uncertain for New Mexico charter school growth
Jan 14, 6:26 AM: Under Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, what’s next for charters is, well, uncharted territory. While on the campaign trail last year, Lujan Grisham said she would impose a moratorium on opening new charter schools until state >
Lujan Grisham scraps student PARCC testing, teacher evaluation system
Jan 4, 6:13 AM: Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, whose election campaign stressed revamping New Mexico’s public education system, took the first step Thursday by signing executive orders to eliminate a controversial standardized test for >



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