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Opinion: PED head should embrace, ensure choice
Nov 13, 7:17 AM: Despite overwhelming popularity among New Mexican families and students, New Mexico’s public charter schools have been under attack for much of the past decade. This fall, 27,000 students are attending public charter >
Voz Academy will bring innovation to education
Nov 13, 7:07 AM: Ask anyone about their middle school experience and you will hear a variety of experiences – some positive, but many fraught with awkwardness, insecurity, academic struggle and challenging peer dynamics. They have often >
Students are thriving at charter schools
Nov 4, 9:17 AM: Our son and one daughter graduated from D-graded public schools. Our other daughter graduated from a private school. I thank their schools and those hardworking teachers for nurturing our children and making them “college >
New Mexico teachers evaluated under revamped criteria
Oct 25, 6:22 AM: Annual performance evaluations are done and have been delivered to nearly 20,000 public school teachers across New Mexico as the state places a new emphasis on classroom observations by principals and leaves out student >
Charter School Serving Adults Seeks Higher Ed Funds To Stay Open
Oct 25, 6:12 AM: Gordon Bernell Charter School fills a gap in New Mexico’s education system, helping adults in jail or who have previously been incarcerated to build the skills they need to finish high school.
Lt. governor’s next education frontier: out-of-school-time learning
Oct 22, 7:01 AM: And now, Morales is looking at a different piece of the education puzzle. He’s pushing for learning opportunities outside the school day with the Albuquerque summit, which will focus on building an out-of-school-time >
Hawthorne Elementary making gains
Oct 11, 6:54 AM: Among changes, Hawthorne has gone to a longer-than-usual school year and day, implemented “blended learning” that incorporates technology throughout all classes, and put teachers on an eight-hour workday to allow for >
Column: Voz charter denial shorts students
Oct 2, 6:51 AM: When Voz Collegiate Preparatory Charter School was unexpectedly denied a charter outright at the Albuquerque Public Schools’ board meeting (in August), founder Isaac Rivas-Savell wasn’t the only one who felt a sense of >
Pair of free online schools continue to operate in New Mexico
Sep 23, 5:58 AM: Two tuition-free online schools continue to operate in New Mexico, despite efforts to close them.
Opinion: Fight poor results, not good charter schools
Sep 9, 7:14 AM: When Voz Collegiate Preparatory Charter School was unexpectedly denied a charter outright at the Albuquerque Public Schools’ board meeting (Aug. 21), founder Isaac Rivas-Savell wasn’t the only one who felt a sense of >
Commentary: New PED Secretary Personally Knows Power of School Choice
Aug 30, 5:51 AM: Commentary: Like all New Mexicans, we at the Rio Grande Foundation want to see an improved K-12 system in place. I have two daughters in traditional public school. While concerned about the quick turnover at the top of the >
Online school gives New Mexico students alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar
Aug 27, 6:40 AM: Attending a brick-and-mortar school isn't the best option for some students in New Mexico. Those students have found success in online courses offered through the Pecos Connections Academy, a tuition-free online public >
New Mexico Public Education Commission Denies Application Of Proposed Los Alamos Charter School
Aug 23, 5:34 AM: The New Mexico Public Education Commission voted to deny the charter school application of Polaris School at a hearing this morning at the Public Education Building in Santa Fe. The Commission voted against approval on a >
Gov. Lujan Grisham admin. defends education priorities amid low student test scores
Jul 30, 7:45 AM: The governor’s administration is defending their education plans despite a test showing 32.7% of all New Mexico students are proficient in reading and 20.3% tested proficient in math.
New Mexico’s acting head of public education says she is committed to changes
Jul 26, 7:05 AM: But Bobroff — whose career as an educator, particularly as head of a successful Albuquerque charter school for Native American children that has long drawn admiration within New Mexico education circles — seemed to take >
Governor fires public education secretary
Jul 23, 6:22 AM: Just six months after appointing Karen Trujillo as New Mexico’s public education chief, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham fired her from the high-profile job Monday for not meeting expectations.
PEC Hears Pitch For Local Polaris Charter School
Jul 19, 7:56 AM: A proposed new charter school for Los Alamos, Polaris Charter School, was the subject of a Community Input Meeting conducted by the New Mexico Public Education Commission Tuesday at UNM-Los Alamos.
Editorial: NM parents deserve data on their school’s academic performance
Jul 16, 6:40 AM: Now that the U.S. Department of Education has approved New Mexico’s request to drop its established A-F school grading system in favor of under-construction school dashboards, it is essential the Public Education >
Editorial: Jail charter school a good lesson in second chances
Jun 17, 6:02 AM: Beaming parents, airborne caps, black gowns and orange jumpsuits – the story and photos of the 2019 graduating class of Gordon Bernell Charter School that appeared in the June 7 Journal were uplifting enough to melt even >
New possibilities await grads finishing charter school in MDC
Jun 7, 6:54 AM: Betty Lucero traveled to Albuquerque from Colorado by bus to watch her son Daniel Lucero graduate at Metropolitan Detention Center. "It’s a very big thing,” she said, tears forming in her eyes. “He’s one of the few high >



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