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Here’s 1 way school districts can save millions of your tax dollars
Jun 26, 7:05 AM: Mark Finkelstein says public schools now have a terrific opportunity to reclaim a substantial amount of taxpayer money that could be used to hire more teachers and/or to stabilize the school tax rate.
Newark’s schools have clearly improved, researcher says. But why?
Jun 25, 5:29 AM: While Newark’s strong and expanding charter sector – now enrolling a third of the city’s public school students – has been responsible for some of these gains, recent improvements in test scores and graduation rates at >
What Colleges and Business Think NJ High School Graduates Need
Jun 24, 7:33 AM: From the birth of the movement for education standards and testing in the 1980s and 1990s, the obvious question has always come back to what exactly students should know and be able to do to succeed beyond high school. >
Op-Ed: Does NJ High School Diploma Signal Readiness for a Successful Future?
Jun 18, 6:07 AM: High school graduation season is in full swing across the Garden State. Students are donning caps and gowns to collect their high school diplomas while parents, educators, and community leaders stand in ceremony to >
Opinion: Charter teachers can (and do) do it all
Jun 11, 7:32 AM: When I hear people share the sentiment, “charter school teachers don’t work as hard as traditional public school teachers,” I agree. We work harder. We are not held to the same standard, either. We are held to higher >
Schools are closed in this N.J. district after teachers go on strike over contract talks
Jun 11, 7:28 AM: The contract dispute centers largely on health care costs. A number of Bergen County districts -- Allendale, Waldwick, Lyndhurst and Mahwah -- have agreed to a lower permanent cap of 26 percent on health care expenses to >
Charter schools move into churches, with room for conflict
Jun 3, 7:40 AM: As charter schools have opened and expanded in New Jersey over two decades, many have found a home in shuttered Catholic school buildings.
NJ manufacturing jobs grow, but will parents let kids skip college?
May 29, 6:13 AM: Aquatherm, a Lakewood manufacturer that makes solar heating systems for swimming pools, has no shortage of ideas that could help its business grow.
Newark Nonprofit Says Public, Charter Schools Can Co-Exist
May 14, 7:44 AM: It doesn't have to be "us-versus-them" when it comes to Newark's schools. That's the mantra of a new nonprofit in the Brick City: the New Jersey Children's Foundation (NJCF).
Jersey City, Poster Child for What's Wrong with School-Funding Reform?
May 14, 5:25 AM:
The district says cuts to state aid mean teacher layoffs and canceled after-school programs, but some pols and advocates argue Jersey City has the means to end its budget shortfall.
166 teachers will be losing their jobs in this N.J. city. Their union leader wants to sue the state.
May 10, 7:09 AM: The head of the Paterson teachers’ union facing massive jobs cuts is asking the school district to join a lawsuit, filed by Jersey City, challenging how the state is providing funding in some urban districts. >
Long held up as a model, N.J. school funding system facing legal challenge
May 9, 7:35 AM: New Jersey’s school-funding formula is held up as a model by education advocates. But the state is confronting a new legal challenge from a district that says the Garden State isn’t sending it enough money. >
Charter schools say district sent them fewer students -- denying them the funding that comes with them
May 3, 7:10 AM: The fate of a system that allows Newark families to use a single application to apply to most traditional and charter schools in the city is in question after several charter operators accused the district of misusing the >
Shhh. Here’s a secret, education advocate says. Newark’s schools are actually doing really well.
Apr 26, 5:09 AM: The national media can’t stop talking about Cory Booker’s record as a champion for Newark’s public schools -- but too many get the story flat wrong. “Cory Booker has a school choice problem,” writes New York Magazine. The >
Our school plan will lower taxes and make every child count, Republican legislator says
Apr 18, 5:23 AM: Senate Republicans, after doing research and listening to parents and educators, have come up with a set of reforms that they say will lower property taxes, improve the quality of education and protect students who require >
Plainfield school district opposes vocational charter high school application
Apr 17, 6:48 AM: For the second year in a row, the school district's interim superintendent is opposing Vocational Technical Regional Charter High School's application to open a school in the city.
Advocates prod lawmakers to investigate NJ charter schools' use of taxpayer money
Apr 12, 6:56 AM: Education advocates and civil rights groups called on state legislators to investigate the way charter schools buy real estate and how well state agencies oversee these transactions and the public money that goes into >
Facing $27 million deficit, Camden School District plans to close schools and cut 300 jobs
Apr 11, 7:52 AM: Facing a $27 million budget deficit, the Camden City School District may close two schools and an annex, relocate about 900 students, and cut several hundred jobs, acting superintendent Katrina McCombs said Wednesday. >
Businesses filling opportunity gaps don't know where to turn
Apr 8, 7:31 AM: With a new generation of students at risk of losing ground in the rapidly changing economy and a chorus of business leaders worried they don't have the skills to thrive, New Jersey entrepreneurs and businesses are slowly >
Opinion: Murphy’s troubling failure to defend charter school success
Apr 8, 7:15 AM: The New Jersey Education Association just revived its call for a freeze on the growth of charter schools, a declaration of war from a muscular union that spends more on lobbying and campaigns than any other special >



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