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Coral Springs Charter School Opens Enrollment But Getting In Is Hard
Feb 6, 9:27 AM: For many parents, it’s one of the most coveted educational opportunities in the city: getting accepted into Coral Springs Charter School.
N.J. Supreme Court will hear case on Jersey City school district’s deal to pay union reps’ salaries
Feb 6, 7:02 AM:

The fight over whether the Jersey City Public Schools can use taxpayer money to pay teachers union representatives is heading to the state Supreme Court.

State to Close One of Four Newark Charter Schools that City Superintendent Wanted Shut Down
Feb 5, 8:00 AM: The state is shutting down a troubled charter school with campuses in Newark and Jersey City, one of four schools that Newark’s schools chief had urged the state to close.
State Education Commissioner to Close Newark's M.E.T.S. Charter School
Feb 4, 7:28 AM: The state Education Commissioner is closing M.E.T.S Charter School in Newark, but giving a reprieve to three other charter schools despite their lackluster student performance on standardized tests.
Senate Higher Ed Committee Pushes for On-Time College Graduations
Jan 31, 8:32 AM: State lawmakers are hoping to save students and their parents money by getting more young adults out of college and into the job market faster. Currently, less than half of college students earn a bachelor’s degree from a >
Opinion Newark charter schools aren’t just good. They’re ‘incredibly high performing,’
Jan 29, 6:52 AM: Public education is not immune to this problem. Which is why our goal at the New Jersey Children’s Foundation is to promote a fact-based discussion about education -- with a focus on our home city of Newark. >
Opinion: Neptune should drop opposition to new charter school
Jan 28, 7:39 AM: College Achieve Greater Asbury Park, which opened in the fall of 2017, was founded specifically to serve the children of Asbury Park and Neptune. Social justice is embedded into the mission of the school that serves >
Newark Superintendent Plans to Expel Charter School Amid Push to Expand District
Jan 27, 8:32 AM: In a bid to reclaim district buildings so he can expand the school system, Newark’s superintendent wants to boot a charter school from its rented space and potentially to take back properties that his predecessor sold. >
Opinion: NJ must rediscover bipartisan legacy of school choice
Jan 23, 7:51 AM: Running for office is hard; always has been. Being a leader and winning a nomination in a crowded field of candidates and sticking to principles? Even harder. Former presidential candidate Cory Booker’s struggle to remain >
Opinion: More research shows charter schools work, despite new calls to close them
Jan 16, 8:11 AM: Newark Superintendent Roger Leon started off the New Year with a bang by demanding the closure of four New Jersey charter schools and calling for the denial of any new applications for new ones, “unless the applicant shows >
Study finds Newark Charter Schools Improve Test Scores
Jan 16, 8:08 AM: A study by a Boston University professor for a New York-based think tank has determined that attending a Newark charter school is among the most impactful education interventions studied by researchers.
Study: Test scores higher in Newark charter, CMO schools
Jan 15, 7:54 AM: Students in Newark (New Jersey) Public Schools who used the district’s centralized Newark Enrolls system to choose a charter school scored higher in math and English language arts than those who attended a traditional >
College Achieve Greater Asbury Park Charter School marches for new location in Neptune
Jan 9, 7:35 AM: More than 100 parents and students at a charter school hoping to open a campus in the township marched in protest of what they said was unfair treatment Wednesday.
Advocates Blast Superintendent’s Call to Close Four Newark Charter Schools as ‘Unfair’ and ’Alarming’
Jan 9, 7:14 AM: Superintendent Roger León argued that charter schools drain money from district and fail to serve fair share of students with special needs.
Charter advocates object to León’s call to close four schools, blasting it as ‘unfair’ and ’alarming’
Jan 8, 8:26 AM:

Charter school advocates are firing back at Superintendent Roger León after he called for the closure of four Newark charter schools last month and warn that his actions could reignite district-charter clashes.

Seeking to Rein in Charter Sector, Newark Superintendent Urges State to Close Four Schools
Jan 3, 8:08 AM: Charter school leader says Roger León’s call for school closures is ‘reckless and does not take into consideration what’s best for students and families.
Reporters faced resistance at every level when researching series on charter school waste
Dec 19, 7:14 AM: One charter school agreed to give us a tour of its high school but officials abruptly pulled the offer, saying they were advised to have their attorney answer our questions.
How a chicken farm and arts camp became one of South Jersey’s newest charter schools
Dec 16, 9:38 AM: For years, Appel Farm Arts and Music Center in Salem County was an arts summer camp for children and a popular destination where thousands of visitors enjoyed live music on a former chicken farm.
Newark on Track to Regain Full Control of Its Schools Early in 2020
Dec 10, 7:08 AM: Newark is poised to regain full control of its schools early next year, formally ending a decades-long state takeover, state officials said this week.
Amid changing educational landscape, Camden’s eighth graders are weighing high school options
Dec 9, 6:17 AM: Eighth grader Melinda Martinez had pretty much decided that she wanted to enroll in a high school outside of Camden — until she made a stop at a charter school in the city during a bus tour gave her second thoughts. >



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