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Christie to detail teacher evaluation plans today
Apr 7, 12:15 PM:

NJ Gov outlines details of his comprehensive plan to open door for kids trapped in poor schools. Tenure and seniority reform. Detailed evaluation system. End of forced teacher placements. Names Gov's critics and >

Englewood challenging charter school
Apr 7, 6:19 AM:

2 NJ districts working together to try and stop Shalom Academy Charter from opening. Claim school will create segregation and take money from school system.  Look at law -- charters don't receive equitable funds; they're >

Christie pays visit to Kittatinny
Apr 6, 2:43 PM:

NJ Gov Christie meets teachers and students in Kittatinny for frank conversation about ways to improve ed system. Few details. Meetings private, but included here -- solid recap of his reform efforts and focus on >

Second look for charter pay
Apr 1, 12:10 PM:

Gov to take another look at NJ rules that allow pay for charter school leaders higher than the cap on reg public supts. How likely is this to discourage good talent from locating in state? One reg. supt already is >

N.J. gets 58 charter school applications
Apr 1, 5:30 AM:

Garden State receives 58 charter applications but coverage forgets to tell us that state is the sole authorizer. Short piece lets money-siphoning myth go uncontested. Citing criticism, and support, without research to >

Higher education unions endorse alternative plan to Christie's proposed overhaul of state employee health care
Mar 30, 3:31 PM:

Higher ed union endorses an alternative to Gov's proposed overhaul of state employee health care. Much ado on 14% vs. 30% employee contribution. Compare both to private sector plans in terms of coverage and cost to >

N.J. battle intensifies over funding for themed charter schools
Mar 30, 7:40 AM:

NJ charters face suburban district opposition to open as parents and Gov push for more school options. "Theme"-based charters with unique curricula offerings especially hit hard. Is it bias, or fear of competition?


More pupils pass alternate test but grad numbers still a worry
Mar 29, 4:26 PM:

Large numbers of NJ high school seniors still at risk of not graduating though higher percentage passed alternate graduation exam. Noted here that some students didn't complete full exam. Unclear how they passed if part >

Gov. Christie's campaign to end tenure has some Central Jersey teachers worried
Mar 28, 11:37 AM:

Some teachers worry as Gov Christie continues call for end to tenure. Nicely balanced, but typical boilerplate argument with unions on one side and school boards and Gov on the other. No new ground covered. 


Good >

Poor schools need more
Mar 28, 6:56 AM:

NJ court rules that Abbott districts haven't received proper funds under last 2 Govs and are being affected. Formula changed in 08 but claims districts still underfunded. What about poor performance of urban areas in NJ? >

Acting education chief Cerf says Parsippany superintendent salary battle is partially resolved
Mar 25, 4:06 PM:

Superintendent's pay dispute partially resolved by cut in next year's budget, its salary is still higher than Gov's salary cap. Unclear whether cutting the line item moves money around but still pays same salary.

Princeton board of education OKs $80.3M budget
Mar 25, 2:55 PM:

New Princeton Regional School Board $80 million budget includes higher spending, including more for charters. Property tax hike to pay bills. So, why are private funds being raised for tech initiatives?  

Students pitch tax credits for private schools
Mar 25, 11:11 AM:

NJ students are benefitting from Opportunity Scholarship Act. Unions call it vouchers. Supporters call it tax-credit system. Truth? Doesn't matter when you boil down to basics: kids deserve access to quality schools.

Governor Christie said he is confident the administration will be able to convince the New Jersey Supreme Court it doesnt have the money to fully fund the states school-funding law.
Mar 24, 5:20 PM:

Reasons behind NJ Gov's cuts, which are being challenged by Supreme Court. Slashes account for no more than 5% of any districts annual operating plan -- is real opposition to choices/competition? Don't hear students >

Stile: Christie taking risky stance on school funding
Mar 24, 11:04 AM:

NJ Supreme Court could rule Gov's cuts violate state Constitution's mandate to provide a "thorough and efficient" education. Lots on history/changes of funding law, but nothing on Christie's rationale behind drastic >

Judge's study finds New Jersey budget cuts fail schools
Mar 23, 11:12 AM:

NJ in violation of constitution because of harsh budget cuts on low-income areas, says state judge. Brings to fore of debate whether tossing money at schools helps if there's no plan in place to ensure quality, high >

More than 1,000 cram into Newark school to debate plan to expand charters into Newark school campuses
Mar 23, 7:24 AM:

Proposal to allow the city's charters to share space with current public schools draws over 1,000 people (for and against) at school meeting. Good financial analysis of why charters need facilities help, but shed light >

Judge Is Critical of Cuts in Aid for New Jersey Schools
Mar 23, 5:11 AM:

Judge writes that NJ's reductions in ed funds falls too hard on low-income areas, in violation of earlier ruling. Gov's aid counters more money doesn't equal better ed. No kidding. Sets stage for debate on what matters >

Furor in N.J. Over Charter School Space
Mar 22, 4:48 AM:

Union spits out fighting words against charters sharing buildings with traditional public schools. Compares to NYC where building sharing is common but complaints of two-tiered system continue. Time to ask why public >

Charter schools fight for their place in the public school system
Mar 21, 6:06 AM:

Says financing, test scores and facilities remain obstacles for charters. Cites broad range of data on test scores between public and charter students. Adds that for inner-city charters, safety is a key consideration for >



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