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At LEAP Academy, school buses deliver meals to families while students take classes online
Sep 17, 6:34 AM: A South Jersey school has found a new way to make sure its students are well-fed during remote learning by busing meals to kids.
Our view: Teachers union must also consider interests of students, parents
Sep 10, 8:14 AM: Last week the teachers union mischaracterized the district’s reopening plan as including a “blanket refusal” to allow any teacher to work from home. It put this bogus claim into the media while calling for a big protest >
Column: In one of the nation's poorest cities, families struggle to start school remotely
Sep 8, 6:27 AM: In a city like Camden, even this modest success — keeping the computers on, and children sitting in front of them — requires Herculean effort.
Once hailed as heroes, NJ teachers face backlash as tensions grow over all-remote learning
Sep 3, 7:21 AM: Other New Jersey teachers say they have felt a backlash as tensions grow over plans to start the year with all-remote learning in many districts. The tone has shifted sharply since March, when schools had to abruptly close >
Why New Jersey’s Plan for In-Person Schooling Is Falling Apart
Aug 28, 6:58 AM: Growing numbers of districts are going online only, citing teacher shortages, ventilation issues and delayed guidance from the state on the virus.
How NJ teachers, unions are exerting their influence and forcing schools to go remote
Aug 27, 7:21 AM: The state’s powerful teachers union already chalked up a win this month when Gov. Phil Murphy reversed course and said he would allow districts to implement a union-backed plan to start the 2020-21 school year with >
After 250 teachers seek leaves of absence, N.J. school district switches to remote learning
Aug 27, 6:46 AM: Following leave of absence or other workplace accommodation requests by at least 250 educators due to COVID-19 concerns, the Freehold Regional High School District decided this week to switch to remote learning when the >
Surge in N.J. teacher leave requests is crushing school reopening plans, superintendent says
Aug 26, 6:01 AM: A Morris County schools superintendent says not enough planning by the state is contributing to the surge in teacher leave requests that are prompting some school districts to keep classrooms closed and offer only >
As families seek help with remote learning, some Newark schools offer an alternative to ‘learning pods’
Aug 25, 7:31 AM: Across New Jersey, a growing number of school districts have reluctantly decided to hold off on reopening classrooms until the coronavirus is more contained. In Newark, the city’s major charter school networks and the >
Many private schools still plan to reopen, even as public schools go remote. Here’s why.
Aug 24, 7:06 AM: Some private schools are counting on sprawling campuses, small class sizes and detailed health-safety protocols to carry them through hurdles that have tripped up even Major League baseball teams. They are doing so in a >
N.J. school switches to all-remote learning, but COVID-19 isn’t the cause
Aug 24, 6:25 AM: Students at Voorhees High School will be starting the school year with 100% virtual learning after mold was discovered in the building’s cafeteria, school officials said.
LEAP Academy in Camden changed its reopening plan after the teachers’ union raised health concerns
Aug 21, 5:22 AM: Camden’s oldest charter school has dropped plans to reopen its classrooms on Monday and instead will start the school year virtually after teachers raised health and safety concerns.
About a quarter of Hudson County schools’ CARES Act money went to charters. They educate less than 10% of the county’s students.
Aug 20, 7:21 AM: As the coronavirus pandemic ravaged Hudson County’s economy this spring, the federal government provided about $310 million to New Jersey’s public schools through the CARES Act.
Whether Remote or In-Person, Paterson's Charter Schools Committed to Student Learning
Aug 19, 7:25 AM: After Gov. Phil Murphy left it up to school districts to determine how they will reopen this fall, at least two charter schools in Paterson have changed their plans and say students will begin the 2020-21 academic year >
Push Stalls for Law Making New Jersey Schools Remote-Only
Aug 19, 6:04 AM: When a bill was first posted earlier this month to start all public schools remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several legislative leaders lined up in support — and flexed their muscle to show that it wasn’t just the >
N.J.’s largest school district will reopen with all-remote classes to start year in abrupt reversal
Aug 18, 5:35 AM: Newark’s school district, the largest in New Jersey, will reopen the academic year with all-remote classes and no in-person instruction through at least the first marking period as the state continues to recover from the >
Worried about virtual learning? Here are 6 alternatives for parents to get their kids help
Aug 14, 7:50 AM: Earlier this year, many families began experimenting with “learning pods” or “micro-schooling” where groups of students gather for tutoring, a homework session or parental supervision. >
Time to make the call: N.J. schools should go all-virtual | Editorial
Aug 13, 7:17 AM: Gov. Phil Murphy is beginning to face reality, by giving districts the option to do remote learning only this fall. But he is still leaving a state of confusion as the first day of school arrives, by failing to take the >
‘It has become very messy.’ How N.J.’s push to reopen schools devolved into chaos.
Aug 12, 7:46 AM: Nobody said reopening 584 school districts for 1.4 million students would be easy. But New Jersey’s push to require every school offer at least some in-person instruction has devolved into a chaotic spectacle that >
NJ’s Powerful Teachers Union Says Remote Learning This Fall
Aug 12, 6:20 AM: New Jersey’s largest teachers union along with its administrator associations added their powerful voices to the growing calls for a remote-only reopening of schools in the fall while the pandemic remains ongoing. >



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