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Waiting to return: How a Newark charter school is hanging on while classrooms are closed
Nov 19, 8:19 AM: University Heights Charter School puts lessons learned about remote teaching to work for a second time as second wave of COVID-19 hits Newark
Group calls for more progressive tax to fund New Jersey schools
Nov 18, 1:59 PM: New Jersey should “promote school funding progressiveness while decreasing tax regressiveness” to better fund schools in New Jersey, a local think tank said in an extensive report released Tuesday. >
A beacon of hope for New Jersey’s hidden population | Opinion
Nov 10, 7:05 AM: In Newark, where there are approximately 8,000 disengaged youth, we started LEAD – New Jersey’s first alternative charter high school that only accepts students who have dropped out or are near dropping out of high school. >
iLearn Charter Schools Making Sure Parents Also Keep up with Learning Technology
Nov 5, 8:01 AM: In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, classroom usage of technology has increasingly shifted and is not likely to slow anytime soon.
Some parents look to private schools for in-person education, lifting enrollment there
Nov 2, 7:48 AM: But when many area public schools went to a hybrid learning model for this school year, private schools’ decision to offer more in-class learning presented an alternative for some parents. And that translated into >
Poll Finds Majority Support for Charter Schools in Newark
Oct 27, 5:54 AM: A poll of Newark residents found the vast majority support public charter schools with 66% viewing the schools favorably and just 29% viewing them unfavorably.
Camden Charter School Will Inspire More Students to Pursue Tech Careers With $350K Donation
Oct 27, 5:44 AM: A $350,000 donation will not only call for Camden's LEAP Academy to rename its fabrication lab after Vernon and Shirley Hill, but more importantly help a new generation of students aspire toward careers in technology. >
Hoboken council pulls school funding formula resolution; ed board wants state to decide
Oct 23, 8:11 AM: The question of how to divvy up $243,000 between the city school district and charter schools prompted dozens of parents to speak out at Wednesday night’s council meeting. But in the end, the city council is barely a step >
Newark extends remote learning through January
Oct 21, 6:25 AM: The latest delay means that Newark Public Schools’ more than 36,000 students will have spent at least 10 months out of classrooms.
Hoboken Says Its Charter Schools Won't Get PILOT Money
Oct 15, 8:38 AM: Part of a developer's Payment of Lieu of Taxes is earmarked for the local public schools, but the city says it's for the main district.
University Heights Charter School in Newark Supplies New Chromebooks to Students
Oct 15, 6:25 AM: The University Heights Charter School in Newark is giving out new computers to its 850 students, Pre-K through middle school, to make sure everyone is prepared for remote learning.
Op-Ed: COVID-19 highlights racial inequities in school funding
Oct 15, 5:50 AM: Review of state data shows that students of color lack the same instruction options during the pandemic as do their white counterparts
Bhalla Decision Reignites Tension Between Public, Charter Schools
Oct 14, 7:35 AM: With the money going to the City of Hoboken, the City is then responsible for distributing those funds. According to Bhalla, “As it pertains to the Hoboken Charter Schools, the PILOT payment has no effect on funding to >
Newark Charter School Offers Free Learning Pods Amid Pandemic
Sep 23, 6:24 AM: A charter school network is offering a much-needed option for parents who can't afford to send their kids to an expensive "learning pod.
In NJ and NY suburbs, private schools see enrollment rise as families seek in-person learning
Sep 23, 5:36 AM: Tuition at the Academy for Holy Angels in Demarest costs nearly $20,000 annually. Even so, the school has received a wave of inquiries recently — and a number of new students enrolled for the new school year — as public >
At LEAP Academy, school buses deliver meals to families while students take classes online
Sep 17, 6:34 AM: A South Jersey school has found a new way to make sure its students are well-fed during remote learning by busing meals to kids.
Our view: Teachers union must also consider interests of students, parents
Sep 10, 8:14 AM: Last week the teachers union mischaracterized the district’s reopening plan as including a “blanket refusal” to allow any teacher to work from home. It put this bogus claim into the media while calling for a big protest >
Column: In one of the nation's poorest cities, families struggle to start school remotely
Sep 8, 6:27 AM: In a city like Camden, even this modest success — keeping the computers on, and children sitting in front of them — requires Herculean effort.
Once hailed as heroes, NJ teachers face backlash as tensions grow over all-remote learning
Sep 3, 7:21 AM: Other New Jersey teachers say they have felt a backlash as tensions grow over plans to start the year with all-remote learning in many districts. The tone has shifted sharply since March, when schools had to abruptly close >
Why New Jersey’s Plan for In-Person Schooling Is Falling Apart
Aug 28, 6:58 AM: Growing numbers of districts are going online only, citing teacher shortages, ventilation issues and delayed guidance from the state on the virus.



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