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Superintendent quits after a year ; Second school official to exit since last month
Aug 25, 11:31 AM:

Super of 3 NH districts resigns after 1 year, citing health concerns. Special ed director will lead staff until interim Super is appointed. He's the 2nd school official to leave in a month, after Hillsboro-Deering High >

School choice issue remains touchy topic in city
Aug 23, 8:15 AM:

NH school scrambles to prepare for influx of transfer students thanks to school choice program. One suggestion adds more paraprofessionals to assist in crowded classrooms. But funding questions remain. Meanwhile, schools >

Good riddance to a bad education law
Aug 22, 2:36 PM:

NCLB sought a "laudable goal," editorial says, but when more students who take a test fail it then pass it, fault lies with the test instead of the students. 100 percent proficiency goal was "never achievable." Waivers, >

A vital example of school choice
Aug 22, 7:25 AM:

School choice causes controversy in Portsmouth, NH, with community questioning need for transfers. Reporter turns to mom for answer, who transferred his brother when he struggled at first school. Concludes parents >

City school short on funds for transfer students
Aug 17, 9:51 AM:

NH charter deals with aftermath as students request transfers under Title I provisions. Populatin boost would put school over its desired class size, which is based on a "very strong philosophy", says board member. Some >

Councilors seek information in city's school choice challenge
Aug 17, 9:20 AM:

NH city council wants to participate in school choice discussions following controversy over slew of student transfers. Council asserts policy has financial implications for city, although it doesn't specify what they >

Challenge may benefit city schools
Aug 15, 1:02 PM:

Transfer of students in NH district under NCLB leads to bigger questions about redistricting. Worries persist about overcrowding and oversized classes. Some dispute whether benefitting school will truly offer a better >

Full speed ahead for charter school
Aug 12, 5:43 AM:

NH Board takes first stab at creating district-sponsored charter. School's mission to create "highly personalized and engaging" environment for students should be happening throughout ALL schools. But, editorial thinks >

A Nashua choice: Schools and accountabilit
Aug 10, 5:39 AM:

NH district would benefit from new charter, editorial says. One legislator expresses confusion about the need, a disconcerting statement. Public schools are not always accountable to families, relying instead on the >

Dondero School exodus baffles Board members
Aug 9, 10:24 AM:

NH board upset with parents anxious to transfer students. Exodus results from NCLB provisions, which allows parents to pursue new opportunities if neighborhood school is failing. Board members are disputing belief that >

NH awaits word on federal education waivers
Aug 9, 8:58 AM:

NH officials unsure if they'll pursue offer for NCLB waivers. State wants to wait until seeing full details in September and will apply "only if it makes sense for New Hampshire." State is also signed on for commission >

Progress for charter school plan
Aug 9, 6:06 AM:

NH Board "signs off on moving forward" with Nashua charter plan. Necessity, cost, and sponsorship questioned. Too bad state charter law is one of nation's weakest. If it is approved by the district, it likely will >

School choice chaos: Student exodus from Dondero a nightmare for Little Harbour
Aug 8, 12:51 PM:

School choice raises safety concerns in NH district. Fire department will rule soon whether charter, which has become a popular destination, can handle increased enrolment under choice program. Failing public schools in >

Charter school process to begin in Nashua
Aug 8, 11:57 AM:

State ed officials urge large school districts to create charter schools and Nashua is moving down that path. Board of Ed this week will vote on charter, which could open 2013-2014. Goal is to be incubator for innovative >

Schools & spending: Accountability in the city
Aug 5, 2:12 PM:

Argues that by not voting to make schools a city department, Mayor and Aldermen hamstring accountability. Currently alderman, who write budget, complain that school board implements bad policy, while school board points >

N.H. tenure change makes some happy, some not
Jul 19, 6:57 AM:

Report on NH law extending teacher tenure requirements is all rhetoric. Lends more weight to unions' claim this will hurt teachers, but won't improve education. Either way, though, neither side offers much argument for >

Teacher tenure will take 5 years
Jul 18, 2:00 PM:

NH Gov let bill that increases years to gain tenure from 3 to 5 become law without his signature. Union side, obvious disagreement with new bill, presented. While piece is short, it still leans toward union position.  >

Gov gets bill modifying NH school aid
Jul 11, 12:46 PM:

Extremely brief report on bill in front of NH governor that would alter the school funding formula. Intention is to stop "dramatic school aid fluctuations from year to year." Would like to know more about what those >

School District trims 15 positions
Jul 6, 9:33 AM:

NH's Exeter Region district makes up $570K spending gap with fewer teachers. Article provides specifics on reductions and repeatedly notes larger class sizes will result, implying it's a problem. Would like to see >

New school meal regulations spark cost worries
Jun 27, 9:46 AM:

Article has two-fold focus -- increasing food prices associated with healthier menus and proposed cuts to school lunch programs, both provisions of bill being considered in U.S. House. Comprehensive. Neither issue >



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