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House considers changes to N.H. school funding
Feb 13, 10:42 AM:

State school aid under review. Unclear if communities are getting same level of funding now or if disadvantaged communities are getting more. No mention of impetus behind change nor  timeframe for passing new bill. Left >

Bill to drop mandatory kindergarten fails 12-3
Feb 11, 11:22 AM:

Plenty of decisions for Granite State legislators, one big theme: state vs. local. Without details of where the system's failing, it's unclear what needs fixing. 

NH Senate has new education funding plan
Feb 10, 12:53 PM:

The practice of donor towns in NH to be eliminated under a new education funding plan.  Considers one aspect of the bill, but leaves commentary vague.  Addresses the issue of stabalizing funding, but doesn't explain how >

N.H. bills divide home-school parents at hearing
Feb 9, 1:34 PM:

Hearings on home school regs divide parents over state interference. Missing info: achievement rates for home schooled kids and what will intervention look like.

Charter Success Despite State Laws
Jan 31, 2:16 PM:

Conveys the difficulties for charter schools in NH and many other states.  While the advantage of some schools were explained, the success record of charters were not discussed, limiting the discussion surround laws.




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