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Parents Sound The Alarm On Special Ed Changes For Nashua Charter Schools
Sep 24, 7:05 AM: Parents in Nashua are voicing concerns over a decision by the school district to bus students offsite for special education services.
Frank Edelblut and Ross Gittell: Education pathway to career success
Sep 18, 6:26 AM: What if we could give students the chance to earn a high school diploma, an associate’s degree from our community college system, an industry recognized credential and an interview with a New Hampshire employer? We’ve >
NH gets record, 5-year charter school grant
Aug 23, 6:01 AM: New Hampshire received a record five-year, $46 million federal grant to expand its successful charter schools, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut announced Thursday.
N.H. Education Dept. Defends 'Learn Everywhere' Proposal
Aug 9, 6:54 AM: The New Hampshire Department of Education and members of the state Board of Education are defending their right to approve alternative programs granting credit to high school students, despite objections from lawmakers and >
Keene High to forgo finals in shift to ‘competency-based’ education
Jul 23, 5:53 AM
Column: Where do charters fit in ed funding debate?
Jul 9, 6:28 AM: At the state Legislature’s early spring Joint Committee on Education hearing on various proposed K-12 funding bills, the stories from scores of school districts were depressingly familiar.
Column: Learn Everywhere is latest step in redesigning N.H. education
Jun 27, 8:22 AM: Most opponents of Learn Everywhere speak glowingly about Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs), those nontraditional experiences that take place outside of classrooms (internships, apprenticeships, work-study, performing >
EDies: Academy for Science and Design – NH Secondary School of Excellence 2019
Jun 10, 7:00 AM: The New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards (EDies) has selected The Academy for Science and Design in Nashua as the 2019 recipient of the NH Secondary School of Excellence Award.
Editorial: It’s time for NH to fix school funding problem
Jun 10, 6:36 AM: A superior court judge’s recent ruling that New Hampshire’s current method for funding public schools is unconstitutional should present the reality the “fix” from more than 20 years didn’t work. >
Court says state education funding unconstitutional
Jun 6, 7:09 AM: Cheshire Superior Court Judge David Ruoff ruled that the state’s formula for funding education is unconstitutional, according to a 98-page decision released Wednesday.
As Student Enrollment Shrinks, DOE Commissioner Urges Realism and School Choice
May 17, 5:04 AM: New Hampshire Department of Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut was in Dublin on Wednesday night to encourage residents frustrated with their school district and property taxes to consider school choice.
Excellence on display at Nashua charter school
May 14, 8:15 AM: It is apparent that the school community revolves around learning, individual passions and the interests of everyone involved, she said.
SCSU to expand partnership, education programs with schools, city
Apr 5, 6:06 AM: As part of the program, SCSU faculty and certified high school teachers will teach college classes at city high schools, with students eligible to receive college credits before graduating high school.
Column: Tax credit program is vital to my son’s education, well-being
Mar 25, 5:45 AM: Without an ETC scholarship, parents like myself would be forced to send their child to a school that does not fit their educational needs. Our children are the future, and it is our job as parents and leaders to ensure all >
Editorial: Addressing issues facing left-behind communities is good policy — and good politics
Mar 21, 7:24 AM: Clean water and renewable energy are other areas in which investment by the federal government could yield big dividends and improve the quality of rural life. And as Booker noted, the federal government could give a boost >
N.H. Dems push to eliminate tax credits for private school scholarships
Mar 14, 5:58 AM: Since 2012, New Hampshire has offered companies a deal: contribute to a fund to help low-income families pay private school tuition, and receive tax credits in return.
Richard Evans -- School choice not 'draining' anything
Feb 25, 5:52 AM: The one constant, among the fervent and often frenetic opposition to anyone or anything that threatens the unfortunate monopoly that the public schools hold on the delivery of free education, is that the word “draining” is >
School choice battle revs up again in debate over tax credit program
Feb 6, 6:28 AM: Supporters of the repeal effort, with a Democratic majority in House and Senate, are hoping to reverse the most significant legislative success of school choice advocates in recent years. If they succeed in passing a bill >
Commentary: Put students, families first
Feb 4, 8:00 AM: Our public school system works extremely well considering the task, which is that our public schools must admit all children of various talents, skills, socioeconomic background and social status. On the other hand, >
Opinion: It’s time to rethink high school education
Jan 30, 7:18 AM: Gov. Chris Sununu recently announced the state’s intention to develop New Hampshire Career Academies, a progressive idea to provide high school students a pathway to industry certification, an associate’s degree and a job >



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