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Letter: Where’s the money for voucher bill?
Mar 23, 5:40 AM: Thank you Mary Wilke (Monitor Forum, March 17) for pointing out what the latest reality of the proposed Senate Bill 193 or “Education Savings Accounts” bill really means for each town in New Hampshire. >
With N.H. Lawmakers Focused Elsewhere, Another School Choice Bill Flies Under The Radar
Mar 6, 6:10 AM: For over a year now, education policy watchers in Concord have focused their attention on a controversial bill that would create Education Savings Accounts.
Tweaked N.H. voucher bill could be much cheaper – to the state
Mar 1, 6:02 AM: Eyeing potential costs to the state, lawmakers have pitched a proposal to dramatically narrow a voucher-like program under consideration at the State House. A new analysis suggests the new plan would substantially lower >
Eyeing costs, lawmakers once again amend N.H. school voucher bill
Feb 27, 5:50 AM: When it was first pitched to the Legislature, Senate Bill 193 envisioned the most expansive, voucher-like program in the country. But in the face of growing concerns about the cost of the proposal, lawmakers have >
Researcher: N.H. school choice bill could create ‘tax shelter’ for rich
Feb 19, 6:29 AM: A bill to expand New Hampshire’s Education Tax Credit program has some worried the state could create a tax shelter for the wealthy.
Rochester urged to oppose ‘devastating’ school voucher bill
Feb 12, 6:48 AM: The vice chairman of the Rochester School Board is urging his fellow board members and local residents to voice strong opposition during the Feb. 20 Rochester City Council meeting to the school voucher bill under >
New service-learning charter school approved for Concord
Feb 9, 7:18 AM: A new charter school serving middle schoolers, and eventually high-school students, could open in Concord this fall.
N.H. Debates Home School Oversight
Feb 8, 5:53 AM: Despite the classroom setting, these students weren’t traditional school pupils. They’re home-schoolers — and part of a community in New Hampshire that’s likely about 6,000 strong. That group of parents and children made >
Analysis: School voucher bill could cost N.H. $36M over 12 years
Jan 31, 7:12 AM: A school choice bill that would create a voucher-like system in New Hampshire could cost the state $36 million over 12 years, according to a new analysis from the state’s nonpartisan Legislative Budget Assistant. >
Sununu touts school choice bill as ‘life changing’
Jan 24, 6:45 AM: Speaking in front of a large crowd of school choice advocates on Tuesday, Sununu made a push for a much battled over bill that would allow some parents to send their kids to private or religious schools, or home schooling, >
Advocates Cautiously Optimistic About Voucher-Like Education Program
Jan 23, 6:13 AM: Home-schoolers and school choice advocates from the Upper Valley and beyond are hailing a voucher-like program under consideration in the New Hampshire Legislature, but also expressing concern that proposed limitations to >
Half of N.H. Students Would Qualify for Vouchers
Jan 17, 6:02 AM: At least 84,500 New Hampshire students — about half of the state’s public school population — would be eligible for a controversial school choice proposal under consideration at the State House, a panel of lawmakers was >
Manchester Mayor Pans School Choice Bill, Education Chair Says Cost Minimal
Jan 17, 5:48 AM: The bill would allow some parents to take their children out of public school and then spend the state tax dollars that would have followed that child on other forms of education, including private school tuition. >
School choice bill that would send public money to private schools clears N.H. House
Jan 4, 6:16 AM: A hotly contested bill that would create an expansive new school choice program in New Hampshire passed the state House on Tuesday by a comfortable margin, 184-162.
N.H. Attorney General Says Controversial School Choice Bill Passes Legal Muster
Jan 3, 6:24 AM: The bill would allow parents to take their children out of public school and then spend the state tax dollars that would have gone to that public school on other forms of education. That includes private religious >
Advocates say special ed rights lost in school choice bill
Dec 26, 8:45 AM: A public school advocacy group writes in a new analysis that children with disabilities disproportionately enroll in public schools instead of private schools – and warns that a new school choice bill could aggravate those >
School officials speak out against voucher system
Dec 26, 7:46 AM: Some Seacoast school officials are calling on lawmakers to kill a bill to establishing a school voucher program allowing parents to use state money to pay for alternative education options.
Education commissioner denies he politicized job interview
Dec 21, 6:37 AM: New Hampshire Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut denies politicizing an interview with an applicant for a position to lead the state’s charter school office.
School Officials Eye Voucher Bill
Dec 8, 7:04 AM: Upper Valley school officials said they’re keeping watch on school voucher legislation that’s projected to cost many districts thousands of dollars in state aid.
Risking all for choice
Dec 8, 6:58 AM: School districts could lose $5.8 million in state aid, nearly $100,000 in Laconia alone, under a bill allowing public funds to be spent on private education or home schooling, according to a study by a policy analysis >



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