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New Alstead charter school secures money, could win more
Apr 14, 5:52 AM: A new Alstead charter school recently heard from the N.H. Department of Education that it’s secured crucial grant money that will allow it to open in fall 2017. And, through a contest called the Super School Project >
House OKs bill that allows town to send students to private schools
Mar 24, 7:11 AM: Croydon would be legally able to send their students to a private non-religious school under a bill approved by the House Wednesday.
Misunderstanding of state law led to demise of Gilsum as charter school
Mar 15, 6:26 AM: The Gilsum STEAM Academy’s application to become a charter school didn’t have a shot at getting approved by the state because it relied on a faulty premise, according to a school official and the state. >
State Dept. of Ed. says Croydon School District is violating state law
Mar 10, 6:00 AM: The Croydon School District is violating state law by paying the tuition of four students who attend the Newport Montessori School, according to the state Department of Education.
Online petition asks state to drop court action against Croydon school choice
Feb 19, 5:43 AM: Ahead of a hearing in Sullivan County Superior Court next month to decide the issue of school choice in Croydon, an online petition is asking the state Department of Education to drop its request for a court order to >
Croydon-Area Lawmakers Support School Choice Bill in Concord
Feb 12, 8:21 AM: A bill before the New Hampshire Legislature would allow the Croydon School Board, which is battling state officials over school choice, to continue sending a handful of children to private school using tax revenue. >
Derry’s Next Charter School spends $200k to upgrade new space at middle school
Jan 19, 8:11 AM: Finding a new home at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School, the Next Charter School has spent approximately $200,000 upgrading the space, said School Board Chairman Dan McKenna.
Gilsum school struggling to become a revenue source for Monadnock district
Dec 29, 7:32 AM: It’s supposed to become a self-sustaining and revenue-generating venture. But after the first year of a new five-year lease on life, the Gilsum STEAM Academy is struggling to live up to the financial promises school >
Judge denies state’s injunction request over Croydon School District tuition plan
Dec 17, 5:50 AM: A judge has denied the state Department of Education’s request to bar the Croydon School Board from using tax money to pay for some students’ tuition at private schools.
Report: Citizen's complaint about teacher contract vote violating charter may have merit
Dec 14, 7:59 AM: A report from the deputy city solicitor detailing his findings regarding a citizen complaint over a vote to ratify a new contract with city teachers appears to support allegations a violation of the city’s charter >
AG sues tiny NH town to end practice of letting parents choose who educates their child
Nov 4, 5:58 AM: If the court goes along with the state's request, the injunction would order the school district to stop paying tuition to private schools.
Croydon school choice crowdfunding site raises $20,000
Oct 27, 5:20 AM: A account has raised more than $20,000 for the school district to cover a potential legal battle with the state over school choice.
Applying For A New Charter School: Plenty Of Paperwork, Eye-Opening Conversations
Oct 22, 8:24 AM: For Dakota Bennedetto, trying to get a charter school off the ground hasn't been an easy task.
N.H. Board Of Ed Chair: State Needs Long-Term Plan For Continued Charter School Growth
Oct 21, 8:15 AM: Tom Raffio, chair of the New Hampshire Board of Education, says with declining enrollment across the state, the continued growth of charter schools need to be looked at from a public policy perspective.
Some Charter Schools, Districts Still Wrangle Over Special Education Delivery
Oct 20, 6:47 AM: As charter schools continue to expand in New Hampshire, one thing is clear – how to deal with special education is a big sticking point.
As Charter Schools Grow, Delivery Of Special Education Remains A Hurdle
Oct 19, 6:50 AM: As charter schools continue to expand in New Hampshire, one thing is clear – how to deal with special education is a big sticking point.
Croydon selectmen to ignore AG's order on paying tuition to private schools
Sep 25, 8:42 AM: Monday night the School Board agreed to stand by its decision to pay private school tuition for students when it better serves the student, and discussed how it might pay legal fees incurred by a possible battle with the >
Croydon ordered to stop sending tuition to private schools
Sep 15, 5:04 AM: The Croydon School Board is in the middle of a school funding battle over the choices it gives parents when it comes to where their children take classes.
Seacoast Charter School provides education in art
Sep 4, 7:00 AM: The Dover Chamber was pleased to welcome Seacoast Charter School with a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony. Seacoast Charter School is a publicly funded kindergarten through 8th grade school focused on experiencing >
N.H. Running Out Of Federal Start-Up Money For New Charter Schools
Sep 2, 6:09 AM: New Hampshire is running out of federal money that helps new charter schools with start-up costs. The state Department of Education has about $600,000 left in its federal start-up grant for new charter schools. >



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