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Varied Views: Sununu, Kelly clash on school vouchers
Oct 30, 5:50 AM: Gov. Chris Sununu believes giving school choice vouchers to disadvantaged and low-income students opens doors for them that may otherwise be closed.
Kelly goes all in on ‘school choice’ issue as election day nears
Oct 29, 4:45 AM: It was one of the top issues Molly Kelly highlighted when she announced her candidacy for governor in April. “I’ll veto any plan that takes money from public schools to pay for vouchers for private schools,” the former >
Letter: Wells lacks understanding of voucher bill
Oct 26, 5:38 AM: Rep. Wells states that Senate Bill 193 was not a voucher program, even though the N.H. government would have paid a minimum of $3,636 per child for private education. The money would go into an educational savings account >
Editorial: Debate Lacking on N.H. Ballot Questions
Oct 25, 6:04 AM: In brief, Question 1 would undo a 2014 state Supreme Court ruling that, its proponents say, reversed more than a century of precedent that granted standing — meaning the right to bring an action in court — to any taxpayer >
NH Primary Source: Kelly hits Sununu on school vouchers in new TV ad
Oct 25, 5:56 AM: In her third television ad of the general election campaign, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly hits Republican Gov. Chris Sununu on his support for education savings accounts.
Letter: Voucher bill is misuse of taxpayer money
Oct 23, 4:36 AM: As a former school board member, Joseph Mendola should know about school budgets and taxes. Yet he writes in support of the so-called school choice bill, former Senate Bill 193, even though it would raise our property >
School choice: Not a threat to public education
Oct 11, 4:48 AM: The most pernicious claim made by opponents of expanding school choice in New Hampshire is that giving parents greater control over where their kids go to school is a threat to public education.
Further study sought for competency-based learning center
Oct 1, 5:59 AM: The concept, which floated the idea of moving 250 to 300 students to a CBE Learning Center at the Tuck Learning Campus, will remain separate from a potential expansion to the Cooperative Middle School, said Helen Joyce, >
In a former department store, Capital City Charter School opens to students
Sep 6, 6:08 AM: The community-service based school focuses on hands-on learning and applied approaches to education, Alicea said. It’s offered as an alternative public education and is open to any child in the state.
Opinion: I believe in school choice for all New Hampshire children
Aug 28, 4:45 AM: Let’s level the playing field in K-12 education and provide a means for lower income children to have the same educational opportunities that are available to higher income children. It is the right thing to do. >
New Pathway to UNH for Community College Science Students
Aug 27, 6:49 AM: Students attending New Hampshire's seven community colleges have a pathway to transfer into the 10 life sciences programs at the University of New Hampshire.
Alstead charter school poised to more than double students in second year
Aug 22, 5:47 AM: Next week will mark the beginning of a new school year in classrooms across the Monadnock Region — and for LEAF Charter School, a new year means new growth. As it enters its second year, the school will welcome a new >
Letter: Voucher legislation is a ‘termite bill’
Aug 6, 4:28 AM: Its impact is that it eats a hole in our public school system and slowly destroys it over time. How? Our legislators have crafted a bill that siphons state money targeted for local school districts and subsidizes >
Column: Fair education funding will solve ‘ZIP code problem’
Aug 3, 6:03 AM: The N.H. Republican Party held a conference in June called “Education Savings Accounts: Expanding School Choice in New Hampshire.” Don’t be fooled by the euphemism; the goal of the so-called “school choice” movement is to >
New Concord charter school coming to life inside former mall department store
Jul 30, 6:14 AM: Alicea first had the idea to open a charter school about four years ago, when she was working on a project for her doctorate degree at New England College. She wanted to design a charter school that would incorporate >
Teacher Residency For Rural Education Takes Root In Coos County
Jul 30, 5:22 AM: Coos County schools will be welcoming new teachers this fall prepared by Teacher Residency for Rural Education (TRRE), a Rural Teacher Quality Partnership Program through the University of New Hampshire (UNH) in >
Opinion: Is New Hampshire facing another education funding crisis?
Jun 29, 6:52 AM: The problem with our education funding system is obvious. The average per-student cost in New Hampshire is over $15,000. The state’s share of the expense is about $3,600. The state’s position that we can adequately educate >
Column: A change of schools changed everything
Jun 4, 6:43 AM: Public high school wasn’t a good fit for me. I was losing a constant internal battle because of my anxiety, and so I considered getting a GED or switching to online school. Instead I attended PACE Career Academy, a charter >
PACE Career Academy changing location, leadership
May 30, 6:53 AM: The charter high school that primarily serves at-risk students in the area east of Concord is moving out of its current facilities at the Suncook Business Park in Allenstown over to 716 Riverwood Dr. in Pembroke, near the >
Charter School in Lebanon Finds Solid Financial Footing
May 22, 7:21 AM: The New Hampshire Department of Education provides its 21 charter schools, all of which operate independently from school districts, with less than $7,000 a year per student, in a state where average per-pupil spending is >



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