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State Rep. Glenn Cordelli: The constitutionality of education savings accounts
Apr 16, 5:57 AM: Recently two of my colleagues in the New Hampshire House wrote that Senate Bill 193, the “school voucher” bill, is unconstitutional (Monitor Forum, March 24). I believe that my friends are incorrect, and the U.S. Supreme >
N.H. Senate takes up bill to give charter schools dibs on abandoned public school property
Apr 12, 6:48 AM: In some New Hampshire school districts, unused buildings, once dedicated to classrooms and hallways, languish for years. New legislation in the Senate would mandate that the districts relinquish the buildings – and turn >
State Rep. Victoria Sullivan: In arguing against SB 193, opponents perpetuate myths
Apr 12, 5:30 AM: Senate Bill 193 has been called the voucher bill, the bill to destroy public education, the bill that will raise your property taxes, the bill that has zero accountability. These accusations have been published in >
MWV Leadership 2018 Class focuses on high school grads
Apr 11, 6:04 AM: Faced with a drain of young people out of the area in search of good jobs, Leadership MMV Class of 2018 hopes to give local students a reason to stay after high school by promoting non-college based careers. >
Letter: House should kill school voucher bill
Apr 10, 6:05 AM: As a retired teacher, a parent of four children who benefited from a New Hampshire public school education, and a long-term school board member, I am very concerned about Senate Bill 193.
Letter: Urge NH House to reject SB193, the school voucher bill
Apr 9, 5:37 AM: Should NH tax dollars support religious schools? Should NH tax dollars be entrusted to private “scholarship organizations” whose profits depend on the number of students they pull from the public schools? Should NH tax >
N.H. Senators Hear Testimony on Bill to Expand Education Tax Credit Program
Apr 5, 4:48 AM: State Senators heard testimony Wednesday on a bill that would expand the state’s only existing school choice program.
Editorial: SB 193 offers no additional choice, but would shift tax dollars to private education
Apr 2, 4:54 AM: Senate Bill 193, which would enact “education savings accounts” — essentially a voucher system for parents wanting to remove their children from public schools — is before the N.H. House Finance Committee, where it’s >
N.H. School Boards Association urges rejection of SB 193
Apr 2, 4:35 AM: SB 193 also ignores accountability and fiscal transparency. SB 193 takes state adequacy aid and diverts that money to private educational programs that are not required to follow state accountability and student assessment >
Public school administrators launch effort against school choice bill
Mar 30, 5:25 AM: With Senate Bill 193 stuck in a holding pattern in the New Hampshire House, opponents of education savings accounts launched what they hope is a final attack on the legislation that would allow public dollars to go to >
State Rep. Michael Moffett: Latest version of SB 193 is worthy of consideration
Mar 29, 5:55 AM: The noted philosopher Craig Ferguson said that “sometimes you need to question the status quo.” New Hampshire legislators who remain open as to how Senate Bill 193 and school choice might help Granite State families are >
State Reps. Mel Myler and David Luneau: School voucher bill is unconstitutional – and wrong
Mar 26, 5:27 AM: Public funds to pay for private schooling? This is the key question facing the issue of Educational Savings Accounts as outlined in Senate Bill 193. ESAs allow parents to use at least 95 percent of state education aid >
Letter: Where’s the money for voucher bill?
Mar 23, 5:40 AM: Thank you Mary Wilke (Monitor Forum, March 17) for pointing out what the latest reality of the proposed Senate Bill 193 or “Education Savings Accounts” bill really means for each town in New Hampshire. >
With N.H. Lawmakers Focused Elsewhere, Another School Choice Bill Flies Under The Radar
Mar 6, 6:10 AM: For over a year now, education policy watchers in Concord have focused their attention on a controversial bill that would create Education Savings Accounts.
Tweaked N.H. voucher bill could be much cheaper – to the state
Mar 1, 6:02 AM: Eyeing potential costs to the state, lawmakers have pitched a proposal to dramatically narrow a voucher-like program under consideration at the State House. A new analysis suggests the new plan would substantially lower >
Eyeing costs, lawmakers once again amend N.H. school voucher bill
Feb 27, 5:50 AM: When it was first pitched to the Legislature, Senate Bill 193 envisioned the most expansive, voucher-like program in the country. But in the face of growing concerns about the cost of the proposal, lawmakers have >
Researcher: N.H. school choice bill could create ‘tax shelter’ for rich
Feb 19, 6:29 AM: A bill to expand New Hampshire’s Education Tax Credit program has some worried the state could create a tax shelter for the wealthy.
Rochester urged to oppose ‘devastating’ school voucher bill
Feb 12, 6:48 AM: The vice chairman of the Rochester School Board is urging his fellow board members and local residents to voice strong opposition during the Feb. 20 Rochester City Council meeting to the school voucher bill under >
New service-learning charter school approved for Concord
Feb 9, 7:18 AM: A new charter school serving middle schoolers, and eventually high-school students, could open in Concord this fall.
N.H. Debates Home School Oversight
Feb 8, 5:53 AM: Despite the classroom setting, these students weren’t traditional school pupils. They’re home-schoolers — and part of a community in New Hampshire that’s likely about 6,000 strong. That group of parents and children made >



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