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Sununu taps school-choice advocate Edelblut
Jan 20, 6:09 AM: Gov. Chris Sununu named a school choice advocate who homeschooled his children as his pick Wednesday to lead New Hampshire's education department.
Incoming GOP State Senator Says Expanding School Choice a Top Priority
Dec 28, 6:32 AM: When New Hampshire's state Senate convenes for its first session of the year next week, there will be plenty of new faces. Nine of the legislative body's 24 members are newly elected, and this week, we're hearing from two >
Croydon school choice supporters raising private funds for 6 students' tuition
Dec 12, 6:34 AM: Determined to keep six Croydon middle students in a neighboring town’s private Montessori school, Croydon proponents of school choice are raising private funds to pay the private school tuition.
Officials advocate for school choice
Dec 12, 6:30 AM: Members of the Croydon School Board on Wednesday appeared in a new video to promote school choice in New Hampshire, offering testimonials about their fight against state officials regarding the board's payments of private >
School tax break to wait; board tables discount plan for charters
Oct 11, 6:21 AM: It’s still on the agenda, but the proposal to give charter schools a tax break is unlikely to see a push forward since it was tabled by the city’s Board of Aldermen in May.
Northampton study: Charter school families well-to-do, highly educated
Aug 5, 7:40 AM: A disproportionate number of Northampton parents who send their children to area charter schools are affluent and well-educated, according to a recent survey.
Has New Hampshire found the secret to online education that works?
Aug 4, 7:50 AM: Virtual schools promise flexibility and a universe of learning just keystrokes away. But a slew of recent studies have found lackluster performance at online schools, seriously tarnishing their promise. Amid all the bad >
Croydon district considers appeal of school choice denial
Aug 4, 5:58 AM: The Croydon School District plans to appeal a recent superior court ruling that placed a permanent injunction on school choice in the district. A meeting with residents is planned in the Croydon Town Hall tonight. >
Judge: Croydon can't allow parents choice of private school for child if tuition is paid by taxpayers
Aug 3, 5:26 AM: Sullivan County Superior Court presiding judge Brian T. Tucker has sided with the state Department of Education, ruling against school choice in the Croydon School District.
NH pays its main e-school for what kids learn, not just enrolling or logging in
Jul 18, 7:38 AM: The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School in New Hampshire gets no money simply because a student enrolls in the school. Unlike Ohio, New Hampshire pays the school only when kids make progress in their classes. >
Charter schools tax break denied in Nashua
May 12, 6:37 AM: A proposal to offer tax breaks to charter schools in the city was narrowly rejected by aldermen on Tuesday. “I don’t want us to become a magnet for charter schools, which I think are a drain to public education,” said >
Nashua considers tax breaks for charter schools
May 4, 6:03 AM: In an effort to support and encourage alternative schooling, city officials are considering a proposal that would reduce taxes for local charter schools.
Will More Catholic Schools Pivot From Common Core to Classical Education?
Apr 29, 6:27 AM: Because New Hampshire had a moratorium on charter schools, Enzler started a nonprofit to support the school. He adopted the curriculum that is standard for classical education in Italy and rented the school building from a >
New Alstead charter school secures money, could win more
Apr 14, 5:52 AM: A new Alstead charter school recently heard from the N.H. Department of Education that it’s secured crucial grant money that will allow it to open in fall 2017. And, through a contest called the Super School Project >
House OKs bill that allows town to send students to private schools
Mar 24, 7:11 AM: Croydon would be legally able to send their students to a private non-religious school under a bill approved by the House Wednesday.
Misunderstanding of state law led to demise of Gilsum as charter school
Mar 15, 6:26 AM: The Gilsum STEAM Academy’s application to become a charter school didn’t have a shot at getting approved by the state because it relied on a faulty premise, according to a school official and the state. >
State Dept. of Ed. says Croydon School District is violating state law
Mar 10, 6:00 AM: The Croydon School District is violating state law by paying the tuition of four students who attend the Newport Montessori School, according to the state Department of Education.
Online petition asks state to drop court action against Croydon school choice
Feb 19, 5:43 AM: Ahead of a hearing in Sullivan County Superior Court next month to decide the issue of school choice in Croydon, an online petition is asking the state Department of Education to drop its request for a court order to >
Croydon-Area Lawmakers Support School Choice Bill in Concord
Feb 12, 8:21 AM: A bill before the New Hampshire Legislature would allow the Croydon School Board, which is battling state officials over school choice, to continue sending a handful of children to private school using tax revenue. >
Derry’s Next Charter School spends $200k to upgrade new space at middle school
Jan 19, 8:11 AM: Finding a new home at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School, the Next Charter School has spent approximately $200,000 upgrading the space, said School Board Chairman Dan McKenna.



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