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School Board discusses voucher bill
Dec 1, 6:23 AM: The Wilton-Lyndeborough School Board discussed the potential impacts of SB 193 — what is sometimes called the “school voucher” or “school choice” bill — with Wilton Representative Carol Roberts on Tuesday. >
Most local students would qualify for vouchers
Nov 17, 6:56 AM: Most local families could meet the income requirements in legislation that would provide them with state money to spend on private education or home schooling.
Heavily amended school choice bill clears N.H. House committee
Nov 15, 7:14 AM: A controversial school choice bill has cleared the House education committee, squeaking by in a 10-9 vote after late amendments swayed some uncertain moderates.
School Choice Bill Endorsed By N.H. House Committee
Nov 15, 6:23 AM: A controversial school choice bill cleared a major hurdle in the State House Tuesday, receiving a positive recommendation from the House Education Committee on Tuesday by a 10-9 vote.
Charter school centered on service in the works for Concord
Nov 10, 7:24 AM: Now, the Boscawen educator wants to start a new charter school in the Concord area based on the idea of service learning – an educational model that integrates community service with instruction.
Key House committee delays vote on school choice bill, citing last-minute amendments
Nov 9, 6:04 AM: Despite an aggressive push by Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, the Republican majority on the House Education Committee balked at voting on a school choice bill that would direct state aid for education to private schools >
Sununu Urges Lawmakers to Support Sweeping School Choice Bill
Nov 8, 5:55 AM: The bill would create a type of school voucher system in the state, where parents could take their children out of their local public school and then spend the tax dollars that would have gone to that public school on >
Local educators oppose school voucher bill, fear hurting public schools
Nov 7, 6:42 AM: Proponents say it would inject needed competition into the educational arena, while giving parents additional choices on how best to educate their children.
Home-schoolers the focus of proposed legislation
Nov 6, 6:31 AM: Another battle is brewing over home schooling in New Hampshire, as a group of North Country lawmakers prepares a bill regarding the evaluation of home-schooled students.
Advocates: Education aid bill would drain money from public schools
Oct 31, 4:50 AM: A Senate bill that would give parents state aid to send their children to private schools would drain millions of dollars from public schools, according to an analysis by an advocacy group for public education. >
Lightly revised school choice bill moves forward
Oct 25, 4:43 AM: A bill that would establish one of the most expansive school-choice programs in the country has received the green light from a panel of lawmakers and is headed to the House Education Committee.
Would a proposed school choice proposal be constitutional in NH?
Oct 2, 4:44 AM: Would education savings accounts – or ESAs, the controversial school voucher-like proposal legislators will almost certainly take up again next session – be constitutional in New Hampshire?
New Hampshire lawmakers grill proponents of proposed tax credit proposal
Sep 28, 5:54 AM: The Small Business Jobs Fund Act, a $60 million tax credit to encourage investment in New Hampshire, would more than pay for itself, according to the two companies that back the program and stand to make millions of >
Thetford Academy and Lyme Seek to Renew Old Agreement
Sep 26, 5:37 AM: It’s the same drill every few years: The Lyme School Board and Thetford Academy renew the partnership agreement that grants Lyme high school students open enrollment to the independent school across the Connecticut River, >
Study: Teachers absent less in charters; teachers union, charter advocates skeptical
Sep 21, 7:06 AM: Matt Southerton, the president of the New Hampshire Alliance for Public Charter Schools, said he had qualms about the data researchers used and was “skeptical” of the report’s conclusions, at least where New Hampshire is >
Accountability concerns arise over education savings account bill
Sep 7, 5:35 AM: The bill’s objective is clear: allow New Hampshire parents to withdraw children from the public school system and provide state adequacy funds to offset private school tuition.
New Charter School In Alstead To Focus On STEM, Arts Education
Aug 30, 5:55 AM: The LEAF Charter School is a high school located in the Mole Hill Theater building. Its curriculum will focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, or STEAM.
Family wants local district to pay for private school tuition
Aug 25, 5:54 AM: Alicea helped spark a conversation about race in New Hampshire. He was also bullied – especially online – and received death threats, according to his family. Fearing for his safety, his mother, Stephanie Alicea, pulled >
Sununu signs school choice bill in Croydon ceremony
Jun 30, 5:22 AM: Gov. Chris Sununu on Thursday visited the Croydon Village School to sign legislation known as the “Croydon bill” that allows for some students to attend private school using public money.
Croydon: Tiny N.H. town forever synonymous with school choice
Jun 29, 5:40 AM: In Sullivan County Superior Court, attorneys for the state argued that the Croydon School Board had acted illegally when it tuitioned students to a private Montessori school in nearby Newport. The debate would reach the >



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