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Democratic Lawmakers Block $10 Million Grant for Charter Schools
Dec 16, 8:47 AM: The legislative Fiscal Committee voted today to block a $10 million grant from the federal government for public charter schools.
Charter schools have long faced questions about sustainability
Dec 16, 8:24 AM: In rejecting part of a $46 million federal grant to create new charter schools, legislators raised questions about the sustainability of the state’s existing charter schools, and about how effective state oversight has >
Opinoin: NH’s charter schools and the mudslinging politics to come
Dec 16, 8:11 AM: Charter schools have always been the poor step-child of public education in New Hampshire, and often one of the most contentious.
Legislators take another look at charter grant
Dec 13, 8:46 AM: Legislators will revisit the Department of Education’s proposal to nearly double the number of charter schools in New Hampshire with a federal grant on Friday.
My Turn: The slippery slope of charter school funding
Dec 13, 8:42 AM: Charter school proponents claim that charter schools do not take money from local schools districts. This is true unless the school is locally authorized by the district. They do, however, take money from state education >
Column: The math behind the fiscal committee’s tabling of charter school grant
Dec 12, 9:20 AM: There are simply too many unanswered questions about the current landscape of charter schools in New Hampshire, and our state’s capacity to support doubling the number of those schools.
Letter: New Hampshire Democrats owned by teachers union
Dec 4, 6:36 AM: New Hampshire Democrats howled all summer that because Governor Sununu vetoed the state budget because he wouldn’t raise taxes that he didn’t care about public education? Well, earlier this month Governor Sununu and >
After Delaying Charter School Money, N.H. Lawmakers Question DOE
Nov 27, 7:27 AM: A group of lawmakers is asking the New Hampshire Department of Education to respond to its concerns about a $46 million federal grant to expand public charter schools, before deciding whether to accept it.
Letter: Charter school questions
Nov 26, 7:24 AM: I found Frank Edelblut’s op-ed in Friday’s Monitor interesting and disturbing. In it, he puts forth several reasons for advancing the push to double the number of charter schools in the state through federal funding. He >
Opinion: From its inception, the idea of public charter schools has been to free public education fr
Nov 20, 7:48 AM:

From its inception, the idea of public charter schools has been to free public education from the burden of excessive and restrictive rules that prevent educators from being effective.

Sununu, Democrats at odds after charter school money put on hold
Nov 19, 8:08 AM: Gov. Chris Sununu and the Democratic-controlled Legislature in New Hampshire are at odds over charter schools.
Hassan Introduces Bill Inspired By New Hampshire's Early College Program
Nov 12, 8:54 AM: The bill - Fast Track To and Through College - is inspired by New Hampshire's own college high school dual enrollment program, Running Start, which allows high schoolers to enroll in community college classes that count >
Editorial: Fed money has strings? No good for charter schools, Dems say
Nov 12, 8:05 AM: Some New Hampshire Democrats are suddenly learning something from the public charter schools they despise. Federal grants come with strings attached!
New Hampshire’s Plan To Double Its Charter Schools
Nov 8, 7:51 AM: New Hampshire has just 29 charter schools, which is fewer than most states. Over the next five years, the state wants to nearly double the amount of charter schools with the help of new federal funding.
Education commissioner pushes student-driven learning
Nov 8, 7:47 AM: State education commissioner Frank Edelblut praised individualized learning and spoke dismissively of district schools in a Thursday evening speech to a group of charter school advocates.
Parents Sound The Alarm On Special Ed Changes For Nashua Charter Schools
Sep 24, 7:05 AM: Parents in Nashua are voicing concerns over a decision by the school district to bus students offsite for special education services.
Frank Edelblut and Ross Gittell: Education pathway to career success
Sep 18, 6:26 AM: What if we could give students the chance to earn a high school diploma, an associate’s degree from our community college system, an industry recognized credential and an interview with a New Hampshire employer? We’ve >
NH gets record, 5-year charter school grant
Aug 23, 6:01 AM: New Hampshire received a record five-year, $46 million federal grant to expand its successful charter schools, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut announced Thursday.
N.H. Education Dept. Defends 'Learn Everywhere' Proposal
Aug 9, 6:54 AM: The New Hampshire Department of Education and members of the state Board of Education are defending their right to approve alternative programs granting credit to high school students, despite objections from lawmakers and >
Keene High to forgo finals in shift to ‘competency-based’ education
Jul 23, 5:53 AM



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