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Opinion: Is New Hampshire facing another education funding crisis?
Jun 29, 6:52 AM: The problem with our education funding system is obvious. The average per-student cost in New Hampshire is over $15,000. The state’s share of the expense is about $3,600. The state’s position that we can adequately educate >
Column: A change of schools changed everything
Jun 4, 6:43 AM: Public high school wasn’t a good fit for me. I was losing a constant internal battle because of my anxiety, and so I considered getting a GED or switching to online school. Instead I attended PACE Career Academy, a charter >
PACE Career Academy changing location, leadership
May 30, 6:53 AM: The charter high school that primarily serves at-risk students in the area east of Concord is moving out of its current facilities at the Suncook Business Park in Allenstown over to 716 Riverwood Dr. in Pembroke, near the >
Charter School in Lebanon Finds Solid Financial Footing
May 22, 7:21 AM: The New Hampshire Department of Education provides its 21 charter schools, all of which operate independently from school districts, with less than $7,000 a year per student, in a state where average per-pupil spending is >
Litchfield parent wins rare school-choice case
May 21, 7:28 AM: In a rare reversal of a local school board’s decision, the State Board of Education has ruled that a high school sophomore who moved to Litchfield last fall after her father died can continue to attend Pinkerton Academy in >
Concord’s new charter school moving – slowly – toward opening day
May 21, 6:19 AM: The Capital City Charter School received its charter from the State Board of Education in February after first presenting in November. The school, which will start with middle school students and eventually expand to high >
Letter: Republicans resorted to dirty tactics on voucher bill
May 11, 5:24 AM: By the time this is printed, the vote on the school voucher bill will have been taken. Regardless of the outcome, the method used by the Republican backers of this legislation mimics the dirty tactics used by their >
NH House kills school choice bill authorizing education savings accounts
May 11, 4:56 AM: A bill to authorize education savings accounts was killed by the House of Representatives Thursday on a roll call of 180-163 after members refused on a closer vote to set up a committee of conference to negotiate a >
Editorial: Another bite at the apple: 'School choice' proponents wheedle another shot at harming public education
May 9, 5:56 AM: House members last week did the right thing, at least in part, by derailing an attempt to undermine the state’s public schools. Backed by a recommendation from the GOP-controlled House Finance panel, 17 House Republicans >
Amy Brenner Mitz: ‘School choice’ is not a choice
May 7, 5:32 AM: The school choice bill was voted down by a slim margin, but it has not been laid to rest. If passed, the bill will allow parents to use tax dollars allocated to public schools to send their children to alternative schools, >
Union leaders praise teacher evaluation overhaul plan
May 4, 5:04 AM: Hopes for an ambitious school choice bill this year appeared to be put to rest on Thursday, as the House voted 172-165 against reconsidering SB 193, which was sent to interim study in a first round of voting on >
In Blow To Sununu, N.H. House Votes Down School Choice Bill
May 3, 4:52 AM: A bill that would have created a school choice program in New Hampshire based on education savings accounts was voted down in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.
School choice advocates make their closing argument to lawmakers
May 2, 4:51 AM: Advocates for a school choice bill that faces a do-or-die vote this week crowded into the Legislative Office Building on Tuesday to make their case.
Letter: Send voucher bill back to drawing board
Apr 30, 5:38 AM: Proponents of Senate Bill 193 (the school voucher bill) say it’s a necessary safeguard to ensure that students who “just don’t fit” in public school have a different choice. However, the bill doesn’t restrict vouchers to >
Expansion of N.H.'s Education Tax Credit Program One Step Closer to Reality
Apr 27, 5:08 AM: A bill that would expand the state’s only school choice program is one step closer to becoming law. Under the existing education tax credit program, businesses in New Hampshire can get a tax break when they donate to >
School choice bill fails in key committee vote
Apr 26, 4:51 AM: Call them private school vouchers or freedom scholarships, but either way the school choice bill, SB 193, is going to the full House next week with a negative vote from the House Finance Committee.
Letter: Cline pushing school choice agenda
Apr 25, 4:42 AM: I believe we have an urgent need for an unbiased, nonpartisan report from New Hampshire’s higher education community which provides a localized analysis of research findings on the student achievement effects of state >
School choice bill fading fast
Apr 23, 5:37 AM: The prospects for passage of a school choice bill have gone from bad to worse as SB 193 limps toward the legislative deadline, now only weeks away.
N.H. school voucher bill dealt blow by House subcommittee
Apr 18, 5:45 AM: A controversial bill allowing families to put state education dollars toward private schooling options was dealt a blow Tuesday when a subpanel of lawmakers voted, 7-1, to refer it to interim study.
Column: Digging deeper into where school choice money goes
Apr 17, 5:19 AM: The law does provide tax credit to companies donating to scholarship organizations. In turn, scholarship organizations will provide scholarships to children attending private schools or public schools outside their >



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