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Commentary: NH’s education opportunities abound
Jan 14, 8:23 AM: It’s time to hit the pause button on the governor’s “Learn Everywhere” and “Career Academies” proposals announced last week. These proposals seem to pull funding away from public schools and stand in contrast to what >
Tuition-free associates degree about to become an option for NH high school grads
Jan 7, 7:52 AM: Tucked into Gov. Chris Sununu’s second inaugural address was a promise to create the New Hampshire Career Academy, a partnership involving community colleges, employers and local high schools that will enable motivated and >
Personalized learning launches in Rochester schools
Dec 10, 8:39 AM: Five city schools launched their personalized learning programs recently with lighthearted, interactive skits to get students excited about what’s in store for their classrooms.
Nashua School District Studying Replacing Subs With Online Learning
Dec 7, 6:38 AM: As Nashua School District continues to struggle with finding and retaining enough substitute teachers for its classrooms, school officials are exploring a potential solution that would eliminate the need for subs at all. >
Opinion: Reject charter school expansion until funding formula fixed
Dec 4, 8:33 AM: If you value the quality of our public schools, I urge you to join me in opposing Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion charter school’s third expansion attempt in as many years.
Commentary: Why is education reform stuck in a snow bank?
Nov 28, 8:37 AM: For at least a century, New Hampshire and nearly every other state have been developing plans to help turn around low-performing schools.
Another View: Why Is Education Reform Stuck In A Rut?
Nov 16, 5:52 AM: For at least a century, New Hampshire and nearly every other state have been developing plans to help turnaround low performing schools. In his 1922 book, Samuel Brooks, then the school superintendent in Winchester, >
Lawsuit over school choice program has new life thanks to constitutional amendment
Nov 8, 5:37 AM: A six-year-old state law that allows businesses to claim a tax deduction for donations to a private school scholarship fund could face another court challenge, now that voters have overwhelmingly approved an amendment to >
Letter: As a parent, I favor school choice
Nov 5, 6:17 AM: There are so many choices in our daily life, except for our children’s K-12 education. Every week when I go to the grocery store, I’m thankful for the seemingly unlimited choices presented in every aisle. From coffee to >
Got School Choice? Not if you Elect Democrats in New Hampshire
Nov 2, 5:22 AM: Over and over again, New Hampshire Democrats keep hammering away at some non-existent voucher bill in the state. They appear to be referring to Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) but they never let facts get in the way of >
Editorial: Kelly is right choice for governor
Nov 1, 5:53 AM: But we know that Sununu, with his fervent support for a school voucher program that would direct money away from public schools, would increase those inequities.
Varied Views: Sununu, Kelly clash on school vouchers
Oct 30, 5:50 AM: Gov. Chris Sununu believes giving school choice vouchers to disadvantaged and low-income students opens doors for them that may otherwise be closed.
Kelly goes all in on ‘school choice’ issue as election day nears
Oct 29, 4:45 AM: It was one of the top issues Molly Kelly highlighted when she announced her candidacy for governor in April. “I’ll veto any plan that takes money from public schools to pay for vouchers for private schools,” the former >
Letter: Wells lacks understanding of voucher bill
Oct 26, 5:38 AM: Rep. Wells states that Senate Bill 193 was not a voucher program, even though the N.H. government would have paid a minimum of $3,636 per child for private education. The money would go into an educational savings account >
Editorial: Debate Lacking on N.H. Ballot Questions
Oct 25, 6:04 AM: In brief, Question 1 would undo a 2014 state Supreme Court ruling that, its proponents say, reversed more than a century of precedent that granted standing — meaning the right to bring an action in court — to any taxpayer >
NH Primary Source: Kelly hits Sununu on school vouchers in new TV ad
Oct 25, 5:56 AM: In her third television ad of the general election campaign, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly hits Republican Gov. Chris Sununu on his support for education savings accounts.
Letter: Voucher bill is misuse of taxpayer money
Oct 23, 4:36 AM: As a former school board member, Joseph Mendola should know about school budgets and taxes. Yet he writes in support of the so-called school choice bill, former Senate Bill 193, even though it would raise our property >
School choice: Not a threat to public education
Oct 11, 4:48 AM: The most pernicious claim made by opponents of expanding school choice in New Hampshire is that giving parents greater control over where their kids go to school is a threat to public education.
Further study sought for competency-based learning center
Oct 1, 5:59 AM: The concept, which floated the idea of moving 250 to 300 students to a CBE Learning Center at the Tuck Learning Campus, will remain separate from a potential expansion to the Cooperative Middle School, said Helen Joyce, >
In a former department store, Capital City Charter School opens to students
Sep 6, 6:08 AM: The community-service based school focuses on hands-on learning and applied approaches to education, Alicea said. It’s offered as an alternative public education and is open to any child in the state.



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