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Tuftonboro rep proposes ag-themed charter school
Jul 1, 6:55 AM: The creation of an agricultural-themed charter school was proposed to Carroll County commissioners recently by state Rep. Glenn Cordelli (R-Tuftonboro), who attended the county commissioners' meeting June 17 to propose the >
Innovation Academy surprises seniors
Jun 24, 7:47 AM: Staff members at Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro recently spread out to 10 communities in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire to surprise seniors in the Class of 2020 with an IACS Class of 2020 Swag Bag >
Educators worry remote learning has worsened inequities in schools
Jun 15, 7:32 AM: The past three months of remote learning have exposed and widened disparities among New Hampshire’s students, especially for students without internet access, those learning English and those with special needs. >
Next Charter School to hold drive-in graduation at the Tupelo
Jun 11, 7:50 AM: The Next Charter School in Derry is teaming up with Tupelo Music Hall to hold a drive-in graduation ceremony Friday morning.
Virus has exposed us to new school possibilities (CER in the news)
Jun 2, 8:10 AM:

As the ranking Republican member on the Senate Education Committee, I have had the opportunity to listen to a number of educational presentations during this “shelter in place” period. It has been very interesting to >

Some New Hampshire schools are throwing in the remote-learning towel. Will Vermont follow?
May 12, 7:12 AM: Vermont schools are still on schedule to finish the rest of the academic year, despite some schools in neighboring states ending earlier due to the stressors of remote learning.
Frank Edelblut: Applying lessons of remote instruction when we go back to school
May 11, 7:40 AM: For well over a decade, New Hampshire’s central education philosophy is that students learn differently. We need an education system that recognizes that. Personalized learning recognizes that students are not cogs in some >
NH high school senior lost her jobs, so she started doing groceries for folks in need
Apr 3, 8:12 AM: A high school senior who recently lost her two part-time jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic is spending her free time shopping for people who aren’t able to do so.
Gov. Sununu moves all N.H. schools to online learning
Mar 16, 6:14 AM: New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has signed an executive order that moves all public K-12 school districts in the Granite State to remote instruction. The order begins on Monday, March 16th, and ends Friday, April 3rd. >
Letter: Charter schools allow children to excel
Feb 27, 9:53 AM: I think it’s a travesty that anyone in education would suppress learning avenues for children in need. Our charter school system is a very important part of child education in this state.
A Few Things To Know About Charter Schools In N.H., As Battle Continues Over Funding.
Feb 20, 8:19 AM: Lawmakers, education advocates, and state officials are entering the third month of a high-profile battle over whether to accept a large federal grant to double the number of public charter schools in New Hampshire. >
Charter school advocates press state lawmakers to accept federal funds
Feb 19, 6:37 AM: Three times, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut has tried to get a committee of lawmakers to accept the first phase of a five-year $46 million grant to establish new charter schools in New Hampshire.
Letter: Charter school grant should be approved
Feb 18, 7:52 AM: Rejecting the $46 million public charter school grant could cost taxpayers up to $178 million over the next 10 years, according to a new report from the Department of Education. This is a costly mistake that New Hampshire >
Edleblut issues new charter school grant analysis
Feb 13, 8:12 AM: A new Department of Education fiscal analysis of the proposed, $46 million public charter school grant concludes that a sharp drop in traditional school enrollment over the next decade will be driven mainly by demographic >
Letter: Help charter schools in NH succeed
Jan 29, 7:02 AM: As any parent who has experienced it knows, few things are as heart wrenching as watching your child suffer at school because of bullying. In my case, I watched my vibrant and eager to learn child turn into someone I >
Opinion: Charter schools don't save taxpayers cash
Jan 15, 7:04 AM: Public education is a natural monopoly, much like defense and public safety. It is tempting to say that setting up charter schools or a voucher system would induce competition and thus improve outcomes. But the evidence is >
Hassan’s past support for charter school funds doesn’t sway Democrat-led committee
Jan 13, 8:24 AM: A month after a committee led by Democrats rejected the first wave of a $46 million federal grant to expand the state’s charter schools, state Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut was back before lawmakers Friday asking >
Lawmakers Again Reject Federal Money To Expand Charter Schools In N.H.
Jan 13, 8:21 AM: A group of lawmakers has once again voted to reject a federal grant to expand charter schools in New Hampshire.
SAU 16 restores funding for Great Bay Charter School
Jan 10, 8:48 AM: The Exeter Region Cooperative School Board voted to reconsider cutting funding for the charter school in its proposed fiscal year 2021 budget while voting not to fund two CMS positions Tuesday night.
Charter schools often struggle to meet special needs
Dec 31, 7:57 AM: When former Lebanon School District Superintendent Mike Harris co-founded Ledyard Charter School in 2009, he had a specific group of students in mind.



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