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Teachers union fights off efforts for tougher education bills
May 23, 9:08 AM:

NV union wins battle to water down seniority and tenure reforms. Explains why bills meaningless as passed. Coverage suggests these changes are all about adults, but could go further. For example, how much time and money >

Bill creates new policies about teacher conduct
May 19, 1:23 PM:

NV legislature to consider bill requiring teachers to self-report arrests. An appropriate idea; schools shouldn’t find out from media reports or background checks years after the fact. Raises the question, though: is >

School Board OKs budget with at least 1,834 layoffs
May 19, 11:25 AM:

Almost 2,000 jobs lost in Clark County, but Las Vegas Sun keeps story short and sweet. With that kind of impact, layoffs warrant more thorough examination. Class sizes will marginally increase, but if the best teachers >

Sandoval vetoes bill adding money to K-12 education
May 17, 12:05 PM:

NV gov and legislature playing political games with education funding. Seems both sides are only paying lip service to need to support students. More money isn’t the answer to fixing state’s grim track record in >

Hiring, firing changes collide with looming cuts for teachers
May 16, 6:50 AM:

Sides with critics of NV Gov's budget cuts. Money going to performance pay system will increase class sizes, yet coverage doesn't realize research suggests teacher quality is more important to learning than the number of >

Democrats pass education budget $700 million over governor’s plan
May 12, 10:24 AM:

NV Dems approve education budget well over Gov’s plan, a political maneuver. Article spends most of its time analyzing the political tug-of-war, but pays no mind to fallout for schools. Where would the extra money go? >

Blocking progress
May 12, 7:07 AM:

Shakes head at NV teacher union for trying to dilute already weak legislation that makes it easier to fire probationary teachers "under exceptional circumstances."  See NEA Prez's statement on tenure reform (today's MBP) >

Teacher tenure tug-of-war under way in Legislature
May 11, 7:11 AM:

Two bills tackle NV teacher tenure. Too much on GOP vs. Dems and not enough on why changes matter to uplifting the system. Dramatic quote from union lobbyist about having a bad day and getting fired the following day is >

Union lobbyists try to temper teacher firing bills
May 10, 7:14 AM:

NV tenure notoriously easy. This bill may change that. It would make it easier to fire unsatisfactory teachers in first 3 years, create merit pay system. Union worries over "at will" firings. Bigger problem: >

Schools want to decide layoffs on attendance, evaluations, criminal record
May 10, 7:07 AM:

Clark County school leaders push for amendment to allow districts to lay off teachers based on factors including seniority, attendance and criminal record. Go no further -- push back on lawmakers to find out why people >

Education budget fight is a war over mere scraps
May 5, 10:42 AM:

Column puts NV budget debate in frank terms: no matter the result, won’t be enough. Appropriately terms education an investment, not an expense, but focuses largely on financial maneuvering. Question is: How can state >

Democrats reject education spending cuts
May 4, 10:59 AM:

NV Dems reject Gov's planned K-12 spending cuts, leaving $650M budget gap. Plan would cut pay 5%, freeze teachers' merit pay. Closed-door talks on tax rises. Too much politics, too little on impact on kids. Budgets mean >

Educator exemplifies need to support standout teachers
May 4, 8:20 AM:

Highlights exemplary NV teacher and asks how Gov's plan "would deliver more" stellar educators. Couldn't look into arguments yourself? State has no system in place to reward and retain stellar teachers. Find out if NV >

Reno 2020 solutions: Panel offers path to brighter future
May 2, 1:24 PM:

NV community and business panel advises action on education in plan to address unemployment and budget deficit. Need for a strong education system is hardly news. Tell us what is wrong and how it can be fixed.

It’s not multiple choice
May 2, 7:17 AM:

Op-ed argues NV Gov's approach to school reform too simplistic and politicized. Some good points on tenure and evaluation, but fails to suggest alternatives to test scores. Says advanced degrees should benefit students >

Education advocates slam Nev. governor's tax plan
Apr 29, 11:33 AM:

NV ed officials irate over Gov’s plan to redirect funds earmarked for education. “Troubling trend,” they call it. Indeed. Very general on what money is being moved for. Crucial piece of info. Refers to poor achievement >

Carson City School district: School officials: No teacher layoffs
Apr 27, 11:34 AM:

Carson City will avoid layoffs thanks to improved budget outlook. Vacancies will be left open, though. Dig deeper into potential results for students and learning. Cuts still likely in coming years, too -- must prepare >

Teachers Could Lose Extra Pay for Advanced Degrees
Apr 26, 2:55 PM:

NV teachers worried about losing extra pay for advanced degrees because research shows they have little impact on student achievement. No details about research. Tell us source of info, who did the research, and impact >

School budget cuts raise lawsuit risk
Apr 25, 3:25 PM:

NV Gov's cuts could be challenged in court for violating state's constitution. No mention of NJ Gov, who faces similar lawsuit. Nowhere does reporting talk of what is necessary to provide an adequate education. Assumes >

Another stab at school reform
Apr 21, 7:14 AM:

Teacher reform bills in NV coming under fire from teachers unions because of proposed changes to tenure, increasing wages based on performance, and hiring or firing practices. Bills similar to ones in FL, but are they >



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