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Growth scores give schools No Child Left Behind alternative
Aug 29, 7:29 AM:

NV schools look to "growth scores," which measure student progress against other students in state, for signs of improvement instead of NCLB targets. Places emphasis on improvement rather than specific grade-level goals. >

Carson school district meets No Child Left Behind standards
Aug 25, 10:01 AM:

NV district pleased with progress after meeting AYP targets. Reaching goals for special-education students has held district back, officials say, but overcame shortcomings this year. Never explores what changed in >

Law leaves schools in the academic red
Aug 24, 2:09 PM:

NV officials perturbed with NCLB's characterizing schools as failing. “Just because a school is in the ‘In Need of Improvement' category or on the watch list doesn't mean it's a bad school," says one official. Point >

Charter school proposed for Ely as educational alternative
Aug 22, 2:02 PM:

NV charter will apply to state to open in White Pine County. Local board doesn't support charters outright, but hasn't discussed charters because this would be first in the county. District officials typically see >

Charter school prepares for new year
Aug 19, 1:18 PM:

NV charter prepares for new school year. On top of facility facelift, administrator talks new opportunities desired, such as a science lab. Hoping to get supplies donated from district school undergoing remodeling >

Officials expect development of a teacher evaluation system to be contentious process
Aug 12, 6:32 AM:

Developing NV teacher evaluation system "won't happen without disagreement and debate," officials say. Legislature recently passed bill creating 15-member board that will draft standards for such a system. Student test >

Federal law sets an unrealistic measure of success for the nation’s schools
Aug 11, 1:45 PM:

NV welcomes NCLB waiver. Federal policy's "one-size-fits-all" approach to meet 45 standards is "virtually impossible." Ed Sec will grant waivers to states that come up with plans to boost achievement until Congress >

Online School, An Attractive Alternative For Some Families
Aug 11, 9:07 AM:

Family chooses online charter for medical reasons, and find kids thrive with flexible schedule, few distractions. Nevada Connections teachers stay in touch by phone and email, while parent monitors work at home. Frequent >

Washoe schools seek No Child Left Behind waiver
Aug 10, 9:57 AM:

NV district drafts resolution supporting request for NCLB waivers. One board member expresses sentiment that AYP goals have little bearing on whether or not schools are successful in preparing their students for future. >

Nation needs to change the way student achievement is tracked, measured
Aug 8, 7:31 AM:

NCLB goals are "unrealistic" for NV schools. Editorial criticizes law's "all-or-nothing" approch, which encourages teachers to "teach to the test." Waivers are a necessity. State is developing a growth model, which will >

Test scores missing mark
Aug 5, 7:11 AM:

NV principal frustrated with NCLB labels. School saw substantial improvement in math and reading, meeting federal requirements, but missed in one subgroup: special needs students. She says she takes NCLB "with a grain of >

Director of Charter School Authority named
Aug 2, 6:18 AM:

NV names leader for new state charter authority. New policy will remove charters from education department's control and place them under an independent agency. Governor says he takes pride in being one of a few states >

Clark County School Board may hire attorney
Jul 28, 10:42 AM:

Clark Co. (NV) district needs board approval to hire expensive labor lawyer to help win $56M in budget-balancing concessions from teachers and staff should arbitration be needed to reach agreement. How's spending more >

Online school provides
Jul 28, 6:38 AM:

Virtual schooling a positive experience for many NV students. Tactfully tackles criticisms of virtual schooling, like lack of social interaction. But, forgets to tell readers what charters are. Dig into state's charter >

Reforms in the works for Prime Six schools
Jul 22, 10:38 AM:

Good reaction from parents, teachers, and politicians to recommendations for improving Prime Six schools in disadvantaged area of West Las Vegas. Specific changes outlined here, plus details on how some will be carried >

Plan aims to put school resources where most needed
Jul 19, 8:32 AM:

Clark Co., NV, regroups schools based on achievement. Underperforming schools will receive extra attention, while high achievers will benefit from hands-off approach. Interesting idea that could focus resources where >

Somerset Academy of Las Vegas to open two new campuses in valley
Jul 19, 6:07 AM:

Two new Las Vegas charters set to open. Solid summary of their education plans, but a little routine. Mentions teachers have selected a curriculum. What's it look like? Operator already has schools in the area -- what >

Part-time teaching online pays off
Jul 18, 6:04 AM:

Spotlight here on new way for teachers to earn extra money -- add part-time job teaching online courses. Profiles Las Vegas teacher who balances day job with virtual one. Good details on benefits and challenges of >

Community shows support for partnerships with schools
Jul 14, 9:56 AM:

Carson City community resolves to partner with schools and provide new opportunities for students. Sounds like a promising venture, but scant specifics on what program could entail. Talks of robotics classes hint at >

Leaders say charter schools key to education reform
Jul 13, 11:29 AM:

State just passed law that forms charter school authority. Goes on to not only describe charters, but to express the difficulty in finding buildings more than enroll students. Provides data, but need to know underlying >



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