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Analysis: Venomous politics once again surround ESAs in Nevada
Jun 4, 6:23 AM: Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts were born and reared amid heated political rancor, and on Monday it appeared the controversial voucher-type program was on its way to dying in a similarly contentious manner. >
Column: Soifer talks about prospects for school choice as Legislature winds down Volume 0% Loading ad
May 31, 5:31 AM: Many students using Opportunity Scholarships will lose their funding within the next two years unless the Legislature acts. It’s one of the most popular education programs in the state, creating a disconnect between what >
Brett McFadden: We’re not teaching ‘cookie-cutter’ kids
May 30, 7:24 AM: The Nevada Joint Union High School District understands we cannot operate the way we did 30 years ago. We are not teaching “cookie-cutter” kids. As students and their challenges change, so must the ways we provide and >
School district's expansion of its online distance education program will generate funding
May 30, 6:39 AM: For the current school year, the district is using Edgenuity, an online learning platform to allow students who are behind to recover credits, students who are ahead to accelerate credits and long-term suspended students >
Editorial: Teacher evaluations should measure teaching ability
May 28, 6:41 AM: If you need another example of how the education establishment works to scuttle much-needed reform, look no further than what has happened over the past eight years with Nevada teacher evaluations.
EDITORIAL: Legislative Democrats burden school districts with higher costs
May 24, 6:22 AM: Obviously, Nevada’s public school funding “crisis” isn’t as acute as advertised. State taxpayers are scolded ad infinitum that more money, money, money is the solution to all of Nevada’s education pathologies, particularly >
Column: Parents fighting to save Opportunity Scholarships
May 22, 5:23 AM:

When public schools are failing, the education establishment cries it needs more money. When Opportunity Scholarships succeed, many of those people insist on cutting their funding.

Nevada school funding reform: Nevada lawmakers just introduced the biggest bill of 2019
May 14, 5:41 AM: An eagerly awaited overhaul of Nevada’s school funding system hit the state Senate floor with a bang on Monday, winning loud opposition from critics who see it as an assault on rural school districts.
Editorial: CCSD needs prepare to prevent teachers from striking
May 13, 7:33 AM: A dispute between adults shouldn’t hinder the amount of time students spend in the classroom. Yet that could be the ramification for the Clark County Education Association’s irresponsible strike threats. >
Bill still under wraps, but details emerging about proposed school funding formula overhaul
May 10, 7:13 AM: Select education, business and political leaders who attended private briefings this week about the long-awaited bill to modernize the state’s K-12 funding formula had mixed reactions about the plan, with some saying it >
New Nevada school funding plan offers no new money, may harm rurals, teachers' union head says
May 9, 7:01 AM: Ruben Murillo, president of the Nevada State Education Association, was not pleased after he was given a preview of the highly-anticipated plan to overhaul the state's 50-year old education funding program, commonly called >
Opportunity Scholarship caps draw loud objections
May 3, 6:21 AM: A bill to cap funding for a popular private-school scholarship program — passed by the Assembly last month on a party-line vote — got its second legislative hearing Thursday, again drawing parents of current or would-be >
Ban on charter schools dropped in Nevada Legislature
May 2, 7:08 AM: Stopping new charter schools in Nevada until 2021 is no longer on the table after the substantial modification of the bill that first proposed a moratorium but now requires the State Public Charter School Authority to >
Newly discovered drafting error doubles size of controversial Opportunity Scholarship program
May 2, 6:26 AM: A drafting error in a bill from the 2017 legislative session has doubled the amount of money in the upcoming two-year budget allocated to a state scholarship program that helps low- and middle-income students attend >
Editorial: Where’s the Democratic plan in Carson City for education?
May 1, 7:16 AM: The 2019 session started with the usual rhetoric. The governor preached raises for public school teachers, and Democratic lawmakers pledged to rework Nevada’s complicated school funding formula, a priority for the teacher >
Teachers union and supporters to lawmakers: Fund CCSD schools now
Apr 29, 7:22 AM: More than a thousand educators, parents and students from the Clark County School District attended a rally today outside the Lloyd D. George U.S. Court House in downtown with hopes of pressuring Nevada’s elected officials >
Editorial: National study concludes that education spending has soared, but the achievement gap remains
Apr 29, 6:49 AM: Nevada lawmakers are preparing an overhaul of the state’s 50-year-old per-pupil funding formula to direct more money to disadvantaged kids. Perhaps there is a need to re-examine the current system after more than five >
Commentary: Striking teachers unions and reforming Nevada labor law
Apr 15, 5:18 AM: There is strike talk in the air from the Clark County Education Association. The bone of contention is what nationwide typically pits teachers unions against local school boards and politicians. The teachers want higher >
Charter school moratorium scrapped, allowing Nevada bill to advance
Apr 12, 7:00 AM: A state legislative panel passed an education bill Thursday after the measure was stripped of a provision that would have put a moratorium on the creation of new charter schools in Nevada.
Column: Two-thirds requirement could save Opportunity Scholarships
Apr 12, 5:57 AM: On Tuesday, the Assembly Taxation Committee approved Assembly Bill 458. It would remove the automatic growth provision of the Opportunity Scholarship, which is a school choice program for low-income families. >



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