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Nevada To Battle Over School Choice
Nov 2, 5:26 AM: With midterm elections quickly approaching, some voters are concerned with how the next state government will fix public schools. Some argue the system is in dire need of funding, others say schools need more competition >
Nevada governor candidate Adam Laxalt has outgrown his ‘shy side’
Oct 25, 6:10 AM: Laxalt is an avid supporter of school choice and wants to fund Education Savings Accounts, a voucher-like program that provides families with money for private school tuition, home-school expenses and other educational >
Letter: Closure of Nevada charter school hurts students, parents
Oct 22, 5:49 AM: The Review-Journal’s Oct. 8 editorial “Accountability: Failing charter school shut down” asserts the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority’s action to close Nevada Virtual Academy’s elementary school means students >
CCSD trustees put underperforming charter schools on notice
Oct 19, 7:13 AM: The Clark County School Board put three underperforming charter schools on notice Thursday night, recommending a reconstitution of the leadership in two schools and a remediation plan for a third.
NV GOP promises more charter schools, vouchers if key races won
Oct 18, 4:52 AM: At an education forum Tuesday night, Nevada Republicans issued a warning to their base: School choice policies will be difficult to pass if Democrats control both the state legislature and the governorship. >
Nevada GOP candidates push school choice at Las Vegas rally
Oct 17, 4:50 AM: Voting pro-school choice candidates into office is the first step to strengthening the Nevada’s public education system, state Sen. Michael Roberson said during a rally Tuesday night.
EDITORIAL: Accountability: Failing charter school shut down
Oct 9, 6:17 AM: The school couldn’t cut it academically, and that hurt its students. But the system governing charter schools worked. One of the great features of charter schools is that there is a formal mechanism in place to close the >
Nevada Virtual Academy to end elementary program
Oct 1, 6:17 AM: The online Nevada Virtual Academy charter school will close its elementary program at the end of this school year following its failure to meet academic goals spelled out in an performance-improvement agreement with the >
“More Taxes!” – The Teacher Union’s Solution to Education
Oct 1, 4:36 AM: In 2015, Nevada’s Legislature passed the largest one-time tax increase in Nevada history, $1.2 billion of which was, ostensibly, to boost education funding.In 2015, Nevada’s Legislature passed the largest one-time tax >
Online charter school announces closure of its underperforming elementary program
Sep 25, 5:55 AM: Nevada Virtual Academy’s underperforming elementary program will close at the end of the 2018-2019 school year, officials from the online charter school said last week.
Opinion: Don't let 2019 Legislature kill Opportunity Scholarships
Sep 21, 6:28 AM: The 2015 Nevada Legislature developed a great program that allows businesses to help underprivileged students get a better education. Sadly, like any program that takes money out of government’s hands, the program faces >
Democracy at work: What this Las Vegas inner-city charter school had to endure to pull off memorable upset
Sep 20, 5:48 AM: Democracy Prep represents his neighborhood, which is too often characterized more by those drunkenly sleeping in the park than by the accomplishments of its children. The school—which selects students “regardless of race, >
Charter school’s use of Lutheran building sparks church-state complaint
Sep 19, 5:58 AM: A national group that fights for separation of church and state is taking issue with Discovery Charter’s new campus at the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Las Vegas, calling on the school to remove religious symbols from its >
Parents may have say in future of Clark County’s failing schools
Sep 18, 5:40 AM: Thirty-six of the 51 underperforming Clark County schools eligible for charter school conversion or new charter competition have another option for improvement: a state-approved petition process that allows parents to >
How one charter network achieved five-star ratings for every school
Sep 17, 6:16 AM: Staff at Pinecrest Academy Inspirada, where Johnson teaches, point to reading enthusiasm as one of the many reasons their students performed well on statewide standardized tests in the spring. The increases led to good >
Performance gaps clip star ratings of Clark County schools
Sep 17, 5:53 AM: Twelve Clark County middle schools received three-star ratings from the state Department of Education this year even though they earned enough points for higher rankings.
Editorial: Support grows for school choice
Sep 10, 4:44 AM: Public support for school choice has increased markedly over the past five years. That’s according to a new poll from Education Next. That’s welcome news for Nevada parents seeking better education options for their >
Opinion: Next governor should embrace online public charter schools
Sep 6, 6:04 AM: My three children have been educated through the Nevada Virtual Academies, an online tuition-free public charter school offered throughout the state. NVVA is among a growing list of diploma-granting virtual education >
Column: New teacher contract cedes CCSD’s financial authority to teachers union
Aug 29, 5:58 AM: Just 70 days into his tenure as superintendent, Jesus Jara stands ready to abdicate financial control of the Clark County School District to the teachers union. Last week, the district gleefully trumpeted a “historic” >
Editorial: Rosy theory about school vouchers doesn’t align with the real world
Aug 28, 5:43 AM: To those who contend that school vouchers are government handouts for wealthy people who send their kids to private schools, voucher proponents offer a noble-sounding counterargument.



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