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Performance gaps clip star ratings of Clark County schools
Sep 17, 5:53 AM: Twelve Clark County middle schools received three-star ratings from the state Department of Education this year even though they earned enough points for higher rankings.
Editorial: Support grows for school choice
Sep 10, 4:44 AM: Public support for school choice has increased markedly over the past five years. That’s according to a new poll from Education Next. That’s welcome news for Nevada parents seeking better education options for their >
Opinion: Next governor should embrace online public charter schools
Sep 6, 6:04 AM: My three children have been educated through the Nevada Virtual Academies, an online tuition-free public charter school offered throughout the state. NVVA is among a growing list of diploma-granting virtual education >
Column: New teacher contract cedes CCSD’s financial authority to teachers union
Aug 29, 5:58 AM: Just 70 days into his tenure as superintendent, Jesus Jara stands ready to abdicate financial control of the Clark County School District to the teachers union. Last week, the district gleefully trumpeted a “historic” >
Editorial: Rosy theory about school vouchers doesn’t align with the real world
Aug 28, 5:43 AM: To those who contend that school vouchers are government handouts for wealthy people who send their kids to private schools, voucher proponents offer a noble-sounding counterargument.
MGM-NSHE partnership seeks to increase access to higher education
Aug 23, 5:56 AM: The state’s largest employer and the Nevada System of Higher Education are officially coming together to open up the doors of college opportunity for more people.
Opinion: Nevada should cap charter schools
Aug 22, 4:47 AM: Four years ago, the state spent $254 million on charter schools. This year, according to the director of the State Public Charter School Authority, the state expects to spend more than $340 million.
Commentary: Unions, Democrats paving the way for massive tax hikes for schools
Aug 21, 5:50 AM: But validating the suspicion that no amount of money will sate the entrenched status quo, teacher unions and their Democratic foot soldiers in the Legislature are now laying the groundwork for another round of massive tax >
EDITORIAL: The many failures of class-size reduction
Aug 20, 6:40 AM: It takes more than neglect to sustain a failing education system for decades. You need a stubborn adherence to unsuccessful programs. Chief among them is Nevada’s class-size reduction effort.
Six new charter schools open this year in Las Vegas valley
Aug 17, 6:35 AM: There are more options for families who don't want to enroll their kids in traditional public schools. At least six new charter schools in Clark County have opened their doors.
WCSD will build 6 homes for teachers in hard to recruit rural Nevada
Aug 16, 6:15 AM: The Washoe County School District will soon be a landlord for hard-to-hire teachers in Gerlach, a town about 100 miles from Reno. Approved at a school board meeting this week, the district will spent $640,000 to build four >
Column: New plan for education: Repeat the old plan
Aug 15, 5:06 AM: Nevada’s education establishment has a new plan to fix schools: Repeat the old plan.Nevada politicians first implemented the buzzwords you hear now — more funding, smaller class sizes, increased teacher pay — decades ago. >
Nevada schools continue to rate poorly, but officials aren’t standing still
Aug 13, 5:43 AM: While not last on every list, Nevada’s public education system ranks in the bottom dozen of states in the most recent national analyses by Education Week, U.S. News & World Report and the National Assessment of Educational >
Leaders mum on reasons behind Nevada charter school changeLeaders mum on reasons behind Nevada charter school change
Aug 9, 7:28 AM: A North Las Vegas charter school is rebranding and ending its relationship with its Arizona-based management company, but the motivation behind the changes is unclear.
Nevada education officials want to enroll more minority, rural students in Advanced Placement courses
Aug 9, 6:15 AM: While Clark County grapples with how to address the equity gap and participation dip, state education officials are also targeting another demographic — high school students living in rural areas.
Oasis Academy gets high marks on accreditation report
Aug 7, 5:05 AM: After a year of meetings Oasis Academy Charter School received its first accreditation report since the school first opened its doors in 2011. The evaluation consisted of weeks of processing, class visitations and >
Valeria Gurr on why Nevada minority parents support school choice
Jul 27, 4:41 AM: Minority parents in Nevada strongly support school choice, and elected officials are taking notice. School choice is also a way to help modernize education. That’s according to Valeria Gurr, director of Nevada School >
EDITORIAL: To attract better teachers to low-performing schools, reform union pay structure
Jul 23, 4:43 AM: State education officials raised concerns last week about disparities in teacher quality between Clark County schools in affluent and low-income areas. And, once again, the problem can be traced to the one-size-fits-all >
Dispute between Clark County teachers union, rival turns juvenile
Jul 16, 6:44 AM: The long public spat between the Clark County Education Association (CCEA) and the new National Education Association of Southern Nevada (NEA-SN) has gotten particularly ugly during the drop period that ends Sunday. >
New union accuses rival of bullying Clark County teachers
Jul 6, 6:22 AM: The new Clark County affiliate of the Nevada State Education Association is accusing its rival union of bullying and intimidating teachers to prevent them from dropping their membership.



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