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Local eight-year-old amputee finds academic success in virtual classroom
Jan 30, 8:04 AM: Because Logan can do most things for himself his parents didn’t question putting him in public school for Kindergarten last year, but when they were told he would be put in a special education class they were taken back. >
Educators have a taste for charter school reform, but do legislators?
Jan 30, 6:40 AM: Nevada’s two most prominent education associations would love to see sweeping charter school reform but they aren’t holding their breath waiting for it, despite the political conditions being ripe for an overhaul of >
Opinion: Sisolak prepares to undue Sandoval’s education legacy
Jan 30, 6:20 AM: Over the next two years, Gov. Steve Sisolak plans to gut and eliminate Brian Sandoval’s major education reforms. It’s all to benefit the government unions who backed his campaign.
Principal envisions online school as one answer to district's equity challenges
Jan 28, 7:31 AM: The online school also serves a little more than 5,000 part-time students who are taking at least one class — perhaps an Advanced Placement, dual-enrollment or career-oriented course not offered at their traditional >
School choice battle returns, this time over coming drop-off of Opportunity Scholarships
Jan 25, 6:42 AM: All three placed children in private schools because of Nevada’s Opportunity Scholarship, and were among the dozens of people who testified to lawmakers Tuesday, asking them to boost the program by another $20 million over >
Hundreds rally for school choice outside Nevada capitol building
Jan 23, 6:17 AM: Hundreds of people marched and rallied in Nevada’s capital Tuesday to kick off a week promoting school choice.
How two Las Vegas charter schools are excelling in high-need areas
Jan 23, 6:06 AM: More than half of the students at Mater Academy Mountain Vista charter school are English language learners. The poverty rate in the community surrounding the school is so high that all its students qualify to receive free >
Column: Improving education for Nevada children through school choice
Jan 22, 7:39 AM: Trite as it sounds, the phrase rings true: Children are our nation’s future — and they deserve the brightest future they can get. In many cases, whether or not a child receives a quality education will determine his or her >
Editorial: School Choice Week in Nevada
Jan 22, 5:39 AM: A poll conducted two years ago for the Clark County Education Association found that most Las Vegas parents — particularly in minority communities — favor the concept of school choice as a means of improving the state’s >
Nevada universities, colleges have plans to close education gap at schools
Jan 18, 7:44 AM: All seven universities and colleges in Nevada have come up with their own plan to close the education gaps at their institution, and they expect to see results by 2025.
Column: Kieckhefer signals that Republicans don’t support Sisolak’s tax hike
Jan 18, 5:52 AM: One priority of Senate Republicans is expanding Opportunity Scholarships. “We would certainly like to see continued funding to support, not only those students that are currently enrolled in those private schools with the >
Study: Fewer underprivileged students at charter schools
Jan 15, 7:54 AM: Nevada’s charter schools have grown in popularity but fall short when it comes to serving more vulnerable students, a new study says.
Nevada charter schools’ successes aren’t reaching everywhere
Jan 14, 8:09 AM: In the 22 years since they were authorized by the Legislature, public charter schools have in some ways lived up to the idea that they could provide a better education.
No replay of ESA furor expected in Nevada legislative session
Jan 14, 7:02 AM: A controversial school voucher-like program that created chaos at the end of the 2017 legislative session likely won’t cause a similar brouhaha this year.
Column: Nevada charter authority lands in battle over accountability
Jan 2, 6:31 AM: But there’s a larger issue at play here — a charter-school civil war between those who take a hard line on virtual schools, and those who fight for those schools to stay open. Expect more skirmishes if state regulators >
What's next for charter schools in Washoe County?
Dec 18, 7:23 AM: The Washoe County School District Board decided this after the school failed to meet state guidelines. Families at other charter schools are now wondering how they can play a role in keeping their campus open. >
8 struggling Clark County schools face possible charter competition
Dec 14, 8:06 AM: Eight struggling Clark County middle schools face potential competition from neighborhood charter schools after being approved Thursday by the State Board of Education to participate in the Achievement School District >
Controversial Achievement School District grows, but is it working?
Dec 13, 6:44 AM: The achievement district faced strong opposition from traditional schools back in its beginnings in 2016. But with schools like Nevada Rise and Nevada Prep, it's slowly and steadily growing.
Nevada's first charter high school in trouble Charter School In Jeopardy
Dec 11, 6:18 AM: In a charter school story KOLO 8 did back in 2001, Stephanie Tau, a junior at the “I can do anything” charter school, told us about the attributes of Nevada’s first charter high school.
Sen. Mo Denis details his plans, goals for Nevada education
Dec 6, 6:18 AM: Denis said, “There are different ways to educate kids. The Opportunity Scholarships is one of those ways that you can help some kids, as we’ve seen in this particular instance. I think the biggest piece with the >



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