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Nevada governor hopeful Jared Fisher outlines education plan
May 17, 6:02 AM: Fisher also wants to fund Education Savings Accounts, the voucher-like program that provides families with money in per-pupil funding for private school tuition, home-school expenses and other educational services. Fisher >
Nevada governor hopeful outlines education plan
May 16, 5:40 AM: Republican gubernatorial candidate Jared Fisher on Tuesday unveiled a 10-point plan that offers more support for students and teachers and focuses on re-evaluating how education is funded in Nevada.
Nevada charter school fights back against possible closure
May 15, 5:39 AM: Lawyers for an online charter school are fighting back in an effort to prevent the state’s oversight committee from shutting it down.
Gubernatorial candidate Giunchigliani lays out education plan
May 10, 4:42 AM: Gubernatorial candidate Chris Giunchigliani on Wednesday unveiled her education plan calling for increased teacher salaries and more base per-pupil funding throughout Nevada.
Gubernatorial candidates spar over education funding at bipartisan forum
May 9, 6:26 AM: Low education funding and the state’s $750 million share of the Raiders stadium cost were key topics at a gubernatorial candidate forum hosted by a group of faith and nonprofit organizations.
Commentary: Nevada’s Charter Schools Just May Be the Answer
May 1, 7:19 AM: For those of us in business, it should come as no surpise that privately run charter schools are out performing traditional government run schools, by a landslide. We’re all frustrated with our state’s dismal ranking in >
EDITORIAL: Lessons from Nevada’s teacher union civil war
Apr 30, 7:14 AM: There’s an unexpected group urging Clark County School District teachers to opt out of their local union: the state teachers union.
State Public Charter School Authority holds closure hearing from online charter school
Apr 30, 4:35 AM: An online charter school that serves 2,000 students grade K-12 statewide is facing possible closures and during a meeting on Friday April 27th, the school and parents of students enrolled attended to show their support to >
New Clark County teachers union announced after disaffiliation vote
Apr 26, 7:00 AM: At the same time the Clark County teachers union held a vote Wednesday night to cut ties with the state and national union, a separate coalition of state and local leaders announced the creation of a new union for Southern >
Nevada’s charter school ‘deserts’ strand low-income kids
Apr 26, 6:41 AM: Charter schools are often championed as a way to improve the educational outcomes of underprivileged students, but many of their parents never get to find out if that’s true. That’s because many poor communities — >
The Independent Poll: Public support for school choice initiatives remains mixed
Apr 25, 4:49 AM: The 2017 legislative session ended sans funding for Education Savings Accounts, spurring speculation about the fate of the controversial program that would have drastically widened school choice in Nevada.
Commentary: Nevada's Opportunity Scholarships: A win for students and taxpayers alike
Apr 20, 6:12 AM: According to the study, each time a student is awarded an Opportunity Scholarship financed by Modified Business Tax credits, the state realizes a net-savings in education spending. These savings accrue proportionately to >
Laxalt's education plan: Appoint school boards, boost private schools and no commerce tax
Apr 6, 6:10 AM: The Republican governor candidate’s eight-point plan pledges to add to the outgoing governor’s sweeping, multimillion-dollar reforms in part by renewing stalled efforts to use public funds for private school tuition. >
Governor candidate Laxalt unveils education plan for Nevada
Apr 5, 4:55 AM: Gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt unveiled his education plan Wednesday calling for extensive reforms in Nevada’s K-12 system that he says leaves too many students “stuck in schools that are failing them. >
“Hidden gem” of the community graduates 98% of students and prepares them for careers
Apr 4, 6:09 AM: As the director of Signature Academy and Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs, Dr. Dana Ryan said the goal is to prepare students for college and skilled careers -- and keep them engaged and having fun while they do >
Clark County School District’s Turnaround Zone brings mixed results
Apr 2, 5:38 AM: When Frederick Watson became principal of Fitzgerald Elementary in North Las Vegas four years ago, morale was low and the one-star school was among the lowest-rated in the state in academic achievement.
Clark County magnet schools give students opportunity to pursue passions
Mar 30, 7:43 AM: He had attended a different elementary school in southwest Las Vegas through third grade but it wasn't challenging enough for him. He enjoys how all the subjects at the Henderson school, which focuses on science, >
State Charter School Authority votes to shut down Argent Preparatory Academy formerly Silver State Charter School
Mar 26, 4:58 AM: The court-appointed receiver Joshua Kern recommended closure after two years of trying to fix perennially low graduation rates, high student turnover and falling enrollment. He told the authority board there are only 143 >
Commentary: Nevada’s Opportunity Scholarships a win for students and taxpayers alike
Mar 23, 5:55 AM: According to the study, each time a student is awarded an Opportunity Scholarship financed by Modified Business Tax credits, the state realizes a net savings in education spending. These savings accrue proportionately to >
Twist in feud between Nevada teachers union, Clark County local
Mar 22, 6:15 AM: A new bylaw expected to be adopted by the Nevada teacher’s union would allow it to put local affiliates under a “trusteeship,” a move that leaders of the Clark County local see as a direct attack on them in response to an >



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