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State, local teacher unions file dueling lawsuits over money battle
Sep 22, 6:18 AM: A money-related beef has escalated into a legal battle between the union that represents Clark County teachers and its parent organizations, further souring their already rocky relationship.
New academy starts as man's dream, becomes reality
Aug 30, 6:11 AM: A new charter school in an underserved area of the east part of the Las Vegas valley opened at the beginning of the school year and was already at capacity.
State board rejects Nevada Connections Academy’s improvement plan
Aug 24, 4:59 AM: A state board charged with overseeing charter schools on Wednesday rejected Nevada Connections Academy’s plan to improve its graduation rate — meaning the long process to decide the school’s fate will continue into the >
Online charter school presents ‘cure’ in effort to avoid closure
Aug 23, 4:36 AM: At its regular meeting Wednesday, the board will decide whether the latest “cure” proposed by the school for its 37 percent graduation rate — well below the 60 percent threshold set by the state — is acceptable. If they >
Choosing a virtual K-12 education
Aug 15, 5:11 AM: This is Sophia's second year as a student at Nevada Connections Academy. It's a free online public school. Sophia's parents decided on this over a traditional school because of her severe allergies and autoimmune >
Nevada public charter school authority gets new leader
Jul 31, 6:09 AM: Nevada’s State Public Charter School Authority elected a new leader Friday, filling a void created last month when two members resigned. Jason Guinasso will take over as chairman for the entity, which oversees charter >
Dues, legislation drive teachers union skirmish
Jul 5, 7:27 AM: Differences over money and policy are putting the teachers’ union for Nevada’s biggest school district at odds with its state and national affiliate.
Teachers union leader discusses ESAs, improving at-risk schools and more
Jun 14, 6:31 AM: Murillo, president of the Nevada State Education Association, was hearing rumors that lawmakers were negotiating a compromise in the defining battle of the session — the fight over Gov. Brian Sandoval’s $60 million >
Nevada scholarship program benefits from political deadlock over ESAs
Jun 13, 5:57 AM: A small scholarship program for low-income Nevada students got a $20 million boost in funding last week when legislators couldn’t come to terms on education savings accounts, or ESAs.
ESA blame game splits Nevada GOP
Jun 12, 5:46 AM: Nevada Republicans are split over who is to blame for the failure to fund the state’s dormant education savings accounts.
Nevada Republicans may have lost ESAs now, but fight isn’t over
Jun 7, 5:12 AM: The battle may have been lost on Education Savings Accounts in the 2017 session of the Nevada Legislature, but the war will continue in the next go-round for lawmakers in 2019.
Sandoval: ESA talks went ‘as far as they could,’ not worth a government shutdown
Jun 6, 5:16 AM: Senate Bill 544 and several other budget bills were signed on the last day of the session after the Legislature passed a pot tax and other pieces of legislation caught up in the ESA funding fight.
Nevada Senate reaches deal to end budget stalemate
Jun 5, 6:18 AM: Under the deal, a one-time addition of $20 million in available tax credits will be made to expand funding for Opportunity Scholarships. The program is supported by businesses that receive tax breaks in exchange for tax >
Nevada Legislature mired in partisan standoff over controversial ESAs
Jun 5, 5:05 AM: The Nevada Legislature found itself in a high-stakes standoff Saturday that could put a $270 million hole in the upcoming general fund budget.
Legislature meltdown: Democrats blow up ESA deal, Sandoval vetoes bills
Jun 2, 5:14 AM: Fireworks lit up the Senate floor Thursday afternoon, and the explosions blew up a deal for Education Savings Accounts.
Silver State Charter School says goodbye to 38 members of the Class of 2017
Jun 1, 6:10 AM: Silver State Charter School celebrated 38 graduates Wednesday night with warm wishes toward the future while reminiscing on the stories they shared over the past four years.
Non-takeover options added to charter legislation
May 31, 5:47 AM: New provisions will be added to the Achievement School District program, under an amendment to Senate Bill 430. The bill originally sought to dismantle the program, which was created to partner up to six underperforming >
Fate of Nevada Connections Academy remains undecided
May 30, 5:43 AM: A three-day meeting wasn’t long enough for both the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority and Nevada Connections Academy to decide the online K-12 charter’s fate.
Education savings accounts get hearing but no action in Carson City
May 30, 5:06 AM: Education savings accounts, a Republican priority allowing parents to tap state funding to send their children to private schools, received a long-awaited hearing Monday as lawmakers try to end a stalemate and avoid >
Hearing could lead to closure of Nevada online charter school
May 26, 6:20 AM: Nevada Connections Academy was first put on notice in September that the authority would consider closing it because of poor graduation rates.



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