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Nebraska charter schools bill draws overflow crowd with clashing views
Mar 15, 4:50 AM: Passions ran high Tuesday at a legislative hearing about whether Nebraska should start allowing publicly funded charter schools in the state.
Debate over school choice in Nebraska
Feb 23, 6:19 AM: Unbeknownst to Nebraska students, a fiery and impassioned debate surrounds them. “When we talk about school choice, we're just talking about the option and the opportunity for all parents - regardless of income or zip code >
Some view charter schools as 'solution looking for a problem'
Feb 15, 6:58 AM: As some lawmakers push for charter schools, others in Nebraska are wondering why they're necessary.
Opponents line up against proposal in Nebraska Legislature to use state funds for private schooling
Feb 14, 6:31 AM: Defenders of Nebraska public schools came out swinging Monday against the idea of using state dollars to pay private school tuition.
New OPS student assignment plan sets off scramble for rides; 2,500 could lose busing eligibility
Feb 13, 6:15 AM: Some Omaha Public Schools families are switching schools or scrambling to organize carpools ahead of sweeping changes to the district’s student assignment plan.
State ed board votes to oppose bills allowing for charter schools, vouchers; members can't agree on physical force bill
Feb 6, 7:22 AM: The push to allow charter schools and vouchers in Nebraska got push-back Friday from members of the Nebraska State Board of Education. Board members voted to oppose legislative bills that would allow for charter schools >
Larson’s Bill Would Authorize Charter Schools
Feb 2, 6:12 AM: The O’Neill senator representing District 40 hopes to achieve that goal through the Independent Public Schools Act, a legislative bill allowing charter schools to exist in Nebraska. The bill says Charters could form in any >
Tax credit for private-school scholarships draws strong support, pointed questions
Jan 27, 6:02 AM: A proposed dollar-for-dollar tax credit for donations to private-school scholarship funds would enable more students to attend parochial schools in Nebraska, but on Thursday the notion prompted concerns about potential >
Public school advocates say charters, vouchers would hurt Nebraska
Jan 26, 7:30 AM: Public school advocates took turns at a podium in the State Capitol on Wednesday to argue against charter schools and vouchers they say would hurt what some consider the best public school systems in the nation. >
OPS union won’t sign off on alternative middle school program run by outsiders
Dec 23, 7:52 AM: The Omaha Public Schools teachers union is refusing to sign off on a plan to resurrect an alternative middle school program and have it run by an outside contractor.
Landscape could be changing for school choice in Nebraska
Dec 19, 6:41 AM: School choice advocates gained a few new friends in the Nebraska Legislature and a big one in the White House with this year’s election.
Charter schools cause divisions in District 7 legislative race
Nov 7, 7:14 AM: With Election Day less than a week away, opponents in the District 7 legislative race are clashing over one candidate’s past support of charter schools.
In Omaha Virtual School, 160 home-schoolers are forging a new educational path in Nebraska
Oct 31, 6:23 AM: The program, run by the Omaha Public Schools, is the first K-8 virtual school in Nebraska. Classes started in August for the 160 students who enrolled. All of them are home-schooled. Their families took a gamble on a free >
State Board of Education candidates seek to shape future of Nebraska schools
Oct 11, 6:26 AM: Charter schools, experience and the backing of the Nebraska state teachers union are factors in two contested races for the Nebraska State Board of Education.
Candidates focus on public education in race to represent northeast Omaha in Legislature
Oct 10, 5:44 AM: Bolstering public education is a top priority for the two candidates vying to represent northeast Omaha in the Nebraska Legislature.
OPS dual-language program caters to students new to English or Spanish
Sep 15, 6:41 AM: Parents in some parts of Omaha, including Gifford Park and north Omaha, have been clamoring for dual-language programs at their schools to foster multiculturalism at an early age and to improve student performance. >
OPS gearing up for this month's debut of Nebraska’s first K-8 virtual school
Aug 1, 6:37 AM: Nebraska’s first K-8 virtual school recently got the blessing of the Omaha school board, while Omaha Public Schools Superintendent Mark Evans gave assurances that the online program would avoid the pitfalls that have >
OPS to test virtual education program with home-schooled students in grades K-8
Jul 5, 6:46 AM: Free from the walls of a traditional classroom, kids enrolled in Nebraska’s first K-8 virtual school could have access to 3-D printers and a full menu of educational videos to peruse at their own pace. They could >
Online pledge solicits support for public schools
Mar 18, 4:50 AM: Education is center stage again this legislative session in Lincoln, with a years-long debate over charter schools getting more attention as both sides ramp up their efforts.
Parents organize to push for education input, school choice
Feb 26, 5:54 AM: Dozens of engaged parents gathered to speak up for students. Many said their loved ones struggled in traditional classrooms settings.



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