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State releases reading, writing, math scores
Aug 30, 11:53 AM:

NE district's test scores generally fall below state averages. District official wants to make sure standards and curriculum are aligned, since this was first year of statewide math assessment. Parents will be getting >

Educators told: No easy fixes
Aug 4, 6:33 AM:

Ed Commissioner says it's a myth public schools are failing, denies charters could do better. Calls on Supers to question tradition, stop using budget constraints as an excuse. Teachers aren't miracle workers, and >

Commission touts need for more virtual education, flexible calendar
Jul 27, 10:42 AM:

NE Ed Commissioner calls for extended school year, and more early childhood and virtual education. Argues schools' mission has changed since 1950s, and families no longer need long vacations to help with harvest. Would >

A battle plan for 'war on truancy'
Jul 12, 9:41 AM:

NE attempts to combat truancy problem. Tracking system reveals truancy a major factor in state's achievement gap. Tells us neighboring states' truancy definitions are lower than 20 days. Doesn't dig for scoop behind high >

Virtual school plan praised
Jun 22, 6:37 AM:

Article about report extolling benefits of virtual schools, especially for students in rural or low-performing areas, but would like to see a few more specifics and info about costs. Good details on what NE wants to do >

NPHS graduate takes reins of school district
Jun 1, 12:14 PM:

In NE, North Platte Schools choose acting super from within. Focus here is on her background -- local high school grad -- and resume. Mentioned, but worthy of more details, is fact only four people in district qualify to >

Some Parents Say New Truancy Law Unfair
Jun 1, 8:25 AM:

KETV uses a singular example to question state's new truancy laws. Is case reflective of a broader problem or an isolated incident? If the latter, report should make effort to reflect that. Students can't learn if they >

School's out for the last time
May 27, 1:27 PM:

Omaha, NE Archdiocese closes two elementary schools. Article contrasts feelings of teachers -- very sad/emotional -- with young students' desire for summer fun and seeming obliviousness to closure. Would like to know >

Why Nebraska teachers feel leery about governor
May 27, 9:11 AM:

Not sure what to make of this op-ed describing NE teachers' apprehension with governor. Need more details than new labor law gives state and local government the "upper hand." Tell us why that's a bad thing -- or is it? >

Teacher union blasts governor
May 20, 8:39 AM:

NE teachers union blasts Gov for signing highway construction bill, saying it takes money away from K-12 ed. By that they mean teacher salaries, of course. Fine to want better pay for teachers, but need to tie it to >

Chadron, G-R schools look to take biggest hits
May 12, 10:35 AM:

Chadron, NE, schools braced for state aid cuts. Lots of talk about property taxes; almost nothing on student impact. A missed opportunity to look at challenges facing rural schools, and ways to maintain ed quality >

Manual-Legislature approves new school funding formula
May 9, 1:10 PM:

State to provide $822M in aid to schools next year. Local districts don't know exactly what they're getting and not happy with new restrictions. Unclear what's meant by restrictions. Less money? Specific rules about how >

Neb. lawmakers scheduled to debate unions bill
May 4, 10:01 AM:

NE Legislature to consider new bill on collective bargaining. Worthwhile. As with most union stories, no reference to impact on classrooms. Districts must find a way to retain their best teachers, keep class sizes >

Manual-Longer Millard school day opposed
May 4, 9:05 AM:

In NE, Millard board considers more class time for students. Some parents opposed. Reasons from both sides detailed here. Curious to know what neutral experts say about whether additional instruction time makes >

Manual-Nelson: Distance learning rules bad for state
May 2, 9:56 AM:

NE Senator Nelson criticized U.S. Ed Dept. rules on distance learning, competitive education grant programs and other reforms. Assumes no one would come to rural areas to teach at charters and parents wouldn't choose >

Manual-Ed chief hears from Nebraska
May 2, 9:53 AM:

NE officials tell U.S. Ed Secretary their worries about listing persistently low-achieving schools in order to get fed money. Worry about replacing rural educators. Lots of details, but unclear if Duncan can make >

Lawmakers advance truancy measure
Apr 28, 2:38 PM:

NE truancy bill needs one more round of approval from lawmakers. Coverage doesn't go far enough highlighting how measure is different from last year's legislation. Will extended absence policies and reporting >

TeamMates walk for a reason
Apr 11, 8:17 AM:

TeamMate youth mentoring program walk a success. Walk funds used for graduating TeamMates' scholarships. Mentoring program one of its kind? Expansion of program might encourage more students to graduate and set goals.

VALTS featured in Nebraska public education video
Apr 8, 3:13 PM:

Mini-documentary underscores successful public education programs in Nebraska. Film embarks on broadening conversation, inspiring. What other programs were chosen for the film project? Talk about their successes so as to >



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