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Opinion: Legislature should oppose private school proposal
Feb 25, 7:12 AM: They tell us tax credit scholarships won’t hurt our neighborhood schools, but the loss of $10 million a year must come from somewhere. And at a time when public schools in Omaha are consistently underfunded by the state, >
Teachers group slams Ricketts for calling public schools 'government schools'
Feb 13, 6:19 AM: The statewide teachers union slammed Gov. Pete Ricketts on Wednesday for calling the state's public schools "government schools" — a term used by President Donald Trump during his State of the Union speech to criticize >
Education leaders, governor commit to getting kids through college sooner
Nov 27, 6:42 AM: Gov. Pete Ricketts, Nebraska education leaders and a state business representative committed Tuesday to nudge students toward college graduation without dally or delay.
Opinion: Don't divert public funds to private schools
Nov 1, 6:22 AM: Last week, the Journal Star ran an opinion piece by a lawyer ("Case could grow school choice," Oct. 24) suggesting that a pending Montana case before the U.S. Supreme Court should have Nebraska rethink how it funds K-12 >
Talent crisis in Nebraska’s technology field prompts concern
Oct 25, 5:10 AM: The press conference was part of Nebraska Tech Collaborative, a group formed by the Aksarben Foundation to bridge the gap between business leaders and educators throughout the state and to address Nebraska’s shortage of >
Rural school districts go "virtual" with new technology
Sep 12, 6:05 AM: Four local school districts are bridging the gap between rural areas and technology with virtual reality.
Opinion: Nebraska missed chance on tax-credit scholarships
Jun 19, 5:09 AM: When it comes to parental choice in education, Nebraska is a 77,000-square-mile desert. The state has zero choice programs.
Editorial: Outreach efforts to Nebraska students can help prepare future workforce
Jun 4, 6:27 AM: Modern manufacturing has a remarkable production capability through connections linking software and sophisticated output devices. Among the items that recently resulted at one Nebraska site: model cars, a door stop, >
Filibuster pushes private school scholarships bill off agenda in Nebraska Legislature
May 14, 7:01 AM: For the second year in a row, opponents of a bill creating a tax credit for Nebraskans who donate to a scholarship fund for private and parochial schools mounted a successful filibuster.
Editorial: Legislature should work out urban-rural agreement on school aid
Apr 11, 7:58 AM: Given this collision of competing school interests, it’s entirely possible that Nebraska lawmakers could stalemate on this issue. That would be a major setback for a legislative session whose central theme is addressing >
Editorial: Legislature needs to keep urban-rural tensions in check this session
Feb 15, 7:51 AM: Tension sometimes develops between rural and urban lawmakers at the Nebraska Legislature when the differing needs of their districts clash. That’s the nature of a representative democracy. But this session, lawmakers have >
Editorial: Nebraska should give a needed boost to civics education
Feb 13, 8:22 AM: Our country is stronger and healthier when its citizens, across lines of party and ideology, have a basic knowledge of our government and civic principles fundamental to a free society. Although Americans shouldn’t be >
Letter: Private schools save taxpayers a lot
Feb 1, 6:43 AM: In Nebraska, there are roughly 300,000 public school students, about 39,500 private school students and another 7,500 home-school students. That’s 47,000 children who don’t show up on the doorstep of your local public >
Annual school choice rally focuses on scholarship tax credit bill
Jan 25, 5:49 AM: This is the sole school choice bill this year. In past years, senators have introduced bills to allow charter schools but this year decided to focus on the tax credits, which Linehan said will not affect state funding to >
Opinion: Improve school choice access in Nebraska
Jan 24, 5:59 AM: This new year also brings with it a new session of the Legislature and a chance to make a change in policy as well. This National School Choice Week, we should think about the ways an expansion of school choice will help >
Local View: St. Mary's plight shows need for school choice
Dec 17, 5:59 AM: Many low-income, racially diverse parents in our community just lost access to an education they know is best for their children. And when students and parents lose educational opportunity, our entire community loses. >
UNL Honors partners with local schools to create student-led programs
Oct 30, 5:44 AM: Honors students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln can earn honors credit outside the classroom and in the community through a new initiative that allows them to bring their expertise to elementary schools across >
Apprenticeships give students opportunity
Oct 19, 6:52 AM: On Thursday, representatives from the U.S. Department of Labor and Nebraska Department of Labor signed an agreement with the school district for the Youth Intermediary Registered Apprenticeship Program.
Letter: Make education funding equal, provide alternatives for students
Aug 28, 5:49 AM: Expanding quality choices that cost less to educate a child, especially to parents who cannot afford more choices, is a viable option. It is no surprise that organizations like Stand for Schools that lobby to protect >
Opinion: Charter schools are valid educational option
Aug 10, 4:44 AM: The Aug. 7 letter to the editor by Bert Peterson of Hastings, “Keep charter schools out of state,” painted a wildly inaccurate portrait of the opportunities that public charter schools could bring to children in Nebraska. >



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