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State Challenges Seen as Whittling Away Federal Education Law
Aug 15, 4:46 AM:

Western states, MT, ID, UT, led rebellion against NCLB's raising test targets and it's within this context that Ed Sec Duncan developed waiver plan to halt further state-led  "educational insurrection." Turning point >

Great Falls schools embrace online teaching
Aug 1, 7:30 AM:

MT offers students online options. Two virtual academies highlighted. Personal examples aren't useful because bigger picture of how online learning offers choices isn't here. Curriculum discussion worrisome. Standards >

Teachers ratify contract
Jul 27, 9:06 AM:

Very brief and basic fact-filled story on Butte (MT) teachers union approving one-year contract. Focus is on teacher raises, but would like to know why it took months to negotiate such a short contract. Tell us about >

Federally-backed program credited with improving four Montana reservation schools
Jul 20, 11:01 AM:

Federally funded program helps struggling MT schools correct problems. One, however, was left behind. Offers only generalizations of steps taken to improve schools when specifics could serve as an example for others. >

Montana poorest-performing school district makes gains despite missing out on grant
Jul 19, 12:36 PM:

Worst-performing MT school sees progress after developing a turnaround plan. Effectively uses data to illustrate dire situation and the first signs of improvement. Details some of the strategies taken by schools to >

Court says Brady residents cannot join Conrad school district
Jul 13, 9:56 AM:

MT Supreme Court says Brady residents cannot transfer property taxes to Conrad School District. Readers unfamiliar with state's policy won't understand why Brady residents have students in Conrad district in first place. >

School grant to help military kids adjust
Jul 13, 9:54 AM:

Great Falls, MT, gets federal grant to fund military students' support program, TROOPS. Aim to ease transitions arising from frequent moves and keep parents informed. Exactly how this pans out isn't revealed, though. >

Montana school superintendents move on, take stock in long careers
Jun 24, 11:56 AM:

MT superintendents moving on or moving out to pasture as school year ends. Poignant profile of one administrator taking his leave, but leaves reader wondering: so, what? Tell us more about his efforts in the classroom >

In Anaconda: Four-track high school curriculum approved
Jun 22, 3:24 PM:

Anaconda, MT high students now have multi-track program for getting a diploma. Article details curriculum changes that let students choose program based on their interests and post-high school plans. No comments from >

Helena School District has large hiring pool
May 27, 1:24 PM:

Helena school system has 15 teaching openings and 600 applicants. Focus is on district's ability to make sure high quality teachers fill vacancies. More interesting is number of applicants in Helena almost equals number >

Tight funds loom over contract negotiations with Missoula teachers
May 23, 1:17 PM:

State teachers union asks for raise. District says it's out of money and offers no across the board pay hike. Article details negotiations but never gives exact cost of raise teachers want. Surprising union president not >

Juneau to recommend new ‘core standards’
May 12, 2:15 PM:

MT top school official to introduce new Common Core standards. Emphasis on specific benchmarks and keeping students competing on national, global scale. Plan seems to have support of teachers, administrators. Should >

Montana education funding still up in the air
May 10, 11:44 AM:

Major question marks for MT funding. Conversation needs to be about how schools can live with what they receive while still bettering the atmosphere for students. Education funding has been rising for years, yet >

Veto creates school-funding shortage
May 9, 8:22 AM:

MT Gov vetoes bill transferring money from other sources. Rejection results in state aid dropping. Lawmakers claim this hurts schools, but coverage doesn't reveal how students would be affected. Find out what plan is for >

One Class at a Time: Cold Springs School
May 4, 9:03 AM:

MT first grade teacher welcomes $250 grants to buy new books for class. Kids are hungry to learn, she says. An example of school looking outwards for essential resources. Challenge is often continuing this excitement >

Bill spreading oil, gas wealth to schools statewide poised for approval
Apr 25, 1:17 PM:

Some MT school districts get oil-and-gas tax money. These reserves have caught the eye of state lawmakers who want to distribute the money statewide. Lots of ink on the money side, would like to know how additional >

Montana lawmakers reach tentative deal on school funding
Apr 22, 6:08 AM:

MT Legislature brokers deal on school funding. Accounts for inflationary increases, good; excludes charter language, bad. No explanation for state’s continued resistance to charter reform. No exploration of potential >

School-funding compromise floated, but House GOP conferees not enthusiastic
Apr 19, 5:59 AM:

Compromise surfaces increase in state support for schools. $1.5 billion over two years, to match inflation. Comprehensive look at proposal and at some GOPs not happy about absence of stronger language authorizing charter >

Montana school funding bill may include charter-school language
Apr 18, 8:12 AM:


MT school funding bill may include language to allow charters. 1 of last 10 states with no charter law and sounds like many still opposed. "New experimental schools"? Charters have been around since 1992. Define >

Republicans struggle for schools consensus
Apr 15, 9:24 AM:

MT lawmakers debate spending. Clueless how school funds are spent here. Also unknown why Senate Ed Committee chairman opposes charter bill. Look harder -- state students might score well on state reading exams, but not >



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