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Montana House Endorses Private School Tax Credit
Mar 18, 5:45 AM: Montana representatives have given initial approval to a Republican proposal to give tax credits for private school tuition.
Non-Profit provides school choice program for Montana
Nov 21, 6:27 AM:

Businessman collaborates with Denver based non-profit to make a private school education foundation for low-income students. Montana currently without government school choice program. Hundreds of students currently in >

Montana Ranks Last for School Choice (CER in the news)
Oct 7, 6:59 AM: According to the Parent Power Index put out by the Center for Education Reform, Montana finished dead last for parents' ability to make choices and be involved in school.
The turnaround: Butte high’s dropout rate on par with state average for first time in years
Mar 10, 6:30 AM: Thanks to special intervention programs and students like Edwards who are sticking with school, Butte High's dropout rate is on par with state averages for the first time in years. Only about 3.6 percent of students who >
Business group praises Bullock for investment in early education
Jul 30, 9:40 AM:

MT business leaders applaud Governor's education initiatives, especially investment in early childhood education. Early childhood education proven to boost long term education outcomes but not readily accessible to every >

Reading program hands out books: 'Super Summer Six' promotes neighborhood literacy (with video)
Jul 10, 10:11 AM:

Great Falls literacy teachers distributing free books in low-income neighborhoods, encouraging students to read. Goal is to prevent academic "backsliding" over summer. 

Public charter school system passed by Montana Senate
Apr 4, 2:51 PM:

MT bill allowing charter schools may see the light of day if it passes in the House. However, this watered down bill is merely a shadow of what the charter school law actually could be, leaving most of the power in the >

House Republicans continue to advance ‘school choice’ bills through Legislature
Feb 12, 6:23 AM:

GOP pushes school choice measures while Dems give in to common myths that school choice will drain money from traditional public schools. How choice measures are playing out in other states would add to debate, along >

‘School choice’ bills advance on mostly party-line votes
Feb 7, 6:49 AM:

Tax credit and charter school bills pass House & Senate committees respectively. Zero Dems voted yes on bills, saying the state's public schools are just fine. A look at achievement stats and how options are working for >

Montana Digital Academy picking up steam
Jan 18, 7:39 AM:

MT digital academy an option for students wanting to take classes school doesn't offer, as well as students needing to recover class credits. But, no insight on how restrictions might be hindering students' options in >

Online classes skyrocket in popularity for Montana students
Dec 28, 8:03 AM:

Number of MT students taking online classes exceeds expectations & projected to double in 2 yrs. Call for more funding. Fails to make connection to choice-- popularity indicate demand for options in state ranking low in >

Education Superintendent outlines goals
Dec 17, 7:37 AM:

Rundown of State Ed Chief's goals for upcoming legislative session, which include call for higher dropout age, more $$ for cyber school and K-12 among other projects. Briefly notes how  lawmakers likely to react to >

Conrad senator outlines sweeping education reform, funding bill he’ll present in 2013
Dec 14, 7:34 AM:

State lawmaker unveils reform plan calling for implementation of Common Core Standards and funding changes. Describes bill provisions and reasons behind push for proposal. Doesn't look at prospects for passage.

Race for state superintendent of schools heats up
Oct 8, 5:16 AM:

Profile of two candidates for MT State Super. Looks at backgrounds, what each wants to do if elected and incumbent's efforts with Common Core. Opinions about charters buried and no other choice views explored.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidates Debate
Sep 27, 5:18 AM:

Incumbent seeking re-election as state Super says they won't work in MT, but no exploration of why has that view and no evidence here to back statement. Opponent would support "properly designed system," but nothing on >

Task force wants to change accreditation standards
Aug 6, 11:03 AM:

High-performing schools in MT can seek state waivers from certain "input" waivers, such as having enough librarians per student or class size. Elevates student achievement in state accreditation standards.

Montana a Battleground for School Choice
Jun 20, 6:22 PM:

Lawmaker and leading advocates of school choice converged in Missoula to educate and rally, as state readies for legislative showdown in 2013. Interviews elected officials, organization leaders, and school administrators >

Bozeman Schools To Allow Social Media Use In Classrooms
Apr 11, 12:39 PM:

Bozeman (MT) board looks at lifting restrictions on using Facebook, Skype and other sites like them in classroom. Notes study of how they can impact learning, but no exploration of specific findings here.

Schools work toward adopting National Common Core Standards
Apr 11, 10:26 AM:

Announces MT effort to adopt Common Core, then leaps to a state award won by a local elementary school teacher. Minimal context provided for either, neither the Common Core nor the grant explained. Thoroughly unhelpful.  >

Great Falls gets 'Graduation Matters' grant
Mar 21, 5:13 PM:

MT district wins state money to put in place program to increase graduation rates. Broad strokes on drop-out prevention program. More probing to see if funds can be directed to charter schools with higher grad rates.




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