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School funding uncertain as lawmakers devise new plans
Mar 8, 12:04 PM:

MT editorial urges lawmakers to "commit to transparency" in school funding proposals so citizens can understand how they will affect schools. Unclear what is needed -- full text of bills? Can't they be obtained and >

Gazette opinion: School funding uncertain as lawmakers devise new plans
Mar 7, 11:23 AM:

As Montana districts head into a period of choppy budgetary waters, editorial calls on state legislators to be transparent while they develop education funding plans. Lots of talk about cuts but little about reforms >

Great Falls Schools Embracing Online Learning
Feb 18, 9:42 AM:

Students have online options during school year as Great Falls district extends from summer-only classes and Montana Digital Academy opens. Reporting forgets context -- no clue why online classes now offered, who is >

Bills would give tax breaks for kids to attend private schools
Feb 15, 9:45 AM:

Tax credit proposal for private school costs part of "school choice," says State Rep. Former teacher says public school problems led to retirement, legislation will provide more choice. Little heard from opponents.




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