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State to appeal school-choice ruling
Jun 2, 5:16 AM: A state court has rejected a Revenue Department rule that said private, religious schools in Montana can’t benefit from a new state education tax credit – but the department said Thursday it will appeal the ruling.
Montana Senate agrees to floor hearing of charter schools
Apr 21, 6:09 AM: The Montana Senate revived a charter schools bill Thursday that would sidestep the authority of school boards by establishing a new statewide commission to oversee a system of nontraditional schools.
Budget would slash funding for online classes, hurt smallest schools most
Mar 27, 6:42 AM: The Montana Digital Academy has grown significantly since its first classes in 2010, but it has never received sustainable funding from the state keeping pace with that growth. Instead, one-time-only funding has been added on top of >
Montana House passes charter school bill
Feb 28, 7:34 AM: The Montana House has passed a bill to create a charter school system for the state. The House approved the measure 55-44 Monday. It now goes to the Senate for consideration.
Charter school bill moves closer to head of class
Feb 27, 7:17 AM: The House of Representatives had a fiery discussion Friday before giving tentative approval to a proposal that would establish a public charter school system, ending with the bill’s sponsor vowing that if it were defeated he would >
Charter schools bill faces uncertain future in Montana
Feb 16, 7:25 AM: A Democrat's proposal to establish a statewide charter school system faces an uncertain future in Montana, even as Republicans hailed it as an opportunity to lift struggling schools.
Missoula schools examine alternative education ahead of new Willard school
Jan 6, 6:00 AM: Willard began in 2001 as a "school of choice" for students who were behind in credits or who had become disconnected from school. Students are not assigned to Willard; they have to apply.
Montana educators cautiously hopeful for teacher recruitment, retention efforts in 2017
Jan 3, 7:32 AM: Several studies have found that up to half of new teachers leave the profession within five years. Teacher recruitment and retention are on the minds of educators nationwide, and in specific ways in Montana. Montana has the lowest >
School choice debate likely to reignite in Montana Legislature
Dec 23, 5:54 AM: Advocates who want to see Montana create programs to allow more students to attend private and religious schools with the aid of tax credits and vouchers will be watching both the Legislature and the courts come January.
Majority of Republican lawmakers favor school vouchers, just 8% support pre-K funding
Dec 19, 5:57 AM: A survey of Montana lawmakers headed into the 2017 legislative session next month shows Republicans favor alternatives to public schools and Democrats want pre-kindergarten funding.
Candidates for governor lay out differing priorities for public education
Sep 26, 5:03 AM: Gov. Steve Bullock and Republican challenger Greg Gianforte are both campaigning on promises to improve the state’s public schools, but their visions of what needs to change and how to make it happen differ greatly.
Gov. Bullock highlights innovation at Bozeman’s Bridger charter school
Sep 1, 5:22 AM: The Bozeman School District won approval from the State Board of Public Education in May to create one of the state’s first charter programs, a school-within-a-school.
School choice advocacy group launches in Montana
Aug 1, 5:46 AM: The director of Americans for Prosperity announced the creation of a Montana school choice advocacy group on Friday.
Lincoln County gets Montana’s first charter school program
May 18, 5:46 AM: Students will soon have a chance to enroll in a new charter program to help them prepare for more diverse opportunities after high school thanks to the Lincoln County Vocational School of Innovation.
State responds to injunction ordering scholarships be allowed for religious schools
May 16, 5:11 AM: The Department of Revenue filed a response Thursday to a temporary injunction that, for now, means it must administer a scholarship program in a way that provides money to students that attend religious schools.
State replies to schools’ choice lawsuit
May 13, 5:00 AM: The Department of Revenue filed a response Thursday to a temporary injunction that, for now, means it must administer a scholarship program in a way that provides money to students that attend religious schools.
Montana school tax credit debate continues
Apr 11, 6:00 AM: The 2015 Montana state legislature passed a law that allows $150 scholarship donations for students attending schools -- both public and private. The donor is entitled to a matching tax credit against state taxes.
Montana families who sued over scholarship funds brace for possible appeal
Apr 11, 4:55 AM: Anderson, along with two other mothers of children who attend Stillwater, filed a lawsuit in December to gain access to scholarship funds administered through the state Department of Revenue. A law passed during the 2015 Legislature >
Lawmakers like Bozeman schools’ charter propsoal
Apr 8, 6:20 AM: Despite Montana’s long running tug-of-war over “school choice,” both sides had praise Thursday for Bozeman’s proposal to make the Bridger Alternative Program into a charter school program within Bozeman High >
Court: Montana families may get state scholarships to send kids to religious schools
Apr 4, 5:14 AM: Children who attend religious schools should be able to get scholarships from Montana's school choice program, according to a ruling by a Flathead County District Court judge on Thursday.



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