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Internet access has never been more important for Montana students, but gaps remain.
Mar 31, 7:22 AM: Rural internet access has long been a priority for education advocacy groups. There's been incremental progress and some victories; but it was one of so many issues in federal and state policy spheres, like a line of birds >
For Special Ed Students, Remote Learning Could Mean Foregoing Some Services
Mar 27, 6:44 AM: As Montana schools begin to provide education remotely in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus, parents will be serving as their child’s co-teacher at home. For many, that’s a large undertaking, but it’s even more of >
Montana Schools Scrambling To Transition To Online Learning
Mar 17, 6:31 AM: Following Montana Gov. Steve Bullock's order Sunday to close public schools for two weeks due to detections of the novel coronavirus, districts around the state scrambled on Monday to set plans in place for remote learning >
Billings high school seniors can shave a year off their college teaching degrees at MSUB
Mar 9, 8:49 AM: Montana State University Billings and School District 2 announced a program in which high school seniors can begin college coursework for an education degree, putting them on track to graduate in three years from MSUB. >
Montana's teacher shortage starting to affect bigger districts
Dec 2, 9:03 AM: Montana's teacher shortage is still a rural problem. Small schools in the state's most isolated areas struggle to recruit and retain teachers.
Opinion: We must invest in rural schools
Oct 11, 8:19 AM: To prepare Montana’s children for the future, we need to make big investments in our education system and that includes helping rural areas and states provide a quality education to our students today. >
Montana group takes aim at school privatization
Oct 4, 5:56 AM: A group was announced Tuesday that states its main purpose as defending students’ interests and the Montana Constitution by opposing school privatization in the Treasure State.
Dwindling enrollment threatens to squeeze rural schools
Sep 30, 6:25 AM: Like rural school administrators across Montana, Terry Public Schools Superintendent Joe Krause keeps a close eye on his enrollment numbers.
A broken bridge: Students struggle to go from high school to college
Aug 13, 7:09 AM: While Montana's high school graduation rate has increased over the years — from 82.17% for the 2010-2011 school year to 86.39% for the 2017-2018 school year — the state decreased requirements in math, and the majority of >
Dual enrollment jump-starts some students, leaves others behind
Aug 13, 7:05 AM: The lack of availability of dual enrollment courses at some schools also creates a widening opportunity gap for students. “It is, more often than not, our rural students, and in many cases, our students on our reservations >
Starting from behind: Montana's students face academic challenges from the start
Aug 12, 6:52 AM: Students entering the Montana University System are already behind, with only 33% achieving the required minimum ACT score of 22, according to state data from the 2017–2018 school year.
Parents reflect on case to be reviewed by U.S. Supreme Court
Aug 5, 5:31 AM: What originated as a lawsuit in December 2015 (Espinoza versus the Montana Department of Revenue) now has school choice, separation of church and state, public and private school advocates across the nation weighing in and >
More than half of Montana’s eighth-graders still aren’t proficient in math
Jun 21, 6:27 AM: The achievement gap for Montana students is widening as an increasing number of students fails to meet benchmarks for math proficiency in eighth grade.
Missoula considers apprentice incentive
Jun 6, 8:03 AM: Harp noted that apprenticeships are a career pathway to learning skills while working under supervision, and harken back to the Middle Ages. Most trades use them to connect master tradespeople with the next generation’s >
University of Montana pushes to expand online education
Mar 18, 5:55 AM: UM has lost students and faced deep budget reductions since 2011, and across the country, campuses like the Missoula flagship are competing for a pool of high school graduates projected to be flat or shrinking in many >
U.S. Supreme Court asked to enter Montana school tax credit fight
Mar 14, 5:13 AM: An appeal has been filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking it to strike down a decision by the Montana Supreme Court that found a tax credit program approved by the 2015 Legislature for private schools violated the state >
Montana's 'last resort' for finding teachers is becoming increasingly common in rural schools
Feb 5, 6:58 AM: Barely any Montana schools used emergency authorizations to certify teachers a few years ago. Now, that number has jumped to 94, more than double what it was last year.
Decision in Montana school choice lawsuit appealed to US Supreme Court
Jan 28, 8:48 AM: A Montana Supreme Court decision barring religious schools from a tax credit program will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
State Supreme Court strikes down tax credit for private schools
Dec 13, 5:31 AM: The Montana Supreme Court reversed a lower court decision Wednesday and said a tax credit program approved by the 2015 Legislature for private schools violated the state Constitution.
Rural kids wanted at both Bozeman high schools
Nov 30, 6:45 AM: In two years when Bozeman’s second high school opens, both schools should have a mix of students from rural and city schools, instead of lumping most rural teens into one school, the committee planning the transition said >



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