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Union says new policy would quickly dissolve the KCMO district
Jun 8, 2:05 PM:

Parents and school board support plan to turn struggling Kansas City school into "contract school" -- allowing them more autonomy, less district control. Good to see parents taking control of kids' education. But report >

McCaskill looks for solution to education policy problems
Jun 3, 12:36 PM:

MO Senator McCaskill tours state, talking with local educators about what they want changed and saying everyone she's spoken with thinks NCLB is flawed. Focus here is on McCaskill. Would like specifics on what educators >

Governor talks to Kirkwood High students about A+ program
Jun 3, 12:27 PM:

Gov Nixon urges Kirkwood High students to take advantage of two years free community college tuition earned through A+ program. Article tells us number of students participating, but not how many plan to further their ed >

Barat Academy's first seniors prepare to graduate
Jun 1, 5:36 AM:

Barat Academy graduates its inaugural class this Friday. Article begins with focus on pioneering students and their experience in new, independent Catholic school. Curious about passing reference to earlier financial >

Foundation gives $410,000 to UMKC School of Education
May 31, 2:08 PM:

Foundation gives nearly half a million dollars to University of MO-Kansas City to help those who teach about finance and the economy sharpen their skills. Few specifics on exactly how dollars will be used. Would like >

KC board, Covington diverge on plan for ‘portfolio’ district
May 31, 2:05 PM:

Kansas City, MO board working to create district made up of traditional public schools, charters, and contract schools. Super concerned board control over schools created steps on his authority. Focus on politics and >

Belcher's volunteer army attacks achievement gap in schools and beyond
May 24, 6:53 AM:

Exhaustive expose on Columbia’s struggle to bridge the achievement gap for low-income and minority students. Tackles each issue thoroughly and with a deft mix of hard data and compelling anecdotes. Efforts focused on >

Loss of young families is hurting city of St. Louis
May 23, 6:51 AM:

Editorial decries exodus of young families from St. Louis. Thoughtfully connects those vacancies with the city’s future economic well-being. Commendable in its plea for the community, as a whole, to come together to fix >

State Says KCMO Charter High School Misspent $256K
May 19, 10:33 AM:

Kansas City charter accused of misspending funds intended for low-income students. Shameful, if true. Associated Press write-up is painfully brief: is this the reason that the school is closing? Or were other factors >

Schools ‘nervous’ about changes in Missouri accreditation
May 18, 7:34 AM:

Disconnect between high number of school districts getting state's highest rating and "middle of the pack" national ranking as state works to raise standards. Worries here about non-academic factors that impact and lower >

Grants assist rural schools
May 17, 10:13 AM:

Staff report on eight MO rural schools receiving grant money reads like a news release. No reaction from schools or students to having their projects funded. It's great info. Now inform public about what it means for the >

Priority bills languish amid GOP gridlock
May 16, 2:03 PM:

Kids lose out as ed bill dies in MO legislature. Blames school choice battle, but doesn't elaborate. Most professions don't consider rewarding good performance a "poke in the eye" -- why is teaching different? Only >

Manual-Mo. spending plan eases state cuts to education
May 6, 11:33 AM:

Legislature approves budget plan adding more money for higher ed and school transportation than Gov. Nixon wanted. Usual spending give-and-take detailed here, but nothing on where funding came from. Unclear if something >

Nixon signs education funding
May 3, 9:03 AM:

Gov Nixon signs bill adding more money to state budget, claiming federal stimulus money "would've gone to other schools in other states" if not taken. Greed dominates. Let's hope this money grab benefits students. >

Parents risk jail for a good school
May 2, 6:51 AM:

MO residents' take on homeless CT mother arrested for using false address. Highlights need for quality schools regardless of zip code. Go the extra mile and give readers a snapshot of ed conditions here and what citizens >

Missouri House votes to expand charter schools
Apr 28, 12:22 PM:

MO House passes charter expansion bill. No comparison to similar legislation in state senate. Bet readers won't understand what accredidation is or why it's important to charters. Not only that, but what's wrong with >

Slay defends role as recruiter of charter schools for city
Apr 25, 5:55 AM:

St. Louis Mayor actively promotes charter schools. Article says charters' track record spotty and sometimes have fared worse than city's traditional schools. But stats for just one school cited here as example, so >

Missouri Senate passes budget that keeps basic school aid same as last year
Apr 21, 12:08 PM:

New MO budget keeps ed funding at current levels. Better than cuts, but depends on federal funding to do so, raising concerns about sustainability. Yesterday, House approved expansion of charter schools, funded by >

City schools budget calls for closures, new programs
Apr 21, 5:51 AM:

Proposed St. Louis budget will close schools, open new programs and charters in unused building, and make other budget cuts. Similar to what Kansas City did but on a much smaller scale -- recognized that enrollment >

Missouri Senate backs federal education funding
Apr 19, 10:04 AM:

MO Senators approve measure to spend federal money to cover state budget problems, which will only become worse over time. More money is not always the answer. State needs to focus on improving education even with budget >



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