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School Tours Help Kansas City Parents Navigate Choice
Mar 21, 6:21 AM: In a city with so many school options, it isn’t always easy for parents to choose where to send their children.
GOP legislator expects proposed charter schools expansion to fail in Missouri Senate
Mar 20, 7:18 AM: State Rep. Nate Walker (R-Kirksville) says his Senate colleagues have told him a proposed statewide expansion of charter schools will not be received there with much enthusiasm, and it may be dead on arrival. The Missouri >
Two local lawmakers back charter school bill; Perryville lawmaker objects to measure
Mar 20, 5:05 AM: The Missouri House narrowly approved legislation last week that would allow charter schools to operate in any school district where there is an underperforming school.
Charter school legislation progressing in Jefferson City
Mar 17, 4:58 AM: The House proposal (HB 634) would allow charter schools to operate in Class 1 counties only. That includes more heavily populated areas such as Springfield and Columbia, in addition to St. Charles and St. Louis counties >
Missouri House advances charter school proposal
Mar 16, 5:48 AM: The proposal passed on an 83-74 vote after vigorous debate over whether charters would provide students with more opportunities, or if they would drain the resources of local school districts without having a marked >
Bill proposes statewide charter school expansion
Mar 15, 4:59 AM: Lawmakers and testifiers in support of the bill emphasized school choice. Those who spoke in opposition brought up accountability issues with charter schools and the failing charter schools in Missouri.
Columbia School Board opposes charter school expansion, approves new Cedar Ridge boundaries
Mar 14, 6:23 AM: An effort to expand charter school in Missouri is gaining traction in the General Assembly, but it isn't getting support from the Columbia Public Schools.
Jeb Bush touts charter schools and vouchers at Missouri Capitol
Mar 3, 8:04 AM: Former Florida governor Jeb Bush told Missouri lawmakers on Thursday that expanding charter schools is a way to help students improve their performance.
These St. Louis charter schools have struggled for 14 years, but continue to evade closure
Feb 27, 6:16 AM: Of the more than 10,400 children who attend charter schools in St. Louis, few perform worse as a group than the 2,800 who attend Confluence Academies.
Struggling Confluence charter schools are renewed for five more years
Feb 23, 6:05 AM: St. Louis' largest charter school network got a five-year renewal Tuesday even though it has not met state performance expectations in its almost 14 years of operation.
Missouri lawmakers weigh changes to state-run virtual education program
Feb 20, 8:30 AM: Legislation to revamp the state’s virtual education program has, as one lawmaker put it, brought together “strange bedfellows.” Education groups and business people — who often spar over issues tied to school choice — are >
CPS leaders urge opposition to charter school expansion
Feb 20, 7:44 AM: Two top officials with Columbia Public Schools have sent a letter to Columbia-area legislators and members of the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee outlining the potential cost of expanding charter schools >
Northeast Missouri GOP legislator calls statewide expansion of charter schools ‘an attack on rural school districts’
Feb 16, 7:57 AM:

State Representative Nate Walker (R-Kirksville) is fighting against a proposed expansion of charter schools statewide. He calls the move an attack on rural school districts that would further drain money from them.

Hickman MIlls Superintendent Criticizes Charter School Plan
Feb 16, 7:36 AM: Hickman Mills Supt. Dennis Carpenter wants to make something very clear: he won’t welcome charter schools in his district.
New governor, new momentum for Missouri charter school and school choice advocates
Feb 15, 5:59 AM: Of the hundreds of education bills Missouri lawmakers have filed this session, charter school expansion has the best chance of passing.
Missouri bill would expand access to private schools, but also cut tax base
Feb 6, 7:13 AM: The Missouri Senate could soon approve legislation that would give tax credits to people who donate money to fund private school scholarships.
Charter school advocates call on McCaskill to support Betsy DeVos
Feb 2, 8:06 AM: As President Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. Secretary of Education heads towards a Senate confirmation vote next week, charter school advocates are encouraging U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill to reconsider her opposition to >
Education savings account proposal expanded to all students, not just those with special needs
Jan 26, 7:16 AM: All students in Missouri could apply for an education savings account under an updated proposal a Senate panel considered Wednesday.
Some St. Louis charter schools worry their popularity threatens diversity
Jan 23, 7:57 AM: A few of the city’s charter schools are becoming so popular that they’re struggling to stay accessible to low-income families.
Now that St. Louis Pubic Schools is fully accredited, will more parents choose the district?
Jan 20, 7:58 AM:

As the St. Louis public school district emerges from the long shadow cast by 16 years of failing to measure up to state standards, it joins the ranks of Missouri's accredited school districts with another distinction: a >



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