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A new charter school brings Yale-inspired vision to St. Louis
Apr 19, 5:25 AM: The school emphasizes self-directed study and project-based learning, with teachers serving as one-on-one tutors. Kairos will operate year-round, five weeks on and two weeks off, coordinating with local programs to offer >
Column: School consortium undermines local control
Apr 19, 5:18 AM: After 12 years of control by an appointed administrative board, St. Louis Public Schools will again be governed by an elected school board. But an effort to undermine democratic control is already underway.
Charter schools claim they are losing millions in tax revenue to KC district
Apr 18, 6:46 AM: Charter schools in Kansas City say they are shortchanged about $15 million a year in funds that for years has been diverted to Kansas City Public Schools. But they are going to have to change Missouri law to get it. >
Missouri legislature debates whether to make private schools exempt from minimum wage increase
Apr 18, 6:11 AM: A state representative wants to exempt private schools from minimum wage increases, in an effort to spare private schools from expenses that could put some out of business, but lawmakers and others are trying to weigh that >
SLPS goes local: State Board of Education returns city schools to elected board
Apr 17, 5:35 AM: The Missouri State Board of Education voted unanimously on Tuesday, April 16 to return governance of the Saint Louis Public School District (SLPS) to the voter-elected St. Louis Board of Education, effective July 1. >
'Fast-track' scholarship bill faces stalemate from school-choice supporters in Senate
Apr 17, 4:57 AM: Deep fractures within the Republican-controlled Missouri Senate are paralyzing two of the party’s major education priorities: school choice expansion and workforce development investment.
Letter: Charter schools should share their secret to quality education
Apr 15, 6:58 AM: As a former president of the Ferguson-Florissant School Board, I read with interest and anger the April 3 guest column, “Let’s irrigate North County’s ‘charter school deserts.’” The editorial extols the Missouri >
Letter: Lawmakers are defying parents who want charter schools
Apr 11, 5:34 AM: Why is the Missouri Legislature so afraid of letting parents decide where their children are educated? Two school choice bills have been filibustered this legislative session — seemingly out of fear they would pass. >
Virtual learning: SPS now partners with 166 districts to offer online courses
Apr 10, 6:14 AM: Two years ago, Springfield Public Schools offered to allow other districts to enroll in its online courses. A total of 24 districts, largely in southwest Missouri, signed up in the first few semesters. Springfield now >
Letter: Charter schools should be a choice for more communities
Apr 10, 5:45 AM: Is education about protecting a district, or about the success of our children? A March 31 Post-Dispatch editorial, “Expanding charter schools to metro counties could hurt suburban school districts,” argues it is about >
Editorial: Softly killing public education by sending taxpayer money to private schools
Apr 10, 5:42 AM: The surest way to undermine public schools is to redefine the very meaning of public education. That’s the stated intent behind Missouri Senate Bill 160, which would create an Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program. >
Missouri charter schools say they miss out on millions in local revenue
Apr 8, 7:00 AM: State laws have excluded charter schools from millions of dollars in local revenue sources over the past decade, according to a fiscal review by the Missouri Charter Public School Association.
Charter school expansion faces bipartisan filibuster
Apr 4, 6:34 AM: While supporters of the bill commend charter schools’ ability to help failing school districts educate students, Sen. Doug Libla, R-Poplar Bluff, filibustered for over two hours Tuesday. His comments echoed the concerns of >
Opinion: Let’s irrigate North County’s 'charter school deserts'
Apr 3, 6:43 AM: The Missouri Legislature has reconvened for the second half of its 2019 session, and the chance to pass a bill to expand public charter schools beyond St. Louis and Kansas City seems to be in peril, even as it appears that >
‘It was not fair to the kids’: Here’s why two Kansas City charter schools are closing BY MARÁ ROSE WILLIAMS Read more here: https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article228529519.html#storylink=cpy
Mar 29, 7:25 AM: Nearly 400 children in Kansas City have to find new schools to attend this fall after two public charter schools announced they are closing at the end of this academic year.
Editorial: Expand charter schools beyond KC and St. Louis? Lawmakers should make some fixes first
Mar 21, 5:26 AM: A recurring effort to allow charter schools to operate in more Missouri cities has resurfaced this legislative session with a pair of bills that would expand the program beyond Kansas City and St. Louis.
St. Louis College Prep To Close; Lafayette Prep Poised To Step In
Mar 13, 6:34 AM: St. Louis College Prep, a charter middle and high school that was thrown into fiscal distress late last year, will close down at the end of the academic year and a nearby charter school will fill the void, according to >
Kairos charter school to open in publishing office
Mar 12, 5:29 AM: Kairos Academies, the only charter middle school expected to open in St. Louis this year, has signed a lease for a portion of Concordia Publishing House’s building in the Marine Villa neighborhood.
Uncertainty looms over Missouri charter school expansion
Mar 11, 7:41 AM: Opponents of the push to expand charter schools in Missouri think they've got enough votes to kill the controversial measure. Proponents think they've got enough votes to pass it.
Vouchers, charter school expansion are getting push from Republicans in Missouri
Mar 7, 6:37 AM: A heated debate is brewing in the Missouri House and Senate over a series of proposals that would alter the landscape of public education in Missouri. In the House, legislators had been poised to consider a plan Wednesday >



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