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Missouri blocks deduction of union dues for state workers
Dec 30, 9:08 AM: In another blow to organized labor in Missouri, the Office of Administration says it will no longer collect union dues from the paychecks of many state employees organized into bargaining units.
Missouri Charter Schools Warn Of Funding Cliff As Their Enrollment Grows
Dec 26, 9:27 AM: Kent and other charter school operators are on the offensive this winter to change the way they’re funded, asking that they receive the same per-student amount as traditional public school districts. The 80 >
Online courses expand education in Montana
Dec 23, 7:30 AM: With the increasing popularity of dual enrollment in college courses for high schoolers, and the awareness that not all such courses are available equally across Montana, online offerings would seem an obvious solution. >
Missouri Has A Plan To Boost Teacher Pay: It'll Cost $400 Million
Dec 16, 9:30 AM: The proposal has three parts: increase the base minimum pay for teachers from $25,000 to $32,000; give all teachers a $4,000 raise; create a fund to entice teachers toward hard-to-fill positions. Education officials, >
Here’s what Springfield Public Schools wants from the legislature in 2020
Dec 16, 8:29 AM: But Jungmann said they would just take money away from existing schools and make it harder for them to operate. “I don’t really believe that we need a whole bunch more schools in Springfield,” he said. “And they don’t >
Kansas City Public Schools owes $192k for fake attendance records scheme
Dec 11, 8:02 AM: The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has figured out that Kansas City Public Schools owes $192,000 for lying about student attendance from 2013 to 2016. The department is working with the >
Opinion: Open up to new ideas on schools
Dec 3, 8:21 AM: Those who don’t like St. Joseph’s public schools can consider private education, home schooling or a move outside the city limits. But those options aren’t available to everyone. For those who are truly unsatisfied, open >
As 1000s Of Missouri Jobs Go Unfilled, Colleges Put Greater Emphasis On Training Programs
Nov 21, 8:36 AM: Last year, there were nearly 200 job openings in St. Louis for respiratory care therapists — and 2,000 open nursing positions. St. Louis Community College is expanding and tailoring its programs to fill that need. This >
Family wins right for kids, others to take online classes
Nov 14, 7:10 AM: That option now exists in Missouri through virtual online education. A Fulton family fought and won a court case against its school district and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to make the >
From Competition To Cooperation: District And Charter Schools Are Working Together
Nov 5, 7:16 AM: When charter schools first began opening in the early 2000s, the relationship between the independently run schools and the traditional school system was much more adversarial. In fact, charters looking for a place for >
Column: Could school choice end poverty? This KC advocate wants a revolution in education
Oct 31, 7:23 AM: Well, there’s a quiet revolution going on in education in Kansas City, and Lisa Watson wants to turn up the volume. The African American entrepreneur and product of Sumner Academy magnet school wants to expand school >
Report shows inequities in Missouri higher education
Oct 31, 6:58 AM: Missouri college students face serious achievement gaps based on race, income, parents’ education and sometimes gender, a report from the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development revealed. >
State overpaid $1.4 million to St. Louis charter school due to false attendance records
Oct 30, 6:47 AM: Fraudulent attendance records spurred at least $1.4 million in state overpayments to the now-closed St. Louis College Prep Charter School, a state audit disclosed Tuesday.
Attorney General Looks Into Closed Kansas City Charter School That May Owe Millions To Missouri
Oct 29, 6:55 AM: A Kansas City charter school that closed in 2018 still owes millions of dollars to the state – and the Missouri Attorney General’s office has gotten involved.
Editorial: Missouri releases baffling school performance scores. Does anyone know what they mean?
Oct 18, 7:52 AM: Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has released results from its annual performance reviews of schools in the state.
Missouri Redesigns School Report Cards — And It’s A Lot To Digest
Oct 17, 5:04 AM:

Missouri schools are getting a different kind of report card from the state. They’re now color coded instead of offering a numerical grade.

School goes to work for St. Louis high school students
Oct 10, 6:48 AM: Students in the Centers for Advanced Professional Studies, or CAPS, program earn high school and college credit while gaining real-world experience in business, manufacturing, health care, technology and other professional >
Black community closes achievement gap in Kansas City, but still work to do, report says
Sep 27, 7:37 AM: In education, black students graduated high school at a higher rate than white students, but twice as many white students earned bachelor’s degrees.
Kansas City High Schools Add Real-World Learning
Sep 25, 6:37 AM: The good news is that more young people are graduating from high school than ever. The bad news? High school is often less relevant to them and their futures than ever.
Academie Lafayette is opening a new KC high school. For some, that’s a problem
Sep 23, 7:01 AM: Its French immersion curriculum lures parents looking for rigorous academics and keeps out those hoping to enroll older children who haven’t learned the language. Last year, it was one of only a handful of Kansas City >



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