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Commentary: Kansas City can find a middle path between public and charter schools
May 15, 4:50 AM: In recent Star guest commentaries, Kansas City School Board member Jennifer Wolfsie and University Academy charter school chairman Bush Helzberg made different cases for what they think is wrong with Kansas City’s >
How Kansas City’s Complex Racial History Is Still Influencing Education Choices
May 9, 4:44 AM: It’s an important distinction in a metro bisected by a state line, in a city with dozens of charters, in a school district state lawmakers intentionally kept small.  This is a place where the quality of education often >
Opinion: Charter schools deliver results to Kansas City students
May 3, 7:01 AM: Fragmentation in the district is a result of Missouri legislators passing a charter school law 20 years ago as a means of addressing the consistently poor performance of the district over many decades. The district’s >
This public charter school became the whitest in the KC district. It's trying to change
May 2, 7:13 AM: The Academie Lafayette charter school is the whitest public school in Kansas City. Nearly 70 percent of its students are white.
Commentary: KC’s fragmented public school system is unsustainable
Apr 27, 4:49 AM: School choice has been a reality in Kansas City for more than 20 years. As a result, we have 45 public elementary, 23 middle and 15 high schools serving 26,000 students within the boundaries of the Kansas City Public >
Rural school districts waiting for more broadband funding
Apr 17, 6:25 AM: Rural school districts such as Eldon and Fatima are waiting for funding for better broadband from the Missouri Connect and Learn Initiative.
Not Much Progress For Missouri Students On National Education Assessment (CER in the news)
Apr 12, 7:28 AM: Missouri students scored about as well as Illinois students but trailed their peers in Kansas on a national math and reading assessment, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education announced Tuesday. >
Kansas City's first all-girl charter school to open fall 2019
Apr 12, 5:23 AM: Kansas City's educational landscape will soon feature a brand-new school and all of its students will be girls. The city's newest all-girls school is expected to open its doors by fall of 2019.
Commentary: Let's think about who grades teachers
Mar 22, 6:10 AM:

It is important for schools to approach teacher evaluations with the same attention to detail and eye for accuracy that they bring to student assessments. If students represent the future of our society, then teachers >

St. Louis Public Schools transition process officially starts but there’s still no hard deadline
Mar 15, 5:14 AM: The first joint meeting between St. Louis’ two school boards could be seen as the starting gun many in the community have wanted to hear for a decade. For others, it’s a reminder of a troubled past for the school system. >
Appointed board urges state safeguards to ensure St. Louis schools succeed
Mar 14, 5:09 AM: For the past decade, the St. Louis school district has been under state control via a state-appointed board, which governs in place of the elected board and has helped bring the district out of academic and financial >
Teacher residency approach aims to produce educators who stay
Mar 12, 6:53 AM: District leaders hope to solve this problem by partnering with St. Louis Teacher Residency, an organization formed last year that will recruit, then educate, train and embed new teachers within hard-to-staff public >
Kansas City Charter High School Planned For Girls Only
Feb 27, 6:49 AM: Can an all-girls charter school with a college prep curriculum help young women of color in Kansas City’s poorest neighborhoods succeed? Tom Krebs thinks so, though he’s admittedly an odd champion for single-gender >
New tax law expands education savings plan to include Catholic schools tuition
Feb 27, 5:54 AM: Effective Jan. 1, parents in Missouri may apply funds from the Missouri 529 plan toward tuition for private elementary and secondary education, including religious schools, an expansion of the savings plan.
More Missouri students take AP exams, but achievement gap persists
Feb 22, 7:11 AM: But in the midst of this expansion, Missouri is leaving behind black students. Just 25.5 percent of black students’ scores were a 3 or higher, compared to a statewide average of 63.9 percent. Black students also had the >
Bill would create new opportunities for Missourians with disabilities
Feb 20, 8:08 AM: The Missouri House of Representatives’ Ways and Means Committee heard public testimony Monday on a bill that would increase financial fluidity between two types of savings accounts to create new opportunities for people >
Charter School Checkup
Feb 16, 8:19 AM: Missouri lawmakers continue to push for charter school expansion across the state, but ABC 17's Deborah Kendrick took a closer look to find out how existing charter schools are performing in the show me state. >
Missouri teacher preparation program ratings aim to help keep teachers on the job
Feb 16, 7:42 AM: Missouri public schools lose 64 percent of their first-year teachers after five years, so leaders in K-12 and higher education are scrutinizing whether Missouri adequately prepares teachers for the job.
Decision on St. Louis school board and charter school renewals among delays from state board standoff
Feb 12, 8:58 AM: The Missouri Board of Education has now missed two of 11 meetings scheduled for this year, because it doesn’t have enough members for a quorum.
Senate plan targets Greitens over school board fight
Feb 8, 7:44 AM: A Missouri senator has again put Gov. Eric Greitens’ in the crosshairs over the governor’s push to oust the state’s top school leader.



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