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4 Charter Schools Opening In August; 1 Closing
Jun 24, 8:01 AM: Three charter schools are enrolling students this summer before opening their doors for the first time in August. Two schools will be run by longtime charter operators in St. Louis, while a third is being opened by young >
Do the math before you pick the expensive school zone
Jun 17, 5:26 AM: The choice is not an easy one, but it is common across the United States. A whopping 58% of parents admit they are paying more for rent or their mortgage to be in a good school district, according to the latest “Parents, >
Charter school supporters praise switch to allow charters to buy vacant school buildings
Jun 12, 5:04 AM: Most members of a panel discussion Saturday on improving urban education praised St. Louis public school officials for removing a deed restriction that had prevented the sale of vacant city school buildings to groups that >
Editorial: State site for school-performance assessments is incomplete, inaccessible.
Jun 10, 8:00 AM: This is the time of year when students have brought home their final report cards from school so parents can clearly evaluate how they performed. For Missouri residents wanting to see how well their schools are performing, >
'Adulting' classes around St. Louis offer life skills not taught in school
Jun 4, 8:03 AM: Adulting classes have popped up at libraries around the country in the past few years to teach young adults how to find a job, buy insurance, make a budget and change a tire. Organizers say the classes are a response to >
Rural Divide: Small schools see challenges, rewards
May 29, 6:59 AM: The individual attention from teachers students receive in small rural districts usually promotes better student performance, shown in district performance reviews. But officials say recruiting teachers to work in rural >
For The First Time In This Alternative Charter School's History, Every Senior Graduated
May 28, 6:29 AM: Thirty-two seniors from DeLaSalle Education Center received their diplomas Friday, marking the first time the charter high school has graduated every student who started the year as a twelfth grader.
Urban Superintendents Want More Ways To Get Teachers In Classrooms
May 16, 7:03 AM: The teaching corps of St. Louis Public Schools is becoming older and whiter. And that concerns Superintendent Kelvin Adams.
The Data Shows Kansas City's School System Is Complicated, Segregated And Inefficient
May 10, 7:04 AM: Both traditional public schools and charters in Kansas City are increasingly segregated, expensive to run and losing high school students, according to a new report from the Kansas City Public Schools.
Commentary: Missouri law creates barriers to equity for children
May 3, 6:54 AM: I agree with the Missouri School Board Association’s advocacy position, which states that “there should be a review of Missouri’s approach to funding public education and encourages a more simplified and equitable system.” >
Kansas City faces fragmented school system as charters open
May 3, 6:03 AM: When Kansas City Neighborhood Academy opened in 2016 with the district as its sponsor, it was supposed to start a new era of cooperation between the Kansas City Public Schools and charter schools.
St. Paul School District avoids tough talk about charter school competition
May 1, 5:09 AM: St. Paul Public Schools officials pushed aside recent talk of reining in charter school growth by saying the district instead should find ways to work with the competition.
Missouri governor’s scholarship program mired in GOP dispute over school choice
May 1, 5:05 AM: It is a cornerstone of Gov. Mike Parson’s proposed workforce development agenda: a $22 million scholarship program for adults hoping to get an undergraduate degree later in life for high-demand jobs. But a member of the >
Despite Worries Of Too Many Schools, Charters Keep Opening In Kansas City
Apr 25, 7:18 AM: When Kansas City Neighborhood Academy opened in 2016 with the district as its sponsor, it was supposed to start a new era of cooperation between the Kansas City Public Schools and charter schools.
Letter: Charter schools not the answer for education reform
Apr 24, 5:35 AM: Regarding “Let’s irrigate North County’s 'charter school deserts’” (April 3): Charter schools and voucher-type funding are not the right fix for North County or any other county in Missouri. The education reforms that >
A new charter school brings Yale-inspired vision to St. Louis
Apr 19, 5:25 AM: The school emphasizes self-directed study and project-based learning, with teachers serving as one-on-one tutors. Kairos will operate year-round, five weeks on and two weeks off, coordinating with local programs to offer >
Column: School consortium undermines local control
Apr 19, 5:18 AM: After 12 years of control by an appointed administrative board, St. Louis Public Schools will again be governed by an elected school board. But an effort to undermine democratic control is already underway.
Charter schools claim they are losing millions in tax revenue to KC district
Apr 18, 6:46 AM: Charter schools in Kansas City say they are shortchanged about $15 million a year in funds that for years has been diverted to Kansas City Public Schools. But they are going to have to change Missouri law to get it. >
Missouri legislature debates whether to make private schools exempt from minimum wage increase
Apr 18, 6:11 AM: A state representative wants to exempt private schools from minimum wage increases, in an effort to spare private schools from expenses that could put some out of business, but lawmakers and others are trying to weigh that >
SLPS goes local: State Board of Education returns city schools to elected board
Apr 17, 5:35 AM: The Missouri State Board of Education voted unanimously on Tuesday, April 16 to return governance of the Saint Louis Public School District (SLPS) to the voter-elected St. Louis Board of Education, effective July 1. >



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