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St. Louis charter schools under scrutiny for federal coronavirus relief funds and state audit
Jun 18, 7:02 AM: More than $6 million has been paid out to four St. Louis charter school operators in coronavirus relief funds through the U.S. Small Business Administration, according to the schools’ records.
Missouri State Board Of Education Pressures MU To Step Up Oversight Of Struggling Charter Schools
Jun 11, 7:56 AM: State officials say Mizzou isn't doing enough to ensure students at six charter schools, including two in Kansas City, are getting quality education.
Hawthorn charter school in St. Louis can stay open despite low enrollment
Jun 10, 8:06 AM: The Missouri State Board of Education on Tuesday renewed the charter of Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls for five years despite concerns about the school’s low enrollment.
Families, teachers scramble to find new schools after closures during the coronavirus pandemic
May 28, 7:17 AM: The charter school in the Patch neighborhood of south St. Louis will close Thursday after the last day of classes for kindergarten through eighth grade. Last month, the Missouri Charter Public School Commission declined to >
School Navigator Website For St. Louis Parents Relaunched With New Backers
May 26, 8:08 AM: Recruiting students is a big priority of public educators, but combing through the choices can be confusing for parents. A new website helps parents search and sort.
Missouri schools prepare for online learning in the fall
May 13, 7:23 AM: Every school superintendent is grappling with the decision about whether to hold classes in schools, online or some combination when most Missouri districts return Aug. 24 for the 2020-2021 school year. Many have decided >
Commentary: The last day of school can't come soon enough
May 12, 6:50 AM: When responsibility for education shifts away from schools and toward parents, authority and resources should move as well. We should stop sending state funding to districts and schools that can’t seem to provide an >
First all girls KC charter school reflects on first school year
May 8, 8:01 AM: It's the first all girls charter school in the metro. While they were expecting a few learning curves as they welcomed new fifth graders in the fall, the spring threw in a number of surprises.
Commentary: If Missouri wants to save its public schools, private schools need coronavirus aid, too
May 8, 7:13 AM:

If families cannot afford private school tuition, their kids will be heading back to public schools. Given the fiscal forces that will already be battering public schools because of decreased tax revenue, this could be a >

Carondelet Leadership Academy charter school in south St. Louis to close for poor academics
May 5, 7:00 AM: Last month, the Missouri Charter Public School Commission declined to renew the school’s charter contract because of poor academic performance.
Missouri Board of Education discusses classes next fall, students dodging school work
Apr 28, 7:50 AM: A new state statute requires Missouri’s K-12 districts to start the school year no earlier than 14 calendar days prior to the first Monday in September, unless the State Board of Education waives the requirement. Board >
Legislation could bring charter schools to Columbia
Apr 23, 7:10 AM: But the plan to convert the private dual-language French immersion school into an independent public school hit a roadblock when Quoirin realized that the only entity allowed to sponsor a charter school in Columbia, the >
State officials cite strong signals in online education
Apr 22, 6:41 AM: Officials charged with regulating schools hope as much as anyone that strict social distancing can be safely ended soon, but they reflect high confidence in stopgap distance-learning programs.
Missouri public and charter schools closed for rest of school year
Apr 10, 8:17 AM: School districts have launched distance learning programs, distributing supplies to students. Some districts that had been providing meals to students decided to suspend the service due to concerns over the spread of the >
Parents become teachers overnight in St. Louis area schools
Apr 8, 8:42 AM: At the language immersion charter school in downtown St. Louis, administrators sent a proposed schedule to parents and staff on March 16. After receiving feedback that the schedule was too intense, they added more breaks. >
Urban school choice rally moves online due to COVID-19
Mar 18, 5:33 AM: The Urban School Choice Day Rally is being moved online due to COVID-19. The rally, organized by the Children's Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM), was scheduled to take place inside the Capitol Rotunda from noon to 4 >
St. Louis schools pass out meals, move to online learning during shutdown
Mar 17, 6:33 AM: The unprecedented shutdown to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus has schools scrambling to come up with plans for providing instruction and support services during the extended break.
School districts would lose money with virtual school program funding shift
Mar 11, 7:46 AM: After heated back-and-forth between lawmakers and Missouri public education spokespeople, the senate Government Reform committee passed a bill that would change how virtual school programs are funded.
Missouri bill would let virtual schools count enrollment of some students, not school districts
Mar 5, 7:35 AM: In 2018, the Missouri Legislature passed an expansion of K-12 student access to online learning. This session, the General Assembly is being asked to let virtual schools count the enrollment of its full-time students >
Where High School Starts With Leadership And Design Thinking
Mar 4, 10:01 AM: Imagine a high school that started with design thinking and leadership training. Imagine having the opportunity to prototype a solution to a community problem and earn a provisional patent.



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