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Missouri aims for more equitable way to grade public schools
Jul 25, 5:37 AM: Test scores are the single most important factor in how Missouri judges its public schools. But that wasn’t always the case.
Kansas City Public Schools Courting Families That Have Left District
Jul 18, 6:43 AM: Kansas City Public Schools is pushing hard to get students enrolled before school starts Aug. 14. Director of Enrollment Garrett Webster says that in the past, some schools have had 100 kids just show up on the first day.
Hundreds of Missouri students flock to rural school district’s free online summer school
Jul 18, 5:49 AM: The rural Grandview School District in Jefferson County has only 825 students during the school year. But this summer, it raked in thousands of state dollars for educating about 1,500 students through its own online school.
As Families Return To The District, Kansas City Public Schools May Reopen Lincoln Middle
Jul 14, 6:16 AM: Kansas City Public Schools is considering reopening Lincoln Middle School in an ongoing effort to attract families back to the district.
In St. Louis, public and charter schools are in the business of recruiting students
Jul 11, 6:10 AM: With the dozens of charter schools and St. Louis Public Schools vying for students (and the state tax dollars that follow), the institutions have to act more like businesses, marketing themselves — sometimes heavily.
More than $6 million of debt endangers Grand Center Arts Academy’s survival
Jun 23, 7:34 AM: The leaders of Grand Center Arts Academy call their school a city success and a needed school option. It is the only performing arts charter school in St. Louis, offering instruction in theater, visual arts, dance and music.
St. Louis students earn college degrees alongside high school diplomas in new programs
Jun 23, 7:20 AM: More public schools are starting early college programs like this one, which allow high-achieving students to essentially leave high school after their sophomore year and enroll as full-time students on a college campus for the next >
New charter school and art center planned in $6.1 million Gravois Park development
Jun 19, 7:01 AM: A new charter school is in the works in the former Holy Cross Lutheran School building in the city’s Gravois Park neighborhood while an art education nonprofit is planning to more than double its capacity.
Missouri wraps up plan to fix failing schools
Jun 13, 6:41 AM: Missouri’s state school board will finalize its federally mandated plan on Tuesday on how it will identify, then fix its lowest-performing public schools.
Publicity starts early for some St. Louis charter schools
Jun 12, 7:41 AM: Teach for America alumni Gavin Schiffres, 23, and Jack Krewson, 24, want to open their school, called Kairos, next year. But first, a university or other state-approved organization needs to agree to be their sponsor.
What charter school a parent chooses may say more about them than the school
Jun 2, 7:06 AM: As President Donald Trump’s administration explores ways to expand charter schools across the country, parents in national surveys and those in St. Louis point to academic quality as their highest priority in selecting a >
Tougher expectations from sponsors lead to fewer charter school applications in St. Louis
May 25, 5:42 AM: The pace of new charter schools seeking to open in St. Louis has slowed, according to the universities that act as sponsors and receive formal applications.
Charter school sponsorship not always seen as higher education’s higher calling
May 15, 4:58 AM: Missouri lawmakers assigned higher education institutions primary oversight of charter schools when authorizing them 20 years ago. Universities know a thing or two about schools, after all.
Efforts underway to expand access to virtual education, despite cut in state funding
May 11, 5:56 AM: McDaniel and Hill are two of 34 students in their high school taking online classes, and they also are a few of the 633 students who are enrolled in online classes for the 2016-17 school year throughout the state.
For St. Louis charter schools, success is in the eye of the beholder
May 5, 5:25 AM: Gateway Science Academy wants families to be satisfied. City Garden Montessori is aiming for racial equity. Neither are unique goals for charter schools in St. Louis.
Charter School 101: The Basics
May 3, 6:48 AM: It’s been nearly 20 years since charter school took root in Missouri, bringing independently operated but publicly funded education to St. Louis and Kansas City.
New poll suggests voters could favor education savings accounts for school choice
Apr 28, 5:23 AM: A Senate bill geared toward providing Missouri families greater choice and flexibility regarding their children’s education has passed the state’s upper chamber. The Missouri Senate on Thursday advanced the legislation seeking to >
School choice advocates explain bills getting traction
Apr 24, 6:50 AM: Much of the discussion at the meeting Thursday revolved around charter schools, which receive local and state funding like their other public school counterparts, but cannot issue bonds or raise tax levies. Charter schools currently >
St. Louis charter school wonders if full language immersion is creating an achievement gap
Apr 24, 5:24 AM: A decade ago, the founders of the St. Louis Language Immersion charter schools set out to offer something no other St. Louis school does: the chance for children to become fluent in a foreign language starting in kindergarten, for >
A St. Louis neighborhood school becomes a school of choice
Apr 17, 5:03 AM: Out of the nine St. Louis district schools that earned a perfect score from the state last year, Mason was the only one that was a neighborhood school, which takes any students within its attendance boundaries. All the rest were >



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