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Commentary: Flawed accounting of our public schools
Jul 13, 5:20 AM: Schools that receive high marks presumably are moving students forward, while schools that receive low ratings are defined as inadequate or failing and threatened with a state takeover. On closer inspection, however, the >
Charter school board OKs four groups for final selection round
Jul 10, 6:14 AM: Independent evaluators with the National Association of Charter School Authorizers reviewed each group’s proposal and deemed three “substantially inadequate”: Girls Club and Learning Center, KMartin Group and Mississippi >
Editorial: Educational partnership opens path to diplomas
Jul 9, 4:20 AM: Leaders from the Mississippi Department of Education and the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning worked together to streamline student transitions from high school to college.
Group seeks support vs. charter school
Jul 6, 7:00 AM: An organization is planning a lawsuit to challenge whether public school monies can be used to fund the Clarksdale Collegiate Public Charter School, which is scheduled to open for its initial school year later this month. >
Attorney general asked to weigh in on JPS superintendent finalists
Jul 5, 5:24 AM: Board Vice President Ed Sivak said trustees have asked the attorney general’s office to make sure the finalists’ out-of-state experience meets the guidelines of a 2017 law that requires aspiring school chiefs to have six >
Public schools, colleges unite to streamline degrees
Jun 28, 5:06 AM: On Monday, the Mississippi Department of Education and the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning announced a partnership that will provide new opportunities for high school students to earn both college course credit >
Seven groups advance in charter application process
Jun 5, 6:13 AM: At a Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board meeting Monday, a handful of schools were granted permission to continue the stringent process of getting a charter school approved. Earlier this year, 16 groups from around >
Column: School choice is not a new entitlement. But Pre-K is.
Jun 4, 5:01 AM: To be a new entitlement the Legislature would have to appropriate more money for school choice than it already does for K-12 education. Yet school choice does not require more money – it simply proposes that taxpayers get >
More Charters Ahead for Jackson?
May 3, 5:17 AM: By August, four of Mississippi's five charter schools will be up and running in the state's capital city. The state's charter wave could continue in the next application cycle, with the highest number of groups wanting to >
Opinion: School choice simply a cop out
Mar 12, 5:05 AM: With all the noise about school funding, school choice, vouchers, and teacher shortages, perhaps a look at some fundamentals would be helpful.
Can online learning level the AP playing field for rural kids?
Mar 7, 7:19 AM: The unconventional flurry of both in-person and virtual academics in a school that had never before offered AP physics is part of a broader experiment that experts say could herald the future of education, especially for >
Career and Technical Center provides real world experience
Feb 28, 6:28 AM: The expansion of the CTE program is part of the Vicksburg Warren School District’s initiative to offer a path for every student after high school whether that is enrolling in college, enlisting in the military or entering >
Judge: Charter School Funding Constitutional
Feb 22, 6:06 AM: Mississippi's charter-school law does not violate the state's Constitution, Hinds County Chancery Court Judge Dewayne Thomas ruled almost a year after getting the case.
Can a Mississippi charter school grow kids by several grade levels in 1 year?
Feb 19, 6:32 AM: Since its 2015 opening, Reimagine has twice been rated a D on the state’s accountability system. Charters are established by a contract between the charter operator or founder and the state Charter Authorizer Board. And >
Judge upholds Mississippi’s charter school law
Feb 14, 6:13 AM: Hinds County Chancery Judge Dewayne Thomas ruled that diversions of local property taxes to charter schools are acceptable, and that the schools don’t need to be overseen by a local or state superintendent. >
Back-door voucher proposal dead in Senate, lieutenant governor points finger at House
Feb 9, 6:07 AM: A Senate proposal to expand a state program financing the education of children in private schools, and one of the 2018 session's most controversial measures, died without debate Thursday.
Funding the ‘School Choice’ Lobby
Feb 8, 5:43 AM: In just one year, the Mississippi Legislature has gone from slightly tweaking its voucher program for students with dyslexia to a push to allow any public-school student to apply for a taxpayer-funded voucher to use at a >
Mississippi ranks 6th in nation for strong charter school laws, report says
Feb 7, 6:13 AM: Mississippi has the 6th strongest charter school laws in the nation, according to a report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.
School choice out of favor — Lincoln County locals dislike voucher system
Feb 5, 6:32 AM: The Mississippi Senate is working through a piece of legislation that could drastically broaden the state’s school voucher program.
School choice voucher push dies (for now) in House, alive in Senate
Jan 31, 5:55 AM: The Senate Education Committee moved forward Tuesday legislation expanding access to the state’s voucher program, setting the stage for a state-supported exodus of thousands of children from public schools. >



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