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Rural high-speed Internet on legislative agenda
Dec 20, 7:17 AM: County consultant Gary Anderson reported to supervisors on activity in Jackson about possible legislation allowing rural electric power associations to provide broadband (Internet) service to its customers.
Opinion: Middle college idea offers great possibilities
Dec 18, 7:38 AM: The concept would share similarities with Tupelo’s current dual enrollment program but would go much deeper, providing students an intentional pathway to earn an associate’s degree before they graduate from high school. >
Column: School choice is smart policy
Dec 3, 5:55 AM: Our families need school choice. The concept is simple: parents direct the tax dollars associated with their child to the best education they can find. Instead of leaving such an important decision up to strangers, we >
Mississippi 23rd In Parent Power Index (CER in the news)
Nov 27, 8:29 AM: A new report places Mississippi in the middle of the pack when it comes to providing parents with additional options in the education of their children.
Apprenticeships and work-based learning help close the skills gap
Nov 16, 6:46 AM: While the Mississippi River Delta region has experienced its share of successes, the region has not seen the same level of economic activity realized across much of the country. In fact, much of the region has failed to >
A-F grading system empowers parents, leads to academic improvement
Oct 25, 5:36 AM: Without transparent information, how can parents celebrate their school’s success or call on school and district leaders to improve academic programs that will lead to student success? The simple answer is they can’t, but >
Greenville schools, Mississippi Valley partner to break down college access barriers
Oct 22, 5:17 AM: Greenville Public Early College High School is one of two early college programs to open in the state this year (the other is at Tougaloo College). This is the first partnership though between a local school district and a >
Mississippi’s first charter high school approved to open in Jackson
Oct 16, 7:18 AM: Two more charter schools were approved to open in the Jackson Public School District Monday, including the state’s first charter high school.
Potential Mississippi Delta Charter School Divides Communities
Oct 4, 5:57 AM: A second charter school could soon be opening in the Mississippi Delta. Charter schools are being seen as both a problem and a solution to the state's educational failures. MPB’s Alexandra Watts reports on how these >
A push to honor school choice law in MS
Sep 26, 4:32 AM: It has now been three years since the Mississippi Legislature approved the establishment of education scholarship accounts (ESAs), however, the program does not appear to be truly taking effect.
Ousted Noxubee superintendent, school board sue to reverse takeover
Sep 25, 6:18 AM: The ousted superintendent and board of Noxubee County schools are asking a judge to pause Mississippi’s takeover of the struggling district.
Fate of operator’s future charter schools depends on accountability results
Sep 11, 6:07 AM: Mississippi’s sixth charter school was approved to open next school year, and the question of whether to open three others has been postponed until October.
MDE announces lottery for special needs scholarship program applications
Aug 29, 5:42 AM: The Mississippi Department of Education announced plans today for a lottery on August 30 to award approximately 47 Education Scholarship Accounts for the 2018-19 school year.
Analysis: Appeal over charter school funding heats up
Aug 27, 6:14 AM: Chancery court was never going to be anything but the first round in a lawsuit over how Mississippi’s charter schools are funded. Hinds County Chancery Judge Dewayne Thomas ruled in February that diversions of local >
Charter school lawsuit draws support from 3 education groups
Aug 24, 6:09 AM: A Mississippi school district and two education organizations are throwing their support behind an ongoing legal battle that argues charter schools are unconstitutional because of the way they are funded.
Charter schools on the slow rise in Mississippi
Aug 8, 7:01 AM: Since 1992, charter schools have been developing around the country in an effort to give parents additional choices for their child’s education. Charter schools are free, do not have admission requirements, and parents and >
Bryant signs off on on takeover of Noxubee County Schools
Jul 26, 5:41 AM: Gov. Phil Bryant on Wednesday issued a proclamation declaring the Noxubee County School District in a state of emergency, a move that allows the state to take over the 1,600-student school system.
Clarksdale Collegiate, the state’s first rural charter school, readies for opening day
Jul 25, 5:48 AM: But before getting to this point, school leaders had to tackle a few major hurdles including winning over community members and getting buy-in from parents, finding a home for the school, figuring out transportation routes >
Noxubee County has failed students': Board asks Gov. to declare state of emergency
Jul 20, 5:43 AM: Faced with a looming takeover, the school board president for the Noxubee County School District on Thursday tried to walk back the district's request for financial assistance that ultimately spurred the state Board of >
Column: Mississippi charter school needs to release emails to public
Jul 16, 6:38 AM: The charter sector in Mississippi is in its infancy. Although the state has technically had a charter school law on the books for more than 20 years, only five applications have been approved with three schools currently >



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