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Poll: Miss. parents support school choice
Jan 11, 8:00 AM: In a state that often ranks last in public education, a recent poll of voters found an overwhelming amount of support for education savings accounts and hence education choices.
Parents know best? Lawmakers hear pitch for school choice for all
Jan 10, 5:46 AM: A hearing on Tuesday foreshadowed the emotional debate lawmakers will face as they consider increasing the number of students who receive state funds to attend private schools.
Court ruling will determine if Legislature needs to address charter schools
Dec 26, 6:51 AM: The lawsuit contends that the way charter schools are funded in the state is unconstitutional. It points to two sections in the Mississippi constitution that say a school district’s ad valorem taxes – or local funding – >
JPS avoids state takeover, again
Dec 15, 6:48 AM: The state Board of Education on Thursday backed away from a proposal to place Jackson Public Schools into the state’s new Achievement School District, a legislative mandate aimed at improving underperforming school >
Governor proposes increase for special needs vouchers
Dec 6, 6:22 AM: The Mississippi Legislature, dealing with sluggish revenue collections and two years of budget cuts, is being asked by Gov. Phil Bryant to triple the amount of money for a program that provides vouchers or scholarships for >
"There is no fight" : MDE, JPS work together for new start
Nov 15, 7:07 AM: The Mississippi Department of Education might not have a seat on the "Better Together Commission," the coalition tasked with spearheading a transformation of Jackson Public Schools, but the agency will still play a >
For These Families, the School Choice Fight Isn’t Just Political – It’s Personal
Nov 14, 8:19 AM: The public school system in the Mississippi capital of Jackson is in crisis.  A damning investigative audit released in August found the Jackson Public School district - known as JPS - in violation of 24 out of the 32 >
JPS takeover challenge dropped
Nov 7, 6:26 AM: A group of Jackson Public School parents, who turned to the federal courts in an effort to block a possible state takeover of the district, have dropped their legal challenge against several state officials, including >
A closer look at the mayor and city's new role on JPS
Nov 6, 6:48 AM: In a meeting with Gov. Phil Bryant over the future of the Jackson Public Schools system, Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said he seized a key opportunity to keep JPS in local hands.
Analysis: Takeover alternative raises questions about JPS' improvement
Nov 1, 5:31 AM: Before last week’s announcement, the future of the district’s governance status had been in limbo after a scathing audit by the Mississippi Department of Education found JPS in violation of 75 percent of the state’s >
JPS takeover: Bryant offers more insight into 'third option'
Oct 26, 5:30 AM: Gov. Phil Bryant is expected to choose a third option in response to the state Board of Education’s recommendation to take over the Jackson Public School District.
JPS in limbo as Bryant decides who should govern
Oct 20, 5:39 AM: Jackson parents, students and teachers were hoping the answer would come Thursday to the question that’s sparked anxiety for many: Will the state take control of the city’s schools?
JPS Faces Big Week as Governor's Takeover Decision Looms
Oct 17, 5:35 AM: As Jackson Public Schools officials and administrators work to meet deadlines set in their 2016 corrective action plan, Gov. Phil Bryant could decide to take away local control of the district this week.
Achievement School District Task Force will 'triage' failing schools
Oct 12, 5:35 AM: A task force planning a state run district for Mississippi’s lowest rated school systems continues to face tough questions: When should the state intervene in struggling districts and schools and how much capacity does the >
Mississippi eyes charter school expansion thanks to new federal grant money
Oct 10, 6:04 AM: The Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board's goal is to approve 15 new charter schools in the next 5 years, but as Mississippi First has learned, there have been some stumbling blocks for new charters. >
Students speak out against state takeover of Jackson Public Schools
Oct 10, 5:11 AM: The fate of the Jackson Public School District is still in the hands of Governor Phil Bryant. Students gathered on the steps of Jackson's City Hall Monday to speak out against the proposed state takeover. >
First charter serving early elementary grades set to open in Jackson
Oct 10, 4:42 AM: The school plans to start with kindergarten and first grade with a projected enrollment of 180-216 students and grow to grades K-4 by its fourth year with a maximum enrollment of 528 students, according to its >
Mississippi had spent up to $600,000 on private school textbooks. Now that's changing.
Oct 5, 5:42 AM: Citing budget cuts, the Mississippi Department of Education is scaling back the use of state funds to pay for loaning textbooks to some private schools, including treatment facilities and religious schools.
Takeover or Not: Jackson Schools in Limbo
Sep 28, 5:36 AM: Jacksonians will have to wait on Gov. Bryant's decision, set to be made next month. The governor gets the final call on whether to pull local control from the state's second largest district, dissolving the local school >
Charter School Decision Over Diversion of Public Funds Should Drop Soon
Sep 27, 6:02 AM: The case asks the court to decide if public-school districts sending their local and state funding to charter schools located in their district violates the state's constitutional mandates for school funding. >



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