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‘Put up or shut up’: Mississippi teachers mull strike in wake of ‘insulting’ pay raise, secretive voucher funding move
Apr 4, 5:36 AM: Lawmakers wrapped up the 2019 legislative session with a $1,500 pay raise for public school teachers, but many are so outraged by the amount that they’re considering a strike — something Mississippi law expressly forbids. >
The Hunt for Vouchers in Mississippi, After All These Years
Apr 4, 5:15 AM: Mississippi Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and others in Republican state leadership secretly slipped $2 million to expand a private-school voucher program into an unrelated funding bill on March 28, even though lawmakers had made >
Mississippi teachers just got a pay raise. Why are they mad?
Mar 29, 7:42 AM: Saying the state could ill-afford more, Mississippi legislative leaders passed a $1,500 across-the-board pay raise for the state’s teachers and assistants Thursday.
Mississippi lawmakers shocked they voted for $2 million more in private school vouchers
Mar 29, 5:37 AM: Advocates for a controversial school choice program secured a surprise win Thursday, with many lawmakers crying foul that $2 million more for private school tuition vouchers had been secreted into a larger, unrelated bill >
What's going on with Mississippi's teacher pay raise? Here's what we know
Mar 28, 5:29 AM: House lawmakers agreed to fund a state employee pay raise on Wednesday, but a standoff between House and Senate negotiators over a controversial school choice program could sink a proposal to raise Mississippi teacher >
House approves bipartisan bill on higher education success
Mar 21, 6:37 AM: A bipartisan bill that would boost the ability of Colorado’s higher education facilities to help struggling students passed the House yesterday.
Op-Ed: Kids with autism will suffer without ESA or adequate options for therapy
Mar 14, 7:32 AM: Sitting on a desk in Rankin County is the one hope a mother had for one of her twin daughters. It’s an Education Scholarship Account application.
Plan for voucher-like education scholarship accounts is dead
Mar 5, 7:21 AM: A program that uses public school funds to send children to private schools will see no expansion or other modifications — for now.
Separate and unequal: For centuries, Mississippi has left its public schools in the hole
Feb 22, 8:44 AM: By failing to invest in public education, “we have deprived ourselves of our best minds,” he said. “Many of our kids, black and white, are leaving the state because we have not maintained a high-quality education system. >
Voucher Program Helping Seg Schools Should Go, Education Advocates Say
Feb 22, 6:39 AM: On Valentine's Day, a voucher program that subsidizes private schools for special- needs children got the gift of four more years from the Mississippi Senate—even though many private schools in the state do not offer >
How one of the Mississippi’s top high schools innovates in the face of funding cuts
Feb 21, 8:39 AM: Housed on the campus of Mississippi University for Women, the school since its founding in 1987 has offered bright teenagers an on-ramp to a college environment paired with advanced STEM (science, technology, engineering >
Teacher shortages force districts to use online education programs
Feb 21, 7:18 AM: An increasing number of school districts, including West Bolivar, have turned to Edgenuity and programs like it as they face a critical shortage of certified teachers.
Schools participate in pathway pilot program
Feb 15, 6:48 AM: Twenty Mississippi high school districts and community colleges have agreed to participate in a new pilot program that will use customized curriculum developed from a successful private coding academy to “fast track” >
Amended ESA bill passes Senate, heads to House for consideration
Feb 15, 6:01 AM: The Education Scholarship Account or “ESA” Bill (Senate Bill 2675) has passed the Mississippi Senate ahead of today’s floor action deadline and is headed to the House for consideration.  This is seen as a victory for >
#MSLeg: School choice push fizzles out
Feb 6, 6:12 AM: Legislative leaders still have time this session to push for a controversial expansion of a program allowing the use of public money to pay for private education, but there are signs that support for such a move has >
Future unclear for bills to expand education scholarship accounts
Feb 1, 6:14 AM: Public tax dollars being used for private education is at the center of the ongoing school choice debate at the State Capitol. The energy from the scene of yellow scarves, dancing, and calls for more school choice at last >
Special-needs scholarships could be expanded to all students
Jan 30, 6:25 AM: Republican leaders have praised the program since it launched, arguing that parents know what is best for their children and should be able to enroll them where they please.
Gov. Phil Bryant calls for teacher raise, recounts achievements in final State-of-the-State Address
Jan 16, 7:01 AM: Bryant, who once came under fire for calling the state’s public education system an “abysmal failure” offered an optimistic outlook of the state’s academic future during Tuesday’s address, praising the state’s teachers as >
Legislature report highlights problems with private school vouchers
Jan 3, 6:49 AM: In early December, a report released by the PEER, the Mississippi Legislature’s Oversight Agency, outlined inefficiencies in the state’s Education Scholarship Account Program.
Rural high-speed Internet on legislative agenda
Dec 20, 7:17 AM: County consultant Gary Anderson reported to supervisors on activity in Jackson about possible legislation allowing rural electric power associations to provide broadband (Internet) service to its customers.



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