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Parents can be fined for truancy
Aug 31, 8:15 AM: As the new school year begins for local schools the Mississippi Department of Education reminds parents there are laws governing school attendance and they can be enforced on the parents of children not enrolled in >
Column: Mississippi schools reopen: Parents and students need, deserve options
Aug 13, 6:26 AM:

Though they are not always viewed this way by the education system, families with school-aged children are customers, and just now they are customers in desperate need of great customer service: as circumstances change >

Legislators vote to override governor’s veto of education bill
Aug 11, 8:00 AM: Governor Tate Reeves on July 8th vetoed big parts of the education budget because legislators did not fund a bonus pay program for teachers in schools that either maintain high academic performance or show significant >
Two charter schools move to final stage of application process
Jul 28, 7:19 AM: Two potential charter schools in the Mississippi Delta and Canton made it to the final step of the application process, officials announced Monday.
Governor may veto $2.2 billion education budget bill over potential teacher pay cuts
Jul 9, 7:20 AM: Gov. Tate Reeves in a press conference Wednesday said it was “very likely” he would veto the budget bill for the Mississippi Department of Education, a state agency that oversees almost 900 public schools and more than >
Delta Charter School celebrates 41 graduates Friday night
Jun 29, 7:21 AM: The Delta Charter School football stands were filled with parents and grandparents Friday night as 41 Delta Charter graduates earned their high school diplomas.
Philadelphia students and parents conclude three-day protest for quality education
Jun 26, 7:25 AM: She said they would like administration to address teacher retention rates, accountability ratings, graduation rates and enrollment. For the 2018 to 2019 school year, Philadelphia’s accountability rating improved to a “D” >
State auditor: MDE overstated progress in graduation rate, failed to follow state law
Jun 19, 7:56 AM: The Mississippi Department of Education overstated progress in the state's graduation rate and failed to maintain a dropout prevention office for the last 10 years as required by state law, according to state Auditor Shad >
Mississippi parents make a plea: Let ESA students with special needs keep online option
Jun 3, 5:51 AM: Our children benefitted from online schooling long before the coronavirus pandemic forced every student in the state to try distance learning.
State Superintendent of Education Presents Statewide Digital Learning Plan to Mississippi Legislature
May 14, 7:30 AM:

MDE’s plan aims to bring equity to education by putting a device in the hands of every student who needs one, ensuring students have internet access at home, training teachers how to teach remotely, and providing >

Opinion: Stop Letting Regulations Limit Technology
May 8, 7:55 AM: Every student in the state should have the ability to choose from a plethora of digital options to serve their needs. We are told how hard it is to bring teachers for specific subjects to the most rural or impoverished >
‘Just another daunting challenge’: Rural districts embrace creative solutions amid coronavirus school closures
Mar 31, 7:28 AM: While schools are now closed to the public, department officials have said learning must continue. This leaves Mississippi’s 140 school districts scrambling to put plans in place to implement distance learning or create >
Column: Parents Campaign in full court press to disenfranchise special needs families
Mar 3, 6:36 AM: Now, The Parents Campaign’s fight against special needs children and their families is being given an ear by Senate and House Education leaders who are likely to undercut the Education Scholarship Account program to such a >
‘We are not anti-public school people, but we are pro-choice,’ supporters say at annual rally
Jan 31, 6:31 AM: The Mississippi State Capitol was awash with bright yellow scarves Tuesday as hundreds of students, parents and educators traveled here to celebrate “school choice,” the notion that parents should be able to choose where >
‘We are not anti-public school people, but we are pro-choice,’ supporters say at annual rally
Jan 29, 5:29 AM: The Mississippi State Capitol was awash with bright yellow scarves Tuesday as hundreds of students, parents and educators traveled here to celebrate “school choice,” the notion that parents should be able to choose where >
Gov. Reeves, in first State of the State, vows to shutter Parchman’s Unit 29; highlights ‘school choice’ and trade skills
Jan 28, 6:07 AM:

He spoke in support of what he called school choice efforts, a cause he championed during his past two terms in office. He praised advocates who worked to create “more opportunity, choice and access” for the state’s most >

‘It’s structured play’ — how Mississippi schools teach kindergarteners to read
Jan 2, 9:38 AM: Mississippi received high praise this fall for the state’s results on a national assessment that measures fourth- and eighth-grade students’ proficiency in reading and math. While the rest of the country stagnated or >
Report: Mississippi Charter Schools Improve Grades, Need Changes
Dec 16, 9:14 AM: Three charter schools in Jackson raised their grades over the past year, a new legislative PEER committee report found. Still, the report recommended changes by the board that oversees charter schools in Mississippi. >
State report gives charter schools better grades but criticizes spending
Dec 11, 8:06 AM: A legislative watchdog report says Mississippi's charter schools have improved academically, but found glaring problems with the way the charter board spent money and managed contracts.
Opinion: There Is a Right Way to Teach Reading, and Mississippi Knows It
Dec 6, 8:37 AM: The state’s performance in reading was especially notable. Mississippi was the only state in the nation to post significant gains on the fourth-grade reading test. Fourth graders in Mississippi are now on par with the >



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