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Here’s how school districts have spent federal pandemic funds so far
Oct 22, 9:20 AM: In Mississippi, already struggling schools continue to be put to the test of educating students while juggling changing COVID-19 guidelines, fluctuating cases, and hybrid schedules.
Opinion: Mississippi charter schools about quality, not quantity
Oct 5, 7:59 AM: After several iterations of charter related law, the Mississippi Legislature enacted the Mississippi Charter Schools Act of 2013, which established a charter school oversight board to authorize high-quality charter schools >
Alabama Aerospace and Aviation High School earns charter approval; holds kick-off event in Bessemer
Oct 5, 7:59 AM: The Alabama Aerospace and Aviation High School (AAHS) on Monday hosted a celebratory luncheon at the Bessemer Municipal Airport in honor of the school’s charter approval.
No new charter schools were approved to open in Mississippi this year. Advocates say the process is flawed.
Sep 16, 9:41 AM: No new charter schools were approved to open in Mississippi this application cycle, and some charter school advocates say it represents bigger problems with the climate in the state.
Some schools look to hybrid schedules to stem COVID-19 spread in students
Sep 2, 11:56 AM: As the delta variant of COVID-19 spreads rapidly in schools across Mississippi, the state board of education recently issued a directive to give school districts flexibility in how they teach their students. >
Mississippi schools given option to return to hybrid learning as COVID-19 case levels soar
Aug 20, 3:39 PM: Hybrid learning options are back on the table for school districts across Mississippi in light of surging COVID-19 cases.
More than 4,000 Mississippi K-12 students quarantined due to COVID exposure from Aug. 2-6
Aug 11, 9:35 AM: The flood of positive cases is forcing schools to move to virtual learning again, including six public schools in Lamar County on Tuesday, which had the largest number of infected students the week of from Aug. 2-6. >
MDE policy limits virtual learning options for Tupelo Schools during 2021-22 school year
Aug 6, 1:00 PM: When it comes to providing flexible virtual learning options for students during the 2021-22 school year, school districts like Tupelo’s have far fewer options than during the previous year.
These Mississippi schools never returned to in-person learning. Here’s what happened.
Jun 9, 8:10 AM: But the longer his school stayed exclusively virtual, the more his grades suffered. By this spring, the end of a full academic year of distance learning, he had failed the second grade despite attempts by his mom to get >
Reeves still silent as Board of Education vacancies again stall key votes
May 12, 5:52 AM: The nine-member State Board of Education is currently operating with only five members, and soon to be four after a longtime member rolls off next month. The low numbers means any time one board member must recuse him or >
‘I Used to Like School’: An 11-Year-Old’s Struggle With Pandemic Learning
May 5, 7:57 AM: A disproportionate number of those disengaged students are lower-income Black, Latino and Native American children who have struggled to keep up in classrooms that are partly or fully remote, for reasons ranging from poor >
Mississippi charter school leader calls renewal process unfair, an ‘injustice’
Apr 20, 6:25 AM: Operators of a Jackson charter school say the board overseeing charter schools in the state did not take into account the most recent data and denied them due process when considering the school’s contract renewal. >
Bill ensures school funding after attendance decreases during pandemic
Mar 11, 7:12 AM: Legislators passed a bill that ensures schools won’t face severe budget cuts due to inconsistencies in student attendance because of the pandemic last year.
Commentary: Lessons Learned From Reopening a School During COVID-19
Jan 27, 7:23 AM: A Mississippi charter school’s decision to offer in-person learning hinged heavily on a desire for equity. Its experience offers insight for others looking to do the same.
Charter schools receive taxpayer dollars. Should their board members follow state ethics laws?
Jan 21, 7:59 AM: The Mississippi Ethics Commission says charter school board members are subject to state ethics laws, which prohibit conflicts of interest that could lead to the misspending of public dollars.
Mississippi Special-Needs Vouchers Used More in Metro Areas
Dec 29, 7:54 AM: Many children using special-needs vouchers in Mississippi the past two years came from metro areas where more private or parochial schools are available than in rural areas.
Mississippi special-needs voucher use: These 5 public school districts lose most students
Dec 28, 8:14 AM: Many children using special-needs vouchers in Mississippi the past two years came from metro areas where more private or parochial schools are available than in rural areas.
‘One of the greatest Mississippians’: Former Gov. William Winter remembered by friends, dignitaries
Dec 21, 9:23 AM: "The only road out of poverty runs past the schoolhouse door,” Winter famously said as he championed the Education Reform Act of 1982, heralded at the time as the most significant state education legislation since >
Officials excited as Mississippi Co. high school set to become charter school
Dec 14, 8:10 AM: New educational opportunities are coming for some Mississippi County students. The Rivercrest School District announced beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, the high school will become a conversion charter school. >
There are 23,000 fewer students enrolled in Mississippi public schools this year. It’s unclear where they went.
Dec 3, 7:21 AM: More than 23,000 fewer students are enrolled in Mississippi public schools this year than last year, and a spokesperson for the state Department of Education did not answer when asked where the students went. >



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