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Applications for 4 Mississippi charter schools move forward. Here's who they are.
Jul 9, 6:33 AM: Groups seeking to open four charter schools in Mississippi are moving forward, while one group is being rejected.
Private School Vouchers Split Mississippi Candidates for Governor
Jul 8, 5:55 AM: Several candidates for Mississippi governor have answered a questionnaire from a public education advocacy group called The Parents' Campaign, but Republican Tate Reeves has not.
Column: Charter school suit exposes state overreach
Jun 24, 6:30 AM: Parents of students in Jackson public schools have sued the state for taking their local tax money and giving it to charter schools in the city. The state contends school money, state and local, should follow the students. >
Rural rising high school seniors from across state prepare for advanced physics at MSU
Jun 21, 7:01 AM: In its third year, the program has grown and received national attention while leadership makes plans to expand. The program is intended to prepare rising high school seniors, particularly from rural or low-income >
Mississippi charter schools’ use of local tax dollars at the heart of case before the state Supreme Court
Jun 20, 5:47 AM: Is it constitutional for local school districts to send their tax dollars to charter schools? That was the question at hand for Mississippi Supreme Court justices Tuesday.
Should charter schools get property tax money? Mississippi Supreme Court hears arguments
Jun 19, 6:29 AM: The state Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday morning about whether it’s constitutional to require local communities to help fund charter schools with property taxes.
Editorial: Mississippians with disabilities given a boost
Jun 14, 6:22 AM: One challenge for families of individuals with disabilities is helping their loved ones achieve independent living. This is of particular concern for parents who want to ensure their children are able to maintain a high >
Mississippi Department of Education announces plans to award new special needs scholarship accounts
Jun 13, 7:56 AM: They’ve been wait-listed for the education scholarship accounts for the last two and a half years, but luck will soon be taken out of the equation and priority will go to families like theirs.
Activists hear frustration from educators
Jun 13, 6:24 AM: Loome and Fitzgerald pointed to the addition of school voucher increases at the end of the session as a prime example. Legislators voted for an education bill that included vouchers to allow special needs children to >
Opinion: State needs innovative teacher training
May 24, 6:19 AM: It’s no secret that one of the biggest keys to Mississippi’s longterm success is having the best possible corps of teachers in its classrooms.
Students flourish at this high school. So why is it labeled an F?
May 24, 5:20 AM: School leaders have fought these ratings from the beginning, arguing the assessments Davis and her peers prepare for all year should be the ones the Mississippi Department of Education uses to grade the school district, >
Mississippi teacher strike: Poll shows educators support one-day sickout, not extended walk out
Apr 23, 5:09 AM: Members of Mississippi’s largest teacher union say they’re more willing to participate in a one-day statewide “sickout” to show their frustration with lawmakers than go on an “indefinite” walkout or strike. >
State-run Achievement School District ready to launch, will take over two Delta districts
Apr 16, 6:17 AM: Two Delta school districts will be placed under state leadership this summer in Mississippi’s new Achievement School District, set to launch June 1.
‘Put up or shut up’: Mississippi teachers mull strike in wake of ‘insulting’ pay raise, secretive voucher funding move
Apr 4, 5:36 AM: Lawmakers wrapped up the 2019 legislative session with a $1,500 pay raise for public school teachers, but many are so outraged by the amount that they’re considering a strike — something Mississippi law expressly forbids. >
The Hunt for Vouchers in Mississippi, After All These Years
Apr 4, 5:15 AM: Mississippi Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and others in Republican state leadership secretly slipped $2 million to expand a private-school voucher program into an unrelated funding bill on March 28, even though lawmakers had made >
Mississippi teachers just got a pay raise. Why are they mad?
Mar 29, 7:42 AM: Saying the state could ill-afford more, Mississippi legislative leaders passed a $1,500 across-the-board pay raise for the state’s teachers and assistants Thursday.
Mississippi lawmakers shocked they voted for $2 million more in private school vouchers
Mar 29, 5:37 AM: Advocates for a controversial school choice program secured a surprise win Thursday, with many lawmakers crying foul that $2 million more for private school tuition vouchers had been secreted into a larger, unrelated bill >
What's going on with Mississippi's teacher pay raise? Here's what we know
Mar 28, 5:29 AM: House lawmakers agreed to fund a state employee pay raise on Wednesday, but a standoff between House and Senate negotiators over a controversial school choice program could sink a proposal to raise Mississippi teacher >
House approves bipartisan bill on higher education success
Mar 21, 6:37 AM: A bipartisan bill that would boost the ability of Colorado’s higher education facilities to help struggling students passed the House yesterday.
Op-Ed: Kids with autism will suffer without ESA or adequate options for therapy
Mar 14, 7:32 AM: Sitting on a desk in Rankin County is the one hope a mother had for one of her twin daughters. It’s an Education Scholarship Account application.



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