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State sued for failing to meet needs of black students
May 24, 6:43 AM: Mississippi is violating terms of its re-admittance to the Union after the Civil War by not providing an equitable education for black students, according to arguments made in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court for the >
Some on Mississippi school board seek to run new district
Apr 21, 5:59 AM: Some members of Mississippi's state Board of Education want direct control over a statewide school district that will take charge of faltering local schools and districts.
Is local tax support OK for charter schools? Court to decide.
Apr 5, 5:58 AM: Attorneys challenging the constitutionality of channeling taxpayer dollars to Mississippi’s charter schools volleyed oral arguments in a Hinds County courtroom Tuesday morning with lawyers defending Mississippi's current way of >
Hundreds rally for voice in ed funding rewrite
Mar 17, 6:57 AM: Hundreds of public school advocates rallied in the rotunda of the Capitol on Thursday to demand to be in on the rewrite of Mississippi’s education funding formula — a process that thus far has remained closely guarded at the >
JPS Shrinks as Charters Pull Students, Money
Mar 16, 6:02 AM: In Dr. Freddrick Murray's view, Jackson Public Schools has to be proactive to get in front of the myriad problems the district faces, from decreasing enrollment and funding at most levels to maintaining the district's 60 schools and >
School choice in Miss.: Many fights, few students so far
Mar 13, 6:39 AM: Between the state’s three charter schools and two programs that pay for children with learning disabilities to attend private schools, fewer than 1,000 students are being served this year. There are 482,000 students in traditional >
Senate approves dyslexia scholarship expansion
Mar 9, 7:11 AM: Supporters have argued that the measure provides an opportunity to students in need of services, who might otherwise not be able to attend a school with dyslexia-specific instruction.
Dyslexia bill moves forward, would expand school choice
Feb 24, 6:21 AM: Students diagnosed with dyslexia attending schools near Mississippi’s border, such as DeSoto County, could receive taxpayer support to cross state lines for services, if House Bill 1406 becomes law.
Rules governing Miss. schools could change significantly
Feb 21, 6:24 AM: Among proposals still alive in the 2017 Legislature are measures to limit the number of statewide and districtwide testing days, require 17-year-olds to stay in school, and require a district taken over by the state to achieve a “C” >
Reeves: More work to do with school choice in Miss.
Jan 25, 6:24 AM: Amid the background of hundreds of charter school students and special needs voucher recipients decked in matching yellow scarves — symbolic of school choice — Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves told attendees that Mississippi has “significantly >
Trump’s ed pick: A Mississippi school choice connection
Jan 16, 8:30 AM: Lately DeVos has gained attention as chairman of the American Federation for Children, an organization that bankrolls candidates who support school choice. And while few Mississippians aside from policy wonks and educators may know >
Teacher merit pay changes proposed
Jan 9, 6:58 AM: Mississippi teachers might see merit pay next year under the state's "School Recognition Program," but a proposed House bill would change how such pay is determined.
Report: Fund charter school board in regular budget process
Dec 30, 7:42 AM: Mississippi should change how its funds its charter school agency, a report from a legislative watchdog agency said.
Report calls for more charter school funding
Dec 28, 7:27 AM: The state Legislature's watchdog committee recommends lawmakers provide more money for charter schools, or at least the board that oversees them.
Districts that get F ratings need to brace for takeover
Dec 27, 7:31 AM: School districts rated "F" for the 2015-16 school year in Mississippi face a shakeup in governance structure if they flunk again this year. But the potential ousting of school board members won’t come from angry constituents at the >
Despite low test scores charter schools plan to expand in Jackson
Dec 6, 7:12 AM: Two Mississippi charter schools have gotten approval to expand enrollments, despite concerns over low test scores in one school's first year of operation.
Numbers Show Broad Achievement Gaps in Mississippi Schools
Nov 14, 7:34 AM: Oxford is Mississippi's highest-flying school district, according to the state's rating system. But data published Thursday shows the district also has the widest achievement gap between black and white students, as well as between >
Pilot programs help school districts explore education innovation
Nov 2, 5:42 AM: Vicksburg Warren School District’s efforts are part of a new pilot program that exempts it and two other school districts from some state laws to allow schools to be more innovative in tackling the challenge of achievement gaps, >
Give them time: Charters defended after D, F ratings
Oct 27, 5:20 AM: School choice proponents in Mississippi have touted the state’s charter schools as mechanisms of hope for children trapped in failing school districts.
Typical school district a ‘C’ in Mississippi rating system
Oct 21, 6:48 AM: After a new test and a recalibrated grading system, the typical Mississippi public school and school district rates a C under the state's A-to-F rating system.



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