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Commentary: Lessons Learned From Reopening a School During COVID-19
Jan 27, 7:23 AM: A Mississippi charter school’s decision to offer in-person learning hinged heavily on a desire for equity. Its experience offers insight for others looking to do the same.
Charter schools receive taxpayer dollars. Should their board members follow state ethics laws?
Jan 21, 7:59 AM: The Mississippi Ethics Commission says charter school board members are subject to state ethics laws, which prohibit conflicts of interest that could lead to the misspending of public dollars.
Mississippi Special-Needs Vouchers Used More in Metro Areas
Dec 29, 7:54 AM: Many children using special-needs vouchers in Mississippi the past two years came from metro areas where more private or parochial schools are available than in rural areas.
Mississippi special-needs voucher use: These 5 public school districts lose most students
Dec 28, 8:14 AM: Many children using special-needs vouchers in Mississippi the past two years came from metro areas where more private or parochial schools are available than in rural areas.
‘One of the greatest Mississippians’: Former Gov. William Winter remembered by friends, dignitaries
Dec 21, 9:23 AM: "The only road out of poverty runs past the schoolhouse door,” Winter famously said as he championed the Education Reform Act of 1982, heralded at the time as the most significant state education legislation since >
Officials excited as Mississippi Co. high school set to become charter school
Dec 14, 8:10 AM: New educational opportunities are coming for some Mississippi County students. The Rivercrest School District announced beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, the high school will become a conversion charter school. >
There are 23,000 fewer students enrolled in Mississippi public schools this year. It’s unclear where they went.
Dec 3, 7:21 AM: More than 23,000 fewer students are enrolled in Mississippi public schools this year than last year, and a spokesperson for the state Department of Education did not answer when asked where the students went. >
Report questions why underperforming charter school was renewed
Dec 2, 8:03 AM: In April, the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board issued a three-year renewal contract to Midtown Public Charter School in Jackson — despite the fact the school has not exceeded a ‘D’ rating since it first opened >
Key education groups call Gov. Reeves’ budget priorities hypocritical, ‘extremely disappointing’
Nov 19, 6:51 AM: As COVID-19 cases in students and teachers hit their highest point yet and schools across the state are forced to close their doors, educators received an additional blow this week from Gov. Tate Reeves.
Mississippi governor proposes $3M ‘Patriotic Education Fund’ to combat ‘indoctrination’ from ‘far-Left socialist teachings’
Nov 18, 1:46 PM: Students in the state of Mississippi will be taught "the American Way" if Gov. Tate Reeves gets his way.
Column: Learning pods, microschools and more: Parents seek options, innovation amid pandemic
Nov 6, 7:44 AM:

With parents in droves reclaiming their role as education decisionmakers, they have also provided a powerful reminder that they are their children’s best and most invested advocates and that their satisfaction matters. >

Canton’s first charter school will open in 2022
Oct 20, 5:16 AM: The Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board last week approved SR1’s application to open the SR1 College Preparatory and STEM Academy. The school will serve kindergarten and first grade in its opening year, then expand >
Editorial: Charter schools
Oct 19, 8:28 AM: Mississippi’s experiment with charter schools has put Clarksdale in the laboratory of testing a new business model or framework for education. This community is getting to see firsthand the success of this novel education >
A Mississippi teacher alternates between two groups of students, and she knows one is falling behind
Sep 28, 7:38 AM: Danielle Whittington teaches 40 fourth-grade students each day but she has not met all of them in person. In her hybrid classroom, 15 are at home, and the rest are in school — and, she says, she is worried that the two >
Parents can be fined for truancy
Aug 31, 8:15 AM: As the new school year begins for local schools the Mississippi Department of Education reminds parents there are laws governing school attendance and they can be enforced on the parents of children not enrolled in >
Column: Mississippi schools reopen: Parents and students need, deserve options
Aug 13, 6:26 AM:

Though they are not always viewed this way by the education system, families with school-aged children are customers, and just now they are customers in desperate need of great customer service: as circumstances change >

Legislators vote to override governor’s veto of education bill
Aug 11, 8:00 AM: Governor Tate Reeves on July 8th vetoed big parts of the education budget because legislators did not fund a bonus pay program for teachers in schools that either maintain high academic performance or show significant >
Two charter schools move to final stage of application process
Jul 28, 7:19 AM: Two potential charter schools in the Mississippi Delta and Canton made it to the final step of the application process, officials announced Monday.
Governor may veto $2.2 billion education budget bill over potential teacher pay cuts
Jul 9, 7:20 AM: Gov. Tate Reeves in a press conference Wednesday said it was “very likely” he would veto the budget bill for the Mississippi Department of Education, a state agency that oversees almost 900 public schools and more than >
Delta Charter School celebrates 41 graduates Friday night
Jun 29, 7:21 AM: The Delta Charter School football stands were filled with parents and grandparents Friday night as 41 Delta Charter graduates earned their high school diplomas.



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