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Historic sacrifice?
Jan 26, 12:50 PM:

Greatest Generation?  Not. " Historic sacrifice" is not a pay freeze in tough economic times.  Stop the whining and get innovative with the funds you do have to reform schools.  And, by the way, perhaps teaching young >

Minnesota pupils top peers in nationwide science test
Jan 26, 11:47 AM:

Headline creates positive image while article hurls facts and figures that leave reader depressed. If article wanted to shine positive light on Minnesota, why not report on what Minnesota is doing to help students >

The Human Cost
Jan 25, 10:57 AM:

Charter schools have demonstrated successfully more often than not. They show improved academic success, attendance and college attendance. But a large majority charter schools receive a fraction of the funding that >

Questions to ask when choosing a school
Jan 20, 10:35 AM:

Joe Nathan of the Forest Lake Times raises many points of interest for parents and children. Charter schools have the ability to outperform their public school counterparts, provide a better education atmosphere and >

Physician, heal thyself!
Jan 4, 5:54 PM:

The scrutiny should be on the state, which has shown itself incapable of measuring schools by real value and outcomes, as opposed to processes. This isn't the whole story. Scores of charters are taking kids who have been >

Education is no different
Jan 4, 4:52 PM:

A growing chorus of people -- and clearly some journalists -- who recognize that schools are for kids, not adults. Amen Minnesota Post-Bulletin!

Funding concerns are front and center in District 281
Jan 4, 2:56 PM:

It's been all about funding in Robbinsdale District 281 this year - how to get it, how to save it and how to spend it. Early in the year, officials announced that $5.7 million would have to be cut from the budget for >



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