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Brooklyn Center charter school closes due to low academic performance
Aug 11, 5:41 AM: Odyssey Academy, a Brooklyn Center charter school, will not be reopening in the fall after to failing to meet "satisfactory academic achievement," according to the charter's authorizer.
Family concerns expanded PSEO opportunities
Aug 8, 7:37 AM: Minnesota wisely offers a variety of ways for high school students to earn college credit. The most widely used are courses offered in high schools by high school faculty.
S.U.N. Academy charter school shuts down abruptly
Aug 1, 5:46 AM: North Minneapolis charter school Sankofa Underground North Academy shut down this month, leaving students and teachers scrambling for other options before the school year starts in a few weeks.
Few answers for parents at Inver Grove charter about school leadership
Jul 18, 6:16 AM: The standoff between parents and board members of an Inver Grove Heights charter over the school’s future leadership continued Monday without the two sides finding much new common ground.
Gustafson to head TrekNorth charter school
Jul 14, 5:42 AM: A School Board decision on Tuesday put Kristin Gustafson in the director’s chair there. Gustafson has been the school’s assistant director for the past three years, and was named interim director after longtime director >
Parents want answers about Dakota County charter school leadership change
Jul 13, 6:31 AM: Frustrated by what they say is unacceptable secrecy surrounding leadership decisions, parents of students at an Inver Grove Heights charter school hope a Thursday meeting will finally provide some answers.
Minnesota parents continue argument that unions protect bad teachers
Jun 29, 6:20 AM: St. Paul mother Roxanne Draughn and three other parents from across the Twin Cities filed a lawsuit in April 2016 claiming that teacher tenure and other union rules protect bad teachers and worsen the academic achievement >
Assembly passes voucher school background check requirement
Jun 22, 7:50 AM: Private schools in Wisconsin's voucher program would have to conduct employee background checks under a bill passed by the state Assembly.
New rules will make teacher requirements more flexible
Jun 14, 7:03 AM: New licensing requirements for Minnesota teachers are set to take effect next summer after they were passed as part of the education budget last session.
STRIDE Academy names new director
Jun 9, 6:26 AM: Eric Williams, a former principal at South Junior High in St. Cloud school district and former superintendent of Holdingford school district, will take over as executive director effective immediately, according to Sara >
Duluth Edison drops charter high school plans
Jun 6, 7:16 AM: Duluth Edison announced in 2013 it was considering opening a high school, and that year showed interest in buying the former Central High School owned by the Duluth school district. An offer on the property was made in >
Tough choices ahead for St. Paul as school enrollment drops and new contract looms
Apr 26, 4:49 AM: Families shut out of their top choices for district schools, especially at the elementary level, often will send their kids to competing charter schools or other districts, rather than another school in the St. Paul >
At Minneapolis magnet schools, diversity is on the rise
Apr 17, 5:09 AM: For decades, school leaders around the country have turned to magnets as a way to balance the racial mix of kids in schools. Roughly 4,000 magnet and theme-based schools dot cities from New York to Los Angeles. In >
Senate GOP Approves Private School Tax Credit Measure
Apr 4, 5:34 AM: Republicans in the Minnesota Senate approved Monday a measure allowing parents to get a tax credit for sending their children to private schools, which Democrats denounced as “vouchers.
Are charter schools the answer to America's public education challenges? (CER in the news)
Mar 9, 8:10 AM: Minnesota passed the nation's first charter school law. but are charter schools effective? Have they lived up to their promise, or just taken financial resources — and students — away from other public schools? >
Charter school enrollment is surging in Minnesota
Mar 3, 6:57 AM: While traditional school district enrollment grew by 2 percent in the past five years, charter school enrollment ballooned by 36 percent. It's been spurred by grade additions and new facilities, plus an increase in the >
Minnesota renews fight over school choice options
Feb 13, 6:17 AM: Minnesota’s been quiet lately when it comes to school-choice innovation. Families embrace the tried-and-true: open enrolling their children to other districts or placing them in a growing array of charter schools. But now, >
Committee approves bill to give tax credits for private school tuition
Feb 10, 6:05 AM: A Minnesota House of Representatives bill that aims to give tax credits to help cover private school tuition received emotional opposition and support during a hearing Thursday.
Lawmakers considering help with private school bills
Feb 9, 7:34 AM: A legislative proposal to increase access to private schools is set for a committee hearing at the state House Thursday.
School choice, tax breaks for private school tuition debated at the Capitol
Jan 25, 6:08 AM: School choice advocates and opponents of taxpayer money going to private schools squared off at the state Capitol Tuesday, foreshadowing a possible national fight over whether students should get public help to pay private >



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