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Edison says it's not to blame for Duluth school district's money woes
Dec 19, 6:50 AM: The district has pinned a big piece of a $2 million mid-year deficit — calling it unexpected — on the special education spending of Edison, coupled with a state funding formula increase. State law dictates that the Duluth >
Enrollment increase encourages Xavier Charter School to expand
Dec 13, 8:27 AM: More than 700 students attend the Xavier Charter School. The school has about 300 students wait-listed.
‘Reimagine’ classrooms to close achievement gap, Twin Cities school superintendents say
Dec 11, 8:02 AM:

Minnesota’s educators need to do a better job recognizing students’ unique attributes and challenges and modify their instruction so all children can reach their full potential.

STRIDE Academy looks to get charter extension with new authorizer
Nov 17, 8:03 AM: STRIDE Academy is one step closer to having a new authorizing agency — as well as a contract that runs past June 2018.
Minnesota Supreme Court agrees to hear case challenging teachers union protections
Nov 15, 7:55 AM: The Minnesota Supreme Court will decide if a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the state’s teachers union protections should move forward.
GOP governor hopeful Downey pushes for school vouchers
Nov 1, 5:10 AM: Keith Downey, a Republican candidate for Minnesota governor, released an education plan Tuesday that would use public money to finance private school vouchers. He also said he would shutter public schools with performance >
Hiawatha Academies celebrates spread to full charter high school campus
Oct 26, 5:15 AM: Charter high schools in Minneapolis are often tucked away in modest locations, missing all the amenities that come with larger school district high schools.
Washington County charter school opens in the woods in a summer camp setting
Oct 25, 6:30 AM: Deep in the woods of northern Washington County, 167 elementary students are taking classes at one of Minnesota’s newest charter schools.
Open enrollment required in MN, can be capped
Oct 5, 6:57 AM: The law has led to tens of thousands of students open enrolling or enrolling in charter schools each year. In Minneapolis Public Schools, for example, about one-third of more than 53,000 school-aged residents attend >
School choice splits Twin Cities suburbs into haves, have-nots
Sep 25, 4:50 AM: From Eden Prairie to Mahtomedi, suburban parents are going the distance to enroll their children in other school districts and charter schools that offer the programs and services they want. In the process, they’re >
Minnesota set to revamp how public schools are graded
Sep 19, 7:03 AM: After years of intense pressure on school test scores, the state's education department on Monday submitted a final plan to the federal government that broadens its previous reach — promising to evaluate more schools than >
Open enrollment, charters reshape Twin Cities schools
Sep 18, 4:44 AM: School choice options — open enrollment and charter schools —  have proved especially popular with nonwhite or minority students, according to the Star Tribune’s analysis of the racial breakdown of students who opt out of >
Career Pathways charter school moves to Hamline Midway
Sep 12, 5:05 AM: Move brings students closer to job opportunities and partnerships with local businesses and organizations.
Minnesota parents explain why they selected a charter public school
Sep 8, 6:19 AM: Passionate responses from parents help explain why the number of Minnesota students attending charter public schools has grown from less than 100 in 1992 to more than 50,000 this year, the 25th anniversary of the first >
Minnesota appeals court upholds dismissal of teacher tenure suit
Sep 6, 5:27 AM: If Minnesotans want to change state teachers union protections, they should petition the Legislature, not seek changes in the courts. That's the opinion of a Minnesota Court of Appeals panel, released Tuesday, Sept. 5, >
Clarkfield Area Charter School passes 10th anniversary
Sep 1, 5:43 AM: All lights will be out and the doors locked at Clarkfield Area Charter School for Labor Day next Monday. But it will be an important occasion for the school nonetheless. The day will mark the tenth anniversary since the >
Arcadia Charter School marks 15th anniversary with something to celebrate
Aug 30, 6:13 AM: Arcadia Charter School celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and with it some of the succes the school has seen in that time.
Arts-focused high school opens its doors in Eden Prairie
Aug 29, 5:40 AM: Eden Prairie has a new arts-focused high school and more than 300 students walked through the doors for their first day of school on Friday, Aug. 25.
As the Stillwater district closes schools, a new charter moves in
Aug 28, 4:52 AM: River Grove’s curriculum will use hands-on, project-based learning with a focus on the environment, local heritage, art and science, said Kristina Smitten, chair of the school board. It will be a “teacher-powered” school, >
St. Paul schools should market to skeptical parents, consultant says
Aug 17, 6:15 AM: A consultant for the St. Paul school district says improving school climate and marketing to skeptical parents could help increase enrollment.



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