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Minneapolis schools will go virtual for two weeks starting Friday
Jan 13, 6:02 AM: Minneapolis Public Schools will go virtual for two weeks due to a "significant reduction" in school staff available to work because of COVID-19, district officials said Wednesday afternoon.
Minneapolis schools offer online credit recovery for high schoolers over winter break
Dec 23, 7:17 AM: Minneapolis high schoolers who have failed a course have a chance to catch up on their studies over winter break.
Demand for K-12 tutors skyrockets as parents, schools seek extra help for struggling students
Dec 20, 7:08 AM: Now that in-person classes are back in session, demand for tutors is skyrocketing as schools and parents seek to help students close the learning gaps that resulted from months of online-only instruction during the >
Less than 20% of Rochester's Black, Hispanic students are proficient in math, opposed to 50% of white, Asian students
Dec 10, 6:09 AM: There are more than 2,600 Black students in Rochester's public school system, and only 17.2% of them are proficient in math. Hispanic students scored even lower, coming in at 15.8% proficient in math.
New School: ‘His Whole Life Changed’
Dec 2, 12:24 PM: About a third of public school students in Minneapolis were assigned to new schools this year. Here is the story of one family.
In Minneapolis schools, white families are asked to help do the integrating
Nov 29, 9:07 AM: Minneapolis, among the most segregated school districts in the country, with one of the widest racial academic gaps, is in the midst of a sweeping plan to overhaul and integrate its schools.
'We're not okay': Pandemic stressors force growing number of educators to leave jobs
Nov 17, 6:19 AM: Education Minnesota says the teacher's union can't remember a time when so many teachers left their jobs during the year — and we're not even into December yet.
Charter schools force painful public school closings
Nov 11, 9:18 AM: In a bid to combat declining enrollment and competition from charter schools, Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) officials created Envision SPPS, a proposal to close or merge 11 schools by next fall. Officials say >
Testing shows achievement gaps in Minneapolis Public Schools
Nov 9, 8:50 AM: The test results released in October reported 74 percent of white students reading at grade level or above, compared to only 19 percent of black students. Math and science had similar gaps, with 62 percent of white >
Minnesota schools struggle with substitute teacher shortage
Nov 1, 6:38 AM: A shortage of substitutes is forcing school districts to get creative when there's no one to fill in.
How Minnesota’s lack of teachers of color hurts students, and what reform could look like
Oct 28, 9:53 AM: Many schools across the United States are grappling with ways to close the achievement gap between white students and students of color. Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on those efforts in Minnesota, which >
Editorial: School takes big risk, learns hard lesson
Oct 27, 8:00 AM: The leader of a popular St. Paul charter school has resigned and the school is being urged to appoint an outside replacement — providing a troubling lesson in what can happen when public dollars are gambled away in a >
What do parents want? St. Paul district bets on bigger, ‘well-rounded’ schools
Oct 25, 6:22 AM: "All the marketing materials in the world doesn’t change the fact that we’re not providing a well-rounded education for our students,” Chief Operating Officer Jackie Turner told the school board earlier this month. >
Sheriff Bob Fletcher plans charter school in Ramsey County focused on public service
Oct 21, 5:37 AM: Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher is planning to open a new charter school next year that aims to steer students toward careers in public service.
Editorial: Education is not one size fits all
Oct 15, 8:46 AM: Our current system runs as a one-size-fits-all program. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this is not a good system. However, far too often it’s the teachers who are getting blamed when a student isn’t >
Minneapolis Teachers To Picket Thursday, Call For More Support Amid Pandemic
Sep 30, 8:07 AM: Greta Callahan, the president of the union’s teacher chapter, said that the federal American Rescue Plan is providing the district with nearly $160 million, which she believes is more than enough for the district to >
Column: Good news about 6 nationally recognized Minnesota Blue Ribbon Public Schools
Sep 30, 8:05 AM: Six Minnesota public schools and, actually, the whole state received terrific news on Sept. 21, when the U.S. Department of Education named them Blue Ribbon Schools. These six were among 325 nationally that were recognized >
Property taxes could jump 11% for average St. Paul homeowner
Sep 28, 8:48 AM: Superintendent Joe Gothard said the district must “ensure that we have the investments necessary for us to continue to do our work.
New tool in our tool kit': Minnesota colleges say online classes here to stay
Sep 20, 9:11 AM: A new health sciences degree program at the University of Minnesota Rochester will combine online and in-person learning to help students complete their studies in just over two years instead of four.
Column: More personalized, active learning needed now
Sep 3, 9:55 AM: As I review state and some local plans spending hundreds of millions of dollars to help youngsters recover from challenges of COVID-19, I see huge amounts for more social workers, counselors and tutoring. Each of them can >



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