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Five Minnesota charter schools recognized for innovations
Dec 9, 6:37 AM: In anticipation of the 25th anniversary of chartering, the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools (MACS) decided it was time to get back to its roots by recognizing pockets of innovation worth replicating. >
Osseo schools could approve a new racial equity plan
Nov 22, 6:52 AM: The Osseo Public School District could adopt its first equity policy Tuesday in an effort to close its wide racial achievement gap.
Local officials respond after lawsuit challenging teachers unions dismissed
Oct 28, 6:10 AM: With the dismissal of a lawsuit that challenged protections offered to Minnesota teachers comes an opportunity to build up the teaching profession and encourage more people to seek it, said Duluth Federation of Teachers >
Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Minnesota teachers union protections
Oct 27, 5:54 AM: A lawsuit from four Minnesota parents that claimed the state’s teachers union rules protect bad teachers and perpetuate the state’s achievement gap has been thrown out by a Ramsey County judge.
Oct 19, 5:00 AM:

The Minnesota Department of Education is pulling out of its proposed rule for school integration, which included a piece that would have put charters under state integration plans for the first time.

MPS faces hurdles in race for the best teachers
Oct 10, 6:22 AM: Two positives for recruiting and retaining teachers: The end of residency requirements helped MPS, and the district’s starting pay remains very competitive with suburban schools.
Charter school envisions educating over half of North Mpls children
Oct 6, 6:08 AM: The Harvest Network of Schools promotes community development and education. These concepts are not something new to the schools’ founder and president Eric Mahmoud and his wife, co-founder and executive director Dr. Ella >
No consensus in Minnesota on calls for moratorium on charter schools
Sep 26, 6:43 AM: A very small number of Minnesota students actually go to charter schools. Just over five percent in the 2014-2015 school year. But you wouldn't know it by the size of the debate the publicly financed, independently run >
Local charter, private schools see boost in enrollment
Sep 26, 5:58 AM: Now in its second year, CHOICE Technical Academy, a charter school in Owatonna, has seen an immense jump in enrollment, from 44 students last year to 76 this year.
New charter school science class sends students into the field
Sep 23, 6:09 AM: The weekly trips to the college are part of a new quarter-long science class open to the school's sixth-through 11th-graders. Putze said the class provides hands-on science exploration.
Nova Classical Academy earns perfect mark
Sep 13, 5:25 AM: Nova Classical Academy, more precisely, its Upper School, is the only high school in the state to earn a perfect Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR) from the state Department of Education in 2016.
Charter school movement 25 years old, continues to grow
Sep 7, 5:50 AM: It’s the silver anniversary of the charter school and in Minnesota — the birthplace of the charter school movement — supporters say the commitment to students and choice has never been stronger. >
Rosemount district opening two more magnet schools to offer choice, promote integration
Sep 1, 4:39 AM: Magnet schools enjoy small but persistent popularity in Minnesota. The website Public School Review lists 78 magnets statewide, serving about 5 percent of the state’s more than 860,000 students from preschool to high >
Challenge to Minnesota teachers union protections will continue despite California ruling
Aug 23, 7:48 AM: Minnesota parents suing the state over teachers union protections say their lawsuit will continue despite the failure of a similar case in California.
Educators weigh in on ways to improve school oversight
Jul 21, 7:43 AM: Minnesota educators want to use the recent rewrite of the federal No Child Left Behind law to improve the state’s school accountability system.
Parents sue state, school districts over teacher tenure
Jul 21, 7:35 AM: A group of Minnesota parents say state laws that dictate how teachers can be fired contribute to the state's academic achievement gaps. Their lawsuit against the state and four school districts over state teacher tenure >
Gov. Dayton addresses teachers union
Jul 20, 7:08 AM: Gov. Mark Dayton addressed thousands of members of the American Federation of Teachers on Tuesday afternoon, saying many people did not know how poorly the nation funds public education.
State asks judge to dismiss lawsuit challenging teacher tenure laws
Jul 15, 6:44 AM: State and school district lawyers asked a Ramsey County judge Thursday to dismiss a lawsuit that alleges state laws protect ineffective teachers.
Minnesota teacher tenure lawsuit faces first hurdle
Jul 14, 6:33 AM: A Ramsey County District Court judge will hear initial arguments Thursday in a lawsuit aimed at dismantling Minnesota’s union protections for public school teachers. State and local leaders want Judge Margaret M. Marrinan >
More students enroll in programs to stop summer 'slide'
Jul 11, 5:55 AM: Expanded programs target lower-income children who are most likely to lose momentum over summer.



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