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Committee approves bill to give tax credits for private school tuition
Feb 10, 6:05 AM: A Minnesota House of Representatives bill that aims to give tax credits to help cover private school tuition received emotional opposition and support during a hearing Thursday.
Lawmakers considering help with private school bills
Feb 9, 7:34 AM: A legislative proposal to increase access to private schools is set for a committee hearing at the state House Thursday.
School choice, tax breaks for private school tuition debated at the Capitol
Jan 25, 6:08 AM: School choice advocates and opponents of taxpayer money going to private schools squared off at the state Capitol Tuesday, foreshadowing a possible national fight over whether students should get public help to pay private >
Parents will appeal dismissal of teacher tenure lawsuit
Jan 10, 6:36 AM: Four parents who claim Minnesota’s teachers union rules protect bad educators asked an appellate court to review their lawsuit against the state after it was dismissed last year.
State approves charter school to open in North Branch
Jan 6, 7:42 AM: The state approved K-8 art and science focused charter school plans to add one grade each year. Phoenix Academy will be designed with an experiential learning philosophy, to make the learning experiences of students more >
Minnesota New Country School awarded for doing things differently
Jan 6, 7:23 AM: The Minnesota Association of Charter Schools recognized MNCS for innovation for professional teaching opportunities in December. The school uses a more open, and less restrictive teaching model than most other public >
Charter school recognized as high quality
Dec 23, 8:15 AM: East Range Academy of Technology and Science staff and students already knew their school is outstanding. But a few weeks ago, the Eveleth-based charter school — which specializes in personalized student attention and >
Schoolcraft earns state recognition: Bemidji-area school named a High Quality Charter School
Dec 22, 7:25 AM: Schoolcraft Director Adrienne Eickman said she's proud of her staff after the state named the Bemidji-area charter school a "High Quality Charter School" last week.
The complicated history of America's first 'union-backed' charter school authorizer
Dec 22, 7:11 AM: Despite its name, the Community School of Excellence in St. Paul has not distinguished itself with excellence. Instead, the Hmong-focused charter has become one of Minnesota’s most scandal-ridden schools. >
TrekNorth works to determine funding plan for K-5 expansion
Dec 21, 7:51 AM: TrekNorth Junior & Senior High School leaders are working on a plan to finance an expansion that would nearly double the charter school’s enrollment.
South Minneapolis schools see 'growing pains' as some on North Side sit half-empty
Dec 20, 7:46 AM: Vacancies in north Minneapolis schools stem from a slew of reasons, district officials said, including safety concerns and competition from the many charter schools in the area. “Families are at a point in 2016 to say, ‘I >
How one education nonprofit is seeking to create a groundswell of parent engagement
Dec 16, 7:05 AM: When Rashad Turner stepped down from his leadership role with Black Lives Matter in the city of St. Paul in early September, he pinned his decision on a single point of contention: National leadership of both BLM and the >
Five Minnesota charter schools recognized for innovations
Dec 9, 6:37 AM: In anticipation of the 25th anniversary of chartering, the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools (MACS) decided it was time to get back to its roots by recognizing pockets of innovation worth replicating. >
Osseo schools could approve a new racial equity plan
Nov 22, 6:52 AM: The Osseo Public School District could adopt its first equity policy Tuesday in an effort to close its wide racial achievement gap.
Local officials respond after lawsuit challenging teachers unions dismissed
Oct 28, 6:10 AM: With the dismissal of a lawsuit that challenged protections offered to Minnesota teachers comes an opportunity to build up the teaching profession and encourage more people to seek it, said Duluth Federation of Teachers >
Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Minnesota teachers union protections
Oct 27, 5:54 AM: A lawsuit from four Minnesota parents that claimed the state’s teachers union rules protect bad teachers and perpetuate the state’s achievement gap has been thrown out by a Ramsey County judge.
Oct 19, 5:00 AM:

The Minnesota Department of Education is pulling out of its proposed rule for school integration, which included a piece that would have put charters under state integration plans for the first time.

MPS faces hurdles in race for the best teachers
Oct 10, 6:22 AM: Two positives for recruiting and retaining teachers: The end of residency requirements helped MPS, and the district’s starting pay remains very competitive with suburban schools.
Charter school envisions educating over half of North Mpls children
Oct 6, 6:08 AM: The Harvest Network of Schools promotes community development and education. These concepts are not something new to the schools’ founder and president Eric Mahmoud and his wife, co-founder and executive director Dr. Ella >
No consensus in Minnesota on calls for moratorium on charter schools
Sep 26, 6:43 AM: A very small number of Minnesota students actually go to charter schools. Just over five percent in the 2014-2015 school year. But you wouldn't know it by the size of the debate the publicly financed, independently run >



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