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MN school sees gains when kids' art, social needs take center stage
Mar 7, 7:15 AM: Classroom instruction alone isn't enough to meet the needs of many students here. So, Riverside's leaders have embraced a nationally recognized arts initiative, together with a full-service schooling model where education, >
Parents abandon challenge to teacher union protections
Mar 1, 6:41 AM: The four mothers who argued union protections resulted in students of color having unqualified teachers have abandon their effort to change state law through the courts.
Online learning has replaced snow days in some Minnesota school districts, and more may follow
Feb 8, 8:24 AM: For some Minnesota students, gone are the snow days from school that can be spent on snowmen, sledding and drinking hot chocolate.
Minnesota’s persistent higher-ed gap: Are new efforts making a difference?
Jan 16, 7:32 AM: Minnesota ranks among the most educated states in the country, with nearly half of adults aged 25 to 64 holding an associate degree or higher. But that impressive statistic masks severe racial disparities in degree >
Solon Springs prepares to launch Montessori charter school
Jan 11, 7:15 AM: Solon Springs School District will open a public Montessori charter school for children in preschool through sixth grade in the fall. Parents interested in learning more about the new, free option are encouraged to attend >
State and local leaders talk college-corporate-community collaboration
Nov 29, 7:32 AM: The head of Minnesota's 37 state colleges and universities met with Mankato business and civic leaders on the Minnesota State University campus to discuss how higher education can help fill a growing gap between jobs and >
School bond referendum requests fare better in 2018, but rural-urban divide persists
Nov 15, 7:22 AM: Taxpayer support for these sorts of perks that help districts stay competitive tends to fall along an urban-rural divide. More urban, high-property-wealth districts consistently have an easier time passing these sorts of >
Minnesota's private colleges opening up to community college students
Nov 14, 6:22 AM: Six private Minnesota colleges held open houses this week to recruit transfers from community colleges to their schools. What used to be a tricky and frustrating process, is becoming somewhat easier as colleges find they >
Minneapolis school board race: How to stop district's enrollment decline
Nov 2, 4:59 AM:

Last school year, district officials began collecting exit surveys from families leaving the district. School discipline approach, transportation issues and the failure to meet parents’ needs were the top three reasons >

Opinion: Minnesota State college leaders say reform is coming. Why do I see Lucy holding a football?
Oct 18, 6:03 AM: This situation is all too familiar to students at Minnesota State, who have been clamoring for reform at the state’s colleges to address affordability and the opportunity gap. They are told that change is just around the >
Student turnover slows academic growth, but many states aren't tracking the churn
Oct 10, 7:25 AM: Meticulous reports flow in on enrollment, attendance, test scores, dropout rates and college-entrance exam results. You can track students by race and income at every school and pull up each teacher’s salary and >
Counterpoint: School boards and superintendents do support innovation
Oct 10, 5:21 AM: We agree with a commentary on the need for such things as teacher flexibility. We disagree that boards and administrators resist change.
Court ruling prompts battle over membership in Minnesota teachers union
Oct 1, 6:58 AM: The leaders of Education Minnesota — one of the state's most powerful political forces — have been pushing hard to keep its numbers up while outside forces have seized on the moment.
Editorial: Minnesota school districts can learn from odds-defying schools
Sep 19, 5:21 AM: Minnesota needs well-educated workers and cannot afford to have so many of its students do so poorly academically. Districts statewide should take more lessons from schools that are getting it right, focus resources on >
Our View: Thumbs up for expansion of charter schools
Sep 17, 7:24 AM: The schools currently turn away prospective students due to lack of space and have lengthy waiting lists. The expansion will allow the K-8 school, for instance, to expand from the current 347 students to 500 students. >
Around the Twin Cities metro, high-poverty schools are beating the odds
Sep 17, 5:55 AM: Skyview Elementary is one of 44 high-poverty public schools in the Twin Cities metro area that the Star Tribune has identified as “beating the odds” in an annual analysis of statewide test scores. >
Rosa Parks gets a new home amid challenges, opportunities
Sep 6, 5:44 AM: Mullen described teacher-powered schools as a growing movement, particularly in Minnesota. Avalon High School in the Twin Cities and Minnesota New Country are examples of schools controlled by teaching staff. >
Three local charter schools top state average for English learner growth
Aug 31, 6:38 AM: The state's new accountability system promises to highlight student growth and equity instead of only proficiency rates based on a single test. This is good news for area charter schools, which have high populations of >
St. Paul, Minneapolis account for half of Minnesota’s worst schools, data show
Aug 30, 6:03 AM: St. Paul and Minneapolis are home to half of the worst low-income schools in the state, according to Minnesota’s new accountability system.
School districts go door to door to draw new students
Aug 27, 6:21 AM: The aim is to build enrollment at a time when charter schools and, in the case of Milwaukee and Baltimore, voucher-empowered private schools, siphon students and sap resources. And they are doing it by taking their message >



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