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Charting a new course: New Bemidji charter school opens
Sep 6, 7:06 AM: After multiple years of preparation since the idea first appeared on the scene, the doors of Bemidji’s newest charter school, Aurora Waasakone Community of Learners, have opened to its first round of students. >
New Waldorf charter school starts small with room to grow
Sep 4, 5:40 AM: After sitting empty for nine years, the school building in Waldorf is once again home to students and educators.
On Minnesota campuses, a push to rethink remedial education
Aug 19, 6:39 AM: The Minnesota State system, facing intense pressure to reform the way it delivers remedial education, is taking steps to shrink the number of students who take such courses. Those changes come amid a national push to >
Henderson charter school celebrating 25 years of project-based learning
Aug 9, 7:08 AM: The school fosters a supportive atmosphere and self-motivated learners and educators, Pollack said, by allowing students freedom to explore their own interests and encouraging collaboration that capitalizes on each >
Low graduation rate prompts ads branding Minnesota as 'worst' for students of color
Aug 5, 5:33 AM: Ads with a bleak message about the state's education system are popping up across the Twin Cities — wrapped around light-rail trains and buses and posted on billboards."Minnesota schools are worst in the nation for our >
Parents call for change at pioneer Minneapolis charter school
Jul 24, 8:15 AM: They're pushing to improve the quality of education their kids receive at Cedar Riverside Community School in Minneapolis.
Charter schools making moves in Southwest
Jul 16, 7:53 AM: A new charter high school will open this fall in Southwest and another is planning a building addition as it prepares to add more students.
New charter school coming to St. Paul this fall
Jul 11, 6:44 AM: A new charter school is set to open in St. Paul this fall. The Journey School is 10 years in the making and the brainchild of long-time educators Scott Gostchock and Michelle Cambrice.
Minnesota State scholarship program aims to combat workforce shortage
Jul 9, 6:17 AM: Funded by the state Legislature, this program provides hundreds -- and in the future thousands -- of students pursuing high-demand trades at the 30 Minnesota State colleges with financial assistance through scholarships. >
Closing the achievement gap, with help from the Mayo Clinic
Jun 28, 8:13 AM: In a time of stubborn performance gaps between white students and students of color, and between rich and poor, this university of just over 500 undergraduates may offer a script for how to ensure that students from >
Ashland School Board votes to close charter schools, Charter School Council to vote next
Jun 28, 6:34 AM: Controversy is growing in Ashland ahead of the impending closure of two charter schools in the city after the Ashland School Board vote on Monday.
It’s getting harder for low-income students to afford college, though Minnesota shows hopeful trends
Jun 14, 5:41 AM: After years of more state investment in need-based aid, moderate tuition increases, and higher family income, the analysis shows schools here have become more affordable.
Twin Cities school segregation case proceeds after ruling on charter schools
Jun 13, 5:44 AM: A long-running lawsuit over school segregation in the Twin Cities will move forward, after a Hennepin County judge ruled against an effort by a group of charter schools that had sought to stay out of the lawsuit — and >
Graduation milestone for Tower's charter school
Jun 7, 7:18 AM: This was the sixth year VCS has been in operation, and half the graduating class were inaugural members of the school.
$600M a year, yet achievement gap persists
Jun 3, 5:57 AM: Minnesota has spent more than $5 billion in the last decade to boost the academic performance of low-achieving students, but the state has little ability to assess how the money is being used — or whether it’s making a >
St. Paul rightly mutes talk of charter school moratorium
May 10, 5:30 AM: In the face of calls to limit charter school growth in the city, some St. Paul leaders are saying not so fast. Rather than pushing for a moratorium, some school administration officials want to collaborate with charters >
Minnesota first lady Gwen Walz spotlights college opportunity in prison
May 8, 6:55 AM: For Minnesota lawmakers looking for a rare bipartisan win in years to come, the governor’s wife suggests they look at expanding educational opportunities for inmates in state prisons.
Strengthen, clarify the teaching of civics in Minnesota high schools
May 8, 6:08 AM: The Founding Fathers saw education as essential to safeguarding America’s system of self-governance. Civics education strengthens democracy and transforms students’ knowledge into effective citizen engagement. Improving >
Editorial counterpoint: For too many, school choice doesn't work
May 3, 4:56 AM: In St. Paul and elsewhere, there are lots of options, but this has led to a market-based approach, with winners and losers. We need to talk.
Be wary of efforts to limit on charter school growth
Apr 29, 5:06 AM: St. Paul is where the first charter school — City Academy — opened in 1992 and where the charter school movement was born. Now more than 25 years later, there’s an effort to put the brakes on growth of the popular public >



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