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Rollingstone can’t be used for charter
May 22, 5:08 AM: It’s official: Rollingstone Community School is for sale — and, according to a clause approved with a 5-2 vote by the Winona Area Public Schools (WAPS) Board, new owners will not be allowed to use it as a schoolhouse. >
Duluth Edison honorees lauded for work to bring charter to town
May 21, 4:57 AM: Those unfamiliar with the origin story of Duluth Edison Charter Schools might be surprised to learn that the charter exists today because of the Duluth school district.
No charter in Rollingstone: Winona school board votes down proposal; school to be sold
May 18, 6:36 AM: The Winona public school board dashed hopes to reopen Rollingstone Community School as a charter school at a meeting Thursday night.
Rollingstone pitches charter plan
May 17, 6:01 AM: The Rollingstone group has asked that the district allow the city to purchase the building for use as a charter school beginning in 2019. Its proposal requests that the district consider being the charter’s “authorizer,” >
St. Cloud Math & Science Academy Charter School sees more community and parent protesters
May 15, 6:06 AM: Parents and community members held their second protest in about a week Monday morning outside St. Cloud Math & Science Academy Charter School. They continued to demand a leadership change in the school board, but Monday >
Rollingstone's pitch to WAPS: Make us a charter school
May 15, 5:29 AM: Rollingstone Community School, set to close its doors in less than a month, would have new life under a proposal that’s now before the Winona school board.
A generation of 'independent learners': One of country's first charters, Bluffview Montessori School turns 25
May 11, 5:45 AM: Founded in 1993, Bluffview was the second charter school and the first Montessori charter school to open in the United States. And while charters across the country are closing their doors at a rate of 5 to 10 percent each >
Winona's Bluffview celebrates 25 years on forefront of charter movement
May 7, 6:44 AM: In his first year in administration — he’s technically called the head of school at Bluffview Montessori School in Winona — Schantzen has been at the charter school for nearly half of the school’s existence as a charter >
Six things to know about charter schools in Minnesota
May 7, 6:36 AM: While charter schools have deep roots in Minnesota, the institutions remain a mystery to some. Here are six basic facts about charter schools you need to know.
Charter school plans abandoned
May 4, 5:21 AM: Great Plains School of Technology and Innovation, a proposed charter school for grades 6-8 in Moorhead, Minnesota, isn’t likely to make it past the planning stages.
Supporters Of Autism Charter Schools Want To Increase Enrollment
May 3, 7:04 AM: Interest is high for the two charter schools opening this fall in Minocqua for students on the autism spectrum. They have more applicants than available slots at one of the charters.
Kato Public Charter School makes case to stay open with new format
Apr 17, 6:59 AM: If Kato Public Charter School is allowed to stay open, its leaders want to transform their school with an online-based and vocational-focused curriculum.
Open enrollment arose to allow for school choice; state funds follow students
Apr 16, 5:11 AM: Open enrollment allows Minnesota families to enroll their children in a public school district of their choosing. The law was enacted in 1988 for the 1989-90 school year in an effort to close the achievement gap. >
Hopkins district, charter school explore unprecedent merger
Apr 4, 6:38 AM: As the Hopkins School District aims to expand its language immersion program, district leaders have turned to a charter school within its boundaries to explore an unprecedented merger in Minnesota.
Regional school districts to work together on 'Innovation Zone' project
Mar 27, 4:45 AM: The Minnesota Department of Education approved the Vision 2020 Innovation Research Zone Pilot Project, a partnership between Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton, Waseca, St. Peter, Tri-City United, Sleepy Eye, Fairmont, Granada >
District, charter school explore unprecedented merger
Mar 23, 5:15 AM: As the Hopkins School District aims to expand its language immersion program, district leaders have turned to a charter school within its boundaries toexplore an unprecedented merger in Minnesota.
Hopkins District, charter school explore unprecedented merger
Mar 21, 5:34 AM: As the Hopkins School District aims to expand its language immersion program, district leaders have turned to a charter school within its boundaries to explore an unprecedented merger in Minnesota.
For students with both gifts and disabilities, choices are few
Mar 5, 6:36 AM: Schools generally organize themselves according to categories: They divide students by age, grade, and often by academic progress or lack thereof. But what about students who don't fit into those categories? That's the >
A look at the two leaders spearheading reforms in Minnesota's largest charter-school network
Jan 10, 5:44 AM: In terms of student demographics, these charter schools can vary quite a bit from one school to the next, especially when it comes to the portion who are only enrolled in the affiliated online program, Minnesota >
School integration lawsuit heads to Minnesota Supreme Court
Jan 8, 8:19 AM: One of the state’s most closely watched education lawsuits in years is heading to the Minnesota Supreme Court on Tuesday, accusing state officials of shirking their responsibilities to educate poor and minority students. >



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