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Opinion: History repeats with Minneapolis schools plan
Apr 2, 7:35 AM: People for and opposed to the Minneapolis School District’s restructuring plan gathered at a school board meeting in March. A final board vote on the proposal is scheduled for April 28.
Ratings could end tenure for Minnesota's teachers
Mar 30, 7:24 AM: A radical new approach to evaluating teachers could end their tenure protections and tie job ratings to student test scores, changing the face of education in Minnesota.
Minnesota parents, too, are tested as education moves back home
Mar 30, 6:11 AM: Groups for home-schoolers are inundated with requests for tips, advice, resources and just plain reassurance.
Minnesota schools, parents struggle to adjust to school closure
Mar 17, 5:39 AM: Just as parents scramble to find ways to adjust their lives during the school closures, St. Paul and Minneapolis educators have their own challenge: finding ways to teach nearly 70,000 students from a distance. >
Striking St. Paul teachers get $4.7M for mental health staff, twice that for wage hikes
Mar 16, 8:10 AM: The contract agreement that ended the St. Paul teacher strike features $4.7 million for new mental health staff on top of the full $9.6 million the school district planned to spend on wages.
St. Paul school strike comes to an end
Mar 13, 6:48 AM: After a three-day strike that cancelled classes in one of the biggest school district in Minnesota, St. Paul Public School teachers and the school district announced they have reached an agreement.
St. Paul schools, teachers will resume talks early Thursday
Mar 12, 8:35 AM: The St. Paul Federation of Educators is striking over demands for additional mental health and multilingual supports, as well as more people to work with special-education students. Superintendent Joe Gothard has put the >
Constitutional amendment will make public education a civil right
Mar 12, 5:51 AM: Only 25% of African American students are college-ready compared to 69% for their White peers. While Minnesota’s education leaders point to progress in reducing graduation disparities, measures of college readiness show >
Strike leads to search for child care for St. Paul parents
Mar 11, 7:36 AM: There’s more uncertainty for parents and students in St. Paul as classes in all of the city’s public schools are canceled for a second day in a row.
‘Caught in a larger battle.’ St. Paul strike comes at critical time for teachers unions
Mar 11, 6:57 AM: Hours before closing St. Paul’s public schools Tuesday and for the foreseeable future, Superintendent Joe Gothard insisted there was nothing “inevitable” about a teacher strike. That’s not to say he shouldn’t have seen it >
Charter schools that serve immigrant and refugee families watching desegregation lawsuit
Mar 11, 5:35 AM: Though the school was created to promote Russian culture and language, most of the classes are taught in English, said director Yelena Hardcopf. For many expats who fled after the Soviet Union’s demise three decades ago, >
St. Paul schools cancel classes because of teachers strike
Mar 10, 6:32 AM: Late in the afternoon, the union’s executive board unanimously rejected Superintendent Joe Gothard’s request for arbitration, which he described as a way to “avoid a strike and keep our students in school. >
Another day of contract talks for St. Paul teachers yields little progress
Mar 9, 9:01 AM: Nick Faber, president of the St. Paul Federation of Educators, told MPR News on Sunday that while the two sides have made some progress, there hasn’t been much movement on bigger contract issues. The two sides met for >
Column: Why a teachers strike is bad for Saint Paul Public Schools — and unnecessary
Mar 9, 8:57 AM: SPPS is working to improve long-term student outcomes as outlined in our strategic plan. I see evidence of this work through the commitment of our staff and the meaningful experiences our students are receiving. A labor >
Student mental health the focus of St. Paul district, teachers union talks
Mar 5, 8:34 AM: Murray Middle School in St. Paul is better positioned than most to tend to the mental health needs of its students, but staffing has its limits. The school’s social worker serves special-education students only, and the >
St. Paul superintendent asking for additional mediation days to avoid impending teacher strike
Feb 28, 8:35 AM: The St. Paul, Minnesota school district is asking the teachers union for additional mediation days to try to reach a contract agreement before a planned strike next month.
Union to start 10-day countdown to St. Paul teacher strike
Feb 27, 10:10 AM: The St. Paul Federation of Educators filed a notice of intent to strike Wednesday morning, starting a 10-day cooling off period. If it can’t reach agreement on a new two-year labor contract, the school district will >
Minnesota legislators introduce constitutional amendment to require a 'quality public education' for all students
Feb 26, 6:33 AM: Calling it a “conversation starter” in a state with persistent achievement gaps, legislators rolled out an amendment Tuesday to swap out 163-year-old language in the Minnesota Constitution that establishes a “uniform >
St. Paul teachers union votes to strike over lack of progress in negotiations
Feb 21, 8:06 AM: Members of the St. Paul teachers union voted Thursday to authorize a strike over a lack of progress in contract negotiations with the state’s second-largest school district.
St. Paul teachers take strike vote Thursday. Here’s what they’re bargaining for.
Feb 20, 8:57 AM: For a fifth straight contract cycle, the St. Paul Federation of Educators is “bargaining for the common good,” adopting the Chicago Teachers Union’s strategy of negotiating a wide range of topics, some of which fall >



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