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St. Paul rightly mutes talk of charter school moratorium
May 10, 5:30 AM: In the face of calls to limit charter school growth in the city, some St. Paul leaders are saying not so fast. Rather than pushing for a moratorium, some school administration officials want to collaborate with charters >
Minnesota first lady Gwen Walz spotlights college opportunity in prison
May 8, 6:55 AM: For Minnesota lawmakers looking for a rare bipartisan win in years to come, the governor’s wife suggests they look at expanding educational opportunities for inmates in state prisons.
Strengthen, clarify the teaching of civics in Minnesota high schools
May 8, 6:08 AM: The Founding Fathers saw education as essential to safeguarding America’s system of self-governance. Civics education strengthens democracy and transforms students’ knowledge into effective citizen engagement. Improving >
Editorial counterpoint: For too many, school choice doesn't work
May 3, 4:56 AM: In St. Paul and elsewhere, there are lots of options, but this has led to a market-based approach, with winners and losers. We need to talk.
Be wary of efforts to limit on charter school growth
Apr 29, 5:06 AM: St. Paul is where the first charter school — City Academy — opened in 1992 and where the charter school movement was born. Now more than 25 years later, there’s an effort to put the brakes on growth of the popular public >
Candidates for state school superintendent job narrowed to three
Apr 25, 6:16 AM: The State Board of Education voted Wednesday to bring three candidates back for interviews next month for the post of state superintendent of public instruction.
Minnesota graduation rates hit new record
Apr 24, 7:32 AM: Minnesota’s overall high school graduation rate hit an all-time peak in 2018, as the state made some progress in narrowing the persistent graduation gap between students of color and white students.
Counterpoint: St. Paul officials, don't point fingers at charter schools
Apr 19, 5:08 AM: That’s why I was so upset by a recent article on problematic efforts to “rein in” charter schools (“St. Paul officials debate ways to rein in growing charter schools,” April 14). It’s also why the article itself, which >
How to make high school more interesting? Here's an idea
Apr 18, 5:42 AM: After studying dozens of high schools, they have a recipe of sorts for powerful learning: classes in which students were treated as people who could solve problems and produce something valuable. Classes that were >
St. Paul officials debate ways to rein in growing charter schools
Apr 15, 7:04 AM: As St. Paul Public Schools eye another budget deficit due in large part to having fewer students, the charter school movement that has drawn thousands of city children — and the funding they generate — is thriving. >
Charter school won't be moving into Marine Elementary next fall
Apr 2, 6:58 AM: But in February, the school's authorizer, the Minnesota Guild, told River Grove it needed to stay put for the rest of its five-year lease, which expires in June 2022. The school currently rents several cottage-like >
Ethnic charter schools seek judge’s protection in desegregation lawsuit
Apr 2, 6:55 AM: Two charter schools that cater to African-Americans have asked a judge to protect them from a lawsuit that seeks to desegregate schools across the Twin Cities metro area.
‘We’ll fight for this one’: Gazelka says bill creating tax credits for private school scholarships is a GOP priority
Mar 21, 6:18 AM: \A proposal at the core of the differing education policies favored by Minnesota Republicans and DFLers might end up on the table for end-of-session negotiations between Gov. Tim Walz and Senate majority Republicans. >
Senate Republicans revive private school scholarships plan
Mar 20, 6:33 AM: Minnesota Senate Republican leaders said Tuesday that a proposal to turn tax credits into scholarships for low- and middle-income students to attend private schools is a priority for them, and they hope to make it the >
Republicans ready to reopen Minnesota school choice debate
Mar 20, 4:59 AM: Minnesota Senate leaders say debates about Minnesota school funding should include tax breaks for groups that fund private and parochial school scholarships.
MN school sees gains when kids' art, social needs take center stage
Mar 7, 7:15 AM: Classroom instruction alone isn't enough to meet the needs of many students here. So, Riverside's leaders have embraced a nationally recognized arts initiative, together with a full-service schooling model where education, >
Parents abandon challenge to teacher union protections
Mar 1, 6:41 AM: The four mothers who argued union protections resulted in students of color having unqualified teachers have abandon their effort to change state law through the courts.
Online learning has replaced snow days in some Minnesota school districts, and more may follow
Feb 8, 8:24 AM: For some Minnesota students, gone are the snow days from school that can be spent on snowmen, sledding and drinking hot chocolate.
Minnesota’s persistent higher-ed gap: Are new efforts making a difference?
Jan 16, 7:32 AM: Minnesota ranks among the most educated states in the country, with nearly half of adults aged 25 to 64 holding an associate degree or higher. But that impressive statistic masks severe racial disparities in degree >
Solon Springs prepares to launch Montessori charter school
Jan 11, 7:15 AM: Solon Springs School District will open a public Montessori charter school for children in preschool through sixth grade in the fall. Parents interested in learning more about the new, free option are encouraged to attend >



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