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Editorial: Stagnant test scores must spur more reform
Aug 31, 4:56 AM: A new crop of statewide test scores again highlights the entrenched challenges facing Michigan schools. While there are some glimmers of progress in the latest scores, the picture overall is stagnant at best. >
Editorial: Cyber school defenders too transparent
Aug 30, 6:51 AM: Gov. Rick Snyder has tried the past two years to take some of the profit out of online “cyber” charter schools. Storefront cyber academies exist mainly to make their operators wealthy while providing little education and >
Editorial: Education officials unfairly target online schools
Aug 29, 4:54 AM: We’ve long pointed to glaring leadership gaps in Michigan education, and since state Superintendent Brian Whiston died earlier this year, staffers in the Michigan Department of Education are operating with little >
Marshall Plan for Talent aims to build Michigan students’ career skills
Aug 28, 6:27 AM: To help address the growing shortage of Professional Trade workers in a wide range of industries throughout the state, Gov. Rick Snyder in June signed into law the Marshall Plan for Talent, a $100 million workforce >
Schools of Choice is a family decision
Aug 28, 4:58 AM: Schools of Choice has created an atmosphere within public schools where we are more cognizant of family choice and aware of making sure we highlight our points of pride.  It is always our mission to do the very best so our >
Detroit pop-up enrollment centers draw parents seeking district schools
Aug 21, 6:30 AM: Increasing enrollment is about more than just attracting parents from charters, though. It's also about attracting those parents with children just entering school, as well as hanging onto existing parents. >
Michigan's 50 largest charter schools, based on fall 2017 enrollment
Aug 16, 6:25 AM: About 10 percent of Michigan public-school students attended the state's 294 charter schools in fall 2017, according to state data.
Labor Voices: No public tax dollars for private schools
Aug 14, 6:20 AM: In 2000, Betsy DeVos suffered a spectacular loss at the polls in her attempt to get private school vouchers funded by state taxpayers. Nearly 70 percent of Michigan voters rejected that year’s DeVos-funded ballot measure, >
A New Chapter Set To Begin At Old Mission School
Aug 13, 6:32 AM: It took three years of surveys, public meetings and negotiations – not to mention stacks of paperwork, the involvement of more than 500 community members, and a $1.1 million property acquisition – but the new Old Mission >
Mich. Court of Appeals hears arguments in tax dollars to non-public schools case
Aug 8, 6:17 AM: The Michigan Court of Appeals will decide if the state can give money to private and parochial schools for expenses that stem from state mandates.
Teacher recruitment takes many forms in Detroit
Aug 6, 6:33 AM: The district has taken a year-round approach to teacher recruitment, traveling to Historically Black Universities and Colleges 11 times to recruit graduates. It also held multiple teaching fairs each month in Detroit. >
Will East Lansing parents embrace new charter school?
Aug 3, 6:31 AM: Cole will also have to work against a prevailing narrative about charters as for-profit institutions that take students out of their neighborhood schools, he said. Cole is a non-profit, public school chartered by Central >
Op-Ed: Charter schools have done more harm than good
Aug 1, 4:43 AM: No. Just no. Public school advocates and charter school boosters don’t agree more than they disagree. We disagree completely on many issues of prime importance. And public school supporters know that many of the problems >
In Jackson, school choice bring new reality: students as fickle customers
Jul 31, 7:05 AM: While the Jackson economy has rebounded from recession, the city’s school district continues to hemorrhage students. The district enrolls about 5,000 students, with another about 3,400 living in the district but attending >
Opinion: Charter schools have done more harm than good in Michigan.
Jul 26, 6:21 AM: And public school supporters know that many of the problems in the schools, while they may not have all been caused by charters, have been made a whole lot worse by them – and the reform movement leaders who are profiting >
Doctor inspires a new way to train teachers — and a new kind of school
Jul 23, 6:33 AM: In its place, they’re creating a new method — one based on the way doctors are trained — that will extend teacher training through their first three years on the job, supporting them as they take on the daunting >
Saginaw charter high school aimed at dropouts opening in 2019
Jul 20, 6:00 AM: Saginaw Covenant Academy, the new year-round charter high school targeting dropouts, has postponed its opening until Feb. 1, 2019 to complete building renovations, officials say.
Column: Liberal policy scary as violent behavior
Jul 19, 6:23 AM: Still, bizarrely, yes. Each of the Democratic candidates for governor has promised to ban these schools and to force tens of thousands of Michigan kids out of the schools that help them succeed and back into the failure >
Column: Threats from state won't fix decades of school disinvestment
Jul 13, 4:40 AM: It's difficult to argue that a failing school should stay open. But when closing a failing school won't get those students to a better alternative, there's not much point.
Detroit schools will hire teachers without classroom experience, sparking debate
Jul 12, 5:45 AM: Detroit’s main district is proceeding with a plan to hire teachers who are certified but have received no training in the classroom — adding an element of controversy to efforts to fill hundreds of teacher vacancies by the >



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