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Column: Threats from state won't fix decades of school disinvestment
Jul 13, 4:40 AM: It's difficult to argue that a failing school should stay open. But when closing a failing school won't get those students to a better alternative, there's not much point.
Detroit schools will hire teachers without classroom experience, sparking debate
Jul 12, 5:45 AM: Detroit’s main district is proceeding with a plan to hire teachers who are certified but have received no training in the classroom — adding an element of controversy to efforts to fill hundreds of teacher vacancies by the >
Opinion: Focus on jobs keeps kids in school
Jul 11, 5:41 AM: By combining mentoring, career exploration, employability skills training, student-led leadership, job placement services, financial literacy, and a myriad of other services, students are connecting to the future. They are >
Students in Detroit Are Suing the State Because They Weren’t Taught to Read
Jul 9, 7:23 AM: What to do when a school is infested with vermin, when textbooks are outdated, when students can’t even read? Perhaps the answer is sue the government.
Michigan's charter schools outperforming district school counterparts
Jul 6, 4:35 AM: Michigan's public charter schools outperform their district school counterparts when it comes to the percentage of students that graduate and go on to enroll in colleges and universities. That's in addition to helping >
‘Access to Literacy’ Is Not a Constitutional Right, Judge in Detroit Rules
Jul 5, 7:08 AM: Students in Detroit sued state officials, claiming that dismal conditions in their public schools violate their constitutional rights. On Friday, a federal judge dismissed the suit.
Judge says there's no fundamental right to learn to read and write
Jul 2, 6:40 AM: The ruling came in a federal lawsuit that was closely watched across the U.S. because of its potential impact: Filed on behalf of Detroit students, it sought to hold a dozen state officials — including Gov. Rick Snyder — >
White Plains teachers flooded with emails from DeVos-funded Mackinac org post-Janus
Jun 29, 6:00 AM: Hours after Wednesday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that public employees do not have to pay union fees if they don’t join their labor organization, teachers in the White Plains school district began receiving emails >
Lack of high-speed internet leaves rural communities behind
Jun 29, 5:25 AM: The issue also extends to schools. According to a report from Education Superhighway, a nonprofit studying internet access at schools throughout the country, 157,490 students in 54 school districts in Michigan don't have >
El-Sayed says his education plan would "De-DeVos" Michigan schools
Jun 28, 5:10 AM: El-Sayed says Michigan also needs to “De-DeVos” education — a reference to how now-U.S. Education Secretary Betsey DeVos and her family have shaped the education landscape in Michigan over the past 20 years, promoting >
New Flint Cultural Center school to serve 650 students
Jun 27, 7:09 AM: Community representatives and members of the public gathered in celebration of the new K-8 charter school scheduled to open on the grounds of the Flint Cultural Center in time for the 2019-2020 school year. >
Vitti plans career academies for all Detroit high schools
Jun 26, 6:17 AM: The Detroit Public Schools Community District wants to create career academies at all of its high schools so students can seek high-growth, high-demand industry jobs.
New northwest bus loop aims to keep kids in city at Detroit schools
Jun 22, 4:52 AM: The new pilot program called GOAL Line sends buses to the kids nearest school in their neighborhood and takes them to a school their parents would rather them go to.
NMU working to bring rural school districts together
Jun 21, 6:07 AM: The program started January of 2018 and 12 rural school districts are participating. Northern Michigan University's is the only university recipient of a rural grant and participants take upward of 10 online credit hours >
Editorial: ‘Launch’ lasting school reform in Michigan
Jun 21, 4:50 AM: A new coalition of business, labor and philanthropic groups has come together with one mission: leading a long-term effort to improve Michigan’s schools. Launch Michigan officially launched on Wednesday, and the alliance >
ACES Academy to have new learning options next year
Jun 20, 6:21 AM: Counselor Barbara Matteson said there are going to be different learning options for the students next year. Those options are teacher-led blended courses, the continuation of co-enrollment opportunities at Alpena High >
Editorial: Lawmakers, governor step up for Michigan schools
Jun 20, 5:20 AM: It's campaign season in Michigan, in case you haven't noticed. And candidates for governor and the Legislature — especially Democrats — are blaming their Republican colleagues for many of the woes in education. But as this >
New Charter School Opening in East Lansing Hopes To Dispel Stereotypes
Jun 19, 6:06 AM: "You’re not going to find us standing on a podium promoting charter schools,” Shaughnessy asserts.  “We want to be based on our own merit.  We’re non-profit, we’re independent, we have our own board of directors...and >
57 Michigan high schools with fewer than 5% testing as college ready
Jun 5, 7:07 AM: Michigan has 220 public-school programs where less than 5 percent of the Class of 2018 tested as fully college-ready as juniors, according to state data.
Editorial: Michigan’s schools: It’s time to light the fire
May 31, 5:12 AM: Blow apart the existing structure and set about building the nation’s most innovative and responsive system of schools. A big move is needed if Michigan is to move to the Top 10 from the bottom 10 in education performance. >



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