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More Michigan schools are failing: Most are charters
Apr 2, 6:17 AM: Sixteen charter schools are on a new list of schools and districts that are subject to agreements with the state to turn around failing performance.
My college degree didn't help me find work. But learning a trade did.
Mar 29, 5:39 AM: It isn’t just a career and technical education plan. It’s a plan for Michigan to help students, parents, businesses and people like me recognize there are meaningful pathways to all careers in Michigan. And whether you >
Opinion: All education needs innovation
Mar 29, 5:14 AM: When the 21st Century Michigan Education Commission published a comprehensive report, the recommendations were bold. We must take them recommendations seriously. The report aims to position Michigan’s education system as a >
Millage proposals wouldn't have to list schools that would get funds
Mar 23, 6:29 AM: But Democrats were infuriated that the bill was withholding pertinent information from voters, such as which charter schools are for-profit entities. Charter schools receive public tax dollars but are run by private >
Bankole: Drawing a line between mayor, Detroit schools
Mar 22, 6:54 AM: But the only problem is this belief about mayoral control of schools has not worked well for Detroit. It has done just the opposite since the 1999 state takeover of the schools under former Gov. John Engler, which allowed >
Our editorial: Businesses should lead school reform
Mar 21, 5:06 AM: Business Leaders for Michigan joined the fray this week of groups calling for the state to become among the top 10 for its schools and talent development. The challenges and shortfalls facing Michigan’s K-12 schools are >
Business leaders urge changes to K-12 education
Mar 20, 5:04 AM: Give teachers more access to technology, data and high-quality professional development as well as maintain current K-12 state assessment tools. Those are among several recommendations from Michigan business leaders in a >
APS numbers increase for online learning
Mar 19, 6:25 AM: Alpena Public Schools has been increasing opportunities for students to take online classes in recent years. Students at Alpena High School and ACES Academy can take online classes that may not be available at the >
Letter: Education study supports all students
Mar 16, 6:55 AM: Recent op-eds in The Detroit News continue to pit the wide-ranging needs of charter public school students against those of students enrolled in traditional public school districts. It is time we recognize that all >
Geoffrey Mearns: BSU surprised, disappointed that Muncie Schools takeover bill failed
Mar 16, 5:20 AM: The proposed law would have given Ball State authority to assume control of the C-rated, financially struggling, high-poverty school district where enrollment has been declining for decades.
Phil Power: Why our schools fail, and what to do about it
Mar 16, 5:14 AM: Quite right. But here’s the unintended result. Faced with a competitive funding environment (including charter schools, who pick off dissatisfied families and gain foundation grant revenue), school districts are reluctant >
Our Editorial: School reform stalls in Michigan
Mar 12, 4:57 AM: A new report showcases some alarming statistics about the performance of Michigan’s schools. With so much doom and gloom regarding the state of education here, many may be tempted to shrug in despair.
Duggan's Detroit education commission idea gets tentative embrace from schools leader
Mar 9, 6:20 AM: The commission would be “convened” by the mayor’s office, and include teachers, parents, and other representatives from both traditional public and charter schools. It would mainly serve in an “advisory” role, and would >
Virtual schools open for enrollment in Detroit
Mar 8, 7:27 AM: Across Michigan, schools such as Michigan Connections Academy (MICA) and Great Lakes Cyber Academy (GLCA)—statewide, tuition-free, online public schools—are meeting the growing demand from families interested in online >
Bus proposal for Detroit schools, charters would be an unprecedented partnership
Mar 8, 6:04 AM: A bold proposal to create a unified school bus system in one northwest Detroit neighborhood would be an unprecedented step toward getting cooperation between charter schools and traditional public schools in a city in >
Mayor Mike Duggan to Detroit children: 'We want you to stay'
Mar 7, 5:31 AM: In a State of the City speech Tuesday devoted heavily to Detroit's children, Mayor Mike Duggan proposed a unified school bus system that would transport students from charter schools and the Detroit school district within >
Detroit Schools Will Sell to a Prison, But Not a Charter School
Feb 23, 8:04 AM: After spending months fighting to prevent the sale of an abandoned building to a charter school, Detroit’s superintendent supports the sale of another property to a prison.
Unions seek to organize charter schools, but only nine have them
Feb 19, 7:10 AM: The 294 charter schools in Michigan have about 10,000 teachers and 1,500 administrators, according to Buddy Moorehouse, the vice president of communications at the  Michigan Association of Public School Academies. The >
Oxford Virtual Academy serves 2,600 students
Feb 16, 7:13 AM: Through a combination of full-time online and blended learning, Oxford Virtual Academy serves approximately 2,600 students in kindergarten through 12th grade – more than seven times the number it started with when it >
Snyder signs law to allow charter schools to receive tax revenue
Feb 16, 6:23 AM: Gov. Rick Snyder has signed into law a change allowing charter schools to receive revenue from certain voter-approved property tax hikes.



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