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Michigan GOP calls for repeal of school funding amendment
Feb 16, 9:28 AM: The Michigan GOP wants to repeal an amendment to the state Constitution. The amendment prevents public dollars from funding non-public education.
What's causing canceled classes and risking aid for Michigan's K-12 schools?
Feb 14, 10:03 AM: Yet more than a quarter of his 2,500 Eastpointe Community Schools students have missed 20 days of school already this school year. Each of those days counts as student attendance falling below 75%, the daily legal >
In-person learning brings ‘COVID bump’ in enrollment to Michigan Catholic schools after years of decline
Feb 14, 9:46 AM: Kathryn Dobija witnessed the pitfalls and limitations of remote learning with her Ann Arbor Public Schools third grader in spring 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Michigan schools struggle to meet 75% attendance rate -- Teachers’ unions ask for change
Feb 10, 10:05 AM: At least 75% of students must be in school each day across the district for the state to consider it a full school day. But, according to a recent survey conducted by multiple teacher’s unions, found that one-third of >
Grand Valley State launches $1,000 scholarships for graduates of the charter schools it authorizes
Feb 9, 9:38 AM: Grand Valley State University has launched a new scholarship program for students who graduate from a GVSU-authorized charter high school.
Betsy DeVos supports Michigan school choice ballot drive
Feb 3, 10:21 AM: Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Wednesday backed a Michigan ballot drive to let students attend private schools and pay other educational expenses with accounts funded by donations that would qualify for tax >
Editorial: Tired of closed schools? Sign this petition
Feb 3, 10:20 AM: School choice advocates in Michigan are harnessing the discontent parents and families have felt during the pandemic and are looking to turn that into more educational freedom. A new ballot proposal could help break >
Private Grand Rapids school system sees 27.5% enrollment increase amid planned campus expansions
Feb 3, 9:57 AM: Amid a roughly 27.5% increase in enrollment over the past year, a private Christian school system in Grand Rapids is expanding its primary and secondary campuses to accommodate growth and better serve its students. >
Opinion: Teachers unions' nonsensical fight against school choice hurts students, families
Jan 27, 7:53 AM: Nearly two years after the initial school closures in March 2020, some districts still refuse to open their doors for business. Detroit public schools will not reopen until at least  Monday. Flint public schools are now >
Flint schools extends virtual learning period indefinitely
Jan 21, 9:49 AM: Flint students will remain at home indefinitely starting next week, as the school district today announced that it will not be returning to the classroom on Jan. 24.
Virtual learning remains up for debate at metro Detroit schools as omicron surges
Jan 19, 6:50 AM: The conversation on whether students should be in school or at home virtually learning continues.Harper Woods School District is currently virtual, unlike many other districts in our area.
Michigan Democratic Party deletes post questioning parents' role in schools
Jan 18, 8:15 AM: The Michigan Democratic Party has deleted a weekend Facebook post that questioned the role parents have in deciding what is taught in public schools and drew criticism from conservative and school choice groups. >
Parents, advocacy group ask federal judge to stop Michigan schools from going virtual
Jan 6, 9:18 AM: Parents of Ann Arbor Public Schools' students with disabilities asked a federal judge Wednesday to stop Michigan schools from shifting to remote learning amid another COVID-19 surge.
Editorial: Schools, stay committed to keeping kids in class
Jan 5, 8:03 AM: The omicron wave that’s spreading rapidly is also causing many schools to rethink their commitment to staying open. After more than a year and a half of disrupted learning for students, going virtual should be a last >
Parents scramble to find plans for kids while schools cancel; move to remote learning
Jan 4, 7:04 AM: Families across metro Detroit had days to adjust after several school districts announced they were closing or returning to virtual learning this week.
Opinion: Supreme Court case could change education landscape in Michigan
Jan 3, 7:12 AM: A Supreme Court case is poised to change how states treat religious schools and students. The forthcoming decision may deal a long-awaited, necessary blow to Michigan’s infamous Blaine Amendment.
Editorial: Use virtual learning for those kicked out of school
Dec 30, 9:22 AM: Student suspensions and expulsions are skyrocketing since the deadly shooting at Oxford High School last month, as school officials practice increased vigilance to head-off any possible violence.
Whitmer bucks teacher unions and signs bill allowing school staff to be substitutes
Dec 29, 8:37 AM: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer bucked teachers unions earlier this month and signed into law an expansion of substitute teacher eligibility as schools across the state grapple with staffing shortages.
Teachers union critical of new law aimed at addressing Michigan's teacher shortage
Dec 28, 10:12 AM: A new law allows other school employees to work as substitute teachers until the end of the current school year to address a teacher shortage in the state.
Michigan schools are getting billions in COVID aid. Where is it going?
Dec 20, 9:10 AM: Proof that $6 billion in federal education aid can transform schools is already on display across Michigan, from expanded summer programs to upgraded buildings to new staff hired to help students cope with the pandemic. >



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