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Opinion: Marygrove, UM partnership will educate both teachers and students
Sep 20, 6:17 AM: There are a series of intentional, evidence-based practices that must be present between birth and career in order to create just, equitable, and efficacious educational systems. Current education research, however, does >
Op-Ed: Parents don't consider charter schools political
Sep 19, 6:06 AM: And here’s the thing: To students like Rickea Jackson, and to her family, charter schools are not about politics. Charter schools are about getting a great education.
'Is this really a school?' Desperate for education, Detroit students pin hope on lawsuit
Sep 18, 7:33 AM: Jamarria Hall's Detroit high school reminded him of a state prison: chains on the doors, disgusting food and dirty water, bathroom stalls without doors. No computers, tablets or SMART Boards. The few books he saw in the >
Opinion: School choice keeps parents satisfied
Sep 17, 4:29 AM: As a major part of the state budget, education can be a popular platform to campaign on. But candidates for governor should skip the rhetoric and listen more to parents, including those who have exercised school choice. >
Editorial: More proof that charters do better
Sep 14, 5:52 AM: Hard evidence continues to debunk the widely circulated myth that charter schools in Detroit perform no better than traditional public schools. It certainly isn't true when it comes to scores on the SAT, the test used by >
Editorial: Don't ditch teacher grading model
Sep 13, 4:52 AM: It took the Michigan Legislature years to fashion the state’s current approach to teacher evaluations. The framework was a bipartisan effort, and highly incorporated the input of experts in the teaching field. Three years >
Marygrove College slated to feature Detroit K-12 education
Sep 12, 4:56 AM: Detroit’s board of education on Tuesday approved launching a K-12 program, with sights on a "cradle to career" campus at Marygrove College.
Michigan school districts battle widespread teacher shortages
Sep 10, 5:55 AM: Michigan is battling a persistent shortage of teachers early in the school year, prompting school district leaders to scramble to fill their vacancies while fearing the problem might only get worse.
Bottled water among school supplies for Detroit, Flint kids
Sep 4, 7:16 AM: Schoolchildren in Detroit and Flint are carrying more than pencils, notebooks and lunches to their first day of school on Tuesday; they are packing bottled water.
New student count rules rile cyber school supporters
Sep 4, 6:16 AM: Dan Quisenberry is the president of the Michigan Charter School Association.   He says the new rule would discourage online schools from accepting new students once the school year begins.
Detroit schools have unsafe drinking water, administrators say
Aug 31, 7:23 AM: All of the Detroit public schools nearly 40,000 students are without drinking water after testing revealed high levels of lead and copper in at least 16 schools, administrators announced Wednesday, Aug. 29.
Editorial: Stagnant test scores must spur more reform
Aug 31, 4:56 AM: A new crop of statewide test scores again highlights the entrenched challenges facing Michigan schools. While there are some glimmers of progress in the latest scores, the picture overall is stagnant at best. >
Editorial: Cyber school defenders too transparent
Aug 30, 6:51 AM: Gov. Rick Snyder has tried the past two years to take some of the profit out of online “cyber” charter schools. Storefront cyber academies exist mainly to make their operators wealthy while providing little education and >
Editorial: Education officials unfairly target online schools
Aug 29, 4:54 AM: We’ve long pointed to glaring leadership gaps in Michigan education, and since state Superintendent Brian Whiston died earlier this year, staffers in the Michigan Department of Education are operating with little >
Marshall Plan for Talent aims to build Michigan students’ career skills
Aug 28, 6:27 AM: To help address the growing shortage of Professional Trade workers in a wide range of industries throughout the state, Gov. Rick Snyder in June signed into law the Marshall Plan for Talent, a $100 million workforce >
Schools of Choice is a family decision
Aug 28, 4:58 AM: Schools of Choice has created an atmosphere within public schools where we are more cognizant of family choice and aware of making sure we highlight our points of pride.  It is always our mission to do the very best so our >
Detroit pop-up enrollment centers draw parents seeking district schools
Aug 21, 6:30 AM: Increasing enrollment is about more than just attracting parents from charters, though. It's also about attracting those parents with children just entering school, as well as hanging onto existing parents. >
Michigan's 50 largest charter schools, based on fall 2017 enrollment
Aug 16, 6:25 AM: About 10 percent of Michigan public-school students attended the state's 294 charter schools in fall 2017, according to state data.
Labor Voices: No public tax dollars for private schools
Aug 14, 6:20 AM: In 2000, Betsy DeVos suffered a spectacular loss at the polls in her attempt to get private school vouchers funded by state taxpayers. Nearly 70 percent of Michigan voters rejected that year’s DeVos-funded ballot measure, >
A New Chapter Set To Begin At Old Mission School
Aug 13, 6:32 AM: It took three years of surveys, public meetings and negotiations – not to mention stacks of paperwork, the involvement of more than 500 community members, and a $1.1 million property acquisition – but the new Old Mission >



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