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Community college could become free in Michigan: How Whitmer's plan works
Mar 6, 8:11 AM: "Michigan was once known for having the best skilled workforce in the nation," Whitmer said. "We're not getting enough students on the path to good-paying jobs. The biggest threat to our state's future and security is >
Duggan's sixth address to focus on paths to opportunity
Mar 5, 8:18 AM: Mayor Mike Duggan is expected to deliver his sixth State of the City address Tuesday night with a theme of offering Detroiters paths to opportunity.
Low-income students aren't graduating from college at same rate as higher-income students
Mar 4, 8:18 AM: So it's no surprise to Frechen and those working with students to see that a persistent gap exists between the graduation rate for students who receive Pell Grants (federal financial aid for lower-income students) and >
As charters rush to find new locations, the Detroit district announces big plans to use their buildings
Feb 26, 7:47 AM: The Detroit school district plans to spend more than $3 million to update buildings it is taking back from charter schools — with plans to turn those buildings into district schools that will relieve crowding at some >
Opinion: Educators don't deserve funding crisis
Feb 20, 6:13 AM: I’ve often decried the inadequate funding of public schools in this space. Study after study pile on top of each other proving we are shortchanging our students, parents and educators. Previous studies have fallen on deaf >
Opinion: Before 'free' college, fix the schools
Feb 14, 6:14 AM: Another worry for lawmakers — and taxpayers — is that if the state were to approve a free college plan before a comprehensive effort to overhaul K-12 public schools, much of that investment would be a waste. >
Gov. Whitmer addresses road, education crises in State of the State speech
Feb 13, 8:00 AM: She spoke directly to Michigan educators. “You’re not failing us. We have been failing you," she said. She cited low growth in K-12 education funding in Michigan and the use of the School Aid Fund to pay for things outside >
Opinion: Mich. kids need career prep
Feb 11, 7:31 AM: Our K-12 education needs a shift in mindset, one that focuses not on getting students into college but preparing them for a successful career, whether that career will require a four-year degree or technical training. This >
Editorial: Democrats put target on many top charters
Feb 8, 6:19 AM: Democrats are renewing their war on school choice in Michigan, this time targeting some of the top performing charters in the state.
Charter Schools: Michigan's 25-Year Experiment
Jan 29, 5:52 AM: Michigan is three years into a decade-long strategy to improve its schools.  The plan values the notion that parents should have choices beyond traditional public schools.  Twenty-five years ago, Michigan took a key step >
Opinion: Michigan parents need school options
Jan 22, 6:04 AM: In education, “parent power” doesn’t just represent a slogan. Parent power provides a way to improve the educational system, by increasing accountability in every school and classroom. This National School Choice Week, we >
Opinion: New leadership can clear path for education
Jan 16, 7:50 AM: Instead of creating more standardized tests and more for-profit charter schools as the road to educational excellence, Whitmer understands that those policies have not only failed, but have hurt Michigan’s public >
Opinion: On 25th anniversary, charters are fulfilling their promise
Jan 14, 7:56 AM: Approximately a million students have attended a Michigan charter school over the past 25 years, including 150,000 or so students who are enrolled in the state’s 297 charter schools this year. The law that was signed 25 >
Opinion: State’s report card law helps parents evaluate schools
Jan 11, 7:52 AM: Engaged and informed parents are a vital part of the effort to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for children. That's why Lansing lawmakers' adoption of a new school letter grading system should be embraced as >
Editorial: A new year to get school reform right?
Jan 2, 5:52 AM: Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill Friday that will give Michigan’s schools A-F letter grades, a change that’s intended to offer parents a clear idea of how their child’s school is doing. The bill also erases the state law >
Senate GOP passes A-F grade system for Michigan schools despite superintendent objection
Dec 19, 7:12 AM: Michigan’s Republican-led Senate on Tuesday night approved controversial legislation that would require the state to rate K-12 schools on various metrics and hand out A-F letter grades for parents to review, a plan opposed >
Detroit school reform gives principals 'nowhere to hide'
Dec 19, 5:39 AM: At quarterly, data-driven meetings with Detroit schools superintendent Nikolai Vitti, principals take the hot seat one at a time. The rules of these problem-solving sessions, known as DATACOM, which stands for data and >
Column: Wrong way to 'launch' school reform
Dec 18, 6:33 AM: Sen. Phil Pavlov, R-St. Clair Township, received a letter last week from a group called Launch Michigan, urging him to ignore two bills that had recently arrived in his Education Committee. Given it’s lame duck and there >
Column: Don't crush school innovation
Dec 14, 6:26 AM: If you’ve ever wondered why Michigan can’t seem to improve its schools, just take a look at some of the discussions going on right now in the Legislature.
House votes to give A-F grades to Michigan schools
Dec 13, 7:37 AM: Michigan would give schools A-F letter grades for student performance in some areas – but not hand out a cumulative grade – under legislation adopted early Thursday morning in the Republican-led state House. >



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