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Letter: Crisis presents opportunity for education reform
Mar 26, 7:44 AM: There is no doubt that the state Legislature should get back in session and change state law to permit days out of school for this public health emergency to be counted as instructional days. Furthermore, it is imperative >
Opinion: Crisis reveals school leadership woes
Mar 25, 5:55 AM: When the Michigan Department of Education sent out a memo Friday telling schools, parents and students that any work they were doing from home wouldn’t count, you could almost hear the collective “WTH? >
Support builds for giving students credit for online learning
Mar 24, 6:45 AM: Two State Board of Education members are urging Michigan to reverse course and credit students for online learning time.
MDE says online learning can't count towards K12 instruction, leaving parents, students in limbo
Mar 23, 7:36 AM: The Michigan Department of Education says online learning will not count as classroom time while school is out due to the coronavirus crisis.
Public schools won't count online learning time but private schools will
Mar 23, 6:18 AM: Students attending public schools online during the coronavirus shutdown won't be able to count it toward their required annual instructional hours, but private schools will.
Fates of 2 struggling Detroit charter schools rests in hands of school board
Mar 9, 8:34 AM: District officials are considering extending contracts for the Barack Obama Leadership Academy and David Ellis Academy, but only for two years. The short extension, officials say, will give the schools time to show the >
Opinion: Whitmer, don't turn your back on struggling schools
Mar 5, 7:08 AM: Unfortunately, school districts like Flint are stuck between a rock and a hard place created by state policies. First, the district is hamstrung by a state funding model that ties operating revenues to student enrollment. >
Graduation rate is down in the Detroit school district but up slightly statewide
Mar 2, 6:51 AM: The graduation rate in the Detroit school district declined last year, according to new data, landing at 75.8% for the class of 2019.
Opinion: The facts about Michigan charter schools
Feb 28, 7:21 AM: On any given day, it’s possible to open your social media feed and wonder what’s true and what isn’t. In an era of “fake news,” many of us are beginning to wonder if we are becoming a society that cares more about rhetoric >
Opinion: Charter school authorization needs more oversight
Feb 27, 6:38 AM: Charter schools have long been a topic of debate in Michigan. Policymakers and parents, teachers and students have argued whether they are living up to the premise that they would bring innovation and high quality >
School District Borders Can Worsen Inequality. These Students Are Fighting for a Better Education
Feb 20, 9:40 AM: But if the differences between Benton Harbor and St. Joseph are especially obvious, the forces that drive them apart are hardly unique. There are hundreds of American school districts like Benton Harbor: financially >
Opinion: Michigan's public schools face educator shortage crisis
Feb 19, 6:31 AM: According to the U.S. Department of Education, Michigan has experienced a 70.7% decline in enrollment in teacher-education programs in the last decade. The only state with a worse decline in students studying to become >
Opinion: Rosa Parks, Barack Obama believed in charter schools
Feb 18, 9:48 AM:

Rosa Parks knew that the way to lift African American children out of poverty in Detroit was through education. And she knew that the best way to accomplish that was by starting a charter school.

BOLD Lansing brings together education, financial planning resources for Lansing families
Feb 13, 9:05 AM: Preparing and paying for college is tough, but Lansing is offering financial planning resources to help city families tackle the issue.
Detroit teachers call for competitive pay, better school conditions
Feb 3, 9:51 AM: The teachers union for the city's school district is urging the administration to hear concerns from staff members ahead of three-year contract negotiations.
Shepherd Charter School Uses Project-Based Learning, Preparing Students for Future
Jan 30, 8:08 AM: A tuition-free public charter school in Isabella County is using a non-traditional method of teaching to bring out their students’ creativity. Rather than doing homework and taking tests, students at Morey FlexTech High >
Opinion: Public school teachers champion school choice
Jan 28, 6:01 AM: In an ideal world, all teachers would work at efficiently run, well-funded, innovative schools. In reality, many teachers have experienced learning environments that too often fall short. How can we bridge the gap between >
Editorial: Roadblocks ahead for Michigan school choice
Jan 24, 6:43 AM: Don’t get too excited about the possibility of expanded school choice in Michigan — at least not yet. The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in a case that could break down barriers to educational freedom, even >
Jacques: Stop treating private school students like second-class citizens
Jan 21, 6:17 AM: Michigan’s constitutional amendment is about the worst, as far as preventing any dollars from reaching nonpublic schools, even if the money is related to the general welfare of students.
Should private schools get public funds? The Supreme Court will take up a key case in March.
Jan 20, 6:45 AM: The Michigan Supreme Court will consider on March 4 and 5 whether the state Legislature can spend public money on private schools.



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