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Letter: Charter grant concerns State Board
May 24, 6:53 AM: This month, the State Board of Education was presented with grant criteria that ultimately could spend $47 million in taxpayer money on new and expanding charter schools. As elected board members, we raised legitimate >
Why some students don’t go to college even when it’s free
May 24, 4:58 AM: Graduates of Kalamazoo Public Schools since 2006 have been offered free college tuition, though many do not go on to earn a degree. Some leave the money on the table altogether.
Report: Michigan not on track to be a top 10 state in K-12
May 22, 6:19 AM: Michigan is not on track to become a top-performing state in K-12 education and won't be any time soon, according to an educational nonprofit that studies school achievement and progress.
Michigan launches $3M campaign to meet gap in skilled trades jobs by 2026
May 21, 7:31 AM: Michigan employers will need to fill half a million skilled trades jobs by 2026, and state officials are investing $3 million to get the word out.
Editorial: Lansing take note, parents want better schools
May 20, 6:10 AM: Michigan faces competing challenges that deserve lawmakers’ attention, from fixing the roads to reducing outrageous auto insurance rates. Parents in the state believe that improving schools is even more important, however, >
Jacques: Michigan education board holds up $47 million for charter schools
May 17, 7:00 AM: The Michigan Department of Education sought and won the $47 million five-year grant last fall, and the expenditures were approved by the Legislature. But the Democratic-controlled board won’t sign off on the spending >
GVSU partners with Battle Creek Public Schools, receives $15.5 million grant
May 14, 5:51 AM: "The GVSU partnership will open up new, creative ways for BCPS to attract and retain talented teachers, create a student teacher pipeline to develop the next generation of local teachers right here in Battle Creek and help >
Opinion: Charter schools play vital role in public school community
May 13, 6:15 AM: In short, districts and charters should work in tandem for Michigan families — multiple strategies can be tried, diverse educational opportunities can be created for diverse student needs, teachers can be empowered to try >
Private schools get teachers, public schools profit, Michigan taxes pay for it
May 10, 6:23 AM: Ploucha is one of hundreds of teachers across the state who work in what's known as shared time, a state program that allows public school teachers to teach electives in private schools, including religious schools. >
Opinion: Skills gap proposals earn broad support
May 9, 7:12 AM: As presidents of the Detroit Regional Chamber and the American Federation of Teachers Michigan respectively, we don’t always agree on public policy. However, we do strongly agree that Michigan needs to increase the number >
Flint’s new high-profile charter school gets 2 applications for every available seat
May 8, 6:59 AM: More than twice as many parents applied to get their children into a potentially revolutionary new charter school being partially funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation than spots are available.
Board taps Kalamazoo school leader Michael Rice as state superintendent
May 8, 6:01 AM: The State Board of Education on Thursday selected Kalamazoo Superintendent Michael Rice as the state's next superintendent of public instruction, citing Rice's clear vision for the state's education system and his >
Michigan plan: Give more state school aid to students with more needs
May 6, 6:42 AM: Yet Michigan doesn't recognize the individual needs of students when it comes to funding K-12 schools. It uses a one-size-fits-all strategy in the per-pupil foundation allowance formula it uses to send money to local >
Opinion: College funding plans should encourage competition
May 2, 6:53 AM: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently unveiled legislative support for her plans to pitch in more state funding for eligible students to attend community college, with the goal of preparing more skilled members for Michigan's >
Editorial: Detroit teachers, do what’s best for kids
May 1, 5:55 AM: Nikolai Vitti is now two years into his role leading Detroit’s public school district. He hit the ground running with a variety of overdue reforms, but his honeymoon with the district’s teachers union appears to be over. >
Detroit schools face tough choices with too many repairs, not enough money
Apr 30, 6:27 AM: Detroit’s public school district is struggling with two realities: Most of its buildings are broken, but it can’t collect a single penny of taxes to address nearly $543 million in needed repairs. >
Study: Initiative helps Detroit Promise students succeed
Apr 24, 6:49 AM: Data released Wednesday showed that the support program, which includes a stipend and a campus coach, has improved student retention, full-time enrollment and credit accumulation, according to MDRC, a New York-based >
Editorial: Stop revolving door of school reform
Apr 18, 5:19 AM: Maybe it’s term limits. Or maybe it’s the lack of leadership of Michigan’s K-12 school system. Regardless, with so many players pulling schools in so many directions, education reform here will never move forward under the >
Davenport University gives students at 2 charters chance to earn a diploma and degree
Apr 12, 7:05 AM: Next year, Davenport University is offering Early Middle College programs at two charter schools, giving students a chance to earn a diploma and an associate degree for free.
More students, and better readers, make it to class, Detroit school leader says
Apr 11, 5:56 AM: A dramatic drop in out-of-school suspensions, a decline in chronic absenteeism and stronger readers are among improvements at Detroit's public school district, according to the superintendent, who is in his second year of >



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