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Opinion: Public school teachers champion school choice
Jan 28, 6:01 AM: In an ideal world, all teachers would work at efficiently run, well-funded, innovative schools. In reality, many teachers have experienced learning environments that too often fall short. How can we bridge the gap between >
Editorial: Roadblocks ahead for Michigan school choice
Jan 24, 6:43 AM: Don’t get too excited about the possibility of expanded school choice in Michigan — at least not yet. The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in a case that could break down barriers to educational freedom, even >
Jacques: Stop treating private school students like second-class citizens
Jan 21, 6:17 AM: Michigan’s constitutional amendment is about the worst, as far as preventing any dollars from reaching nonpublic schools, even if the money is related to the general welfare of students.
Should private schools get public funds? The Supreme Court will take up a key case in March.
Jan 20, 6:45 AM: The Michigan Supreme Court will consider on March 4 and 5 whether the state Legislature can spend public money on private schools.
Opinion: Court cases could provide Detroit students with options
Jan 17, 6:34 AM: Over the past two decades, thousands of families have flocked to public charter schools as promising alternatives. Today, more Detroiters attend a charter than the district school assigned to them by where they live. The >
The Metro Detroit Charter School with a Restaurant and Bakery
Jan 15, 8:08 AM: Rising Starts Academy in Center Line is both a school and a workplace. It trains adults with intellectual impairments for a variety of jobs, many out in the community , and many in its own businesses.
Online charter school fosters environment of inclusion, self-identification
Jan 10, 7:14 AM: In this edition of Schools Rule, WILX News 10 is featuring one Lansing-area principal who is making sure every student has a safe, healthy learning environment.
Opinion: Value pupils over potholes
Dec 30, 8:29 AM: After months of political tug of war, in a deal recently announced, the governor decided to stop playing politics with children’s lives. However, it remains clear that we, as taxpayers, need to let our elected >
Do Michigan kids have a ‘right to read?’ Activists await ruling in Detroit lawsuit.
Dec 23, 8:33 AM: A prominent Detroit education activist said that if a lawsuit brought forth by Detroit students against the state of Michigan centering on their constitutional right to access literacy fails, it will send a signal that >
Jacques: Regional education report a 'call to action'
Dec 13, 9:44 AM: Consider these numbers: The four-year high school graduation rate for students in the city of Detroit is 69%, compared with 83% statewide and 85% nationally.
Some state spending for private schools unconstitutional, Whitmer argues in brief
Dec 9, 7:56 AM: The state cannot reimburse private schools for expenses like fire drills and background checks under the constitution, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and State Superintendent Michael Rice argued in a court brief filed Friday, but >
Detroit Chamber: Metro students must finish degrees to find good jobs
Dec 5, 8:03 AM: According to the Detroit Regional Chamber’s first-ever State of Education Report, released Thursday, students are dropping out of the region’s education system at every stage, resulting in a talent pool without the >
Students in Michigan increasingly turning to virtual schooling
Dec 5, 7:14 AM: The number of students opting to attend online virtual schooling is on the rise, according to numbers from the Michigan Department of Education.
Opinion: State takeover hurt Detroit's public schools
Dec 3, 6:21 AM: Skeptics have argued it for years, and it seems they’re right — states shouldn’t manage school districts.
North Star Montessori Academy teachers, students fighting for charter school funding
Nov 21, 7:26 AM: North Star Montessori Academy students performed a song and dance at a school board meeting on Wednesday. But the performance wasn't just for entertainment - they're hoping it reaches the folks working for Michigan's >
Opinion: Reevaluate teacher evaluations
Nov 20, 8:19 AM: How would you like your child’s teacher to be evaluated? By the number of correct “bubbles” filled in on a standardized test? Or by creative lesson plans that develop critical thinking skills under that teacher’s >
Mich. Senate approves charter school millage shift
Nov 20, 7:26 AM: Charter and virtual schools would get a cut of regional education millage property tax revenue under a proposal approved Wednesday by Michigan’s Republican-led Senate.
'My child matters!': Detroit parents rally for equal funding for charter schools
Nov 18, 6:34 AM: A group of parents and their charter-school children braved the cold Saturday to rally in front of the "Spirit of Detroit" in hopes the governor would hear their voices.
Opinion: Michigan Governor Takes Aim At Low-Income Students In Charter Schools
Nov 15, 8:43 AM: Our political age has accustomed us to enduring an unhealthy share of bombast and cynicism from Washington, but sometimes it reaches too close to home. Many Michigan families can attest to this, as their governor has held >
Group accuses state ed department of hiding school data
Nov 13, 8:01 AM: A charter school advocacy group is accusing the Michigan Department of Education of "illegally" hiding performance data it is supposed to be using to create an A-F accountability system for schools.



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