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Kalamazoo Public Schools will remain virtual despite strong pushback from some parents
Feb 26, 7:18 AM: Coats was among dozens of parents on Thursday who shared both concern and support for the decision by Kalamazoo Public Schools administrators to continue online-only learning for the remainder of the school year. >
Remote learning ‘not sustainable,’ Whitmer says, praising schools for going back in person
Feb 25, 7:04 AM: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer isn’t mandating that schools reopen for in-person learning – that decision is left to local school boards – but she is “pleased” that 97% of traditional public districts will offer in-person learning >
As 83% of schools go back to the classroom, the most vulnerable kids are getting left behind
Feb 23, 7:08 AM: But while only 15% of districts say they’re still fully remote, researchers say those districts are disproportionately urban, have a high proportion of Black and low income students, and had lower average scores on the >
Crisis in the Classroom Part 2 -- a charter school success story
Feb 23, 6:38 AM: Nearly seven years after we learned about alarmingly high lead levels in Flint’s water system, children in the city are still feeling the impact. Last night we showed you how schools in the city are struggling to respond >
Lansing schools target March 22 for return to in-person learning options
Feb 19, 6:32 AM: The school district hopes to start offering hybrid learning options for students next month. Under the plan presented at a Board of Education meeting Thursday, students who opt for the hybrid option would continue with >
Driving Academic Improvement by Empowering Parents
Feb 17, 8:30 AM: Central to turning around public education in Detroit—a city that has suffered from crushing debt, contracting student enrollment, and cratering student achievement—is reengaging the parents who had been largely cut out of >
State superintendent urges longer school year, expanding in-school instruction option
Feb 4, 6:53 AM: State school superintendent Michael Rice is calling on lawmakers to require or incentivize school districts to have a longer school year next year because of learning loss during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Get them back in school”: Ann Arbor Reasonable Return hosts rally for in-person school
Feb 1, 8:41 AM: With toddlers swaddled warmly in strollers, babies on parents’ shoulders and homemade signs in hand, over 100 parents, community members and Ann Arbor Public School students gathered downtown Saturday afternoon chanting >
Backlash against remote learning: Private schools experiencing increased enrollments, heightened interest
Jan 26, 7:03 AM:

In a bad economy, Oakland County private schools are experiencing increased enrollment or heightened interest from parents willing to pay tuition to have their children attending in-person classes five days per week.

Opinion: COVID-19 shows why Michigan families need education options
Jan 26, 6:29 AM: Today Woodhams is thankful that her family has found a new school and an approach to learning that works better for them. Her children are among the nearly one-third of Michigan students who exercised some kind of >
Opinion: When it comes to school, I don't have a 'choice'
Jan 26, 6:25 AM: Needless to say, a traditional bricks-and-mortar school has never been a realistic possibility for me. Despite my circumstances, I’ve been fortunate to have had a very normal school experience. For the past 10 years, I’ve >
School Choice Week is a good time to highlight education options for kids in Michigan
Jan 21, 6:45 AM: Have you looked up your enneagram, or taken a Myers-Briggs test? Did you know that some personality differences — like introversion and extroversion — reflect differences in the way we process information, experiences and >
Poll: Michigan parents want plan to address learning loss
Jan 14, 7:52 AM: A new poll finds that 85% of Michigan parents want state leaders to create a plan to address learning loss stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure all students catch up to current grade level.
Opinion: Educators must personalize learning for students during pandemic
Jan 13, 6:50 AM: It is time to allow each student to move at their own pace, show mastery through performance, and take classes that follow a pathway that aligns with their strengths and talents.
Michigan teachers unions support Gov. Whitmer's push for in-person option, but have concerns
Jan 12, 8:23 AM: The state of Michigan wants students to have a chance to come back to their classrooms in less than two months. The state's largest teachers union supports the plan, but wants some assurances.
More than 50,000 students left Michigan public schools this year. Where did they go?
Jan 4, 6:36 AM: School leaders are now tasked with finding those students and bringing them back to the public school system next year. But the return of those students is not a guarantee, as thousands of Michigan families have opted for >
Divided Michigan Supreme Court rules state can reimburse private schools
Dec 29, 7:44 AM: A divided Michigan Supreme Court ruled Monday the state may reimburse private schools for the cost of complying with  state-mandated tasks, like employee background checks and immunizations.
Many Michigan parents chose home schooling during the pandemic. Will they return?
Dec 14, 6:30 AM: Michigan schools have lost around 53,200 students this fall, according to enrollment figures verified by the Center for Education and Performance Information. The number of registered and approved home schools, however, >
Benton Harbor school board wants district shielded from new charter schools
Dec 9, 8:31 AM: Benton Harbor school board trustees on Tuesday approved asking state legislators to put a five-year moratorium on new charter schools being approved within the school district.
Religious, private schools sue Michigan health official over COVID restrictions
Dec 8, 8:04 AM: A group of religious and private schools as well as parents whose students attend the schools are suing Michigan's top health official over the latest state restrictions halting in-person instruction, alleging such actions >



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