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Detroit schools to offer learning hubs during shutdown
Nov 20, 7:18 AM: With rising  coronavirus cases prompting Detroit Public Schools to halt in-person learning indefinitely, the district plans to offer families technical support and food distribution from 13 regional hubs spread across the >
Michigan educators hope Biden admin will turn the page on DeVos policies
Nov 16, 8:55 AM: After nearly four years of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ emphasis on school choice, voucher programs and charter schools, education advocates in Michigan are looking forward to public schools returning to the >
Michigan Supreme Court to decide if religious schools qualify for $2.5M reimbursement to maintain safety standards
Nov 12, 8:05 AM: Michigan’s highest court heard oral arguments in a case over whether the state can provide funds to private and religious schools to maintain state-mandated health and safety regulations, despite a state constitutional >
Detroit school district released from state oversight after 11 years
Oct 27, 5:15 AM: A Michigan commission has agreed to release Detroit's public school district for independent governance after about 11 years of state oversight.
Rural Michigan students are more likely to be back in their classrooms.
Oct 26, 6:02 AM: Many urban Michigan school districts have high percentages of students learning remotely rather than in person – that is if they even offer in-person school options for parents.
Opinion: Civil Rights Commission is hurting the children it's supposed to be helping
Oct 23, 7:58 AM: Unfortunately, though, the report also included a recommendation that would devastate the very children the commission is supposed to be helping — minority students.
Michigan schools face ‘no-win situation’ over reopening classrooms, officials say
Oct 19, 7:19 AM: Some Michigan parents see going back to the classroom as a threat to their child’s safety, while others believe keeping school virtual is taking away their freedom.
Jalen Rose: My public charter school is one of my greatest passions
Oct 1, 8:11 AM: Here are things that shouldn’t be political: voting and education. I went to a Detroit public school. My kids are fortunate enough to have attended private school. I’ve seen it from all sides, and it’s important for >
Rights commission calls for statewide education equity plan
Oct 1, 6:06 AM: The Michigan Civil Rights Commission is calling for the creation of a statewide educational equity plan to improve policies, accountability and opportunities for students.
Child care centers provided young students a safe place to learn online. Michigan said no.
Sep 23, 6:18 AM: Two weeks into the school year, Monique Snyder had to tell a dozen working parents that they would have to find somewhere else for their children to learn online.
Opinion: Teachers could benefit from pandemic reforms
Sep 22, 4:42 AM: Michigan legislators are likely to implement budget stabilization funding (or “hold harmless” funding) for districts, a provision that could be unfair to schools that have attracted more students because of their effective >
Chaos, fear and doubt: Two weeks in, Detroit parents question tough choices about school
Sep 21, 5:40 AM: With the Covid-19 pandemic still spreading around the country, parents everywhere have had to make impossible choices this school year, weighing the health of their families against significant consequences for children >
Likely November voters in Michigan favor online school over in-person, poll shows
Sep 8, 6:34 AM:

A majority of Michigan voters said it is safer for children to go to school online instead of in-person amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, according to a new Detroit News-WDIV poll.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti: We owe it to our students to reopen schools
Aug 31, 7:28 AM: Detroit Public Schools Community District Superintendent Nikolai Vitti has withstood months of criticism, as well as personal and professional attacks. But he's remained convinced that Detroit schools can re-open for >
20-student cap among terms of DPSCD, union agreement to resume school in Detroit
Aug 28, 7:17 AM: Detroit — Michigan's largest school district — Detroit Public Schools Community District — and its teachers union have come to terms on the reopening of schools for face-to-face learning in the year ahead, the two >
Jalen Rose’s relationship with Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores vital in charter school’s educational mission
Aug 24, 8:20 AM: When the topic turns to the public charter school that bears his name, Jalen Rose becomes a preacher.
Learning pods have arrived in Michigan. Here’s why they’re causing controversy.
Aug 24, 6:21 AM: Lena and Jesse Kauffman believed drastic measures were needed when Ann Arbor Public Schools announced it would start the year with remote learning only due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Detroit area Catholic schools reopen with in-person classes, wait lists
Aug 20, 6:49 AM: Notre Dame is among the first wave of Michigan K-12 schools returning for face-to-face instruction five days a week, in contrast to many public schools that are offering hybrid or online-only classes. The school's decision >
Editorial: Deal cheats schools that take on new students
Aug 20, 5:31 AM: School choice is a lifetime for families trying to figure out how to deal with the pandemic. This legislation works against the flexibility parents need in finding the best option for their children.
Detroit teachers protest ahead of strike vote over safety
Aug 19, 6:54 AM: The protest, which attracted about 20 cars near Northwestern High School, came the day before the Detroit Federation of Teachers is scheduled to vote on whether to launch a safety strike against the district, essentially >



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