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New charter school plans to open in August on Francis Street
Apr 25, 6:28 AM: The initial building is 5,000 square feet, including four classrooms. A 1,500-square-foot addition is planned for the future, as Tassie expects to add one grade every year up to sixth grade. Grand Valley State University is >
Detroit disputes number of school closings
Apr 21, 5:50 AM: The Detroit Public Schools Community District may need to close schools in the future as it goes through the process of right-sizing the district, State Superintendent Brian Whiston said this afternoon.
Detroit school board rescinds charter school decision
Apr 12, 6:50 AM: The board of education for the Detroit school district voted tonight to rescind a decision it made last month to grant five-year contracts to three charter schools that are part of the Education Achievement Authority.
GHAPS streamlines intra-district school of choice enrollment
Apr 11, 5:13 AM: There are 335 internal school of choice students in the current school year, which is about 15 percent of the Grand Haven district’s total enrollment.
Virtual high school launches in Muskegon County
Apr 3, 6:11 AM: A new online and non-traditional high school will give students in Muskegon County a different way to receive their diploma.
Parents hear pitch for the new Detroit school district
Apr 3, 5:45 AM: Hundreds of parents and their school-age children spent Sunday afternoon seeing and hearing reasons for attending Detroit Public Schools Community District, which is poised this summer to regain some of its previous size when a >
Detroit schools work on potential deal with state to avoid closures
Mar 31, 5:38 AM: State Superintendent Brian Whiston was pleased Thursday night with progress made by Detroit school officials on plans to turn around struggling schools and avoid forced closures by the state.
Legislative panels approve more aid for private schools
Mar 30, 5:57 AM: Michigan’s Republican-led state Legislature is pushing to increase public funding for private school activities despite a recent lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of pending payments.
Superintendent hopeful takes stance for school choice
Mar 30, 4:39 AM: His position highlights a raging debate over boosting traditional public schools while offering school choice and charters. Michigan has 302 charter schools that serve 1.5 million students. More than 146,000 students now attend >
Groups sue to stop public funds for private schools
Mar 22, 5:52 AM: Public school and parent groups are suing the state and Gov. Rick Snyder in an attempt to block taxpayer funds from going to private schools, arguing this year’s $2.5 million appropriation violates the Michigan Constitution and >
Detroit school district sues to head off closures
Mar 21, 5:32 AM: Detroit’s new public school district is suing the state to stop any forced closures of academically failing schools or “coercion” into a partnership model that would allow them to stay open for at least another 18 >
Detroit schools board votes to sue Michigan over closures
Mar 15, 6:38 AM:

The board of education voted unanimously — late into a more than five-hour meeting — to sue the state School Reform Office, the state of Michigan and Natasha Baker, the school reform officer.

Detroit kids have better options, just not in Detroit
Mar 14, 5:54 AM: Long frustrated by failed efforts to turn around Michigan's worst public schools, top Republican officials decided it was time for a drastic measure: shut down 38 schools that were ranked continually in the bottom 5 percent >
NAACP gathers Detroiters’ views on charter schools in the city
Mar 9, 7:28 AM: The NAACP, which last year issued a moratorium on funding for charter schools, held the fifth in a series of public hearings across the nation at Detroit Collegiate Academy-Northwestern High School in Detroit.
State ‘partnership’ plan to prevent school closures would preserve local control
Mar 6, 6:22 AM: The approach would preserve local control, and would include specific improvement goals, a timeline for meeting those objectives and accountability measures if a school fails to show progress, Whiston said in a letter to school >
New charter school planned in East Lansing
Mar 2, 7:50 AM: Competition for elementary students in East Lansing is likely to heat up a year from now when a new charter school is expected to open.
Online learning system offers education flexibility for Blissfiled students
Mar 2, 7:34 AM: The Blissfield High School principal is a strong advocate for flexible education that offers both what gifted and struggling students need, while never failing to challenge the average learner too. That's why Gfell supports virtual >
Cyber charter schools could lose $16 million under Gov. Snyder’s proposed funding cut
Mar 2, 7:27 AM: Officials at cyber charters say their costs are different - but not less than - traditional public schools. But one independent school finance expert says eliminating transportation and maintenance expenses means the cyber charters >
Michigan cyber schools fight Snyder’s proposed aid cut
Feb 28, 7:09 AM: Opposition is building to Gov. Rick Snyder’s plan to cut funding for Michigan charter cyber schools — five years after championing their expansion — and pump the extra money into brick-and-mortar high schools.
Congressional Dems to Snyder: Stop school closures
Feb 22, 6:31 AM: Michigan U.S. House Democrats are calling on Republican Gov. Rick Snyder to halt plans to potentially close some of the state’s 38 worst-performing schools by this summer, arguing for additional community dialogue before any >



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