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Sizer School proving that remote learning not only possible, but productive
Sep 29, 6:56 AM: Like many schools throughout the state, Sizer School chose to begin the 2020-2021 school year fully remote. And the success that Sizer School has seen since implementing its reopening plan is proving that meaningful remote >
With public schools shifted to remote learning, Catholic schools in Massachusetts left without school bus transportation
Sep 29, 6:53 AM: When Massachusetts' largest school districts shifted to fully remote learning for the start of the 2020-2021 school year, the decision left some parents longing for the sight of a yellow school bus rolling down their >
New Bedford charter schools embrace new pandemic year mostly remotely
Sep 25, 6:45 AM: This year’s back-to-school season hasn’t been quite the same as those in previous years. The city’s charter schools are back in session saying they are taking the proper precautions during the pandemic. Some schools are >
State pushing 16 school districts in low-risk COVID-19 areas to return to in-person learning
Sep 22, 6:29 AM: Massachusetts education officials are pushing schools to bring back students in low-risk COVID-19 communities.
Nearly 4,000 new students at Catholic schools in Boston, 700 in Springfield as they field calls from parents wanting in person learning
Sep 21, 5:17 AM: Nearly 4,000 new students at Catholic schools in Boston, 700 in Springfield as they field calls from parents wanting in person learning.
Parents drawn into fight over school reopenings
Sep 16, 7:53 AM: Parents engaged in the debate over reopening schools in their towns are now being enlisted in a broader, high-stakes fight between teachers' unions and school officials.
Sharon teachers rally over unsafe buildings, district says schools will open anyway
Sep 15, 7:42 AM: Sharon teachers and students rallying over unsafe buildings on Monday said they want to return to the negotiating table for a fair deal, while the district said schools will be opening as planned next week.
Boston schools and teachers union reach agreement on reopening conditions
Sep 11, 9:02 AM: After months of bargaining and rallying for a safe return to school, members of the Boston Teachers Union have reached an agreement on a reopening framework with Boston Public Schools.
Teachers push back against return to classroom in several communities citing COVID-19 concerns
Sep 10, 8:19 AM: More showdowns are shaping up between Massachusetts school districts and some teachers who don't want to return to the classroom.
Survey: Boston students’ preference for hybrid or remote learning differs by race, economic status
Sep 9, 5:25 AM: While the results of a survey of Boston students shows that, in general, students are split nearly 50/50 in terms of preferring a hybrid learning model or remote learning model, the data shows that results vary greatly >
State to allow remote learning pods, kids’ programs outside schools
Aug 31, 7:08 AM: State education officials announced Friday that families can form small remote-learning co-ops, after-school programs can operate during typical school hours, and churches and community centers can host students who might >
Letter: Column on school choice doesn't add up
Aug 27, 5:25 AM: Some advocates of private schools continue to push the false narrative that they are providing financial relief to public education, but the truth is that this relief is very small. Just do the math.
Charter School Puts Its Own Stamp on Reopening Plans for Fall
Aug 26, 7:09 AM: As schools around the Island sort their plans for reopening, the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School will begin the school year with a remote curriculum fitted to its mission of project-based and individualized >
Even in union-free charter schools, leaders are embracing a virtual start to the school year
Aug 26, 6:38 AM: As teachers unions statewide continue their push to keep classrooms closed this fall, another sector of public education, largely free of unionized teachers, has also jumped onto the remote learning wave: charter >
’Our phone started ringing off the hook:’ Massachusetts private schools see uptick in interest following plans for public schools to go remote
Aug 26, 6:20 AM: At the end of July, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the largest teachers union in the state, released a statement pushing back on plans for schools to reopen with in-person learning. Without better COVID safeguards >
Letter: Teachers unions are in the thick of preparations for new year
Aug 26, 5:17 AM: Re “Critics say teachers unions missing a chance to lead” (Page A1, Aug. 20): While we fight for a safe return to school buildings, unions are also doing the work to ensure the fully remote start we support will be as >
Massachusetts teachers union head rips state for remote teaching guidance, calls it ‘paternalistic’
Aug 24, 7:53 AM: The state’s expectation that remote teachers will work from their school classrooms amid the coronavirus pandemic is getting slammed by the head of the Massachusetts Teachers Association.
Homeschooling an option when remote/hybrid options won’t work for you
Aug 21, 5:16 AM: With the uncertainty of how public schools will fare with social distancing and other health considerations under COVID-19, some parents are weighing sending their children back to school or keeping them at home for >
As teachers unions rally against a return to classrooms, critics see little effort to improve virtual school
Aug 20, 5:54 AM: The president of the state’s largest public teachers union tallied up its recent wins in an online meeting with thousands of members earlier this month: Schools around the state will start later. State funding won’t be >
Column: Maybe now we'll get real 'school choice'
Aug 20, 5:28 AM: With the COVID-19 disruption to every aspect of everyone’s life, it has become obvious that the public school system is pushed and prodded by “associations” whose every whim is coddled by the liberal politicians union dues >



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