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What age for kindergarten?
Aug 10, 1:01 PM:

Families are attracted to Worcester, MA, kindergartens as they allow an earlier start. But now debating change to birth date rule. Teachers say there are pros and cons to early start, and one size doesn't fit all. With >

Wireless Internet at schools approved
Aug 5, 1:54 PM:

Leominster, MA, approves $225K wireless internet for city schools. But mayor won't promise reimbursement due to budget uncertainty. Work due to start on Monday in time for new school year. Super says it's a critical >

Two Salem school superintendent finalists to interview Thursday
Aug 3, 11:28 AM:

MA district down to two candidates for new superintendent. Finalists will attend upcoming public meetings so board can see how they handle such situations. District wants a leader that's prepapred for big changes, such >

Requests to start charter schools drop
Aug 2, 1:45 PM:

Drop in number of charter management groups sending application to MA Dept. of Ed. Nice to know, but key objectives of charters are innovation and quality, not volume.

Mass. Ed. Dept. considers 7 new charter schools
Aug 2, 10:16 AM:

MA could get 7 new charters. Five seeking state board approval, while 2 would need approval from local district. Unfortunately, impact aid requirement in charter law doesn't give districts incentives to approve charters. >

Lowell group tries again for charter school
Aug 2, 7:45 AM:

Charter network seeks approval for second time to launch a charter in MA town. Criteria to authorize charters clouded in mystery. Rejection of charters appears capricious unless public is made aware of criteria used to >

New charter schools proposed for Springfield, Holyoke
Aug 2, 6:21 AM:

Western MA groups submit 3 charter proposals to state board. 7 groups total vying for board approval. Numbers down from last year when lift on charter cap spurred spike in charter applications. Regardless, MA board >

Clear goal: Improve performance and graduation rate
Aug 1, 11:20 AM:

Last of Building Better Schools series looks at MA district. Opinions from parents, admins, teachers, and community on improving achievement and grad rates. Face value of goals are similar, but push past lip service to >

Chieppo and Gass: Academics vs. workforce training
Aug 1, 11:03 AM:

Column laments trade-based education programs. Asserts that Massachusetts' academic-focused curriculum, which places a premium on a broad learning plan, has yielded stronger results than those based on preparing students >

Panel wants its meetings polite
Aug 1, 4:58 AM:

MA board wants new rules for meetings. As some recent meetings have been overshadowed by protesting and jeering, board wants to adopt guidelines for civil discourse. Dissatisfied opponents say such policies would inhibit >

Trial date set for charter school case
Jul 28, 5:37 AM:

16% of parents at MA charter want it shut down, saying it siphons money from district. Unfortunately, facts on charter law aren't laid out here. Biggest problem is uncontested idea that districts should keep money when >

Increase expectations, school reformer says
Jul 27, 10:45 AM:

Former MA Commissioner tells Iowans to raise standards. Says MA's move in 1993 to "enrich curriculum and put in place high-stakes testing" made state leader it is today. General statements about coming together and >

Inquiry to focus on school collaboratives
Jul 27, 9:03 AM:

Spotlight here on MA legislators angry about inspector general's report accusing head of school collaborative of using millions in taxpayer dollars to benefit himself and his friends instead of helping special-needs >

Peabody gets no takers after opening up to school choice
Jul 27, 6:48 AM:

Peabody, MA, schools open doors to out-of-town students -- but none apply. Considers reasons for lack of interest, as district struggles to balance budget without expected $120K revenue. With no details of schools' >

NSCC students learn how to succeed in college prep course
Jul 25, 12:44 PM:

MA course introduces high school seniors to study habits needed for college. Missing is discussion of why high schools aren't adequately preparing students for higher education. Broaden scope and talk about what >

School board right to revisit policy on extra-curriculars
Jul 25, 9:45 AM:

Editorial argues Gloucester School Committee, MA, should reverse policy of excluding non-district students from extracurricular activities. Links misguided rule to hostility over charter school. Good argument for >

Boston plans 2 charters to open in 2012
Jul 21, 5:24 AM:

Boston may be home to 2 new in-district charters, as school board gave preliminary approval. Details on the Boston Teacher Residency program's charter not discussed at all. Especially given new ranking of colleges of ed, >

Charter school continues to aid students in college
Jul 20, 12:22 PM:

Charter finds success in helping troubled students continue on to higher education. Headline implies they receive additional aid into their college years, but body of story doesn't follow up on that. Other details about >

City wants to relocate two high schools
Jul 19, 5:20 AM:

Very detailed, if a bit confusing, article on proposed relocation and switching of schools. Not mentioned here is cost of these proposed changes, although previous building expenses are detailed amid concerns recently >

Officials ponder school options
Jul 18, 12:19 PM:

MA district loses out on state funding for construction project after voters turn down proposal to pay their side of cost. Officials must now figure out how to make due with currently decrepit building. Would be >



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