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​Milford schools chief proposes 3 goals
Aug 31, 12:27 PM:

MA superintendent proposes three goals for future: academic achievement, building relationships with community and fostering productive learning environments. Three years should be enough time to judge success in >

Parent Power
Aug 31, 9:28 AM:

Blasts MA ed and political leaders for leaving the cutting edge, meaningful reform action to IN. State used to be ahead of curve, but now appears to be running away from accountability and innovative solutions, like the >

Leominster City Council airs concerns about students who leave
Aug 30, 9:47 AM:

Exit survey reveals families are choosing to leave MA district because of quality of teachers and curriculum. District estimates losses of $1.7 million in funding because of departing students. Charter in neighboring >

The answer: Zero in on reading
Aug 30, 4:56 AM:

Never mind all these standardized tests, editorial argues. The real test of future success is reading proficiency by 3rd grade. Plenty of research links poor reading in mid-elementary grades to future problems, incl. >

Charter schools offer new approaches in Chelsea, Salem
Aug 29, 10:28 AM:

MA gets two new charters. Salem charter serving dropouts is a Horace Mann charter, meaning it's approved by local district, whereas Boston area charter is a Commonwealth charter approved by the state. Peek into what each >

Editorial: School consolidation talks must be first decision on Fuller
Aug 29, 9:28 AM:

Editorial urges MA district to reconsider before letting go of discontinued school building. Because of school choice and charters, district has lost students in recent years. Consolidation under consideration. If >

Education foundation helps schools in Northampton expand curriculum
Aug 25, 8:44 AM:

Living history, environmental education and new autism program will be on Northampton, MA, curriculum thanks to ed foundation grant. Jackson Street school plans to apply for federal "innovation" grant to provide >

Committee hears both sides of afterschool access debate
Aug 24, 1:33 PM:

Gloucester, MA, school committee reviews policy banning out-of-district students from after-school activities. Controversial policy approved in June, but some parents object to excluding charter students. Heated debate >

Easthampton 'parent portal' makes keeping in touch with school a breeze
Aug 24, 10:55 AM:

Online "parent portal" gives access to attendance records, test scores, and course assignments. Technology started at Easthampton, MA, middle and high schools last fall, with positive reviews from families. Students find >

Mass. may seek ‘No Child’ waiver
Aug 22, 10:37 AM:

MA could seek NCLB waiver, since 3/4 of state's schools predicted to fall short of 100% proficiency target. Some think this is the wrong message since state known for it's high standards. State law already effectively >

Charter school faces challenges as it starts 2nd year
Aug 19, 5:30 AM:

Trouble for MA charter starts with financial mishap. Forgot to tell state that 65% of charter students hail from low-income families, meaning they were shortchanged on funds. Story of unhappy parent requesting students' >

Can the US compete if only 32 percent of its students are proficient in math?
Aug 18, 12:07 PM:

Harvard report looks at PISA and NAEP scores to compare U.S. achievement to other countries. MA the only state with comparable results. State's high standards likely play role in achievement. Stats used to quash >

Massachusetts students top nation on ACT
Aug 17, 2:19 PM:

MA kids score tops in the nation on the ACT. English, reading, math and science earned the highest scores. But, isn't this the state that may "dumb-down" its standards to become part of the Common Core? 

Diversity angst
Aug 17, 8:18 AM:

Diversity may be a noble goal for MA district, editorial says, but it shouldn't be a top priority. Instead: "What matters most is the quality of education each child receives, whatever their background and whichever >

Boards support school chief's patchwork school budget
Aug 16, 12:59 PM:

MA superintendent pledges to revive arts, music and athletic programs previously feared dead after budget cuts. Accreditation seems a primary motivator, as district will be under review. Sources of needed funding, the >

New schools chief in Salem brings 'wealth of experience'
Aug 15, 2:08 PM:

MA district cites new superintendent's experience as reason for selection. Has spent 12 years in various districts in top role. Ability to make tough decisions, such as closing two failing schools during a previous >

Decision due in Sept. on charter school bids in Somerville, Lowell
Aug 15, 10:44 AM:

MA State Department will decide fate of charter aiming to help nonnative speakers in Somerville. District says it's already planning a progressive school and has bilingual programs in place. But, need quality programs >

Charter school proposed as ESL solution
Aug 12, 7:25 AM:

MA town finds 18% of students need "intensive" English language training. Proposal for language-focused charter will go before state board in Feb. Question is if charter is seeking state or district approval because >

Charter school changes must bring new sense of accountability
Aug 11, 6:03 AM:

Editorial welcomes changes to Gloucester, MA, charter's board as it expands. Arts-focused school faced huge budget and political pressures in 1st year. Arts leader and former principal will advance school, which has now >

What age for kindergarten?
Aug 10, 1:01 PM:

Families are attracted to Worcester, MA, kindergartens as they allow an earlier start. But now debating change to birth date rule. Teachers say there are pros and cons to early start, and one size doesn't fit all. With >



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