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Commentary: Bold education reforms needed to move Mass. forward
Mar 18, 6:55 AM: Reforms should encourage an emphasis on creating career pathways in the schools and promote both college and career routes. Currently, high school success rates are measured heavily by college admissions, leading to >
New parent group to launch in Boston
Mar 18, 5:37 AM: More than a dozen Boston families plan to launch a nonprofit Monday that aims to provide unbiased information about school issues across the city, at a time when debate over educational policy has become increasingly >
New Bedford, Alma del Mar sign MOU
Mar 14, 6:20 AM: City and Alma del Mar charter school officials have signed the memorandum of understanding, but it will have to go before the New Bedford School Committee and Alma Board Board of Trustees.
Advocacy group report claims Lawrence schools outperforming Boston’s
Mar 14, 5:30 AM: The “tale of two cities,” penned by the Massachusetts chapter of Education Reform Now Advocacy, hails the dramatic turnaround in Lawrence under the Mill City’s former state-appointed receiver Jeff Riley. >
Commentary: It’s Time For BPS To Overhaul Exam-Schools Admissions
Mar 13, 5:47 AM: Boston’s most elite high schools fail to represent the diversity of our city. Across our neighborhoods, public schools are becoming more and more segregated, reflecting levels of racial isolation and racial imbalance not >
Editorial: The case for (and against) online colleges
Mar 6, 7:43 AM: The University of Massachusetts is formulating a plan to create an “online college” for adult students. This will address student needs but is really designed to ease the pressure on the institutions, who are competing for >
University of Massachusetts President Introduces Plan for New Online College
Mar 6, 7:42 AM: The President of the University of Massachusetts school system, Marty Meehan, gave his annual "State of the University" address yesterday at the UMass Club on Beacon Hill. The speech focused on the new plan to create an >
Graduation and dropout rates show mixed results in Central Mass.
Mar 6, 6:10 AM: While there were some success stories in the region’s suburbs – and its largest city – graduation rates last year were slightly down overall across the region, especially in the districts that were already struggling to >
Rural schools struggle with falling enrollments
Mar 1, 8:12 AM: As lawmakers prepare to debate a major overhaul to how the state funds public education, school leaders from rural parts of Massachusetts want to ensure reforms address the unique challenges their districts face. >
Study urges curriculum shift to aid Boston students’ success in college
Mar 1, 7:01 AM: For more than a decade, Boston has resisted requiring a set of courses prescribed by the state aimed at ensuring college success, with some reluctant school officials worried that a more rigorous curriculum could hurt high >
New Bedford, Alma del Mar get two-week extension
Feb 27, 7:56 AM: New Bedford Public Schools and Alma del Mar will have two more weeks to finalize a memorandum of understanding, according to a Department of Elementary and Secondary Education spokeswoman.
To fix public education funding, ‘we have to pay for it,’ says new Senate education chair
Feb 25, 7:25 AM: Fresh off his appointment as the new Senate Education Committee chairman, Jason Lewis of Winchester indicated that he wants to go bigger and perhaps bolder than Governor Charlie Baker when it comes to overhauling the >
Rural MA school district struggles with declining enrollment
Feb 21, 6:35 AM: The Pioneer Valley Regional School District, which spans four Franklin County towns along the borders of Vermont and New Hampshire, has seen its enrollment drop by 288 students over the past decade, with state aid falling >
Peyser: Reliable charter aid would fix state's 'broken promise'
Feb 20, 8:28 AM: Nine years ago, as part of a broader education funding reform package, state lawmakers boosted the amount of money and the period of time that school districts are reimbursed for charter school tuition payments, citing the >
Charter schools part of Baker's education funding reforms
Feb 20, 6:44 AM: Nine years ago, as part of a broader education funding reform package, state lawmakers boosted the amount of money and the period of time that school districts are reimbursed for charter school tuition payments, citing the >
Editorial: Overdue budget help for rural school districts
Feb 19, 7:20 AM: Certain realities about education have always been apparent to rural Western Massachusetts residents, among them practical difficulties of simply transporting students to and from school across wide geographical areas as >
A High School Diploma, Even For A Valedictorian, Will Never Be Enough
Feb 15, 8:54 AM: It’s true that the series identified some of the major flaws in a system where 25 percent of the highest performing students are segregated into three high schools, and where too many high school students are not getting >
Opinion: Time for bold education reforms to move Massachusetts forward
Feb 15, 8:08 AM: As Beacon Hill moves forward with discussions on how to best improve our schools, the chamber would like to present five recommendations for consideration. These proposals were developed, with input from educators, by a >
Charter school’s mailings stir some pushback
Feb 14, 5:58 AM: Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School has requested the names and mailing addresses for students in several school districts for marketing purposes, an action that the state law allows, though it gives parents >
State board declines to approve new charter schools
Feb 13, 8:25 AM: This year’s round of charter school applications came to an end on Tuesday, with no new charters granted. By statute, charter approval requests come before the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education at its February >



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