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New Bedford charter school plan on the ropes
May 24, 7:04 AM: A PLAN TOUTED by state education leaders as a breakthrough compromise aimed at healing the rift between district and charter schools has instead inflamed passions on Beacon Hill where the proposal is faltering and has >
Clock ticking for New Bedford charter bill
May 22, 6:42 AM: Education Commissioner Riley said Tuesday that there has been “positive communication ... coming out of Beacon Hill” and the department now hoped to have a decision “one way or another” by the end of the month. >
EDITORIAL: Charter schools show they can replicate success at new campuses
May 20, 7:51 AM: Creating something successful and replicating that success are two different things. The good news for students is that a new study shows some charter schools can do both.
Opinion: Next BPS contract must address achievement gap
May 20, 6:18 AM: Now that the Boston School Committee has selected Brenda Cassellius to be superintendent, its next most important task will be to negotiate a final contract with the Boston Teachers Union (BTU) -- a contract aimed at >
Opinion: Charter schools making end run around state caps
May 20, 6:05 AM: We know that Massachusetts residents have had enough of charter schools, and we know this because back in 2016, voters overwhelmingly shot down the minority’s referendum to lift the cap on those schools by a vote of 62.1% >
Hundreds of teachers, students rally in Springfield for better education funding
May 17, 7:35 AM: Aspiring cardiologist Pauline Nizeyimana is one of 30 students in a chemistry class at Central High School, so she and her classmates have a hard time getting extra help from the teacher.
Urban parents urge focus on educational quality
May 15, 5:28 AM: Urban parents turned out in the rain Tuesday to demand improvements in the quality of public education, not just an increase in state aid to schools.
Teachers union, residents sue to block New Bedford charter school plan
May 14, 7:13 AM: A PLAN PUT forward by state education commissioner Jeff Riley as a compromise aimed at healing a rift over charter schools in New Bedford is instead drawing the wrath of the state’s largest teacher union, which has filed a >
How Charter Schools Fit into the Public Education Model
May 9, 7:40 AM: Charter schools are public schools, but there are differences in how they are structured, funded, and overseen. On The Point, we talk with educators and public school administrators about why charter schools got started in >
Boston schools achievement gap remains wide along racial lines — a ‘troubling sign’
May 8, 5:51 AM: A deep and persistent minority achievement gap is one of the most urgent problems facing Boston Public Schools, as the city welcomes a school superintendent who oversaw Minnesota schools plagued by chronic poor academic >
Study: Boston Charter Schools Successfully Scale Up
May 7, 6:17 AM: Boston's charter school system continued to prove effective at raising test scores and college entrance rates even after doubling the number of students it serves, a study released Monday finds.
School choice advocates go to court
May 1, 5:02 AM: Parents who want to send their children to private religious schools in Massachusetts and many other states are barred from using public funds to offset tuition.
Opinion: New Bedford embarks on a great charter school experiment
Apr 29, 7:12 AM: For the New Bedford superintendent of schools, deputy superintendent and the director of the city’s most prominent charter school it was a laudable show of solidarity. It said to all concerned that they were all in this >
As I See It: Vocational-technical schools shows skills gap is really knowledge gap
Apr 29, 5:38 AM: There is much hand wringing in the educational and economic development communities about the “skills gap” – a disconnect between the skills high school and college graduates possess and those that employers say they need. >
Top picks for Boston schools superintendent draw mixed reviews
Apr 18, 6:19 AM: Three finalists for the role of Boston Public Schools superintendent have been decided on — but now the real competition begins.
Commentary: The Utter Inadequacy of America’s Efforts to Desegregate Schools
Apr 12, 7:34 AM: In 1966, a group of Boston-area parents and administrators created a busing program called METCO to help desegregate schools. They thought of it as a quick fix to a passing problem. But the problem hasn’t passed, and METCO >
Driving Through Mud: How Rural Mass. Schools Are Coping With Rising Transportation Costs
Apr 12, 6:30 AM: It's hard for rural schools in Massachusetts to get kids to and from class every day — especially now, in muddy season, when the snow has melted and the rain begins.
Letter: Charting a way forward for Mass. schools
Apr 12, 5:43 AM: We support the Promise Act, the only bill to fully enact the recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission and provide more than $1 billion in new state aid, most of it to low-income districts. Twenty-five >
Bill would raise school choice fee
Apr 10, 5:28 AM: Thousands of students in Massachusetts move between public school districts every year, taking millions of dollars in state education funding with them.
Editorial: School lessons: Money alone isn’t the solution
Apr 8, 7:50 AM: As much as the education establishment wants a money-only approach, the experiences in Lawrence, in Boston, and in New York City show that money alone isn’t the answer. Important new accountability measures must also be >



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